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I aim to reach, disciple and equip athletes at Ashland University to know Christ and to make Him known in successive generations in all the nations.

What is Joe’s Story?

I was born in inner-city Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a child, I threw myself into basketball to protect myself from neighborhood gangs and a horrible, drug-influenced home life. Dad left Mom with 4 little kids. At 8, I watched my mom overdose. At 10, I ran away from home taking my two little sisters with me.

Shortly after, Dad came from Florida to claim us because my stepmom insisted. He didn’t want us, but came to get us anyway. I like to say we were “poster children for a dysfunctional home.”

Culture shock hit me when we moved to Seminole, Florida.  Our neighbors were no longer Puerto Ricans and Italians. They were all white and had last names like “Smith” and “Jones”. Nightmares plagued me.


I continued to throw myself into sports to stay away from home. When I was 14, my high school friend, Banks Corl, shared the gospel with me and it all finally made sense.  I gave my life to Christ. I became a new man!

For three years Banks met with me and taught me the scriptures. He discipled me and instilled in me a passion to share the gospel with others and help new believers grow in their faith. Banks’ friendship and mentoring laid the foundation of what God was preparing for my lifework.

What is Renee’s Story?

Since my college years, my heart’s desire has been to share the good news of Jesus Christ with college students. Meeting Joe, who had the same passion, was a wonderful blessing.  Joe and I have been joyfully ministering together for three decades.

In 1988 I began working full-time with students.  While we were raising our four children, I enjoyed my role supporting Joe’s work offering hospitality to many.

My desire is to reach out and enrich the lives of others every day.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and business professional with a heart to serve people.  I love teaching women to personally benefit and grow by feeding themselves on the living Word of God.

I am energized by connecting people with people through authentic networking. Professionally, I am on a relentless pursuit to create a new direction in health and positively affect all who cross my path.

My goal is to be a trusted resource for foundational wellness and a light to others from a heart of love. Scripture guides me in all my work.

Psalm 139:14 reveals that every person is fearfully, wonderfully and intricately made.

Psalm 104:14 shows us His caring provision:  “God causes the grass to grow for the livestock, and plants for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth.” 

God is amazing and it is my honor, joy and privilege to love and serve Him everyday!

Joe and Renee Maggelet

Joe & Renee Maggelet

Joe’s day job is with students at Ashland University, but you can find him teaching every Sunday at Ashland Grace Church at 9am. 

He teaches through books of the Bible, verse by verse exposition. Joe loves teaching others how to study the Scripture for themselves using Inductive Bible study methods and often point them to Blue Letter Bible, a very useful resource.

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