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Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

Prophecy Update: Why Russia invaded Ukraine 12/7/2022 The two most important prophetic scriptures that bear on what is happening today are the scriptures describing the return of Israel to her land, and the scriptures describing the wars that will ensue over that return. At the heart of the wars are Russia and the Islamic nations surrounding Israel. Here is a very important verse regarding the return of Israel: “Behold, days are coming,” declares Yahweh, When

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God is on the Move

Prophecy Update: God is on the Move! 11/30/2022 I hope all of you have had a great Thanksgiving. There are many reasons to give thanks. We are commanded to give thanks even when things are bad! Both Romans 5 and James 1 command us to boast in trials and to consider it joy when we go thru trials. Our nation is going thru a trial, it is a trial of supernatural proportions.  But know this,

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Learning From History

Prophecy Update: Learning from History 11/16/2022 If you do not learn from history, you will make the same mistakes others made. America is making great mistakes because we do not learn from history and because we have rebelled against God and His ways. This is especially true when it comes to Russia and China! It is also true of citizenship of the people of the United States. Psalm 14 sums up the leadership of the

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The Last Days and Nations!

Prophecy Update: The Last Days and Nations! 11/9/2022 As America votes, the world continues to hurdle towards oblivion. The exponential growth in information and travel tells us that we are in the last days. Only 120 years ago, most people in the world were still traveling by horse. Only 130 years ago did we actually have telephones in towns, not homes! The population of America in 1948 was       146,631,302. Although there were

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Israel and the Elections

Prophecy Update: Israel and the Election 11/2/2022 Today is election day in Israel! Tuesday November 11th will be historic for the world and for Israel. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama worked to undermine and kill any chance that Benjamin Netanyahu had to be the Prime Minister of Israel. Israel is a parliamentary form of government so people do not vote for a person but a party. The party with the most votes gets the chance

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World War III? How Likely?

Prophecy Update: World War III? How likely? 10/26/2022 The word ‘war’ appears 240 times in the Bible. The Bible not only defines war, it describes the wars that took place during biblical history. God gave the rules of war to Israel that work as well today as it did in Joshua or David’s day. Here are two verses that define the attitude to war: “Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear;

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Preparing for the Antichrist

Prophecy Update: Preparing for the Antichrist! 10/12/2022 The End times are full of wars, defections from the faith, and preparations for the antichrist. One place that you see all of that coming together is in the Vatican. I want to give you a list of things that have happened at the Vatican, under the leadership of Pope Francis, that is setting up the coming of Antichrist:  On Dec.27, 2016 Pope Francis said, At the end

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Nuclear Weapons and the End Times

Prophecy Update: Nuclear Weapons and the end times! 10/5/2022 I believe that we are in the end times because of the technological trends giving us the ability to destroy the earth. The trend lines have grown exponentially, especially since World War Two. One of those trends includes nuclear weapons. The Bible talks about man killing man on a mass scale, the tribulation period itself reports the killing of over half of the population of the

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Signs of the Times

Prophecy Update: Signs of the Times 9/28/2022 Have you ever thought that it could not get worse? Have you ever thought that things are not right in the country? Have you ever thought that the Lord’s return must surely be close? If you have thought these things, then welcome to the club of many millions of believers around the world. You are not alone! Why do we think these things? This week we will give

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A Christian Nation?

Prophecy Update: A Christian Nation? 9/14/2022 God has made it clear to every nation in the world that they are subject to His ways and His revelation. All nations have a life span that is subject to the will of God. If God wants to judge the nation, then He will warn that nation before He brings a final judgment. When He wants to bless a nation, He will lead that nation to understand and

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