Signs in the Heavens

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Prophecy Update: God is Moving! 4/10/24 

The signs of the times are coming rapidly and the excitement for the rapture is getting more intense for all who long for His coming. The scriptures encourage us to always be ready for the return of the Lord. Jesus gave us the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25, he concluded the parable with this: 

“Be on the alert then, for you do not know the day nor the hour.”  

Matthew 25:13 

What increases the awareness and expectation of the Lord’s return is the current state of affairs in Israel. The intensity of the conflict between Israel and the nations is at an all-time high. Just as Hitler tried to massacre all Jews in the world, so the UN encourages all nations to oppose and fight Israel. The antisemitism, antigod, and antihuman message of the UN is in line with the ethics of the coming antichrist system. The next big war in the Middle East will be the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39. Here are some headlines from the last few weeks about Russia moving closer to war with Israel. 

“New Russian Military Post Along Israel-Syria Border; Putin’s Big Message To Netanyahu?” 

 “Putin’s Cryptic Threat To Netanyahu: ‘Massive’ Russian Troop Deployment Along Israel-Syria Border.” 

“Russia Installs 3rd Military Post At Israel-Syria Border While Iranian Embassy Was Being Attacked.” 

“Russia sets up observation points in Syria near Golan Heights: New Russian observation posts have popped up in southwest Syria amid increased tensions between pro-Iranian groups and Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war.”   

This war is looming as God promises other wars that will accomplish God’s goal of giving the land of Israel to the people of Israel. Here is an example that is connected to the signs in the skies, like the lunar and solar eclipses!  

“Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;”  

Genesis 1:14 

The sun, moon, and stars were appointed by God to mark the signs! What are signs? Lunar eclipses are signs to Israel and solar eclipses are signs to the Gentile nations. The word for sign is אוֹת: oth, and means sign, a distinguishing mark, and warning. For instance, the rainbow is a sign of the covenant God made after the flood. In Genesis 4 God marked Cain so no one would kill him. The 10 plagues are called signs. So, God wants us to pay attention to His signs. The generation coming out of Egypt had to march around for 40 years because they refused to believe in the Lord who gave them these signs.  

“The LORD said to Moses, “How long will this people spurn Me? And how long will they not believe in Me, despite all the signs which I have performed in their midst?  

Numbers 14:11 

God gives signs so that people would turn to Him. When people do not pay attention to the signs, when they spurn the teaching of the scriptures about the signs, they do so to their own peril. Joel 2:30-31 the Lord said concerning the appointed end times “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Jesus warned us of signs in the heavens. An example of not paying attention to the signs is given to us in Jeremiah.  

 “Thus says the LORD, Do not learn the way of the nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them;”    

Jeremiah 10:2  

In 2014 – 2015 there occurred 4 blood moons that fell exactly on 4 significant Jewish festivals they called the blood moon tetrads. Many people failed to understand this particular sign and what it meant – to this day they still have no idea what it meant.”   

This was the beginning of the last days signs transitioning us from the establishment of Israel to the wars of Israel. The first four wars of Israel did not result in Israel securing all of her land. The most significant war in 1967 secured Jerusalem to Israel. Here is why it is important to understand the four blood moons. In 2015, the superpower of the world embraced the days of Lot sign. They did this by telling God that His definition of marriage was wrong. The Obergfell decision of June 2015 stated that marriage was between two girls or two men and needed to be legal in all 50 states. Jesus said this was a sign of the end times. When that occurred, Russia moved into Syria setting up the God Magog War!! The United States was trying to remove herself from the Middle East, trying to empower Iran against Israel, and tried to drive Christianity from the Muslim countries. Our CIA is complicit for killing Christians in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.  

Today, there are two wars on the horizon talked about in the scriptures. One is with Gaza, the Philistine plain, where Hamas attempts to destroy Israel. The other is in the north with Hezbollah in Lebanon.  

“Philistia is the region of the Gaza strip the area of the philistines. Today, they are known as the Palestinians – which the name Palestine came from the Romans who after destroying the 2nd temple and Jerusalem renamed Israel to the name Philistia – after the philistines, to mock God and the Israelites.”   

“For Gaza will be abandoned And Ashkelon a desolation; Ashdod will be driven out at noon 
And Ekron will be uprooted. Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast, The nation of the Cherethites! The word of the LORD is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines; 
And I will destroy you So that there will be no inhabitant.”  

Zephaniah 2:4-5 

Zephaniah is not the only prophet to mention the destruction of Gaza in the last days. God is going to give Judah her land back.  

“And the coast will be For the remnant of the house of Judah, They will pasture on it. In the houses of Ashkelon they will lie down at evening; For the LORD their God will care for them 
And restore their fortune.”  

Zephaniah 2:7 

God is getting ready to give His land back to His people and Gaza looks like their first up. God will also give back Southern Lebanon! 

“Tyre and Sidon were the area belonging to the Phoenicians who were experts in trade, famously written about by the Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 28 concerning the King of Tyre which is a foreshadowing of the antichrist. After the Greek and roman conquest of Tyre and Sidon – the Phoenicians immigrated into Greece and Rome which the entire continent of Europe was also named by the Phoenicians by the famous Phoenician king of Tyre’s daughter who was named Europa. So today, the EU, UN, and even America itself – are by products inherited areas of Tyre and Sidon – the Phoenicians. These are the nations that are going to facilitate and influence this 7 year peace treaty confirmed by the antichrist. IT’s very important that you understand the significance of this and what takes place.” 

“Behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man and with the seed of beast. As I have watched over them to pluck up, to break down, to overthrow, to destroy and to bring disaster, so I will watch over them to build and to plant,” declares the LORD.” Jeremiah 31:27-28 

God is very clear in the scriptures that Israel will get her land back through end time wars. The Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria, and the territory of southern Lebanon need to go back to Israel. The war with Hezbollah will secure the land for the tribes of Israel called Asher and Naphtali. The wars in Judea and Samaria will secure the land for the tribes of Israel called Manasseh, Gad, Reuben, Judah, and Benjamin. The war in Gaza will secure the land for the tribe of Judah!  

“Now in 2017 there occurred 2 specific and very rare signs over America that our channel has covered numerously. First, August 21st 2017, there occurred what they called the great American Solar Eclipse that was visible to the entire nations from the west coast all the way to the east coast of the US.  As I mentioned before, an eclipse doesn’t necessary mean anything unless it is accompanied by other signs and events that are occurring which coincide with the Bible and with Israel. That very next month, September 23rd 2017, there occurred another extremely very rare event with the stars and the constellations known as The Revelation 12 sign.”   

These two signs have to do with the nation of Israel. The Eclipse came specifically as a warning from God, do not mess with Israel. The USA has always found itself on the side of supporting Israel. Since Obama, the nation has worked tirelessly to curse Israel through the work of Obama, Clinton, and Biden. Trump fell for a trap when he pushed the peace deal for Israel. When Trump blessed Jerusalem, he did what was right. When he pushed a two-state deal, he cursed Israel and things have gone downhill ever since.  

“3 ½ years from August 2017 until January 28th 2020, The United States through President Donald Trump put forward his deal of the century, named peace to prosperity, was a peace plan in favor of a two-state solution, that would have given 70% of Israel’s land including the eastern half of Jerusalem, to the Palestinians – the ancient philistines -Israel’s sworn enemy-for a Palestinian state hood. When I read this plan, it seemed to me that God gave Israel a chance to claim Judea and Samaria which would have fulfilled the prophecies of Ezekiel and Jeremiah concerning that territory. However, the world pushed back, and Israel never possessed their land. This has set up the scenario for the biblical wars, such as Psalm 83!  

“Fast forward to April 8th 2024, 7 years later after the first eclipse August of 2017, we have another eclipse that will not only be visible against across the United States, but it’s path of totality in comparison to the 2017 eclipse, will put a giant X across the United States.”    

In a bizarre twist of biblical prophecy and biblical warnings, the OBiden administration doubled down on the days of Lot prophecy and the do not curse Israel prophecy. On Easter of all Christian celebrations, OBiden pushed for the nation to celebrate Transgender day on the very day Jesus raised from the dead. Easter is about Jesus not immorality. OBiden than had the gall to curse Israel and work to help Iran and Hamas destroy Israel. The Iranian’s are so happy to have so much help from their enemy, the United States, whom is turned over to a depraved mind. Christians all over the nation are mourning the sinfulness of our own government.  

“And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper” Romans 1:28 

Israeli ambassador to UN Erdan, Highlights Long-Standing Connection Between The Palestinians And Nazi Germany During UN Address. This speech is important because most people are blinded by hate towards Israel are unaware that they are supporting the genocide of Jews. The press cries that Israel is committing genocide of Hamas and innocent civilians, another example of Satanic deception. We need to pray for Israel because God is getting ready to fulfill His Word. It won’t be pretty. I will have a class on this Sunday night. Maranatha! 

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