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Book of Joshua

Book of Joshua

We began recording this series when the COVID 19 stay-at-home order began. You can join us Live Sunday mornings at 9am Eastern via conference call. Simply dial 339-207-7794 to listen in.

Joshua 2 – Saving Rahab, the Gentile (03/15/2020) https://fccdl.in/YvmBUwlOok

Joshua 3 & 4 – The Ark of the Covenant, The Presence of God (03/22/2020) https://fccdl.in/rK1EuyyOHY This recording has some slight audio fuzziness, unlike all the other episodes.

Joshua 5 – Preparing for the Battle (03/29/2020) https://fccdl.in/a9dKX

Joshua 6 – The Battle of Jericho (04/05/2020) https://fccdl.in/YLAlDgLNP2

Joshua 7 – Akin’s Rebellion (04/12/2020) https://fccdl.in/edUwvPK4NO

Joshua 8 – The Blessings and The Curses (04-19-2020) https://fccdl.in/0cQfGn5y5V

Joshua 9 – The Gibeonite Deception (04-26-2020) https://fccdl.in/FnukWpOyMA

Joshua 10 – Part 1 – The Miracles of God Fighting for Israel (05-03-2020) https://fccdl.in/IA4jEV3YNR

Joshua 10 – Part 2 – Why God Sanctions War (05-10-2020) https://fccdl.in/wSyWKtpY8x

Joshua 11 & 12 – Conquering the Land (05-17-2020) https://fccdl.in/rsH9OXUhra

Joshua 13 – Conquer, Possess and Settle the Land (5-24-2020) https://fccdl.in/vexR2jt1bK?st=7

Joshua 14 – Caleb Possesses the Land (5-31-2020) https://fccdl.in/awjYeunoHo?st=3

Joshua 15 – The Importance of Judah (6-7-2020) https://fccdl.in/i7J9TxA8El?st=20

Joshua 16-19 – Shiloh and the Taking of the Land (6-14-2020) https://fccdl.in/IH7UNlNpCi?st=19

Joshua 20 – Cities of Refuge and Kinsman Redeemr (6-21-2020) https://fccdl.in/gdQzeByxWK

Joshua 21 – The Levites and the Teaching of the Word of God (6-28-2020) https://fccdl.in/g11LjBQrJA

Joshua 22 – The Faithful Eastern Tribes Return Home (7-5-2020) https://fccdl.in/q8r72ua581

Joshua 23 – The Final Charge to the Leaders (7-12-20) https://fccdl.in/USPY8ZGW9S?st=5

Joshua 24 – Joshua’s Farewell (7-19-20) https://fccdl.in/7OPLtWSvBk?st=7

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About Joe

We live in the last days and the Bible commands us to watch for the Lord’s coming. I have a keen interest in history, prophecy and current events. I read widely about political and military developments and write a weekly blog from the things I follow. My special interest is in Middle Eastern affairs.

Since I was in college, I have also studied how God judges nations. It all started in Buck Hatches’ class at Columbia Bible College in 1979.

I fell in love with God’s word and especially the prophets. The results of this interest led me to writing The ‘I’ Judgements: Four Sins that Bring about the Fall of Nations. It serves as a warning to the United States, showing biblically of what we need to repent.

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