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Prophecy Update: Absolute Truth! 11/8/2023 

The Christian worldview is absolute truth and that makes the world angry. When Christians stand on the truth that sets you free, the world stands on lies and deception. We have a supreme court justice that could not answer the question if there is a difference between a man and a woman. A child can answer that question because they are not driven by the latest leftist cause. We are being inundated with lies in the media and I want to reveal the biblical teaching on the end times prophecies regarding truth and lies. Passing Issue 1+2 is part of the big lie! 

“So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of mine and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  

John 8:31-32  

“Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav, Now Put on ”Wanted” list by German Prosecutors for Speaking the Truth. 15 months after delivering a powerful speech condemning medical experimentation without informed consent and warning of a resurgence of totalitarianism and genocidal policies. Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav was reported to the police for alleged “trivialisation of the Holocaust,”and while prosecutors suspend investigation for the time being, – has been put on the “wanted” list for questioning, essentially making her a suspect. For the past three and a half years she has been a first time director of a 5 part docuseries  Never Again Is Now Global  which critically dismantle the adoption and enforcement of harsh global covid policies and is the first film to draw parallels between the 1930’s Nazi era, when government took control of medicine in order to deploy discriminatory health measures, and the restrictive global covid policies enacted since March 2020 under the guise of public health.” https://expose-news.com/  

This woman suffered greatly in the 1940’s as the lies of the Third Reich led to the holocaust. Being Jewish, she is being harassed by antisemites who have gained power in Germany. This is spiritual warfare, and many are not fighting with the weapons of our warfare. Truth is the biggest weapon we have, one word of truth outweighs all the lies of the evil one, Satan! There are many lies coming out of Pope Francis.  

“Pope Francis has issued new priorities and statutes for the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Theology, stating that a newly focused theology is needed, based on a popular “common sense” that is “often not corresponding to the Christian face of God. “After almost five decades, the time has come to revise these norms, to make them more suitable to the mission that our time imposes on theology,” the Pope wrote. “A synodal, missionary and ‘outgoing’ Church can only be matched by an ‘outgoing’ theology.” 


I want to quote from this article as I engage what the Pope has said and done since he became Pope. He has done all he could to take the role of the false prophet. I am not saying he is the false prophet, but he sure is doing a good job of running for office. Consider this fact: Pope John Paul gathered the leaders of the major religions of the world on October 27,1986, to pray for peace, he called it “A Day Of Prayer For Peace.” There were snake worshippers, fire worshippers, false religions, atheists, all given the same right to pray because the Pope said that they were all praying to the same God. Huh!! This is the beginning of the end times false religion, and the Vatican feels it is their duty to bring it about. The Pope allowed the Dalia Lama to put the idol of Buddha on the altar of the Catholic church. Pope Francis put a idol on the altar in Rome. This made a huge fire storm in the Christian world at the time and especially among Catholics who wrote that it was heresy. Pope Francis has pushed this one world religion/political movement since he became Pope. He has changed what the Vatican says the Catholic Church teaches in many areas so it is not a mistake that he would say this: 

“But Pope Francis’ motu proprio refocuses the task of theology. “Promoting theology in the future cannot be limited to abstractly re-proposing formulas and schemes of the past,” said Pope Francis in the opening line of his Italian text entitled “Ad theologiam promovendam.”   

The Pope’s pro-gay strategy has spread to many churches as this next article explains:  

“German bishop asks priests to ‘bless’ homosexual unions, citing Pope Francis and Synodal Way: Bishop Karl-Heinz Wiesemann of Speyer encouraged pastors to conduct ‘blessings’ of homosexual and other sinful relationships and said that no one ‘has to fear sanctions’ for doing so in his diocese. In a November 2 letter to the clergy and staff of the diocese, the bishop invoked the German Synodal Way, which voted 93% in favor of same-sex “blessings,” together with other heterodox practices. Wiesemann also invoked Pope Francis’ statement, “Who am I to judge?” and suggested that such “blessings” should be adopted by the wider Church through the Synod on Synodality.”  https://www.lifesitenews.com/  

Promoting false theology is the norm for Francis. I have never seen so many Catholics against their own Pope. Some Catholics believe that the last Pope was forced out because he was not liberal enough for the globalists. Francis said about gays: denouncing laws criminalizing LGBT people, he said such legislation is an injustice and a sin, because LGBT people “are children of God and God loves them.” “He came out with the statement that we were talking about at dinner last night that no pope has ever said, about gay people not being a sin.” He said that Jesus needs to apologize to his parents, he pushes a one world currency, one world government, and rewriting all doctrine. He defends gay priests, bishops, and cardinals. He has split the Catholic church down the middle. Globalists are working with the Vatican to push the end time religion and political agenda.  

It is not just in the Catholic Church, but this is happening in Israel. Consider this article:  

“Who are the Jews who turn their backs on Israel? In the recent waves of anti-Israel protests surging across the global virtual hills, a distasteful gathering of Israel-haters has come to light. The most eye-jarring among them are Jews participating in a campaign of defamation against their own nation, which is mercilessly attacked by human monsters. Jews who align themselves with the unholy trinity of hatred and madness that defines the 21st century: Extreme Islamists, antisemitic fascists, and dangerously hypocritical progressives. An alarming number of Jews have joined this perilous congregation amid the gravest times experienced by the people in Israel. The stark historical ignorance on display is heart-wrenching, compelling us, Jews, to reflect on the how and why of this miserable reality.” https://www.ynetnews.com/  

Satan hates all that God loves so Satan desires to destroy the state of Israel. When Antichrist finally rises, his number one goal will be to destroy Israel. This anger will lead to Armageddon! President Obama has shown his hatred of Israel, and he is leading the Obiden Administration to curse Israel. 

“Obama’s moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel encourages hate: The former president’s belief that both sides are wrong isn’t “complexity.” It’s amoral and a reminder that his appeasement of Iran means that there is Jewish blood on his hands. If you were looking to Obama for moral clarity, however, you came to the wrong shop. According to the former president, the main takeaway from Oct. 7 is that as bad as Hamas is, Israel is just as bad. “You have to admit that nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree,” he declared.” https://www.jns.org/o  

Obama, the Vatican, the leftist humanistic worldview needs a new religion. They are pushing the religion of the false prophet who will rise with the Antichrist. “Revelation 13:11-15 describes the rise of the false prophet. This second Beast, also known as the False Prophet, is described as having two horns like a lamb but speaking like a dragon. The “two horns like those of a lamb” indicate that he will have two significant places of authority. Since the horns are without crowns, his administration isn’t political but more likely spiritual.” https://www.christianpost.com/  

We are set up for the acceptance of the false teachings because it is the biblical end times. The Bible is clear on what is happening.  

“But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.”  

1 Timothy 4:1 

Something just reported pushed this war in Israel and Ukraine towards the World War the globalists want. These are the ones who are being deceived and controlled by these doctrines of demons.  

“First extra-atmospheric downing in history: Israel intercepted an Iranian missile in space with an Arrow 3 – Everything changes in the Middle East. In a very important revelation, Israeli and British media are making as they report that Israel became the first country in the world to shoot down a ballistic missile outside the atmosphere in the first known case of “war in space”! The missile, believed to have been fired by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels, traveled a distance of about 1,600 km over the Arabian Peninsula and was flying high in the atmosphere before it was intercepted by Israel’s Arrow system at an altitude of 100 km from the surface of the Earth, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.” https://warnews247.gr/  

Several are speculating that this intercontinental ballistic missile had a weapon of mass destruction in the warhead. Thank God that it was shot out of the sky or Israel would have had a major catastrophe like the one that shook Nagasaki and Hiroshima! Iran’s strategy is to keep increasing the attacks until they can completely destroy Israel. God will never let it happen! Here is what is happening: 

“On November 6, 2023, the online Rai Al-Youm daily reported that the Hamas military wing ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) military wing Saraya Al-Quds had both asked Hizbullah to give them greater freedom and independence in their operations against Israel from South Lebanon. This could indicate a possible escalation in attacks on Israel from Lebanese soil.” https://www.memri.org/  

The number of nations that are in solidarity with Hamas makes it clear that Israel is outgunned, outmanned, and in a tenuous situation. Israel is not out Godded though, they have the God of Israel who never sleeps or slumbers! Several reports have come out from military analysts in America that have said, Israel is over, and they cannot win this war. These are the ones who do not know the Bible. Obiden and Obama are hoping that the Muslim proxy war will end in a Muslim victory.  

My last thought is about why Issue one passed in Ohio. First, we have been put into the tempters sieve by God Himself. Whenever evil advances, God has a plan. Proverbs 16;4 says, 

“The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.” Our God is planning on the dates of the rapture, the tribulation, and the second coming. This tragedy in Ohio is adding to the sin so when it is full, God will judge America! This is consistent with His plan for the church because as we see these things happening, God is getting ready to pull us out of here! Here is why it is so close: 

“Tomorrow, November 8th 2023, a virtual launch event is to take place for what is termed the “50-in-5” agenda. The United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation are launching a campaign to accelerate digital ID, digital payments, and data sharing rollouts in 50 countries under the umbrella of digital public infrastructure (DPI) by 2028. (source). The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has announced plans to rollout “digital IDs” worldwide by the year 2030, and they will be mandatory for people who wish to participate in society, say Reclaim the Net, who advocate for free speech and individual liberty online.” https://expose-news.com/  

Just think about it, if these are the dates for this digital ID, then 2028 could be right in the middle of the tribulation period, just in time for the mark of the beast. I can almost hear the Lord saying, mount up and lets go! We live in the most exciting time in history, do not fear for the Lord our God is with us wherever we go. God is saving people all over the world and great revivals are happening on many continents, just in time for the rapture. Maranatha! 

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