Eucatastrophe: The end times will turn to joy!

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Prophecy Update: Eucatastrophe: The end times will turn to joy!    7/27/2022

Jesus was describing to the disciples how He had to leave them. (John 16) It made them very sad and they did not know how to process the information. Jesus promised them that He would send the helper, the Holy Spirit. Jesus then said something very important that describes how we should look at the end times. 

 “Truly, truly, I say to you, that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will grieve, but your grief will be turned into joy.” 

John 16:20 

Eucatastrophe: “a sudden and favorable resolution of events in a story; a happy ending.” The resurrection was the eucatastrophe, the sudden turning to joy! In the last days, we will have two eucatastrophes: the rapture and the second coming. At the rapture of the church, we will be taken out of the world right before the tribulation period. While the church is on the earth, things will turn very bad. Jesus described the times to be like the days of Noah and Lot. The days of Noah were days of violence and everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes. The days of Lot were days of immorality. 

Our grief will be turned to joy when the rapture of the church takes place. We will have grief, we will lament the lawlessness and senseless killing so prevalent in our day, it is right for Christians to pray and cry for our culture. When the trumpet sounds…we will rejoice in a manner we are not accustomed to! 

With very few exceptions, the press, universities, pro sports teams, corporations, make the president glad with their wickedness and the congress with their lies! Jesus made clear that the last days would be characterized by war. Today I want to talk about war and the ultimate war that will bring great joy. 

In the war planning documents of China and Russia, they have decided that the decisive weapon that would determine victory in WW3 would be nukes. Military strategist, Marshall Sokolovski proposed this theory and western leaders have ignored Sokolovski. Western thinking is grounded in economic terms, while China and Russia are committed to winning a nuclear war. The theory states that strategic nuclear warfare is more important than tanks and infantry. Dr. Peter Pry has written an important remonstrance against the Biden Administration regarding nuclear war.

“The Nuclear Crisis Nobody Knows By Dr. Peter Vincent Pry March 6, 2022: President Biden’s first State of the Union address neglected to mention the little fact that his Ukraine policy has brought the world to the brink of a thermonuclear holocaust. On Sunday (February 27, 2022), Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered his nuclear forces on “high alert” or “special alert” or “highest alert” as variously reported by Russian and Western sources. Russia is ready for nuclear war with the USA and is at DEFCON 2 “Defense Readiness Condition” or DEFCON levels: DEFCON 2: Nuclear forces ready for war in less than 6 hours. Being at Defcon 2 is very rare in history, occurring only during such major events as the 1956 Suez Crisis, 1958 Berlin Crisis, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1973 Yom Kippur War, 1983 Able Archer NATO nuclear exercise, and 1991 Soviet coup attempt against Premier Gorbachev.”   

The current headlines bear out what Dr. Pry warned us about in March:

NYC City Is Urging People To Get Their ‘Go Bag’ Ready After Issuing First Nuclear Attack PSA Since The 1960’s: Corrupt politicians are intent on perpetuating a state of emergency by employing scare tactics. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is defending the PSAs. “I don’t think it was alarmist,” he told reporters. “I’m a big believer in better safe than sorry. I take my hat off to [the Office of Emergency Management].” As New York City officials prioritize public awareness of what to do in the unlikely situation of a nuclear attack, crime continues to surge in the Big Apple.  

FBI sources: China could disrupt US nuclear missiles and more all over America says new report: For years, Chinese telecommunications companies like Huawei have backed projects to install their equipment near U.S. military installations and critical infrastructure. According to a new report by CNN, federal investigators who have reviewed these projects believe such telecommunications equipment could intercept or even block out critical strategic communications like those used to control the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  

“The United States and its allies are teetering on the brink of an open military conflict with Moscow, which would be fraught with nuclear tensions, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Tuesday.

“After provoking an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and unleashing a violent hybrid confrontation with Russia, Washington and its allies are dangerously teetering on the brink of an open military confrontation with our country, which means a direct armed conflict between nuclear powers. Clearly, such a confrontation would be fraught with nuclear escalation,” the statement reads.”  

According to experts in nuclear warfare, China and Russia are preparing for nuclear war with Europe and the USA. Two of the experts that I have studied are Dr. Pry and JR Nyquist. A recent article by Nyquist pointed out some things that we should keep in mind when looking at this situation. I believe that communism was responsible for over 100 million deaths between 1917 and 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. I also believe that Russia wants to move towards greater dominance over Europe and have made friends with communist nations. The West at the same time has become hateful towards the Judeo Christian ethic and worldview. Russia is to America as Babylon was towards Judah. God has raised up Russia and China to judge America who has rejected the LORD who has blessed our nation. Here is what Nyquist said:

“Communists are coming to power all over the Western Hemisphere – in Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Communists are entrenched in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Rather than marking the end of communism, the fall of the Soviet Union marked the stealthy acceleration of communist subversion around the world.” 

Russia has deployed all of its submarines and many of them carry nuclear payloads. This is the precursor to war. China also has alerted all of its military branches to prepare for war. What is startling to me is the deception against the Lord and His ways in all that they are doing. As America rejects the gospel, Russia is perverting the gospel!

“The commander of Russia’s Chechen forces appeared on Russian state TV to argue that Russia is engaged in a “holy war” in Ukraine.  The commander apparently returned from fighting in Ukraine, made a number of claims, calling upon Muslim-Christian unity in a conflict against the “satanic” West. “Growing up, during all my youth, I’ve been preparing for this war we see today. I studied the Bible, the Koran, and Torah … From all these scriptures, I know that we’re facing the war against the devil’s army, against the army of al-Dajjal, the Antichrist. All forces and units fighting on the side of Russia is the army of Jesus. We are fighting against these forces that impose upon us everything that is unpleasant and disliked by God. Everything that is unnatural for a man,” he said, referring to homosexuality. “Underneath this democracy of America, the main enemy of mankind, and Europe, the minion of the NATO bloc, which carries within it everything that is Satanic.”  

Jesus said that the last days would be full of deception. Sunday night I highlighted how Alexander Dugan perverted Christianity for his greater purpose in destroying the west. This type of deception has to continue until the battle of Armageddon. Antichrist will lie and deceive the world that will make the deceptions of Vladimir Putin and Xi Xingping look like child’s play. America and Europe have rejected the faith of our fathers so judgment is what God is bringing to our nations. Out of this chaos will come the revived Roman Empire. This tragedy will result in the eucatastrophe, the sudden return of Jesus. We will come with Him and joy will fill the world! Only in Jesus is peace and truth. The left in America and Europe are bringing us to war or to more lockdowns to control our lives. Russia and China have nothing to lose going to war with the west. Take heart, Jesus has overcome the world. Be an overcomer today!!

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