Israel and Bible Prophecy

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Prophecy Update: Israel moving to fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. 4/19/2023

This week I want to highlight the website MEMRI which stands for Middle East Media Research Institute. The website takes articles and news clips from Arab nations so you can see what is being said by the Muslims themselves. This service is invaluable to those who follow Bible Prophecy. Many times, the American press tells you what they want you to hear. They are wrong about the Middle East about 90% of the time. These articles that I am highlighting are from the horse’s mouth, the Arab nations are very clear that they want to destroy Israel. The Arab press is very open about this and the west shuts its eyes to antisemitism, says nothing at the threats of violence. I am doing this today because it is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. If we don’t remember, we will let it happen again! 

“On April 14, 2023, the Syed Sarim YouTube channel posted a video of an International Al-Quds Day rally titled “West Bank Is the Shield of Al-Quds, Apartheid Wall Will Fall”. At the rally, an unnamed Muslim “religious leader” said: “Unless and until we take every inch of Palestine back, we will not rest!… We will continue to resist until this Zionist cancer is uprooted from the face of the Earth.” He chanted “Death to Zionism!” and a member of the crowd responded: “Death to Israel!” In addition, an unnamed activist recited a poem praising Palestinian terrorist Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, who was killed during a gunfight with Israeli security forces in August 2022.”  

The rally was conducted in Houston Texas this past weekend, that’s right, Houston in the United States. The constant shouts of Death to Israel could be heard at the rally. This next article is from a series in which MEMRI tracked antisemitism in the Iranian Islamic State. This article was published on 4/17/23.

“The Iranian regime has established the idea that the Jews are the enemy of humanity who, through money and cunning, have taken over politics, economy, and culture worldwide, and that the Zionists are the ones implementing this idea. These messages are characterized by expressions of disgust with the Jews, attributing unique negative traits to them, and depicting them as an eternal evil force and the root of evil in the world from ancient times to the present – and basing these messages on the theological roots of ancient Islamic tradition.Iranian regime officials use antisemitic stereotypes that were common across Europe in the 19th and early 20th century in connection with Jews today. These stereotypes focus primarily on two themes: one, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, according to which the Jews are seeking to control the world by various means, and two, the blood libel, according to which the Jews use the blood of non-Jews for ritual purposes.”  

Most people know how bad it is for Israel in Iran. The Iranian regime is bound and determined to kill and destroy the Jews. It is part of their commitment to Jihad and their religion. But it is not only in Iran that there is the constant drumbeat of war over Israel. Qatar gets into the act every week!

On April 4, 2023, top Hamas leaders met with IUMS Secretary-General Ali Al-Qaradaghi and other IUMS officials in the Qatari capital of Doha. In the meeting, the IUMS officials asserted their commitment to support the Palestinian issue and praised the role played by Hamas and other resistance factions.The IUMS published on April 3 a fatwa calling upon Palestinians to perform I’tikaf in Al-Aqsa Mosque with the intention of waging jihad and declared April 7 a “Day of Rage.”

Qatar is very forthright and open about their hatred of Israel. They love planning attacks against the Jewish state and they love supporting Jihadi terrorist operations. Many of the terrorist acts so far in Israel in April were fostered and planned with Qatar money and help. They called for a new intifada early this month as it says in the article. One of my favorite features of MEMRI is the weekly threat assessment on Jihad and terrorism. The week of April 8-15 had this article:

“Pro-Islamic State ISIS channels incite hatred against Jews in Israel, abroad they urge supporters to share ISIS official archival content that promotes lone wolf attacks.”

“Poster by Pro-Islamic State ISIS media group encourages Sudan’s Muslims to wage Jihad to implement Sharia, declares conflict an opportunity for Mujahadeen.”

There are so many articles like this that have ISIS in Syria and Iraq still working to wage war against Israel and the United States. It is constant and unending from our enemy. Russia also gets into the act, they are important because Turkey and Russia will invade Israel together in the Gog Magog war. Here is an article about them:

“It is worth noting that Russia and Turkey have developed highly contradictory relations in recent years that are influenced, to my mind, by the fact that both nations are former powerful empires. Furthermore, an important aspect of it is that the peripheries of these empires overlap over time immemorial. The northern coast of the Black Sea, the Crimea, the Georgian coast and large parts of Armenia and Azerbaijan are not only the “near abroad” for Russia, but also for Turkey.” 

It is important to point out that Russia and Turkey have to find a way to unite before the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39  is fulfilled. The last ten years has given more reasons for them to divide than unite. It is strange that the opposite has happened unless you believe Bible prophecy. The article gives us clear historical information:

“Turkey has been the only major power, with the exception of Poland, which exercised control over vast lands that later became parts of the Russian domain. Moreover, Russia and the Ottoman Empire have fought at least 12 wars since 1568, without counting small border disputes and encounters between Russia and the Ottoman Empire’s vassal kingdoms (I would not even mention the Russo-Turkish clashes that appeared during Moscow’s military involvement in Syria, especially after Turkish warplanes shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria, in 2015). Western sanctions of Russian oil have led to Ankara proposing a creation of a new “natural gas hub” in Turkey’s European portion that was met with great support by the Russians. While the negotiations concerning these issues are still ongoing, Moscow seemingly relies quite significantly on a chance to revitalize its energy trade with Europe (including re-exports of its oil products) with Turkey’s help: some estimates (or, better to say, dreams) that the volume of Russian gas that will be supplied to Europe through Turkey, if there is demand, could reach 63 billion cubic meters per year.”

It is part of Biblical prophecy that energy and movement of goods and services is at the heart of the resurgence in the relationship between Russia and Turkey. In Ezekiel 38-39 God mentions security and riches as the reason for the prophecy eight times. Russia and her allies come and attack Israel because she is secure and prosperous. That is the case today. Israel’s security does not come from the ability of the Israeli Defence Force or the Mossad intelligence agency. Both of those organizations are compromised by anti-God and anti-Bible people who wish to be more aligned with the great reset globalists than they do with the God and protector of Israel. God in His grace is moving in Israel to protect and provide for the sake of His great name. 

The more Israel says that they are committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount the more they stand in opposition to God’s plan to give them all of their land. The settlement movement is fulfilling biblical prophecy and the Israeli government is wracked by indecision and outright hatred of those who love moving into Judea and Samaria. At some point God will move to right this wrong. 

“The settler movement began after the Six-day War in 1967, when an ultra-religious “Land of Israel Movement” was founded by Rabbi Moshe Levinger, with the aim of promoting Jewish settlement in the ancient Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria on the West Bank. In 1968, adherents of the movement, in disguise as tourists, infiltrated the Arab city of Hebron, which is the site of the tombs of the Hebrew patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, holy to both Jews and Muslims. Hebron had always been a religious centre with a small Jewish population until the Jews were massacred in the riots of 1929, and it had great ideological significance for the movement.”

Notice how this Jewish website uses anti-biblical language when talking about Hebron and Judea and Samaria. They compromise the truth when talking about this movement because so many are opposed to it. The false teaching is that Heborn is Muslim or they can share it with Muslims. 

“By 1975, the settlement movement had adopted the name Gush Emunim (the “Bloc of the Faithful”). The movement followed the teachings of the religious Zionist philosopher Rabbi Abraham Kook, who held that the redemption of the Land of Israel was divinely ordained, and that it could occur even before the coming of the Messiah.” 

It’s important to understand that since 1967 the world has made it clear that international law stands against Israel being in Judea and Samaria. This is the conflict that leads to Armageddon someday. God has continually worked the world to the point that He will give all of the land of Israel to Israel and the world will howl at the work of God. Today, Israel is divided but do not be blinded by the division because God is working!! God is working through the faithful Mossad and Israeli Defense Forces who have not turned against the truth regarding the land. The division of Israel will not keep God from making things turn out according to His prophecies. 

“When I bring them back from the peoples and gather them from the lands of their enemies, then I shall be sanctified [fn]through them in the sight of the many nations.

Ezekiel 39:27

God promised to work through Israel in the end times so that He can fulfill His promise to Abraham. God is going to bless all of the nations from Israel and that day is coming quickly. Blessings this week!

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