Nuclear Weapons and the End Times

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Prophecy Update: Nuclear Weapons and the end times! 10/5/2022

I believe that we are in the end times because of the technological trends giving us the ability to destroy the earth. The trend lines have grown exponentially, especially since World War Two. One of those trends includes nuclear weapons. The Bible talks about man killing man on a mass scale, the tribulation period itself reports the killing of over half of the population of the earth. A verse that describes the end times is Isaiah 24:6 and teaches us that the earth will burn in the end times. Nuclear bombs burn with intense heat and the last days wars will include nuclear bombs. 

Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left. 


History is heading towards the ending designed by God. God is very clear that the end will come with a big bang. The tribulation period is full of wars and death. 

“Behold, the LORD lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.” 

Isaiah 24:1

Since WW2, man has developed the nuclear know-how to destroy everyone on planet earth. Nuclear and hydrogen bombs are just two types of powerful bombs that can kill millions in minutes. If you tracked the power of weapons, the graph would be flat from Jesus day until 1945. Even though weapons became more and more deadly in the 1600’s to the 1800’s, it does not compare at all to the power of nuclear weapons. In July of 1945 the first nuclear bomb was detonated. 

“A discovery by nuclear physicists in a laboratory in Berlin, Germany, in 1938 made the first atomic bomb possible, after Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner and Fritz Strassman discovered nuclear fission. When an atom of radioactive material splits into lighter atoms, there’s a sudden, powerful release of energy. The discovery of nuclear fission opened up the possibility of nuclear technologies, including weapons.” 

During WW2 many of the German scientists escaped Nazi Germany and came to America to help the Americans develop the first Nuke! (The Manhattan Project) Since that time, communication, technology, and nuclear bombs have exponentially increased in power and speed. We truly live in a unique period of history. A hydrogen bomb in 2022 is 1000 times more powerful then the nuclear bomb that fell on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945! 

Progress, technology, and information are advancing so fast that the results match the end time scenario that the Bible predicted. Exponentiality is a favorite word of some of the futurists. It means that they can do things that were never possible before. What these futurists do not factor in is falleness. God has infected the world with a germ, it is called original sin with its death results. Romans puts it like this:

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. Romans 8:20-21

We have an exponential profusion of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons that has infested the nations. Evil leaders have thought of the most horrific ways in which they can kill people. Have you noticed that the use of nuclear weapons is being talked about alot in the news. In March of 2018 this happened in Moscow:

“Vladimir Putin devoted one-third of his March 1 state of the union speech to new Russian weapons systems, particularly nuclear weapons that could strike the United States. What he said is worrisome, in part because it suggests he remains obsessed with things nuclear at a time when U.S.-Russian relations are already tense.  Mr. Putin launched into a presentation of Russian nuclear-armed systems, complete with video graphics that combined footage of real missiles with sometimes cartoonish simulations. One showed the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) winging its way over the South Pole to avoid U.S. missile defenses and fling multiple warheads at what looked an awful lot like the southern half of Florida. Maybe Mar-a-Lago?”    

Russia believes that it can win a first strike nuclear war against the USA. They have been planning it for many years, they have talked about it, and the USA has in general ignored the clear testimony that Russia believes it can launch, survive, and destroy the USA. Russia has a plan to put millions of its citizens in underground cities, built for the purpose of winning a nuclear war, the USA has done nothing. Russia has developed and built new nuclear missiles and warheads and the USA has done nothing. It is depressing to see that our leaders are deceived into thinking that our nuclear triad is a deterrent to Russia so that nuclear war is unthinkable, they are wrong. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry wrote about this in a paper called Surprise Attack.

“Surprise nuclear attack, a “bolt from the blue” nuclear Pearl Harbor, is what most Americans fear and imagine when they think about nuclear war. U.S. bombers are not maintained nuclear-armed or on strip-alert and so would be destroyed in a surprise attack. Surprise attack would destroy two-thirds of U.S. SSBNs (submarines) normally in port, while the 4 SSBNs normally on patrol at sea would require hours to respond to an Emergency Action Message (EAM) ordering them to launch missiles. Hours can become forever in a nuclear war that kills the National Command Authority, uses electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to fry communications links for transmitting EAMs, and unleashes decades of enemy planning and secret weapons designed to destroy the small number of U.S. SSBNs hiding at sea.”   

US military and political analysts are deceived and here is an example from their own documents: “The press, both liberal and conservative press, and many equally uninformed Washington officials, think of the nuclear balance as the “nuclear stockpile” as estimated and reported from U.S. Government data by the anti-nuclear Federation of American Scientists (FAS). According to FAS nuclear stockpile estimates, the U.S. has 5,800 weapons, Russia has 6,370 weapons, and China has 320 weapons. However: -The “nuclear stockpile” includes thousands of U.S. weapons (over 4,300) that are not operational, are warehoused and retired, are awaiting dismantlement, have been cannibalized for spare parts, and would require months or years to be made operational, if possible at all.”  As you can see, that means we only have 1500 weapons, not 5,800!

Threshold of lethality: cancer starts with one cell that is infected, but wait a few months and it will be lethal to the body. Threshold of lethality happens when falleness reaches a certain line defined by its power to destroy like the cancer in a body. If the twin towers were hit by a nuclear bomb rather than two planes, the lethality to New York city would have been devastating. The Bible describes the years preceding the Tribulation period as a lethal time for the world. Wars and rumors of wars become wars and chaos that overtakes the world. Antichrist rises when things are out of control. Current nuclear doctrine and practice of the USA is a threshold of lethality. Our enemies, China and Russia have developed first strike capabilities against the USA and are ready to use them. This is clear in all of their press and literature. Forget nuking Ukraine, Russia wants to nuke NATO and the USA. 

Russia’s ICBMs like the SS-18 Mod 5 (10 warheads) and the Sarmat (Satan II, reportedly 10-15 hypersonic warheads) and China’s DF-41 mobile ICBM (10-12 warheads) are ideal instruments for surprise attack. These missiles have independent warheads that can hit multiple targets, they are the most lethal weapons on planet earth. Our US ICBM fleet of 400 missiles is still using 1980’s technology because there has been a refusal to build new ones. The Biden Administration has made it clear that they want to disarm our 400 ICBM’s believing that to do so would cause others to lay down their arms. Huh!!! Deceived and dangerous! 

Pry talked about this and this is what he said: “However, the Minuteman III, a half-century old, needs to be replaced by a new ICBM. The Trump Administration is funding development of a new ICBM, currently called the “Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent” (GBSD), to be deployed in a decade. ICBMs according to U.S. Strategic Command are “the bedrock of our strategic posture.” The most recent Defense Department Nuclear Posture Review notes: “The ICBM force is highly survivable against any but a large-scale nuclear attack. To destroy U.S. ICBMs on the ground, an adversary would need to launch a precisely coordinated attack with hundreds of high-yield and accurate warheads. This is an insurmountable challenge for any potential adversary today, with the exception of Russia.” 

Except Russia? Yeah, because Russia has the ability to knock out our 50 year old missile system. We are on the brink of WW3 because every administration since Reagan has refused to upgrade and add to our nuclear arsenal, except Trump. Everything Trump tried to do to upgrade our nuke forces has now been stopped by Biden and his Obamaites. Pry went on to say, 

“The anti-nuclear Left has persuaded top Democrats that ICBMs are too expensive (according to anti-nuclear activists, all nuclear weapons are too expensive), unnecessary because the possibility of nuclear surprise attack ended with the Cold War, and dangerous to U.S. national security precisely because ICBM high-alert rates are a “hair trigger” for accidental nuclear war.” 

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2 

Each day the news is full of headlines talking about nuclear war. North Korea just launched a missile over Japan and was targeting Hawaii. We do not know yet what knocked it out of the sky. South Korea reported that a missile hit their army base, apparently from North Korea, tensions are high. Japan and the US conducted war drills in response to the North Korean provocation.  Like the movie, Hunt For Red October, Russia’s Belgorod nuclear submarine has disappeared and it carries Poseidon nuclear torpedoes that can cause a nuclear tsunami! There was an emergency Defense Department meeting over the missing Belgorod. Things are tense in the world, but Jesus is on the throne and nothing can stop His kingdom from coming!

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