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Prophecy Update: Signs of the Times 9/28/2022

Have you ever thought that it could not get worse? Have you ever thought that things are not right in the country? Have you ever thought that the Lord’s return must surely be close? If you have thought these things, then welcome to the club of many millions of believers around the world. You are not alone!

Why do we think these things? This week we will give a sampling of biblical descriptions that describe the end times and cause us to feel these things!

Lawlessness: Sin is lawlessness!

“Let no one in any way deceive you, for it has not come unless the [fn]apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,” 

2 Thess.2:3

The last days are described as a time of lawlessness. Here are a few articles about the lawlessness gripping our country and world. 

“Murderapolis”: Ground Zero For ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Now Suffering Horrendous Crime Wave: In the mid-1990s, the murder rate was so high in Minneapolis that it earned the nickname, “Murderapolis.” Now, more than two years after the Democrat stronghold turned into ground zero for the ‘defund the police’ movement after the murder of George Floyd, Murderopolis is back. “The criminals were celebrating. They were getting rich” after police withdrew from violent neighborhoods in the wake of Floyd’s killing, said longtime resident, KG Wilson. “They were selling drugs openly.” Wilson’s 6-year-old granddaughter was killed in May of 2021 after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout in north Minneapolis.”

“FBI lied to judge: The FBI was able to crack open more than 1,400 safe-deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, Calif., taking more than $86 million in personal possessions from hundreds of people in 2021. Now a lawsuit is alleging the FBI deceived the  judge who signed off the warrant for their controversial raid.”

‘The U.S Postal Service spied on ‘MAGA’ protesters, gun rights activists and other right-wing groups between late 2020 and early 2021, according to records obtained by The Washington Times. ‘MAGA’ is former President Donald Trump’s slogan meaning “Make America Great Again.” “The Postal Service cannot reliably deliver mail to my own home, yet they can find the money and people to effectively digitally spy at scale, including on Americans engaged in First Amendment-protected activities,” Eddington said.”

As you can see from these three articles, the constitution of the United States no longer applies according to our government and especially the FBI. It is not only lawlessness that characterizes our nation and world, it is also wars and rumors of wars:

Wars and Rumors of wars:

“Russian Orthodox church absolves Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine: The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has said that Russian soldiers who die in the war against Ukraine will be cleansed of all their sins, days after President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s first mobilization since World War Two.”

Russian President Putin has called up one million soldiers to fight this fight with the west. One quarter of a million people have already been called up and are training for the war with the west. Putin said in his speech last week that the war is with NATO and the United States. Russian state media is saying that one third of the soldiers shot and captured in Ukraine are from NATO countries including the United States. This war will break out into other countries according to Russia and China! That’s right, China is entering the war with Russia. Check out this article:

“At the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan  Xi told Putin that “We’re ready to team up with Russia” and the two countries performed joint naval patrols and military drills in the Pacific Ocean just hours before the conference. The two leaders agreed that the end of a unipolar world where the US dominates is just around the corner during their highly anticipated bilateral encounter on Thursday outside of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. In his opening remarks, Putin referred to it as “ugly” and emphasised that the “vast majority” of countries have rejected American control.”  

The last days wars include Russia in the Middle East, Israel against her neighbors who attack her, and several mentions of Iran in wars. Damascus will be destroyed and a European army will be formed. Countries like the USA are heading towards some type of civil war as things fall apart in the European Union. The Bible is clear that wars will be numerous in the last days:

“And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”  


“Republicans in Texas have a message for Joe Biden in response to his demands that many weapons be banned. “Come and Take It” “The phrase is known to Texans as the rallying cry that sparked the Texas Revolution on Oct. 2, 1835, in Gonzalez, Texas. The Mexican Army attempted to take a small cannon that was largely ineffective but used as a scare tactic to thwart Comanche raids and Texans weren’t giving it up without a fight. Their fight ultimately ended in an 18-minute battle in San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.” 

Texas and Florida are showing their dissatisfaction with the federal government and are taking steps to defy unlawful, immoral laws. Israel faces the same type of division, they are facing a civil war. This is heartbreaking to follow, as this next article points out, Israel is in a mess. This is also a biblical prophecy, Israel has to be in a weak position before the Lord delivers them in a miraculous victory from the Lord. God does not want the Israelis to take credit for a victory. All biblical wars in Israel are meant to point them to Jesus, their messiah. The closest neighbors to Israel and those who live in Israel are saying…Come let us wipe them out as a nation that the name of Israel will be remembered no more. Psalm 83:4

“In May 2021, Arab Israelis fully participated in Hamas’ war against Israel. Arab Israelis rioted in mixed Jewish-Arab cities countrywide. Arab Israelis violently attacked their Jewish neighbors. They burned and looted Jewish businesses and homes, and destroyed synagogues. Arab Israelis rioted at key traffic junctions to block military traffic. Arab truck drivers working for the IDF didn’t show up to work.  Brig. Gen. (retired) Effi Eitam sounded the alarm: Arab Israelis are building an army under Israel’s nose.

“They train themselves,” he says, adding that they travel to remote places at night to practice shooting. “This is my old soldier ear which can hear that this is not a fantasy, it is not just shooting at weddings.”

“They are trained, they are committed, they have experience in killing,” Eitam also adds, referring to the high rate of violent crime within the Arab sector. “Slowly, step by step, an army is emerging.”  

I think it is very important for you to know that the European Union, the USA, Iran, and Russia are all funding groups in Israel to destroy the state of Israel. The Bible is clear that a hook is being put in Russia’s jaw to drag her to war in Israel so that God can judge Russia and all of her allies. Part of the hook is happening currently in the Ukraine war. 

“Jerusalem says it backs Ukraine’s territorial integrity while Moscow officials assert massive support in captured lands for joining Russia; West has denounced ‘sham’ votes. Officials in three Moscow-occupied regions of Ukraine on Tuesday claimed victory in referendums for a merger with Russia amid international condemnation of sham ballots.”

What does this mean? Russia has made official the annexation of the Donbass and Donetsk regions. They are now Russian territory comprising 20% of Ukraine according to the United States and NATO. This means, any attack on these regions is an attack on Russia proper, requiring a military response on the lands of nations attacking Russia. That means, Russia now has reason to attack NATO countries including the United States. On Tuesday, Russia was attacked when saboteurs blew up the Nordsteam pipeline, Russian officials said that the United States did it and they would respond in kind. This is a big rumor of war that we have not seen in our lifetime. 

The question that I have for the Lord in all of this is, how far does America have to weaken for Russia to feel confident that they can attack Israel without fear of American retribution? As Ezekiel 38-39 points out, the nations complain about the invasion into Israel but they take no action. Not until the Biden Administration has that been a possibility. The Biden Administration has been working over time to weaken Israel and push them to war with Iran. 

These wars are coming because the division between East and West, China and Russia vs. NATO and USA, are foundational to the rise of antichrist. Antochrist will rise when the world is in chaos, crying out for a savior. If the chaos is so close, then so is the rapture of the church. Can’t wait to hear the trumpets sound!

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