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Prophecy Update: The Temple: Where? 1/12/2023

What if the temple mount is not the real location of the temple? What if the first two temples were in the City of David? When I was in Jerusalem in 2014, I was confronted with a problem as I stood at the foot of the temple mount on the south side, under the shadow of the Al Aqsa Mosque. When I realized from our guide that the Gihon Springs was about ⅓ of a mile south of the Temple Mount, I had a confusing moment. The temple is by the Gihon Springs I thought—why is he saying it is up there? Why did I not realize this earlier? At that point I prayed that God would hear my prayer and show me where the temple was? 

It didn’t take long to answer my prayer. Two days after I landed back in America, I received a phone call from a college friend. He asked me, Joe do you know where the temple is located? Funny that you should ask, I told him of my encounter and my prayer. (God was sovereign in his dealing with me by revealing this so quickly) I was confused because I thought the Bible teaches us that the temple was built by the Gihon Springs!

Why did I think the Bible taught that the temples were in the old city of David by the Gihon Springs? David conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites and his guys went up a shaft from the Gihon Springs to get into the city. After 7 years of reigning in Hebron, David moved to the City of David. Here are some scriptures that should make this clear:

 “Nevertheless David took the strong hold of Zion: the same is the city of David,” 2Samuel 5:7.

“In Salem also is his tabernacle, and his dwelling place in Zion,” 

Psalm 76:2.

His tabernacle is in Zion, which means that the temple was in the old city by the Gihon. “The word “Salem” derives from the Hebrew shalem. Strong’s states that this word is “an early name of Jerusalem.” This passage is critically important, as it shows a connection between the ancient city of David, the temple, and Zion and offers indisputable evidence for the temple being located within ancient Jerusalem and not on the Haram esh-Sharif (temple mount).” https://yrm.org/

“The only spring in Jerusalem, the Gihon is a siphonic, karstic spring, and its name means “gushing”; it surges and the sound can be easily heard. Solomon was anointed at the Gihon Spring 1 Kings 1:38-39. “The Gihon Spring is along the Kidron Valley near the ancient City of David. The name “Gihon” comes from the Hebrew gihu, meaning, “gushing forth.” It is one of the world’s largest intermittent springs and made life possible for ancient Jerusalem. While the water from the spring was used for irrigation in the Kidron, it was also central to temple worship.” https://yrm.org/  

It is important to note that there are certain terms used to describe where the temple was located. Millo is used in the Bible and describes the northern edge of the old city. 

 “So David dwelt in the fort, and called it the city of David. And David built round about from Millo and inward.” 2 Samuel 5:9

 “The name of The Millo is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “fill”. It was given its name because it was a fortification of terraces filled in with earth and stone. It was the outermost defense of the north side of Jerusalem.” https://ebible.com/ 

The Ophel was between the old city and the temple mount. “The Ophel is part of the Eastern Hill that sits between the City of David and the Temple Mount. The word “ophel” means “swell or rise” and refers to a higher part of the landscape. The Jebusites built their citadel there, as did David, who also added a lot more fortification to this northern part of his city.” https://www.generationword.com/ 

The Ophel is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 27 and 33:

Jotham rebuilt the Upper Gate of the temple of the Lord and did extensive work on the wall at the hill of Ophel. – 2 Chronicles 27:3

“Now what connection do the Millo and Ophel have to the temple? According to 1Maccabees 13:52 the Ophel is the location of the temple. The KJV with Apocrypha reads, “…Moreover the hill of the temple that was by the tower he made stronger than it was, and there he dwelt himself with his company.” As a secondary reference, the Catholic Study Bible states, “…He also strengthened the fortifications of the temple mount alongside the citadel, and he and his people dwelt there.” https://yrm.org/  

Back to my conversation, I asked our lecturer how they got the water to the temple on the temple mount? He said the aqueducts from Bethlehem, built by the Romans. This was a real problem I was facing in God’s city! I thought there was no way the priests could use water from aqueducts from Romans. So I asked him, where is the Gihon Springs, he said, down the hill. I turned around and looked. That is where the temple was! I prayed, God show me, please reveal to me where the temple was. God answered!

I was sent a book by my friend that laid out the biblical and archaeological evidence that the temple was south of the temple mount, just north and west of the Gihon Springs. Why, because the shaft from the springs would bring water up to the temple for their services. The book is called “Temple” by Robert Cornuke. He mentioned a book by Ernest Martin called, “The Temples that Jerusaelm Forgot.” This is a scholarly book and Martin had the privilege to work on a dig with Professor Mazar, the most famous of Israeli archeologists in the world. He did this work in the early 70’s in the Ophel. Is it any wonder that all of the artifacts that they are finding for the first and second temples are being found in the old city of David and in the Ophel!

One last thing, the Bible teaches us that there were buildings on the west side for the servants of the Temple and Nathan Melech was one of the workers. His signet ring was found in those buildings which would have been west of the temple, and this find proves the temple was in the old city of David. (2Kings 23:9-11, I Chronicles 26:18f) 

Here are some scriptures to look at that proves the temple was in the old city: 2 Samuel 5:7, Joel 2:1, 3:17, Psalm 2:6, 9:11, 20:2, 65:1-4, 102:16-19, 132:8-13, Isaiah 2:3, 24:23, 66:20, 2 Chronicles 3:1. 

There never were any springs of water under the temple mount because the temple mount is actually the fortress of the tenth legion of the Roman Empire. Josephus talks about it, the dimensions of the temple mount are exactly the dimensions of other Roman forts throughout Europe. After reading Martins book, I am convinced that the Roman fort is what they call Fort Antonio. I will cover more proofs on Sunday night in our History Prophecy Current Events class at the University. 

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