War in Israel

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Prophecy Update: War in Israel! 10/11/2023 

Renee and I watched the movie “Golda” last night. I wanted to watch it because it is about the Prime Minister of Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. This war with Hamas started on the 50-year anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. The movie goes back and forth between the inquiry into Prime Minister Golda Meir and the war itself. At the end of the war there was an inquiry into the massive intelligence failure that led to Israel almost being overrun by the Egyptian and Syrian armies.  

This attack by Hamas also was a massive intelligence failure and I think it will be used to kick Netanyahu out of office. The left hates Netanyahu so much, they will do whatever they can to cause a coup against him.  

 What really bothered me is that no one in the movie ever said we need to pray or look at the scriptures. The Scriptures teach that God will give the land to Jews in the last days and that the nations will fight them over the land. How is it possible that a leader in Israel would refuse to seek the God of Israel? When God did so many miracles to save Israel, where was the praise? You will search for a long time to hear any national leader of Israel mention the Lord or scripture. Thank God for those who see with spiritual eyes. Many in Israel today are seeking the Lord in such a time of tragedy but they do not hold power in government. National leaders give lip service to God and believers seek the Lord! Politicians like Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich who believe that God wants them to declare sovereignty over Judea and Samaria are hated by the left. The problem in Israel that led to the war with Hamas is the division between those who seek God and those who don’t.  

Here is the conundrum that we find ourselves in; the border fence between Israel and Gaza is the most technologically advanced border fence in the world. It has underground sensors and tracking ability that they know when a fly passes the border. How did Hamas breach that border at 60 different places and the military not respond within seconds? We do not know the answer to that question, but I am going to put forth a theory at the end of this paper. 

Caroline Glick, who is an Orthodox Jew, looks to the scriptures. She recently wrote an article about the divided state of Israel. She called it “Prayer for 5784” Her prayer was: “It is my prayer for the coming year that in the weeks and months before us, the Zionist left remembers the message of the declaration of Independence, that we are a Jewish State under the God and Rock of Israel. May they also remember that their brothers and sisters on the right are not their enemies but their partners in a common destiny.”  

“And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25 

“A Prayer for 5784: Politico reported that Trident DMG, a top Washington, D.C., public-relations firm is running a PR campaign in the United States for the Israeli left’s political war against the Netanyahu government and its voters. It was hired by Blue and White Future, the Israeli NGO run by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s cronies, billionaire Orni Petruschka, Gilad Sher and Eran Schwartz. The NGO serves as the Politburo and banker for the left’s billion-shekel demonization campaign. On Sunday, they began a campaign in New York geared towards undermining Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit the United States next week. The main event of Netanyahu’s trip will be his speech at the U.N. General Assembly. A 12-story banner ad on Sunday was projected on the U.N. building. It read: “Don’t Believe Crime Minister Netanyahu.” https://carolineglick.com/  

Israel is full of leaders who hate all those who believe that God is giving the land of Israel to the chosen people of God. The scriptures set up this division when it says that every nation will oppose God when He brings His people back to the land for the last days. Glick went on to say: 

“Last week, former Mossad director Tamir Pardo threw a half-century of Israeli public diplomacy efforts (and 3,500 years of truth) to the seven winds and speaking of Israel told the Associated Press, “There is an apartheid state here.” Well, no. And calling Israel an apartheid state is not only a slander, it is also a textbook case of anti-Semitic demonization of the Jewish state. Both in Pardo’s and Bressler’s cases, these statements are made for the explicit purpose of demonizing the government and the majority of Israeli Jews who dared to vote for it.” What the Jews voted for was to silence the lie that you can make peace with the Palestinian State and Hamas. Here is what she said: 

“This week, we marked the 30th anniversary of Oslo’s initiation at the White House on Sept. 13, 1993. Oslo was an assault on the most basic foundations of the Jewish state—security and Zionism. On the security front, Oslo was predicated on the fraud that the PLO—the archetypical modern terrorist organization—had abandoned terrorism. Oslo asserted the PLO had become a credible, responsible actor. Indeed, it was a moral actor. The basic idea of Oslo is that the only reason there is a Palestinian conflict with Israel is because Israel controls Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem (and controlled Gaza until 2005). Until Oslo, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria were recognized by all Israelis from across the political spectrum as the cradle of Jewish civilization, religion and history. Control of Gaza was widely recognized as critical to Israel’s security.” https://carolineglick.com/  

The bottom line of what is going down is that Israel has finally said that they cannot have peace with Hamas, and they are going to destroy Hamas and reconquer their own land to keep Hamas from killing Jews. Netanyahu was forced into this war by Hamas and the left in Israel who are complicit in this tragedy. They will also have to fight with Hezbollah in the north, Fatah in the East, Islamic Jihad, and a host of Iranian proxy terrorists. The Bible teaches that in the north the attack is coming from the Golan Heights and that is where Hezbollah most likely will attack, it makes military sense. As Israel fights Hamas, they will have to fight on three fronts, and this is when God will show up! Assad, the President of Syria is in a bunker, Russia and Iran are running things in Syria, and Russia will direct the attacks against Israel.  

It is hard for me to believe that Hamas can breach the border of Israel so easily and have as much time as they did to spread out and kill so many people. Many are asking the question in Israel, “How did we have such a colossal failure of intelligence?” Did the CIA know? Did Mossad know? The smart fences in Israel on the Gaza border would have alerted the military to spring into action and that did not happen. I have not found the answers to these questions yet, but I am praying, and the Lord will reveal to me what happened. Here are a few articles that help: 

“On a Shabbat morning and a religious holiday, on October 7, Hamas operatives invaded Israel and carried out a Hamas Einsatzgruppen attack. This war should not be compared to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when Israel was surprised by invading armies of Arab states. Hamas’s operatives cannot also not be compared to Islamic State terrorists. The mission of Hamas was to carry out a typical Hamas Einsatzgruppen attack: They hunted down Jewish women, men, children, Holocaust survivors, and the elderly, and murdered them with unspeakable cruelty. I personally warned about the likelihood of war in my August 31, 2023 essay on MEMRI.org, titled Signs Of Possible War In September-October. While Iran’s Islamist terrorist regime provides Hamas with military and strategic support, and training, the real power that enabled this operation was the Aal Thani family that rules Qatar.” https://www.memri.org/  

It is clear that the money to pull off this attack on Israel came from three main sources: Iran, Qatar, and Russia. Unfortunately, money from the USA and the EU also finds its way to Hamas because the US and EU send relief funds that does not go to the people who need help. The money gets funneled to terrorist activity like building tunnels and bombs. As the West has moved away from the Judeo-Christian worldview, they adopt evil and immoral positions. The BBC is an example: 

“BBC guest compares Hamas slaughter of Jews to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Speaking from Gaza City on Saturday evening, writer and educator Refaat Alareer told the news channel that today’s scenes were “legitimate and moral” and “exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.” 

Lord Austin, a former Labour MP and independent member of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords responded to the clip via X (formerly Twitter), writing: “Needs to educate himself. Clearly knows nothing about Hamas, their appalling atrocities, and even less about the Warsaw Ghetto and the uprising.”  

“In 2018 Alareer took to social media to accuse “most Jews of being evil” and referred to Zionists as “the most despicable filth.” He has also claimed that “all supporters of Israel would be cheering for the Nazis in the ’30s and ’40s,” and that “Israel is the root cause of evil.”  https://www.israel365news.com/  

As of Wednesday morning, as I am writing this post, the Muslim world is calling for a Jihad against Israel and the international press is calling for war crimes. The war crime is that Israel is fighting back and killing the Hamas terrorists. Egypt and Hamas are forcing civilians to stay in Gaza so they die in the air strikes so they can blame Israel for the deaths of civilians. The gloves are off internationally by Satan to deliver a decisive blow to Israel, but he will fail once again.  

“Herzog: ‘Not since Holocaust have so many Jews been killed in one day’: As president of the State of Israel, I speak to you now from our capital city Jerusalem under the dark shadow of war, as my nation continues to endure a savage attack from a cruel and inhumane enemy. To my mind, not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been killed in one day. And not since the Holocaust have we witnessed scenes of Jewish women and children, grandparents—even Holocaust survivors—being herded into trucks and taken into captivity.” https://www.israel365news.com/  

“The calm before the storm: I live in Galilee. We know what’s coming, you can literally feel the tension, you can almost cut the heaviness in the air with a knife. The question is not if, but when. Our hearts break at the sight of what is happening in the south of the country. We feel paralyzed. So far we have been spared attacks in recent years, with the exception of a few isolated incidents such as the one in April, which only affected a few towns in the Western Galilee. UNIFIL has already left southern Lebanon, and residents of Israeli towns near the border have received a message telling them to evacuate their homes. Army helicopters circle in the distance, but otherwise there is an eerie calm. It’s the calm before the storm. How do you deal with this situation? You get on your knees. It’s situations like these that bring you closer to God. Because you realize how tiny you are and how big God must be, who has everything in His hands, including the current situation. He knows the background, He knows why what is happening, what happens next and what our future looks like.”  https://www.israeltoday.co.il/ 

I believe all of this conflict will lead to the destruction of Damascus according to Isaiah 17. It will also lead to the Psalm 83 war and God giving the ancient cities back to Israel like Hebron, Shechem, Shiloh, Bethlehem, and Bethel! Here is my theory: I believe that Obiden, the CIA, the left in Israel helped Hamas breach the border fence to cause a catastrophe that they can blame on Netanyahu and all those who believe the biblical teaching regarding the land of Israel. It took five hours for the IDF to respond. That is wrong and a complete tragedy. Many analysts are positing that the breach in the border fencing came from superior technology that only Russia, Israel, and the USA can deploy. Avi Lipkin, an analyst in Israel blames the Israeli leftist generals and Ehud Barak. He believes that this is a coup d’état. Many other analysts I am following are in shock and want to find out what took so long? The IDF should have been there in minutes not hours.  

As many of you know, I have been writing on this conflict in Israeli politics for some time. The left is full of demonically inspired activities and beliefs that have only one source, the devil himself. The devil needs to knock out Israel to complete his plans but as you know, he has failed and will keep on failing because the God of Israel never sleeps or slumbers. God is fulfilling Biblical prophecy in the nation of Israel, and we will see some fireworks in the next few weeks. God will give us the wisdom to face what is also going to happen in the United States. The mayor of New York reported that terrorists might strike New York and asked all civilians to be ready. We need to pray and seek the Lord because He is good and always has a plan we can trust! 

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