World War Three?

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Prophecy Update: World War Three? 1/24/2024 

There are currently 25 wars/conflicts in the world today according to the global conflict tracker. Some are in the news constantly, Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Hamas are most notable. In our own hemisphere, Mexico, Haiti, and Venezuela are internally hemorrhaging from unstable governments fueled by gang violence, drug addiction, and communism. There are eight wars in Africa and that is not counting all the Islamic jihadi groups causing pain and suffering on top of the wars. There are six wars in the Middle East and seven in Asia. At any moment, some of the wars can pop off and cause a cascading towards world war fought on five continents. The greatest threat to the USA is the alliance between Russia and China. The US believes that we should push for a war with Russia through NATO in Ukraine. This past year saw many politicians push for the assassination of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin: 

“Lindsey Graham has attracted widespread condemnation after the South Carolina senator suggested Vladimir Putin should be assassinated in order to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”  

Many of our politicians are pushing for war. The assassination of Putin would not stop the war in Ukraine but would cause a bigger war. The neglect of our nuclear triad has put us in danger because Putin and Russia have upgraded their nuclear forces. Russia is the greatest nuclear superpower in the world. These are some facts that make some in the US shudder: Our ICBM’s, bombers, and ballistic missile submarines are thirty years behind Russia. Our submarines were built when Ronald Reagan was president, our B-52’s go back to the 1950 and 60’s, the minuteman and ICBM force was deployed in 1972, and the warheads are not modern! They were designed and built during the cold war. Here is a quote right from the Defense Department:  

“Up to 400 Minuteman III missiles make up the most responsive leg of the nuclear triad. America’s ICBM force has remained on continuous, around-the-clock alert since 1959. The Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent program will begin the replacement of Minuteman III and modernization of the 450 ICBM launch facilities in 2029.”  

Why did we wait so long to replace our nuclear triad? I think there is a spiritual reason, our enemies have been given the room to attack and discipline the USA. God has been judging this country and it is just a matter of time before we are hit. Much like 9/11, we are sleepwalking, and our enemies have been infiltrating the nation. Here is the nightmare scenario that many analysts talk about: 

“Could a single nuclear EMP kill 90% of Americans within one year? (2017) At a U.S. House of Representatives hearing on October 12th, experts warned that the greatest existential threat to the country may come from the detonation of a nuclear EMP bomb. It could kill as many as 90 percent of all Americans within a year.”  

The EMP threat has been at the forefront of the task force for nuclear war in Washington D.C., it was headed up by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry who died in August of 2022. His death was a great loss to the United States. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry was the Executive Director of Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a Congressional Advisory Board dedicated to achieving protection of the United States from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber-attack, mass destruction terrorism and other threats to civilian critical infrastructures on an accelerated basis. I have followed his career for over 25 years and have studied what he researched. He has been a lone voice in some cases, however, the Heritage Foundation took it upon themselves to study the EMP threat. They issued their report in 2008 and they sent me a copy because I visited them to talk about the threat in 2007. I have been studying it since 1998. Here are a few quotes: 

“An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States could wreak havoc on the nation’s electronic systems–shutting down power grids, sources, and supply mechanisms, irreparably crippling the country. Such an attack could simultaneously inflict large-scale damage while critically limiting our recovery abilities. 

Yet, despite the tremendous threat EMPs pose to the United States, this danger has been largely ignored.”  

I stopped studying the issue in and around 2015 because I was convinced that the government would not do anything to protect America. They have done nothing! So many congressional position papers and recommendations went in the trash because the left in this country hates the military and American people. Under President Obama, he intentionally worked to depreciate and degrade our nuclear triad. He blocked anything from happening to protect against EMP. Here is a quote from the report that I think is possible today, but was not possible by the Iranians in 2008: 

“Which world leader is on record musing about “a world without America”–a goal he calls “attainable”? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Until recently, it was possible to believe that whatever Mr. Ahmadinejad’s intentions, Iran was a long way from acquiring the capabilities it needs to achieve its goals. But a blue-ribbon commission has reported to Congress on what appears to be an Iranian drive to obtain the means to carry out an EMP attack.” Here is an article from 2018 written by Dr. Pry,  

“Ignoring EMP threat is a death sentence for Americans: BY WILLIAM R. GRAHAM AND PETER VINCENT PRY, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 10/16/18 In 2008, the statutory Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack delivered over 100 recommendations to Congress to protect the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures — including communications, transportation, energy, business and finance, food and water. We were hopeful the job would get done. The EMP commission reports are “good news,” because they prove there is no excuse for the nation to be vulnerable.  However, by 2015 — 20 years after the first open congressional EMP hearing in 1995 — the U.S. Government Accountability Office testified to Congress that not a single major recommendation of the EMP Commission had yet been implemented. Not one.”  

I can confirm that the United States government has still to this day done nothing to protect us from this threat. It is this threat that our enemies, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China have vast resources and weapons to pull off a devastating EMP attack on America. This blindness is spiritual blindness! A nation that shuts its eyes to its enemy’s intentions, that argues for the enemies’ complaints, is the time the nation will be attacked. Weakness invites aggression!  

Here is a run down of several more wars that are heating up: 

“Russia bombed a convoy of French Ministry of Defense officials in Kharkiv: It was receiving the bodies of French soldiers of the “Foreign Legion” Russia has launched a new missile strike targeting concentrations of mercenary forces in both Kiev and Kharkiv.  Reports also say that the attack also hit Poles and Englishmen who were in a building in the Kiev district.”  

The Englishmen that were hit are American and British troops fighting for the Ukrainians. This is certainly heating up between NATO and Russia. France said they were private citizens fighting for Ukraine. Without soldiers from the US, Britian, Germany, and France, there would not be an army to stop the Russians. 

“German Ministry of Defense: “We are going to war with Russia” Recently, Russia has shifted to a war economy where weapons factories are producing around the clock. “Russia has significantly increased production. It has also partnered with countries like Iran and North Korea, which means Russian defenses can be developed much more quickly than we envisioned just last year.”  

“Mousa Abu Marzouk, a member of Hamas’s Political Bureau, said in a January 22, 2024 in-person interview with Daria Aslamova of Russian online outlet Pravda.Ru that Hamas hopes that Russia will increase its involvement in international politics and “stand up” to the United States regarding issues in the Middle East. Abu Marzouk noted in the interview that Russia maintains relations with various Palestinian factions, and that Hamas “trusts” Russia, “just as Israel trusts the United States.” “We want Russia to play a role [in the conflict with Israel] at this point,” he added.”  

All Christians should notice that Russia, smelling American weakness and Israeli tentativeness, are moving in for the kill. Ezekiel is clear that they are coming to war with the Jews.  

“Hamas Leader Abroad Khaled Mashal: ‘We Reject The Two-State Solution; October 7 Proved That Liberating Palestine From The River To The Sea Is Realistic And Has Already Begun’  

“E.U. diplomats said on Monday in Brussels that a two-state solution is the only credible path to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, after earlier threatening “consequences” if Israel continued to oppose the plan. “We have to stop talking about the peace process and start talking about the two-state solution process,” Josep Borrell, the E.U.’s high representative for foreign affairs, told press at a meeting of the Council of the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council. 

A document circulating in European capitals ahead of Monday’s meeting called for E.U. members to “set out the consequences they envisage to attach to engagement or non-engagement” with their proposed plan—the two-state solution. Foreign ministers at the meeting voiced frustration specifically with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom they see as the main obstacle to the two-state vision.” 

It is not true. Benjamin Netanyahu is not the main obstacle to the two-state solution, Jesus is! Jesus is working the world over with His truth that the land of Israel is for Israel, do you believe? Those who do not believe will be judged and Jesus will judge them! Jesus says that He is going out to fight and His feet will hit the Mount of Olives and then everything is going to change! Yeah God! 

“Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. In that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in its middle from east to west by a very large valley, so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south.” Zechariah 14: 3-4 

World War 3 is going to come because the world refuses to believe in the Lord and His ways. Both WW1 and WW2 were a failure spiritually, antichrist systems rose and cursed the world with their evil worldviews. Another war is coming fast because of the same thing. “Biden’s failure to deter Iran risks World War III in the Middle East: It is only with the benefit of hindsight that we can now see how Europe stumbled, half asleep, into World War I. At the time, no one could predict how a localized regional conflict would spark what was then the most devastating conflict in human history.  Now, slightly more than a century later, it is the U.S. that is sleepwalking towards a full-blown world war, as the risks of a regional war metastasizing into a wider war continue to rise exponentially.”      

China is going in for the kill with Taiwan, North Korea is doing the same thing with South Korea and Japan. Then there is the boiling up of a civil war in Texas:  

“Texas Will Not Back Down”: Gov. Abbott Slams Supreme Court Order, Reportedly Installs More Razor Wire: The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line in Eagle Pass,” Abbott posted on X Tuesday morning, adding “Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border in Biden’s absence. The Supreme Court’s temporary order allows Biden to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America, This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty.”  

Pray that the Lord gives us great wisdom like He did with our brothers and sisters in World War 2, we can have a great impact for the Lord! 

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