Prophecy Updates

AIPAC Reflections

Renee and I just returned from the AIPAC Policy Conference (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) in our nation’s capital which was held March 19-22.  Eighteen thousand friends of Israel attended this important educational event.  At the conference several speakers talked about the “Iran Deal” signed last summer.  This deal has all the marks of a failed policy which puts Israel and other Middle Eastern nations in profound danger. Henry R. Nau, professor at George Washington University wrote about the dangers of the Iran Deal.  He said,

“War happens when the United States is not ambitious or aggressive enough, and more aggressive nations respond by stepping up and attacking the interests of the United States and its allies because there is no one to prevent them from doing so.”

Seven months into the agreement, it has gone from bad to worse.  All the more reason to pray.  On the positive side, many see the problems of the deal and are trying to solve them. — Good old American ingenuity and Israeli perseverance!