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Psalm 80 and current crises!

Prophecy Update: Psalm 80: Our Current Crises and Israel! 3/26/20

Christians should have reason to be thankful for the confirmation of Scripture. The recent troubles shed light on the faithfulness and glory of God and His Word. I have no doubt that the current troubles that the world experiences is directly linked to the refusal of nations to bow to Gods will regarding Israel. Refusing to declare Judea and Samaria sovereign Israeli territory will bring more judgment from God. As God judged Israel during the dispersion, so He will judge the nations for their rebellion! Since the Romans destroyed the temple in 70 A.D., the Jews have been scattered across the globe, but mostly in Europe. Our text in Psalm 80:1 says, “Oh, give ear, Shepherd of Israel” You who lead Joseph like a flock; You who are enthroned above the cherubim, shine forth!” Jacob said as much in Ge.48:15 when he said, “The God before whom my father’s Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day” and Psalm 28:9, “Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever.” As Christians, it is special to declare that our God is a shepherd. Jesus said as much in Matthew 26:31 when He quoted Zechariah 13:7, Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd, And against the man, My Associate,” Declares the LORD of hosts. “Strike the Shepherd that the sheep may be scattered; And I will turn My hand against the little ones.”

Jesus quoted this verse to describe what was to happen as He went to the cross. Today, I am looking at the Psalm 80 passage as a description of how Jesus, the Shepherd of Israel is sovereignly moving the nations into position for the day when Israel possesses all of the land of Israel. Unfortunately, the majority of so called churches in the past have declared that Israel does not have a shepherd! Here are a few quotes from Jews who experienced great persecution among so called Christian Europe: Joseph Ha-Kohen was a Rabbi in Avignon, wrote a book in 1496 called the ‘Valley of Tears.’ It is a history of his people from the destruction of the Temple to his time. It is a book described by David Baron as the record of an “almost unbroken chain of unparalleled sufferings, a chronicle of massacres, oppressions, banishments, fiendish tortures, spoliations and degradations which have been inflicted upon the Jews for the most part by so called Christian Nations.” While Israel is scattered, the righteous hand of Gods judgment is summarized for us in Psalm 80:4, O LORD God of hosts, How long will You be angry with the prayer of Your people?

Another Jewish historian Samuel Usque in the sixteenth century said, “To which part of the world shall I turn to find healing for my wound, forgetfulness for my pain, and comfort for my heavy, unbearable sufferings? Among the riches and enjoyments of Asia I find myself a heavy laden pilgrim. In Sun burnt Africa, rich with gold, I am a wretched, starving exile. And thou, Europe, my hell on earth! What shall I say about thee? How shall I praise thee, vicious warring Italy? Like a hungry lion hast thou fed on the torn flesh of my lambs! Ye corrupted French meadows, poisoned grass did my lambs eat on you. Proud barbaric, mountainous Germany, thou hast thrown down and broken to pieces my young men from the top of thine Alps” Another Jewish author, Joseph Ibn Verga said, “Europe is as one in their hatred against the Jews, all creatures in heaven and on earth are united in sworn hostility to them.” Not to be outdone though are the many Church Councils that announced judgments and persecutions of the Jews. One example will suffice because Hitler used this nugget of history: Lateran Council of 1215: The whole of Western Christianity was represented by 71 archbishops, 412 bishops, 800 abbots, and a whole host of other dignitaries. They wrote 70 canons and four of them directly impacted the Jews. One of them said, “Henceforth the Jews in all Christendom and in all times were ordained to wear a distinctive dress or badge.” This was humiliating and designed to persecute the Jews because they could easily be identified. Remember the ‘Star of David’ Hitler made the Jews wear? One commentator of this era said, “were the Jews by this badge of degradation given over by the church and the representatives of the Christian religion to shame and reproach for half a millennium.” But the Shepherd of Israel began in the 1600’s several movements of Christians who would defy the church dogma and believe the promises God made in the prophets. Promises that seemed to lay dormant until the late 1800s with the rise of Zionism.

Zionism: “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Zionism has come to include the movement for the development of the State of Israel and the protection of the Jewish nation in Israel through support for the Israel Defense Forces.” Israel is a prophet of judgment and a warning to all Christendom. As God moves to fulfill all of His promises to Israel, the Church needs to pray and assist.
Psalm 80:14, “O God of hosts, turn again now, we beseech You; Look down from heaven and see, and take care of this vine.”
Has not God been doing this since 1948? Micah 7:19-20 describes this perfectly: “He will again have compassion on us; He will tread our iniquities under foot. Yes, You will cast all their sins Into the depths of the sea. You will give truth to Jacob And unchanging love to Abraham, Which You swore to our forefathers From the days of old.” The unchanging love that Jesus had on Israel during the judgment of the dispersion is now actively fulfilling promises made long ago!

Christian Zionism is the movement among Christians who believe that God is fulfilling His promises as written in the Scriptures regarding the reestablishment of Israel. It teaches that the secular State of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. In the 1800’s many pastors began to teach that God would fulfill His promises and reestablish the state of Israel. Against all odds, these pastors like Charles Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, Horatious Bonar, and Dwight L Moody were right. As Jews began to trickle back to Israel they began to do the impossible. “In Britain, politicians such as Lord Shaftesbury, Lord Palmerston, David Lloyd George, and Lord Balfour saw the value of a Jewish state because of the Scriptures. The Jewish Zionist movement also grew, largely due to British Christian leaders such as William Hechler. Zionism eventually gained international recognition through the Balfour Declaration, which in 1917 (during World War I) guaranteed a Jewish homeland in Palestine.” God was on the move! After the Balfour Declaration was proclaimed the next year a pandemic broke out all over the world, the Spanish Flu. Coincidence? Just as the nations rejected the Balfour Declaration, so the nations are rejecting the move to annex Judea and Samaria which started in 2019! That rejection led to the pandemic: coincidence?

A friend of mine sent me this (Tuesday 3/24/2020): “When Jerusalem was captured back on Dec 11 1917 the British commander was Edmund Allenby, a Christian, who had been praying for the Jews since childhood. He was praying over invading the city and the bloodshed. It would be in Christian control (not Arab) for the first time since Nebuchadnezzar burned the city in 586 BC. (almost 25 Centuries) He read Isaiah 31:5 “like birds flying over The Lord of Host will defend Jerusalem”. It dawned on him to fly airplanes over Jerusalem. The Turks ran from the city and Allenby (some interpret -God-sent) captured Jerusalem without firing a shot. Not a bomb dropped, and not a drop of blood shed. Before his troops entered the city he read that verse to them. Of course after that the Balfour Declaration & the one day prophecy (Isaiah 66:8) May 14, 1948.” It is not out of the realm of possibility that God would use the coronavirus to drive the circumstances so that Israel gets all of her land back. The prophecies will not be complete until He does. That brings me to today: the coronavirus broke out after the World Court and International Criminal Court threatened Benjamin Netanyahu with war crimes if he annexed Judea and Samaria. Coincidence? The Israeli government is in conflict. The Blue and White party has lost their minds. Here is why–

“They are working feverishly to cobble together a radical government with the post-Zionists in Labor-Meretz and the anti-Zionists in the Joint List. All of which will be hard-pressed to work with the Trump administration.” This is a civil war of ideas: those who believe that God is giving the land to Israel and those who do not want to take the land. The Blue and White party act like the ten spies of Numbers 14—no faith, no courage, and no heart for God and His ways. They agree with the UN, Russia, China, EU, and all of the Muslim nations that want to drive the Jews into the sea! Since 1948, every time the pacifists get control, war ensues. I pray that the Israeli Zionists take control of the country and obey God by annexing all of the land of Israel. It is going to happen. The Shepherd of Israel teaches us that the dispersion was a testimony to both Gods righteous judgment and preserving love. Psalm 80:6 says, “You make us an object of contention to our neighbors, And our enemies laugh among themselves.” There is no doubt that God preserved Israel while they have suffered as no other group. They did survive though and ended up in the land God promised them. That is a miracle and God pictures this preservation in Psalm 80:19, “O LORD God of hosts, restore us; Cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.”

Amos 9:14-15 is a prophecy that is being fulfilled as I write this blog. It says, “Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them, Says the LORD your God.” Israel is at this moment considering a bill to annex the settlements in Judea and Samaria. It is the next step in the fulfillment of the prophecies. (this movement to annex started last April)
God said they would come back as a nation and it happened in 1948. God said that they would control Jerusalem and it happened in 1967. God said they would possess and rebuild the ancient cities in the mountains of Israel, that has not happened fully yet. I remember back in 2000 Camp David Summit, when ‘Ehud Barak the leftist offered PLO chief Yasser Arafat Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Temple Mount, as well as the Golan Heights to Syrian dictator Hafez Assad.’ I remember Bill Clinton hailing the peace deal as a great deal for the Israeli’s. I remember thinking that Clinton and Barak are crazy and disobeying the scriptures—God did not allow that foolishness to go forward. He will not allow the foolishness of the Blue and White party to go forward.

Here is why—Ezekiel 36:1-2, And you, son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel and say, ‘O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD. ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Because the enemy has spoken against you, ‘Aha!’ and, ‘The everlasting heights have become our possession,’
First, God hears what the nations are saying about the ancient cities. The UN and Palestinian Authority are in lock step saying that Hebron is not a Jewish city, David never lived there, it was never the capitol city of Israel under David, and that the tomb of the patriarchs is Muslim not Jewish. God will conquer Hebron and Israel will possess the city—it is going to happen very soon.
Secondly, the taunting, hatred, and cursing of Israel at the UN, EU, and universities of the USA and Europe will be dealt with. God says in Ez.36:6-7, Therefore prophesy concerning the land of Israel and say to the mountains and to the hills, to the ravines and to the valleys, “Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I have spoken in My jealousy and in My wrath because you have endured the insults of the nations.’ Therefore thus says the Lord GOD, ‘I have sworn that surely the nations which are around you will themselves endure their insults.” I also have endured the constant cursing of Israel from the media. When Nikki Haley went to the UN, I rejoiced because she stood up for Israel like no other American representative at the UN. She exposed the hatred of Israel at the UN. Ezekiel 36:12 says, ‘Yes, I will cause men—My people Israel—to walk on you and possess you, so that you will become their inheritance and never again bereave them of children.’

This is very important: God will cause His people Israel to possess the cities. It will not come about by the work of man but the work of God! There are many Hebrews coming from France, USA, and other places soon—where are they going to go in Israel? I think that they will go to the ancient cities—Bethlehem, Hebron, Shechem, Shiloh, Bethel, and Jericho. These cities have Jewish settlements near some of these towns but they are not possessed by Israel—yet!! Satan has organized most nations and most of the world’s press against Israel and against Christianity. The one movement that has remained resolute in its support for Israel and sound Biblical teaching is the loose-knit conglomeration of individuals and groups that form the entity called “Christian Zionism.” I like to think that Christian Zionists are just simple people who believe all that the Prophets foretold. Either you believe the Word of God or you don’t!

Quick fact: Hebron has 1000 Jews and 216,000 Arabs. I pray for the Arabs living in Hebron that they will ask the Lord for His mercy. He will give mercy to those who break their hearts before Him. Soon the prophecy will be fulfilled, what will happen to all of those people? God will not put up with this hatred and war against His land and people forever. The first time that the Lord took the land, it was when the sins of the people who lived there were full. (Genesis 15) After God established the nation of Israel God told them He would kick them out of the land if they did not obey. After the Babylonians took them into captivity the remnant trickled back after the 70 years of captivity (Jeremiah 29:10, Daniel 9), but the Jews lived under the Persians, Greeks, and then Romans until 70AD. Ezra was right when he said in Ezra 9:8-9, “But now for a brief moment grace has been shown from the LORD our God, to leave us an escaped remnant and to give us a peg in His holy place, that our God may enlighten our eyes and grant us a little reviving in our bondage. For we are slaves; yet in our bondage our God has not forsaken us, but has extended lovingkindness to us in the sight of the kings of Persia, to give us reviving to raise up the house of our God, to restore its ruins and to give us a wall in Judah and Jerusalem.” Notice how he says they are slaves. It was like this in Jesus day, they were under the sovereignty of the Romans.

Israel stayed in the dispersion until the late 1800’s as more and more Jews started moving to Israel. This led to the establishment of the Nation of Israel again on the earth. No nation has ever been scattered as a people and then came back as a nation like Israel. It is a miracle and it has never happened before or since! This is why I am so confident that God is going to fulfill His word regarding Israel today. The signs of the times are ripe for fulfillment. Here is a headline that bears out this truth: BIN: As Coronavirus Distracts the World: Israeli Law-Makers Move to Annex Judea-Samaria. “Politicians from Netanyahu’s Likud party have filed a private member’s bill that would immediately apply sovereignty to all Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria reports Makor Rishon.” This was March 19th and since then the enemies of Israel and Gods plan went into action to stop it. They will fail.

What really excites me about Psalm 80 is vs.17-18, “Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, Upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself. Then we shall not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.” The Father is going to turn to His Son Jesus and say, it is time. Romans 11: 25-26a says, “For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery—so that you will not be wise in your own estimation—that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved.” God will save the nation of Israel, they will come to their Messiah and be saved. Zechariah pictures this time when it tells us how Jesus will come and fight to destroy those who came together to fight Israel. Then in verse 10 He says this amazing thing: “I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.” What a day that will be!

There are two key words in Psalm 80, revive and restore. Please add these two words to your prayers as we face the coronavirus tragedy. President Trump said three weeks ago: “Israel is a light to the nations, the land of Israel is the promised land and historic homeland of the Jewish people.” That sent the UN into a tailspin, with their supporters Biden, AOC, Talib, and Sanders and the rest of them. You could hear the howling across the globe. God will make the nations accept this biblical truth. Maranatha!

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Coronavirus Thoughts

Prophecy Update: Coronavirus Thoughts? 3/19/20

The coronavirus has caused a worldwide shut down. This is a ramping up of the birth pangs. The book of Revelation tells us that a time is coming when all things will be global. Global government, global economy, global information technology, and global control are becoming more evident in times like this. The spread of this virus was not possible before the modern airline industry. The spread of the coronavirus has caused fear to spread among the nations. As Christians, we do not act in fear. God tells us that part of our witness is to act in courage. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Do not fear for I am with you, do not anxiously look about you for I am your God, I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” When facing global problems, we need a universal answer. Who better than the God of the universe to supply the answer, courage, and hope we need to face this trial! Our nation faced this problem by calling a national day of prayer, which the nation of Israel joined in with us! God promises that our prayers will be heard and acted upon. Ask and you will receive. (Matt.7:7-11) China meant this for evil, God meant it for good!

Let us back up and look at what happened. What is coronavirus, how did it start and could the outbreak grow bigger? Telegraph UK 16 March 2020. “Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. Seven, including the new virus, have made the jump to humans, but most just cause cold-like symptoms. The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed. The virus broke out in December 2019. More than 169,000 cases have been confirmed since the outbreak started, and the death toll has exceeded 6,500. The vast majority of cases are in China, but the virus has spread to more than 100 other countries.” The problem with this quote is that China has not revealed the numbers from their country. Are they honest about it? I say no!! According to this article this week, only 2.6% of the people are dying. It is interesting because these numbers are not consistent. The other thing not stated in this article are the many reports that say the coronavirus is a bioweapon. Sooooo there is a lot of confusion out there concerning this trial. China did not tell the truth in December, sent their people all over the world and spread the disease. They need to be held accountable.

Here is the problem with context, tens of thousands of people are dying from the flu bug. It makes coronavirus look like a pest not a pandemic. “President Donald Trump, seeking to reassure Americans about the novel coronavirus at a Wednesday press conference, said he was “shocked” to learn that the flu kills “from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year in the United States.” So far this flu season, 16,000 Americans have died from flu, according to the CDC.” So let me get this straight—we can have 25,000 people die of the flu bug this season and only 6,500 people have died globally from coronavirus. The numbers do not match with the panic! In February, the CDC said this: “In contrast, at least 29 million people in the U.S. have experienced flu illnesses this season, the CDC estimates. About 280,000 people have been hospitalized so far, and an estimated 16,000 have died, including 105 children.” (These numbers are from early Feb.) Those are real numbers and no one disputes them as they do the coronavirus numbers. To add to the confusion, I heard that as of today, 3/19/20, fifty thousand people have died from the flu bug in the USA. Confusion! Who is the author of confusion? Satan!

On the other hand, and here is where the confusion grows, the European CDC said this: “I don’t think we are dealing with the flu here… this is a virus that is now circulating in a population that has absolutely no immunity to it…. You might have an attack rate that is three times higher than seasonal flu with a mortality rate that is ten times higher. “The most concerning thing about this virus is the combination of infectiousness and the ability to cause severe disease or death. We have not since 1918 — since the Spanish flu — seen a virus that combined those two qualities in the same way.” So you can see that some are expecting the worse! Thanks China!

As I pray about this challenge, the first thing that struck me is that God has a sense of humor. Think about it—the globalists claim that there is no such thing as national borders. If you are for national borders you are a racist. The virus has forced nations to declare their national borders and protect them. One headline said this: Coronavirus: Some Of These 24 European Countries Have Closed Their Borders To Tourists. Forbes Mar 14, 2020. “The pandemic has already prompted almost a dozen of the 26 countries in Europe’s border-free Schengen zone to shut their borders, either fully or partially, to visitors over coming weeks. Thus ending the right to free movement for many of the EU’s 400 million citizens, as well as tourists, business people and foreign residents.” Pres. Trump is calling it the China Virus!

I had to laugh at this headline from Mexico: Report: Mexico Thinking of Closing Border to Shut Off Wuhan Virus Cases from US. 3/16/2020. “Now in an ironic twist, Mexico’s health minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell suggested at a press conference that they might employ “restriction” to keep folks coming from the U.S. to Mexico.” The irony is that anyone in America who suggests limiting immigration from Mexico is called a racist. Illegal or otherwise. Side note: calling illegal immigrants legal is another proof of calling evil good and good evil! Panama is banning entry of non-resident foreigners and Honduras closing its borders to passenger traffic for a week. The leaders of Argentina and Peru also announced border closures on Sunday to curb coronavirus. Argentina will close its borders for 15 days to non-residents, President Alberto Fernandez said in a televised press conference.

Whenever I see travel restricted, it means that God is up to something. Why would God restrict people to stay in their own countries? The whole schedule of Americans have been upset, schools canceled, sporting events, restaurants prohibited to open their doors, and churches closing their doors. God has restricted travel and the normal rhythm of life. Why? You now have more time to spend time with Jesus!!

First, God wants the nation to focus on something that is common to all of us. This crisis can bring Americans together or it can divide us further than we already are. The divisions in America are so deep and divisive that no one believes that they can be healed. Will we pull together and face this trial with faith in God or deny God even further. Here is an example of the division:
Mike Pence mocked for praying with coronavirus task force at White House: March 4th 2020. “Vice President Mike Pence received a new round of criticism this week from some on the political left after the White House released a picture of the vice president praying with the coronavirus task force in his West Wing office.” Here is an example of some of the mocking that Christians get for praying to the God of heaven and earth: Dr. Angela Rassmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, also criticized the prayer. “I have yet to attend a scientific meeting that begins in prayer,” she wrote. Angela, that is your problem, if you turned to your creator for help, He is merciful to all who call on Him. The New York Times weighed in with this: Thomas Chatterton Williams, a contributing writer with the New York Times Magazine, shared the photo of Mike Pence praying with the coronavirus task force on Twitter and commented that “we are so screwed.” To make matters even more divisive, the President called a national day of prayer to confront the problem. I was absolutely thrilled, the pagans were apoplectic!

Donald Trump’s National Day of Prayer Call Receives Mixed Reactions: Against Church, State Separation: March 15, 2020. Hold On, Here Comes Horror: Amid the Wuhan Wigout, President Trump Declares Sunday a ‘National Day of Prayer’ March 14, 2020. These two articles show the direct division and what is at stake in America. On one side are believers in the One true God and those who are for freedom of religion, who like it when people pray. On the other side are those who wish to get rid of all prayer in America. They will stop prayer at all sporting events, prayer anywhere in public, prayer in your home. Wait, did I say prayer in your home? Yes, you must recognize that the movement that represents the anti-God, anti-prayer freedom in America is a direct threat to Christianity, Judaism, and freedom of religion in America. I thank God that our community came together in prayer, we prayed for the nation, pastors and Christians gathered to pray for the nation. What China meant for evil God meant for good.

The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is anti-God, communists who have killed our brothers and sisters in every country where communism has been tried. He desires to make us into the Soviet Union who killed Christians for believing that there is someone with more authority then the state. Bernie Sanders believes that the state is a higher authority then God the creator. Our rights come from God in America, he wishes to change that. Today, China is experiencing the judgment of God on its nation for persecuting the church and shedding innocent blood. Xi Xingping thinks he is God, he is reaping the whirlwind from the Sovereign of the Universe. Xi is rewriting the Bible in honor of his god Mao, he is killing pastors, he is destroying churches, he made Bible study illegal, and he is filling his concentration camps with anyone who believes in an authority higher than the state. America is at a crossroads—do we want the communists to rule or do we want God fearing people who stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

God wants us to focus on Him and our nation showed Him that we will not come together to do that. I am thankful for all the people who prayed and bowed the knee to our true King who is King of Kings on Sunday. It revealed that we are truly a nation divided and this virus will make the fissure larger. Why has God sent the fissure, the division in America? He sent it to further the divide. Matt.18:7 says, “Woe to the world because of its stumbling blocks for it is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to that man through whom the stumbling block comes.” If we suppose that the divisions of the past 20 years, between left and right are the stumbling blocks that have caused this current crises, and that left and right have sinned against a holy God, and that this virus is an occasion given to us to come together, in Gods providence haven’t we proven to God that we will not come together in belief and trust in Him?

Have we not shown the God of the Universe and Jesus His king that we will not repent of killing babies in the womb, give up hatred of Israel, put prayer back in schools, and humbly bow before Him. I call on the Supreme Court to meet this week and overturn Roe vs. Wade, the stumbling block that has caused the hand of Almighty God to pressure us and force us to make a decision. Has not Gods judgment been light—merciful towards us? If we do not repent, then the hand of God will put more pressure on us. I call on the Supreme Court to disavow and throw down the decision to throw prayer out of public schools. I call on the Supreme Court to reverse the decision to declare that Jerusalem is not Jewish.

I still cannot believe they did this, here are the details: Zivotofsky v. Kerry, 576 U.S. 1059 (2015), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that the President has the exclusive power to recognize (or not recognize) foreign nations, and, therefore, Congress may not require the State Department to indicate in passports that Jerusalem is part of Israel. What happened is that a couple had a baby in Jerusalem so they wanted to put on their birth certificate and passport that he was born in Jerusalem, Israel. John Kerry and President Obama objected and said that Jerusalem is not in Israel. They rejected the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy act and the 2002 decision of the congress to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the embassy to Jerusalem. Only President Trump had the courage to tell the truth that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Now all of the presidential contenders want to reverse this decision and declare that Jerusalem is not Jewish. Pay attention to this: since Biden and Sanders said they would move the embassy back to Tel Aviv, are they not putting the country in more danger of the anger of God!
Zechariah 12 is very clear that God will not put up with this behavior of nations and will bring His heavy hand of judgment.

Lastly, the Supreme Court needs to repent and overturn the decisions they made to advance immorality in our nation: especially the gay marriage decision. Overturn these decisions this week and you will see the blessing of God. In Amos 4 God sent a series of 5 medicinal judgments to Israel and kept asking them to repent. Each time they refused and he said to them five times, “Yet, you did not return to Me.” The last judgment was the final judgment and God said, “Prepare to meet your God.” We have had many chances to repent as a nation and each time the nation has refused. Individuals have repented, but the repentance is incomplete because the Supreme Court will not overturn their evil decisions. When they do that the repentance will be complete. Churches have had prayer meetings and the many people have repented, God has been merciful to America and has not sent the full weight of His righteous wrath. America should be thanking the faithful Christians for the delay in His wrath. The Coronavirus is an opportunity, pray and repent for the nation. Daniel did this in Dan.9, he prayed in a way that we all can learn from. Take some time to pray for America the way Daniel prayed for Israel. It will bless your socks off!!

Prophecy Updates

Israeli Election and God’s Sovereignty

Prophecy Update: Israeli Elections and the Sovereignty of God 3/11/20

Isaiah: 34:8, For the LORD has a day of vengeance, A year of recompense for the cause of Zion.

I want to focus this update on the Israeli elections. These elections are telling us a lot about the drive towards the one world government, the fight over Jerusalem, and the eventual victory coming to Israel over her enemies.

The key verse is Isaiah 34:8, have you noticed that God has a lot to say regarding the ‘cause of Zion.’ This cause is talked about in many places and God is very clear about what He wants in Israel. The cause of Zion includes the regathering of Jews to Israel, the possession of all of the land of Israel, the establishment of Jerusalem as the capitol of the world, the attitude of God towards Jerusalem, and the battle that will commence over these issues. As we talk about the election, keep in mind that God has sovereignly upset the whole political class of Israel for His own purposes. One of which is to direct the circumstances so that Israel will gain more of her land. One big dispute in the election is the annexing of the land. Many of the political class want to follow the world and push a two state solution. God says there is only one state with defined Israeli borders. God will get His way in this, I promise you, and we are watching a biblical drama playing out in front of our eyes.

4 takeaways from Netanyahu’s decisive 3rd election victory: by Alex Traiman , JNS Published on 03-04-2020. “Once again, Israel’s overly vibrant hyper-democracy has proven, by a definitive 20-mandate victory, that after 11 years at the helm it is only the voters that still want Netanyahu to be their leader.” As I read this article I could not help think of two biblical stories. First, Jesus said that a country divided against itself could not stand. Israel is divided by leaders who hate each other and will do anything, and I mean anything to prevent Netanyahu from staying in power. The second story is the 12 spies. Israel resembles the 10 spies who said we will not take the land, we will not fight, there are giants in the land and we cannot win. The two leaders who lived by faith in the living God said the opposite. The whole political class in Israel are like the ten spies who God punished for their lack of faith. The two faithful ones are those who live in the settlements, who take the land God commanded them to occupy, who endure the insults of the nations for living in Judea and Samaria. The article points out some interesting facts.

“Benjamin Netanyahu won a decisive victory over his challengers. Garnering 36 mandates is the best-ever showing for the embattled prime minister over a span of nine different elections in which he ran at the head of the Likud Party. The 20-mandate gap (59-39) represents a landslide victory for Netanyahu and his supporters over the direct and secondary supporters for Gantz.”
As you can see, this was the most decisive win Netanyahu has ever had, but the press talked about one thing and only this—that Netanyahu would not be able to form a government. In the parliamentary style government that Israel follows, you need 61 mandates to form a government. The article goes on to tell us why Netanyahu will not form a government.

“The 20-mandate gap (59-39) represents a landslide victory for Netanyahu and his supporters over the direct and secondary supporters for Gantz. Despite the outsized gap, the total currently leaves Netanyahu precariously two seats shy of a 61-seat parliamentary majority prior to the start of upcoming coalition negotiations. Avigdor Lieberman’s resignation as Defense Minister in November 2018, and the removal of his six-seat hawkish Yisrael Beytenu Party from Netanyahu’s previously stable 67-seat right-wing majority government served as a major catalyst in setting early elections into motion. While Lieberman is almost singlehandedly preventing Netanyahu from forming a new government, like the Arab parties, he, too, is holding Israel’s political system hostage and ignoring the results of the elections.”
It is clear that among Netanyahu’s supporters, some are jealous of all that he has been able to accomplish. Netanyahu has reigned over the greatest economic and political boom in their history (starting in 1948). This has caused some who have always supported him to become enemies. This does not happen in a vacuum. In God’s sovereign purpose, this friction is causing Israel to reevaluate their priorities. Will they annex their land or not?

When Israel annexed Jerusalem and the Golan Heights they received scorn and ridicule from the world but God blessed those decisions. Every time that Israel divided the land, God cursed the decision. My heart has been broken so many times watching Israel divide her land and following the world, not the Holy One of Israel! I was dumbfounded when Israel gave Bethlehem to Yassir Arafat—I was so heartbroken over it—a tragedy of epic proportions. Our own nation has been impacted by dividing the land. When we forced Jews out of Gaza, God sent Katrina to our shores. When we put pressure on Israel to sign a land for peace deal, God sent planes to destroy the twin towers. When will we ever learn that God is serious about His land, He does not want anyone to divide the land! Netanyahu promised to annex the Jordan Valley and all of the settlements but has not done it yet. Do it!!! Tell the world to take a hike and get the job done, God will bless the faith and obedience.

Did you notice that the Democratic party lashed out at Netanyahu when he made the promise. Here is a headline: Senators Sanders, Warren push resolution decrying PM’s West Bank annexation idea, Move by group of Democrats an apparent warning to Netanyahu, who has recently spoken in favor of extending Israeli law to all settlements.
Satan hates Israel getting her land. So the enemies of Israel lashed out. Those enemies include Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. God says in Zechariah 1:17, Again, proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “My cities will again overflow with prosperity, and the LORD will again comfort Zion and again choose Jerusalem.” Zech.2:12, “The LORD will possess Judah as His portion in the holy land, and will again choose Jerusalem.” Zech.8:2, “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘I am exceedingly jealous for Zion, yes, with great wrath I am jealous for her.’ (God says He is jealous for Jerusalem three times in Zechariah) God has been giving Israel prosperity and success in their cities, out of His grace, even though they still have not obeyed Him regarding the rest of the land. What is God’s attitude, He is exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and His land. Let me describe for you the fight going on in Israel between those who want to give all of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians and Netanyahu’s party:

“Blue and White pasted major billboards likening Netanyahu to Turkey’s Islamic dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claiming that Netanyahu is subverting democratic principles by attempting to use his continued premiership as a get out of jail free card for three separate corruption cases that are tentatively scheduled to begin on March 17.” The enemies of God’s will regarding the land have called Netanyahu a dictator. The false charges against him are all an attempt by the George Soros crowd, the one-world nuts, and the left to keep Israel from annexing the land. That is the bottom line: the world does not want to see Israel take all of her land! Erdogan wants a million man Muslim army to come to Israel and kill every Jew in the land—that is who they compare Netanyahu with? This is sick behavior from people who want to run the government. The enemies of Israel will try to exploit this weakness that they perceive in Israel at this time. Israel is not ready for the attack that is coming in this time of division. Israel has Arab members of the Knesset that believe and preach: Israel should not exist! Israel should not be Jewish! Israel needs to be destroyed! How can a country accept parliament members who are traitors? The Blue and White Party wants to join hands with these Arabs in the Joint Arab List. That would be a disaster for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

The battle between Netanyahu and the Democrats is exacerbated by the hatred of the land of Israel. Bernie sanders said this: “Sanders did not just politely decline his invitation to address AIPAC; he issued a statement attacking the organization for giving a platform to far-right figures, including evangelical pastors and nationalist European politicians, who “express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights.” He branded Netanyahu a “reactionary racist.” According to Sanders if you are for the land of Israel going to Jews, you are a racist. Israel’s U.N. ambassador, Danny Danon, fired back Sunday at the conference, calling Sanders “a liar, an ignorant fool or both.” Netanyahu himself addressed conference attendees via video, saying Sanders’s charges were “libelous.” AIPAC prides itself for being neutral politically, but that is not possible with Democrats who favor the destruction of the Jewish state and who think Zionism is racist. Sanders went on to say that Ilhan Omar is ‘one of the greatest people I know.’ Omar is an anti-Semite bent on the destruction of Israel and she represents the Democratic Party and their view of Israel today. Is it any wonder that Newsweek reported that “Muslim voters love Bernie Sanders.”

The last few weeks I have seen articles claiming that war is going to break out between Israel and Jordan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Iran. Rather than quoting from these articles, let me say that the war birds are in the air. The Jordan and Israel relationship is at an all-time low over the annexation of land Jordan deems their own. The Jordan Valley is disputed by Jordanian leaders, some of those leaders have advocated open warfare with Israel over the land. Soon, Israel will annex all of Judea and Samaria, including parts of Edom and Moab, and Jordan will submit to Israel: It is biblical prophecy. Isaiah 11:14 says, They will swoop down on the slopes of the Philistines on the west; Together they will plunder the sons of the east; They will possess Edom and Moab, And the sons of Ammon will be subject to them.” This prophecy predicts that Gaza and most of Jordan will be taken over by Israel. I cannot wait for this to happen. Until then, the deep state will start killing, attacking, any who wish to stop the deep state from their goal of crushing dissent—including pro-Israel pro-Jesus people. Here is an article about that.

Republican lawmakers sound alarm over death of DHS whistleblower Philip Haney: 3/10/20. ‘He was murdered’ Counter-terrorism expert Philip Haney was murdered for what he was warning America over militant Islam. During the Obama Administration, Haney was attacked because of his warnings. They ordered him to delete 850 pages of documentation regarding the threat to America from militant Islam. He said in 2009, “DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties.” Haney called this the first purge. A second purge happened in 2011, targeting those warning America. Haney came under scrutiny and threatened, driven out of government. Obama attacked anyone standing against militant Islam. Obama called the policy ‘Engagement and Dialogue’ this has proved to be disastrous. You remember that the Obama administration gave lip service to Islamic attacks on Americans, blaming others but not Islam. Haney wrote a book called ‘See Something, Say Nothing.’ The deep state works with these Islamic groups and hates those who stand in their way. Here are some quotes:
Two Republican lawmakers — Reps. Louie Gohmert (Texas) and Steve King (Iowa) — are sounding the alarm over the death of Philip Haney, the former Homeland Security official turned whistleblower during the Obama administration. March 9, 2020– “Phil often said, ‘I would never commit suicide,'” King explained, adding that he was a good friend of Haney’s. “I’d been concerned about his safety, with all the information he knew and people who could’ve gotten in trouble.” Gohmert said. “We had a mutual pact. It said: Either one of us ended up committing suicide, then the other is going to make sure that the truth wins out.” This man had firsthand knowledge of many of the Democrats involved with Islamic terror. He was killed for what he knew and for helping the Trump Administration to go after those traitors. His work was obliterated by Obama, although he identified 300 terror suspects. Remember the Boston marathon attack, Orlando and San Bernadino attacks by Islamic terrorists who Obama tried to protect and said were not terrorism. Haney exposed the ties with Muslim Brotherhood members in the USA who were protected by Obama. Haney went to congress with his info. This infuriated Obama, and now the deep state is killing some of those who are a great threat. Obama claimed Haney violated the rights of the terrorists. Haney said he was “investigated nine times, for the violation of civil rights and liberties and privacy rights of foreign nationals.” Under Obama the US government submitted to the goals of Jihad.
Much of the information that I am giving you is from the movie,, that you can watch free. It is about the work of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. I think this battle in America is about stopping America’s support for Israel. If Trump were not elected, the Brotherhoods goals would have been met in Hilary Clinton. Both Netanyahu and Trump are being attacked because of the support of Israel getting her land, and being against the two state fiction. God is moving the circumstances to accomplish His goals in the world. The goal of possessing the land of Israel and the important cities which God promises will be inhabited by Jews is inevitable! The conditions on the ground are ripe for war, anarchy, and conflict.

I hope Isaiah 26:8-9 will be a comfort to your heart, it says: “Indeed, while following the way of Your judgments, O LORD, We have waited for You eagerly; Your name, even Your memory, is the desire of our souls. At night my soul longs for You, Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; For when the earth experiences Your judgments The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.”

I hope that you are waiting for the LORD with great expectancy-He is at work and doing a great job accomplishing all that He said He will do! Does your soul long for the living God? The promise that God gives is that the world will learn the reason for judgments—His righteousness. The world has a habit of rejecting the Lords righteousness—let us trust that God will get it done!

Prophecy Updates

China, Russia, and the coming war with America!

Prophecy Update: China, Russia, and the coming war with America! 3/6/20

I was traveling with the Ashland University basketball team to Grand Valley University on Tuesday, the game was at 8pm. On the way home I had a chance to listen to Coast to Coast, it is a five hour drive from Allendale Michigan to Ashland Ohio. The guest speaker spoke about biblical prophecy and the fall of America. I was intrigued because he was quoting books I had read concerning Russia. The speaker gave the gospel so I was excited about what God would do with that. What I was not excited about was that he was setting dates. That is never a good idea because God does not give us dates on when the end times events will commence. He gives us the signs, we can observe the signs and then preach the Word of God. Let it happen in God’s sovereign timing, and then you will not be dishonoring the Word of God.

What intrigued me though was his thoughts on Russia and China. Russia is most definitely in the Scriptures and they are preparing to invade the Middle East and Israel. I want to take this opportunity to give some evidence that Russia and China are preparing to go to war with the USA, in fact, they are already using asymmetrical warfare against us.

In 2016, Douglas Schoen published a book that outlined the designs for Russian world dominance. “Putin’s Master Plan: To destroy Europe, Divide NATO, and restore Russian Power and Global Influence” : This book is typical of a number of books about Russia that have been released the last few years. When the Soviet Union fell, the argument for years regarding that fall has fallen in two camps. One believes that it was a managed fall, whereby the KGB tricked the West, so that they can more easily destroy the USA and thus destroy the West. The other side sees it as a victory of democracy and freedom over the evil empire with no other evil designs from the communists. One persistent problem that supports the first theory is the leader of Russia today, the former KGB officer, Vladimir Putin. Putin is the dictator of Russia and plans on staying in power until he accomplishes his biggest goals. Former KGB officers hold many important government positions in the Putin government. Putin plans on destroying NATO, America, and reclaiming the Baltics.

In his speech last year (2019) Mr. Putin cataloged an array of new weapons that he said Russia was developing, while animations showed missiles striking the United States. (Florida) This year he mentioned just a few. Putin once casually said over dinner that he could destroy America in a half-hour or less. (2011) Since 2011, Putin has threatened to nuke America every year. He seems obsessed with nuking our country. Now imagine if Russia unites with a country that has designs on destroying America? That’s the problem we face today, Russia and China are cooperating with each other to see their dream fulfilled, no more America. As the Iranians say, death to America! Here is an article about this problem from Nov.2019:

In Future Wars, the U.S. Military Will Have Nowhere to Hide. “New technologies enable Russia and China to destroy U.S. bases and logistics networks—including those on the homeland.” It has been a longstanding goal of both China and Russia to destroy the USA. Two Chinese colonels wrote a book about applying asymmetrical warfare against the USA to destroy the country. Russia also has written much about the desire and plan to destroy America. Movies like the ‘Hunt For Red October’ were common during the cold war. Today we do not see movies like this because we have lost all context on what the Russians want to achieve. Check out this headline from Political in Oct.2019,
We’re More at Risk of Nuclear War With Russia Than We Think:
“U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle need to start addressing the danger. By GEORGE BEEBE October 07, 2019. In the 1950s and 1960s, Americans genuinely and rightly feared the prospect of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Schoolchildren regularly participated in air raid drills. Federal, state and local governments prepared for operations in the event of a nuclear emergency. Today, that old dread of disaster has all but disappeared, as have the systems that helped preclude it. But the actual threat of nuclear catastrophe is much greater than we realize. Diplomacy and a desire for global peace have given way to complacency and a false sense of security that nuclear escalation is outside the realm of possibility. That leaves us unprepared for—and highly vulnerable to—a nuclear attack from Russia. In fact, cyber technologies, artificial intelligence, advanced hypersonic weapons delivery systems and antisatellite weaponry are making the U.S.-Russian shadow war much more complex and dangerous than the old Cold War competition.” It is up in the air right now if we can stop two types of nuclear attack: Electronic Magnetic Pulse and the Hypersonic Nuclear missiles.

China and Russia are working to destroy democracy, and our victory is not assured: Oct.2019
Illiberalism and authoritarianism are on the march at the expense of liberal democracy. We see the authoritarianism in the current election cycle where some politicians threaten physical harm if they do not get their way. Just this week the Supreme Court was threatened with physical harm if they vote against abortion. The Chinese use a constant barrage of cyber attacks on our infrastructure. Here is a story about that: Security News This Week: An Unprecedented Cyberattack Hit US Power Utilities: 09/07/2019. “The hackers did use firewall vulnerabilities to cause periodic “blind spots” for grid operators in the western US for about 10 hours on March 5. It’s the first known time a cyberattack has caused that kind of disruption—which, again, did not affect the actual flow of electricity—at a US power grid company.” Several countries are using cyber attacks on our electric grid currently including Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China.

328 Chinese nationals illegally crossing US border caught so far in 2020: 3/6/20. The Washington Examiner said those efforts to apprehend Chinese nationals illegally crossing the border have been an extension of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) heightened awareness of the spread of coronavirus. Another unnamed senior administration official told Washington Examiner, “We have a unique public health threat posed by individuals arriving unlawfully at the border. The Heritage Foundation has been a source of great information for me concerning EMP technology, Russia, and war with China. Here is a recent article concerning Russia:
“Russia remains an acute and formidable threat both to the United States and to U.S. interests in Europe. From the Arctic to the Baltics, Ukraine, and the South Caucasus, and increasingly in the Mediterranean, Russia continues to foment instability in Europe. Despite economic problems, Russia continues to prioritize the rebuilding of its military and funding for its military operations abroad. Russia’s military and political antagonism toward the United States continues unabated, and its efforts to undermine U.S. institutions and the NATO alliance are serious and troubling. Russia uses its energy position in Europe along with espionage, cyberattacks, and information warfare to exploit vulnerabilities and seeks to drive wedges into the transatlantic alliance and undermine people’s faith in government and societal institutions.” Fortunately for us, Russia is bogged down in the Middle East, but make no mistake: they are mad at us for many reasons.
Turkey and Russia lock horns in Syria as fear of outright war escalates: March 1, 2020. “As the nine-year Syrian civil war enters its final turn, Turkey and Russia, long-time allies in Syria, are on the brink of war over the Syrian province of Idlib. In September 2018, Turkey, Russia and Iran signed an agreement (also called the Sochi accord) to create a de-escalation zone in Idlib, where violent hostilities were prohibited. Claiming that jihadist groups did not leave the zone after more than a year, Syrian government forces launched an offensive in December 2019. The offensive displaced more than 900,000 civilians. This was followed by the Syrian government forces attacking a Turkish observation post and killing 13 Turkish soldiers.”

Assad of Syria says that he has authority over his country so attacking jihadist groups in the Idlib province is within his rights. Russia sides with Syria over this attack. Turkey disagrees, the result of the Syrian armies attacking in Idlib is 900,000 refugees fleeing into Turkey. Turkey has threatened both Russia and Europe over the problems in Idlib. It is the tale of two borders now. In the south the news as of Feb. 20, 2020: Some 900,000 people in northwest Syria have been displaced by conflict since Dec. 1, 2019. As attacks move further north in Idlib, people are increasingly squeezed into a small area near the closed border with Turkey, which was already hosting hundreds of thousands of displaced people. As Syria keeps attacking in Idlib, more people are on the run. In the north of Turkey, refugees are being forced to enter Europe thru Greece. Greece is not opening the border. Greece says they are being invaded by Turkey. Turkey has blackmailed Europe for money, billions of dollars so that the Syrian migrants stay in Turkey or go back home. Bulgaria is the other country that Turkey is forcing the migrants towards. Bulgaria also has closed the border. “Bulgaria says it is tightening security along its border with Turkey to prevent an inflow of illegal migrants amid reports that Ankara may be relaxing its border controls to allow Syrian refugees to enter the European Union.” Russia is furthering disaster for Europe for its own designs with weaponizing illegal immigrants. China is doing that to the USA. Another reason that Russia hates us is the natural gas industries foray into Europe. This is America competing with Russia for European dollars over energy! Russia has a corner on the market and they hate what we are doing in Europe. Our natural gas is selling at half of Russia’s!

Russia is ‘fearful’ of US competition in the European gas market, official says: 2/20/2020. The U.S. wants to increase its LNG exports to Europe, a region where Russia is the dominant supplier. One gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, has proved so controversial to the U.S. that the Trump administration announced in December that it would slap sanctions on any firms involved in finishing (it is near completion) the pipeline.

The pipeline runs from Russia to Germany, via the Baltic Sea floor and through the territories of several other countries. It is owned and will be operated by Russian energy giant Gazprom, which said in January that it would finish the pipeline alone due to sanctions; it is expected to be operation in early 2021. “Russia sees what’s coming in terms of the U.S. energy exports, they see the gas prices in the U.S. are tremendously low, they’re very competitive, and we’re about to double our export capacity of LNG, so they’re fearful of competition,” he said. Why is God using Russia and China against us? I think it is because we have not repented of all of our sins as a nation. Just as Europe left the faith, we are leaving the faith. I thank God for all of the true believers in Europe who are holding the line, but their culture has crossed the line. Here is an article about that.

Europe Leaves Christianity for ‘Paganism’: 03-04-2020. “Europe today has more empty church buildings than it knows what to do with because Europe is, by and large, no longer Christian. You could say these churches are the remnants of a “lost civilization.” Christian civilization. It was once at the very heart of Europe’s life and culture. Those days are over. “In Britain, something like seventy or seventy-five percent of British under 30 say they have no religion,” says theologian Stephen Bullivant. Attorney Andrea Williams of Christian Concern in London says, “I think that what is hard for people in America to understand is that the people of Great Britain really have no notion of what Christianity is.” This is not true of the USA. We still have a vital faith and many in our country are fighting against the rising tide of secularism and Satanism. When I look at the nation it is a jarring truth that the nation is divided as never before. Democrats fight Democrats, Liberals are fighting conservatives, leftists hate Christians, and Christians keep standing up for morals and ethics in our country without apology. Thank God for all those who in our country do not give up standing for the truth. Thank God for our president who has stood with the Christians against the leftists. This will lift your spirits, did you hear of the pastor in Virginia?
Chaos at Virginia Legislature After Pastor Recites Antigay Prayer: FEBRUARY 12 2020.
A minister’s prayer condemning same-sex marriage and abortion caused some members of the Virginia House of Delegates to walk out Tuesday and the speaker of the House to slam her gavel and cut him off. The Rev. Robert Grant Jr. of the Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, Va., delivered the opening prayer for the session; this duty goes to clergy members from a variety of faiths, and their prayers “are usually nonpolitical,” the Virginia Mercury reports. But Grant did not shy away from political issues. He told House members that they risked God’s wrath for not following the Bible. He denounced abortion, saying, “All life is precious and worthy of a chance to be born.”

Pastor Grant is an American hero, he deserves a medal, not condemnation. If you need a reason for God delaying His wrath on America, it is all of the Christians in this country who are like Pastor Grant. Many American Christians are standing up in the face of evil and telling the truth and preaching the gospel! It is so thrilling to watch God protect our country as Russia and China wish us harm. I pray that righteous people keep coming into office so that righteous decrees advance once again in America. Contrast these two verses: Psalm 11:3, If the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do?” and Proverbs 13:34, Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people. The foundations have been destroyed when abortion laws rule the land, when God is kicked out of schools, when Christmas is without Jesus. Today, abortion is losing in our country because the American people are rejecting it, God is coming back into schools by brave Christians who do not care about the consequences of praying and reading the bible in government schools, and because of our President, Jesus is back in Christmas at the White House. I noticed since President Trump became President, people say Merry Christmas again—did you notice that? I am so thankful to live today—it is so exciting to watch our God at work!