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Current Events: April 9, 2016

Since 2001 I have been reading and following the desire of the Chinese government to go to war with the USA. It was in 1999 that two Chinese colonels wrote a book on how to destroy the USA called Unrestricted Warfare. The strategy was implemented and the Chinese have been working off this plan to destroy the US since 1999.  Unrestricted Warfare lays out the plans for conducting asymmetrical warfare against the US which includes economic, political, and militaristic weapons. The frightening thing about the militaristic wing of that plan is the use of Islamic terrorists against the U.S. One of the main arguments of the book is that using asymmetrical warfare against the U.S. allows the Chinese to trick the Americans into believing that they are not our enemy.

One writer who has been warning America about these developments is Bill Gertz, a Pentagon writer for the Washington Free Beacon. He said,

“Russia, China, Iran, and Islamists are waging unconventional warfare around the world, and the United States currently lacks a clear strategy to counter the threat, according to a recent report by the Army Special Operations Command.”

That Army report was issued in September of 2014 and was called, “Countering Unconventional Warfare.” Here is a quote from this 48 page white paper,

 “Foreshadowed by Iranian actions throughout the Middle East, and by Chinese ‘unrestricted warfare’ strategists in the 1990s, hybrid warfare has now reached its most brazen form in Russia’s support for separatist insurgents in Ukraine.”

As most of you know, Russia has continued to help China, Iran, and Islamists conduct asymmetrical warfare against the USA in Syria. These three nations have effectively pushed the U.S. out of the Middle East and now they have their eye on destroying Israel. To get to Israel, the next step is to weaken NATO to the point that they are no longer a threat to what these three nations are doing. The next step for China is to embroil the U.S. in a war in Asia.

Here are a few quotes from the 2014 report.  They are telling for what we are going thru today:

“China’s use of unconventional warfare was described in the Army report was based on the 1999 book by two Chinese colonels called Unrestricted Warfare that calls for using all means to defeat enemies, including cyber attacks, ecological warfare, financial warfare, and terrorism.”


“China will use a host of methods, many of which lie out of the realm of conventional warfare,” the report said. “These methods include trade warfare, financial warfare, ecological warfare, psychological warfare, smuggling warfare, media warfare, drug warfare, network warfare, technological warfare, fabrication warfare, resources warfare, economic aid warfare, cultural warfare, and international law warfare.”

The development of cyber warfare capabilities has made China move up their timetable to fight and destroy America. The goal was 2020 and now it is 2017! If you want to know why China is so brazen in all they are doing in the South China Sea, it is because they think they can take us.

Two weapons that give them hope of a defeat of America is the DF-ZF weapon and an Aircraft killer missile.

“China’s new DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle is a nuclear strike weapon, according to the Pentagon. The glide vehicle, launched atop a missile, travels along the edge of space at Mach 10, or nearly 8,000 miles an hour.”

“The second significant weapon in the PLA program was the medium-range, aircraft-carrier killing DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile.”

These two weapons, along with the threats China made against the U.S. this past week, are reasons that President Obama put a gag order on all military personnel who were complaining about our response to the aggression of China.  One four star admiral, Harry Harris, was so dismayed that he publicly aired his case against the weak response of the President. This was reported in the Navy Times on April 5th,

“The White House has sought to tamp down on rhetoric from Harris and other military leaders, who are warning that China is consolidating its gains to solidify sovereignty claims to most of the South China Sea.”

“National Security Adviser Susan Rice imposed a gag order on military leaders over the disputed South China Sea in the weeks running up to the last week’s high-level nuclear summit, according to two defense officials who asked for anonymity to discuss policy deliberations. China’s president, Xi Jinping, attended the summit, held in Washington, and met privately with President Obama.”

It was at this meeting that Xi Jinping threatened the President and the USA with war. He invoked Article 9 of the defense treaty they have with Russia which means that Russia has to come to China’s aid in case of a shooting war with the USA. The big dispute that triggered this harsh response was the announcement that China was going to impose an air exclusion zone over the South China Sea. Defense Secretary, Robert Work, told the Washington Post, “We will not recognize the ADIZ (the exclusionary zone) in the South China Sea.”

Since the President has already shown that he will back down with any provocation shown by the Chinese, I expect that the USA will not defend our allies in Asia against this illegal theft of international waters. This is the same pattern that was used with Iran and Russia regarding their aggression. Our Neville Chamberlain moment has arrived and there are no Winston Churchills on the horizon—pray for courage!

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