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Maginot Line and Israel

Prophecy Update: The Maginot Line and Israel, April 27th 2018

In 1940 the French were depending on the Maginot Line, a defensive system constructed to defeat Germany if they ever attacked France. “The German army had invaded France and marched on Paris multiple times in the century before its construction (1814, 1871, 1914) and so thinking was that the Germans would probably do so again.” The inability to define the threat and attack Germany in 1940 by the French is the opposite of what Israel is doing today! Israel is taking defensive actions against her enemies and not waiting to be attacked.

Ever since Germany defeated France in the Franco-Prussian war in the 1800’s Germany busied herself to plan for the next war. As generals make plans for how they would conduct a war against certain enemies, Germany’s generals planned on how to defeat France if war ever came. “Germany’s Schlieffen Plan, named after its chief architect, Count Alfred von Schlieffen, was both offensive and defensive in nature.”

Imagine you were in France in the 1930’s and someone in the press said that the Germans were our friends and they would never attack us. All of this money being spent on the Maginot Line is a waste, we just want peace. All of the peace loving Christian denominations would condemn the government for excessive military spending. However, France did build the Maginot Line because many knew that Germany still had the desire to attack and invade France.

This French line of defense was constructed along the country’s border with Germany during the 1930s and named after Minister of War André Maginot. It primarily extended from La Ferté to the Rhine River, though sections also stretched along the Rhine and the Italian frontier. The main fortifications on the northeast frontier included 22 large underground fortresses and 36 smaller fortresses, as well as blockhouses, bunkers and rail lines. Despite its strength and elaborate design, the line was unable to prevent an invasion by German troops who entered France via Belgium in May 1940. If you have a great army and pour money into defenses but are unwilling to use it, it will not protect you from a determined foe!

Fast forward to today, I hear the same thing I have read about prior to World War2. Passivism and blindness to your enemies’ intentions can lead to war on a grand scale. A German Colonel named Guderlien wrote a book about tank warfare in the 1930’s, it expounded on a new kind of warfare with the concentrated use of tanks. It was called blitzkrieg, it was never studied by either the British or the French. Today, America is blind to her enemies, most Americans do not consider that many groups and nations are calling for the overthrow and destruction of Israel and the USA. Americans have turned a blind eye to these threats and no matter how much the military warns the country, the politicians, the press, the churches do not believe! Israel has not turned a blind eye and they are prepared to fight and are already fighting!

In 1940, the French put 40 divisions in the south along the German border that set up behind the Maginot Line. North of the Maginot Line on the Belgium border, the French put another 40 divisions in case the Germans attacked through Belgium. The General in charge of French forces, General Maurice Gamelin had no plans to attack the Germans but to keep the war out of France. All the plans laid out for him were dreams and foolish to him. He put 5 divisions on the Swiss frontier totaling 85 divisions in all defending the French border. When Germany attacked through the Ardenne forest, the French did not believe that anyone would ever use that area to come into France, so he put his weakest troops there, numbering 10 divisions.

The French found out the date of the attack and watched 50 Wermacht divisions massed on the French border and the French did nothing. The Germans were on the move and the French ignored the reports. On May the 10th 1940 the Germans came—they attacked Holland and Belgium, with great speed they overran the armies of those two nations. As the French moved into Belgium, they had to deal with refugees coming toward them. Germany used the refugees as a weapon against the French. (Our enemies are doing this to America and Israel today) Within three days, the Panzer divisions had penetrated the Ardennes and were crossing the river into France, the French were so passive and their leadership kept believing a lie. The Generals in France kept believing that the main battle force would come through Belgium, never believing that the Germans could pour into France through the forest! One French General in the north named Georges, sat in a chair and sobbed when he heard that the Germans had broken through south of him. Seriously, all of the generals were broken in their spirits. Cowardice is the byproduct of passivism.

None of the counterattacks were pressed home by the French. As most of you know, panic set in and the rout was on. The Germans turned north and trapped the 40 divisions that went into Belgium, Gamelin could not believe that his plans did not work so he sacked commanders. One general said, “my country has been beaten, this is the work of 30 years of Marxism.”
Why did France fall? It is because they did not believe in their own country, they did not believe it was worth fighting for. Why is America in such a lowly place today? We have been weakened by false ideologies, the secular humanist invasion, and an inability to proactively attack our enemies. Israel does not have that problem!

Today, Israel is being surrounded by Iran who vows to destroy the nation and kill all of the Jews. Israel is attacking Iran in Syria. Israel sent her war planes to Iran, putting fear into Iran that Israel can hit her on her soil. Israel attacked Iranian forces in Syria, at least four times in the last 3 months. The proxy armies of Hamas and Hezbollah are stirring up trouble, Israel is dealing with them also. The Wall Street Journal had this to say, “Israel’s practice has been to strike targets in Syria that are involved with, among other things, the Iranian transfer of qualitatively new weapons to Hezbollah—but never to acknowledge it. So long as the Israelis said nothing publicly, neither the Iranians nor Hezbollah had to retaliate to avoid losing face. But with the Iranians losing at least seven Qods Force officers in the Israeli attack, and the Russians declaring Israeli responsibility, the Iranians have been exposed. Their media is now giving significant coverage not just to the attack but the declarations of senior officials like Ali Akbar Velayati that Iran will retaliate.”

Russia is helping Iran and hoping Iran can engage and defeat the Israeli’s. Russia has threatened Israel this week and Israel is not backing down. They are not like the French, they will carry out preemptive attacks on their enemies and that means the Russians are in the cross hairs. Do not believe the fiction that the Israelis will not attack the Russians, they will hit any enemy they do not care about who it is or what the international community has to say about it. The international community wants Israel dead, so why should they care what the international community says!

Iran is using so called civilians from Gaza to breech the border of Israel and Israel has repelled any breech. They are willing to use violence to stop the terrorists. George Soros, his communist buddies in the USA, and the Mexican government have sent so called refugees to our southern border and they want to breech our border. America needs to have the moral intestinal fortitude to call out these terrorists and stop them at our border. We need to attack the Mexican government for the years of aiding and abetting our enemies. Call them what they are, enemies of the United States of America. In spite of all of the trade between the two countries, Mexico aids and funds our enemies to come across our border and they do not try very hard to stop them. Hamas and Hezbollah have become associates with the Mexican drug cartels giving them money and arms. They shoot at people in the USA from the Mexican border, they send drugs and sleeper cells into the country and all the while they pay off the Mexican politicians with drug money. Corruption and governance plagues many countries south of the border. This type of warfare is called asymmetrical warfare.

Asymmetrical warfare uses the weaknesses in the Mexican government to exploit immigration to attack the US. First they attack the government officials in Mexico with bribes and threats of murder, sometimes they use abduction and kidnapping. Next they use the government official to give them access to information and ways they can subvert the USA. Next they smuggle their people into the US like MS13 gang members. They will use front groups and businesses to fund their illegal activity.

Israel is preempting her enemies and prepared to fight. Why has America not done the same thing? Why have we not attacked and fought MS-13 in Central America and South America? Al Qaida? ISIS? Hamas? Hezbollah? The problem has metastasized. The amount of sleeper cells in America dedicated to our destruction from groups like Hezbollah and Hamas could be activated soon because of the Iran deal. Iran has many times warned us that if we leave the Iran deal, they have many things that they can do to us. I pray that our FBI has not been so compromised that it actually can carry out its job of protecting Americans. As May will be the most dangerous month we have faced since Sept. 11th 2001, so it will also be for Israel. The world is against us moving our embassy and it happens to come at a time when Pres. Trump is going to pull out of the Iran deal. (he has not done so as I write this but all indications are that he will pull out by May 14th.) A former commander in Israel said this, “When I look at the month of May, I say there wasn’t a month of May so dangerous since 1967,” said Amos Yadlin in an interview with Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth. Pray for strength!

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Tuesday thoughts

Russia and Israel are at loggerheads. Not long ago, Russia and Israel tried to work out how they were in Syria doing operations without hitting each other. Israel needs to fight in Syria because it is a failed state and it harbors the enemies of Israel setting up to fight Israel. As Iran and others set up shop and move military hardware into Syria, Israel promises to hit them. Israel needs to hit Iran, ISIS, Syrian troops, and a host of Islamic groups dedicated to destroy Israel. Russia supports most of these groups in Syria, so how are they not also at war with Israel.
What Russia just did shows that they are at war with Israel. Russia moved the S-300 missile defense system into Syria and are setting up shop. Russia said that if Israel hits their missile defense system there will be dire consequences. I guarantee you that Israel will either destroy the S-300 system or they will disable it with their technological wizardry!
Today, Israel struck Syrian troops in the Golan Heights because Syria fired on Israel. “Israel Strikes Syrian Army Position After Mortar Lands in Golan Heights” was the headlines this morning. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) on Monday fired on a Syrian army position in the Golan Heights in retaliation for a mortar that hit Israel’s side of the Golan Heights region. The Jerusalem post had this comment on this, “If Israel decides to carry out rocket strikes on the deployment locations of the S-300, the consequences will be catastrophic for all sides.” So Israel is already hitting Syrian troops and Iranian troops, eventually Israel will hit Russia. Israel needs to prepare for war with Russia in the midst of this conflict. It is prophesied in Ezekiel, the day is close at hand.

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Monday Morning Musings

Over the weekend I have been thinking a lot about Iran. They have made aggressive moves to fulfill their desire to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel. They have a new conference called the hourglass conference. The hourglass symbolizes the short time Israel has to live. Iran is strengthening its positions in Syria, Gaza, and Lebanon. Since Iran was invited into Syria to protect their ally Bashir Assad, they believe and declare that they have a right to build bases for their army and air force. They are shipping arms to Hezbollah and are building guided missiles in Lebanon. Anytime Israel acts to defend herself, Iran cries that they are breaking international law, firing on Syria etc. etc. It is all a front to kill and maim Jews!
Iran is committed to its goal to destroy Israel. Nothing is deterring it at the moment since the UN and Russia are on the Iranians side. The IDF must prepare for war because it is on their doorstep. America is there for Israel but America is tired of wars, we are underfunded and ill prepared for all of the commitments we have made.
In the last four months, Israel has launched attacks in Syria to defend against the Iranians. Iran has sent a drone into Israel with bombs on it, Israel blew it out of the sky. Iran is setting up bases and shipping a whole bunch of arms that they do not need for the defense of Syria, they need for the attack on Israel. More arms are coming in on civilian airlines, smuggling routes, and with the help of Muslim countries helping Iran defeat Israel. Over the weekend, Iranian military officials said they are ready to attack Israel at any moment. Russia is there for the Iranians and ready to defend them–do not believe the American press that says Russia is not helping Iran. Iran’s Mehr news agency quoted Salami as telling gathering in Tehran:

“Our fingers are on the trigger and the missiles are ready to launch, at any moment that the enemy wants to start something against us, we will launch. We have learned methods of overcoming our enemies. We can target our enemies’ vital interests wherever we want.”

God is defending Israel, bottom line is that the God of Israel does not need the allies of Israel. He is more than able to defeat Iran and the rabid anti-Semites in the world. God sent a message to Iran this past week–He sent an earthquake and a sand storm that was freaky! The earthquake was right near the Bushear nuclear power plant–message to Iran don’t mess with Israel! On April 18th I watched a video of the sandstorm that went through he middle of Iran, it was huge and like out of a disaster movie. God is very clear in Ezekiel 38–He is going to defend Israel against Russia and Iran and all of their friends who hate Israel. As we see Bible prophecy being fulfilled in Syria with the rise of Russia and Iran on the northern border of Israel, you can trust that God is going to fulfill His Word!

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What Time is It?

Prophecy Update: April 20, 2018

The most important thing happening in the world today is happening in Jerusalem. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel is a miracle. It was prophesied by God, it was executed by His plan, and the one who keeps Israel is the Lord our God. Jesus has a purpose for the State of Israel, that purpose is to prepare the land and the people for the Kingdom which is coming to the earth in the near future. Jesus will rule on His throne in Jerusalem and all the hopes and dreams of the Jews will be realized by the coming of Messiah!

Bloomberg reported on 4/19, “Israel’s First 70 Years Have Surprised the World.” In November 1947, one day prior to the expected United Nations vote on partitioning Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, the CIA urged President Harry Truman not to throw his weight behind the idea. The CIA’s secret memorandum warned, adding that “the Jews will be able to hold out no longer than two years.” After that vote was successful, David Ben-Gurion wanted to declare the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14th 1948. Seated among the dozen or so men who would determine the fate of the state-to-be, he famously turned to one of his top military commanders, Yigael Yadin, and asked him if he thought a new Jewish state would survive the military onslaught that the Arabs would inevitably launch. Yadin, who would later serve as chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, replied that he thought the Jewish state would have a 50-50 chance.” So according to the CIA and the Israeli military they did not believe that Israel would last 2 years.

Why has Israel made it this long when they have more enemies than anyone in the world? The reason is given to us in Psalm 132:13-18!

In vss.13-14 it says, “For the Lord has chosen Zion He has desired it for His habitation. This is my resting place forever here I will dwell for I have desired it.” We learn in this passage that God Himself chose Zion so that He would dwell there. When the Lord left the city in 586 B.C. the prophets promised that God was coming back to His city. When Jesus left the city in 33A.D. He promised that He was coming back. This city is special to the Lord.

In vss.15-16 it says, “I will abundantly bless her provision I will satisfy her needy with bread. Her priests also I will clothe with salvation and her godly ones will sing aloud for joy.” This prophecy is coming true in our day. God is blessing Jerusalem by establishing the city as the capital of Israel. Today, nations are moving their embassies to the city in defiance of the UN and the many nations who wish to destroy Israel. As God gave Israel 70 years, it is monumental and it will last because the God of Israel has promised it.

In vss.17-18, God gives us the reason that the city has come back on the scene. The verses say, “There I will cause the horn of David to spring forth I have prepared a lamp for Mine anointed His enemies I will clothe with shame but upon himself his crown shall shine.” This is preparation for the kingdom of the Lord to come back to the earth. Jerusalem is being prepared for that day. For the first time in 2000 years a Jew could be born in the land of Israel. These Jews can live free, never knowing the exile in their lives. This is special and has not happened for 2000 years! The Jews have wandered the earth without the homeland for almost 2000 years and in 1948, after the worse attack on Jews in history, the holocaust, they came back. Against all odds, the Jews have come back and stayed in their land, making a wonderful nation that should be a model for other nations. Only 74 years ago, the Jews were facing the gas chambers of the Nazi’s and Ezekiel 37 said, “can these bones live?”

Even in 1947, the world was stacked against God and Israel. Harry Truman as president in a power play against the Russians began to pressure the United Nations to reject the partition plan. The generals of the Israeli Haganah stood together opposing Ben Gurion’s plan to declare the State of Israel. On May 13th, the eve of the declaration of independence, Secretary of State, George Marshall sent a scathing letter, it was a brutal ultimatum demanding the postponement of the declaration of independence. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal imposed an arms embargo and refused to help the State of Israel when five nations attacked her. Azzam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arab League said, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history.”

It still blows me away that the Israeli army, was ill equipped, unorganized, only had a few thousand, no tanks, no air force, no battle plan, and arrayed against 5 professional armies. The odds were staggering, no one believed that Israel would last, David Ben Gurion did what everyone told him not to do. He said, “In Israel, to be a realist, you have to believe in miracles.” Ezekiel said, Son of Man, these are the bones of the whole house of Israel, they will live! May 14th 1948, after 2000 years of exile, Israel was born. The attack to annihilate them happened immediately. The attack failed because of one reason, the God of Israel wanted His people back in the land. When Iran and all of her friends say that they will wipe out Israel, they forget that they are fighting against the God of Israel.

Unfortunately for us in America, we teach as a nation that this is not a battle of religions. Our presidents told us that Islam is a religion of peace, not the problem, and also hid from us when a Muslim committed terrorism. It is illogical to the modern American mind, a secular humanist mind, that people can believe in their gods and attribute everything to those gods. We fail as a nation to recognize that Iran believes that their god, Allah, wants them to annihilate Israel and America. We also fail to recognize that the God of Israel is fighting for Israel. God wants the nation of Israel on the earth at this time and nothing is going to stop Him from accomplishing His will. The Christians of America, at least all true Christians stand with Israel because we always want Gods will to be accomplished.

Something has changed in America since the election of Donald Trump, this president stands with Israel and calls out Islamic terrorism for what it is. He stood against everyone who told him, if you recognize Jerusalem as the capital and move the embassy, it will be world war three. Just like many stood against Israel being reestablished in 1947-48, so the pressure put on President Trump was just as bad. He did it anyway and on Dec.6th 2017, he declared Jerusalem the eternal capital and that he was going to move the embassy. For all of the secularists in the country, in academia, the press, politics, and the false church, they have reacted with hysteria. Their hatred of this president went through the roof because they are of their father the devil. They are exhibiting their anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel through the decision of the President. So on May 14th 2018, a day which will change the world, the USA will move her embassy to Jerusalem!

Just as the world tried to kill the Jews and prevent the reestablishment of Israel, so the world will do all it can to stop Israel from reestablishing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. When the embassies start moving, the satanic hatred of Israel will rise up and war will come. The international community is still holding onto the belief that when the UN declared Jerusalem “corpus septratum” in 1947, an international city which neither Jews or Arabs have as their capital but under UN authority, they still believe they have all of the authority over the city. Unfortunately for them, Jordan and a whole host of Islamic groups believe that they have authority over Jerusalem. So does the Vatican, they hold authority over Jerusalem.

Why will this eventually lead to war? Joel 3:1-2 says, “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance Israel whom they have scattered among the nations and they have divided up My land.”

We are living in the day when Jesus is restoring the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, it is happening every day. Israel in the last 70 years has become a very rich and powerful country. This has not happened by fleshly means, it is profoundly a work of God almighty! Satan has tried to stop it many times and he is not done. Remember this fact of history, whenever the Jews moved into an area of Israel, it flourished economically and socially. Whenever the Arabs were left to fend for themselves, it regressed and became a hotbed of poverty and terrorism. The West Bank cities under the authority of the Palestinian Authority are poor, destitute, hotbeds of social unrest and breeding grounds for terrorism. They blame Israel for everything and never take responsibility for anything. The Arab people are being used as pawns for their leaders’ hatred of Israel. Where Israel invests in her people and builds businesses and farms, the PA leaders steal the money and horde it to themselves.

Ask yourself a simple question, why is it in nearly 2000 years the land of Israel did not produce what it is producing today? When the land was under the Ottoman Empire it was a desolation, why? When the Jews moved into the land, it flourished! Here is why, Amos 9:13-15, “Behold days are coming declares the Lord when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows seed. When the mountains will drip sweet wine and all the hills will be dissolved. Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel and they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their own wine and make gardens and eat their fruit. I will also plant them on their land and they will not again be rooted out from the land which I gave them says the Lord their God.”
We live in the days of Amos 9, it is thrilling to watch our God work in history for His glory—what a day to be alive! Embrace it and love it. My blog is

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Birth Pangs getting closer

Prophecy Update April 12, 2018

A few days ago, Israel attacked and destroyed military hardware in Syria. The base attacked was involved in dropping chemical weapons on people in Damascus. This attack by Israel killed Iranian soldiers. The threats coming from Iran towards Israel were backed up by Russia. Russia also threatened the USA for any attempt of the Americans to intervene. The news reported: “RUSSIA FURIOUS AS ISRAEL LAUNCHES TWIN F-15 JETS FOR PRE-DAWN AIRSTRIKE ON IRANIAN BASE IN SYRIA KILLING 3 IRANIANS” The attack took place hours after US President Donald Trump warned of a “big price to pay” following the reports of a poison gas attack on the rebel-held town of Douma which killed dozens of people, including children. Israel has not confirmed or denied mounting the raid, but Israeli officials said the Tiyas, or T-4, air base was being used by troops from Iran, and that Israel would not accept such a presence in Syria by its arch foe. ( 4/10)

According to Arutz Sheva reporting, “ANALYSIS: Russia is aiding Iran Axis prepare for war with Israel. Netanyahu has always said that deployment of the Iranian-backed pro-Assad coalition near the Israeli border, constituted a red line.” Part of the ‘axis of evil’ are the proxy groups that Iran uses to attack Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas are two of those groups who have made it their goal to destroy Israel. Arutz Sheva went on to report: “With all eyes on Israel’s southern front where Hamas is desperately trying to conceal the fact it has run out of military options in its never ending war against the Jewish State, Hezbollah and the pro-Assad axis seem to be gearing up for the long anticipated confrontation with the IDF. The pro-Assad axis, which includes Hezbollah and other Shiite militias, has reportedly deployed tanks and heavy artillery on the Syrian Golan Heights. Some of the weaponry is placed within the demilitarized buffer zone along the Israeli border, a clear violation of the 1974 armistice agreement between Syria and Israel which officially ended the Yom Kippur War.” This is a redline for Israel and so the war has started on the border of Israel.

I was listening to a newscast from TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles and I could not believe my ears. He said, “America is a nuclear armed banana republic.” He said this because of the internal fights in America where we cannot act as a free, united nation anymore. The leaders in Moscow and Beijing do not know who is in charge in America because of the attacks on our government by the press etc. Then he dropped this bombshell, “America and Israel are an aggressor nation that bombed Syria like a hundred times in the last five years. The Israelis are the masterminds behind all of this chaos in the Middle East because they got to take out Iran….and why does Israel want to take out Iran like they took down Libya and Iraq, because it is part of the ancient greater Israel and the Zionists have a master plan to take over the Middle East.” He called all of us who support Israel a sucker, “were being used for a Zionist empire and you are wrong to believe that God has ordained it and blessed it.”
Trunews paints itself as a Christian group that gives you Christian news. Unfortunately, they push some Christian views but they are very anti-Semitic. In a Christian blog I read this from Christians who are confronting Wiles over his beliefs. “Deranged fantasist Rick Wiles took a position you rarely here from the Christian right these days, an anti-Jewish position that God did not create Judaism. In fact, he says the Star of David is a pagan symbol and that modern Jews are really the descendants of the Babylonians.” One blogger said this: Rick Wiles “A Nazi Heart He Does Not Always Hide Well. I’ve been closely watching the enemies of God and Israel work their stealth policy within the Church for some time now and some of the devil’s own just can’t contain themselves when it comes to trashing and blaming Israel for almost everything. Listening to him for some time now he does not show this hatred and rage for any other group on the planet ,not even Moslems get this much rage or attention.”

I have been listening to Rick Wiles for some time now also, he has some very good shows on technology, but every once in a while he would say something about Israel that was shocking to me. I decided to look into him and what he believes and I was disheartened. He singles out Israel as the blame for most everything in the world. This is what the Nazi’s and Russians did to the Jews. Everything was a Zionist conspiracy. This type of teaching is setting up some terrible persecution in this land for Jews. That this stuff is in the church really is horrible. Wiles worked for the Trinity Broadcasting Network and CBN.

My belief in Israel coming back into the land to rule comes from the Bible. God is very clear in the prophets that He would bring the Jews back into the land that He originally gave to Joshua, He will settle them there and they would be in a fight when it happened. When God predicted that the world would be against the Jews coming back into the land, I guess those who are in the church also are included. I call these people replacement theology people. They believe that the church fulfills all the things that Israel was promised and God has abandoned Israel for good, never to come back. Rick Wiles does not believe the prophets and the promise of God. For instance, Jeremiah 31:10 is very clear, “hear the Word of the Lord O nations and declare in the coastlands afar off, and say, He who scattered Israel will gather them and keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.” God is in the process of making that happen. What a blessing to the world to have Israel back in the land.
Now the armies of the world are attacking what God is doing as Rick Wiles attacks. Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria are in league to help those who wish to destroy Israel. Iran supports the proxy groups who are getting ready to attack and wipe Israel out. When they attack, Israel will win again. Turkey calls for an army of Islam, to have the purpose of wiping out Israel. Russia is threatening Israel and Iran is setting up for the future Gog Magog war.

I see four biblical wars lining up for fulfillment in the near future.

First is the Psalm 83 war. This war has been going on in one form or another since 1948. It has its fulfillment when the nations surrounding Israel have had enough and attack Israel simultaneously. When that happens, Israel will win and they will not have to deal with all of the tension that now exists. The war is characterized by the desire explained to us in vs.4, “Come let us wipe them out as a nation that the name of Israel will be remembered no more.” Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Organization of Islamic States which includes 51 nations, all vow to annihilate Israel. These nations have tried three times to annihilate Israel and they failed all three times. (1948, 67, 73) The next war will include Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and a host of Islamic groups fitting the description in Ps.83. When the war is over, Israel will finally have her ancient cities back. Cities like Bethlehem, Bethel, Jericho, Hebron, Shiloh, and Jerusalem, will all be controlled by Israel.

Second is the Isaiah 17 war. This war results in the destruction of Damascus. All of the armies now situated in Syria are there to fulfill this prophecy. This week, this prophecy took a big leap forward because America, Britain, and France all vow to attack Syria and destroy Assad and his government in Damascus. Russia and Iran vow to stop these three nations and that spells big trouble for a big war.

Third is the Ezekiel 38-39 war. With Russia and Iran in Syria, this prophecy took a step forward, especially in the last year. In the last year, Iran began setting up shop with the Russians help. Israel said that they will not let Iran set up shop on their border. This is why Israel has been attacking different bases in Syria, to fulfill their goal of driving the Iranians out of Syria. After the Ps.83 war is accomplished the hook in the jaw will be put into Russia’s mouth and God will drag them down to Israel to fight this war.

Fourth is the Zech.12:1-4 war. This war will continue through the Tribulation, because the world is against Israel having sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem. Since 1947 this battle has been fought on many different fronts. The most important front has been the political. Nations have not been able to drive the Jews out of Jerusalem or the land of Israel and this has increased the political pressure. When the wars took place to drive the Jews out, the Jews won those wars. Eventually, this will lead to fulfill all of the prophecies regarding the land of Israel. Jesus will come back and set up His kingdom in Jerusalem and He will rule all of the nations of the world.

As the US, Britain, and France plan to attack Syria in the next few hours or days, the world has made the biggest blunder possible. The UN appointed Syria to head a chemical weapons forum. Syria launches chemical weapons and then the UN appoints Syria to chair the UN Conference on Disarmament, a forum on chemical weapons that will be held next month. We should not be surprised by the UN at anything it does. Calling right wrong and wrong right is the habit of the UN. The Bible says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil who present darkness as light and light darkness who present bitter as sweet and sweet bitter” (Isaiah 5:20)

The world has slid into darkness, but the Lord promised His children in the church that the next thing up is the rapture of the church. We who are looking for the Lords coming are not disheartened. The Lord is accomplishing His Word in the world today. The prophetic rumblings of today lead to the Lord coming back first for His church and then to set up His kingdom on the earth. As Revelation 22:20 says, “He who testifies to these things says, Yes, I am coming quickly. Amen, come Lord Jesus.” You can read my updates on