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Jerusalem a Heavy Stone

Prophecy Update: Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy

The city of Jerusalem was founded by David in 2Samuel 5 for the nation of Israel. The Jebusites had been ruling the city and David captured the city and called it the city of David. How did they do it? They entered the city through one of the shafts that brought water to the city from the Gihon Springs. 2Samuel 5:4-5 says, “David was thirty years old when he became king and he reigned forty years. At Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty three years over all Israel and Judah.” Jerusalem means city of peace, but there has been little peace in that city. According to Eric H. Cline, the city has been “destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times, attacked an additional 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times” (as quoted in “Do We Divide the Holiest Holy City?” Moment, March/April 2008).

David took the city around the year 1000B.C. and Israel ruled the city until it was conquered by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. God made a promise through the prophet Jeremiah that the captivity of Jerusalem would only last 70 years. Jer.29:10 says, “For thus says the LORD, ‘When seventy years have been completed for Babylon, I will visit you and fulfill My good word to you, to bring you back to this place.” When the 70 years were up from the first deportation, God raised up Cyrus King of Persia to declare that the Jews were to go back to Israel and build the temple in Jerusalem. (Is.44:28-45:7, Ezra 1:1-4) They did rebuild the temple and it was in the midst of much opposition. The problem was that the Jews were now back in their land but under the sovereignty of a Gentile power. That power over Israel was Persia, then it was the Greeks, then it was the Romans. When Jesus came, the Jews still were under the sovereignty of Rome. Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem again, and that happened in 70 A.D.

The first time Jews came back to the land to rebuild the temple, the things that they faced mirrors the day in which we live. It was opposed then and now! The prophet Zechariah told us of the desire of God and His plan.
“Through the pen of Zechariah the prophet, God revealed His deep love for the city of Jerusalem and His intent that Jerusalem was and would be a special place to Him in the future (Zechariah 1:14, 17; 2:12).”
God uses some very graphic language to describe His attitude: 1:14, “So the angel who was speaking with me said to me, “Proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion.” God is clear that He is exceedingly jealous, meaning that He has a very large amount of desire to protect and fulfill His promises to this city. God made some very large promises that seem almost impossible to fulfill. One of them is in 1:17 of Zechariah–“Again, proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “My cities will again overflow with prosperity, and the LORD will again comfort Zion and again choose Jerusalem.” Imagine that, God will bring His people back to His land and establish the ancient cities once again. For almost 2000 years, Jerusalem was a desolation and was under Gentile rule. God described this time period in Luke 21:24, “and they will fall by the edge of the sword, and will be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.”

Until 1948, the Jews did not have a state of their own. God promised that one day He would bring back His people and He did it. Isaiah 62 describes for us what God is doing in the world today. I will take them verse by verse so that you can see the awesome way God is working.
Is.62:1 says, “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, Until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, And her salvation like a torch that is burning.” This admonition is for those who understand and believe in the importance of the promises of God regarding His capital city. One day the righteousness and salvation of Jerusalem will go out to the whole earth. Isaiah 2 talks about a time when Messiah Jesus will sit on His throne in Jerusalem and all the nations will stream to Him!

Is.62:2 says, “The nations will see your righteousness, And all kings your glory;
And you will be called by a new name which the mouth of the LORD will designate.” One day when all of the nations are gathered to Jerusalem, it will be given a new name. No one knows that name except the Lord. Kings who today hate Jerusalem, will come and bow down.

Is.62:3 says, “You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, And a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” 128 nations voted against the declaration of President Donald Trump that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. This decision of the president is of biblical proportions. God loves Jerusalem and holds it in His hand as a crown of beauty! Notice, that God holds Jerusalem in His hand—it is His city.

Is.62:4 says, “It will no longer be said to you, “Forsaken,” Nor to your land will it any longer be said, “Desolate”; But you will be called, “My delight is in her,” And your land, “Married”; For the LORD delights in you, And to Him your land will be married.” On May 14th 1948 the land of Israel was married to the people of Israel. They became a nation in one day as the prophet Isaiah predicted. At that time Israel was not in possession of all their land. Four big wars later, they have much more of their land with more to come. They took possession of Jerusalem in June of 1967 and have not relinquished sovereignty over the city. For Jews, this has been their capital city for 3000 years. Islam is only 1400 years old and the Koran does not speak of Jerusalem. The Bible speaks of Jerusalem and Zion over 1000 times! The Lord delights in His people going back to the land which He set aside for them. The land is being married again, it is a beautiful picture that Satan is set on destroying.

Is.62:5 says, “For as a young man marries a virgin, So your sons will marry you;
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So your God will rejoice over you.” The land of Israel was desolate while the people of Israel were out of the land, when they return, the land returned to its health. Amos 9:13-15 talks of this promise, “Behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “When the plowman will overtake the reaper And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; When the mountains will drip sweet wine And all the hills will be dissolved. “Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. “I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them,” Says the LORD your God.

Is.62:6-7 says, “On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; All day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves; And give Him no rest until He establishes And makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” The key word is ‘establishes’ and the Lord is in the process of doing just that. When Pres. Trump declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and would move the embassy there, the nations flipped out. The UN called a special meeting to deal with it, the European Union met to demand that Trump take it back. Mahmoud Abbas also attacked the US. He said recently, Abbas told the Security Council: “The United States has contradicted itself and contradicted its own commitments and has violated international law and the relevant resolutions with its decision regarding Jerusalem.” The Arab delegation – called the Delegation of the League of Arab States on Jerusalem, which was set up after US President Donald Trump’s decision in December to recognize the holy city as Israel’s capital – included the foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinian Authority. The delegation also included Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. “What brought us here, the ministers of the League of Arab states and the ministers of the European Union, is this concern we have about any false step on the Middle East peace process and on Jerusalem in particular,” Mogherini said. The EU is adamantly opposed to Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, as is the Arab League.”

The world is committed to two states with a divided Jerusalem. This is not going to happen because God has told us what will happen. Israel will take the city and the land of Israel and the world will oppose her, but will be unable to stop her. This will lead to war and Israel will win again, only this time, their eyes will be opening to the God of Israel who is protecting them and making these things happen at this time. Trump is working on a peace plan, this is dangerous. The only peace plan that will be accepted eventually will be the one put forward by the Anti-Christ.

Unfortunately for the world, this will be the time that the prophecies will be in full swing. I wish that I can have a heart to heart with the president and tell him to forget the peace deal. Let Israel deal with her neighbors, while we support Israel with all we have. The only smart policy is a one state solution! Every time the USA gets involved with dividing the land of Israel, it will go bad for us.

In the meantime, there are going to be some fireworks in and around the month of May. The President of the United States will be going to Jerusalem to celebrate with Israel the 70th year anniversary of the start of the state of Israel. The enemies of Israel will try to stop the embassy from opening in Jerusalem. It is time to pray for our president and the Israelis that they will stop any evil attempts by Iran and all of her proxies to disrupt this beautiful occasion. May God bless Israel and the United States!
This coming April, “Iran will host its first-ever International Hourglass Festival, dedicated exclusively to counting down to the “imminent collapse of the Zionist regime.” As you can see, the tension is so large with what Pres. Trump did, Iran is angry enough to start a festival dedicated to the destruction of Israel! The Jerusalem post said, ‘The themes of the festival include the following: the Quds-occupier regime (Israel) and human rights, oppression, Islamophobia and terrorism promotion; the Zionist child-killing regime; Israel, a cancerous tumor; and Israel, a fake, racist and colonialist regime.’ The festival is before May and will be a stirring of the pot, an attempt by Iran to encourage attacks on Israel. Iran will fail because Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in our day. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Prophecy Updates

Israel Growing

Prophecy Update: The Land of Israel Growing!

The time for the West Bank to become sovereign Israeli territory is now. The scriptures are very clear that Judea and Samaria are part of Israel, not some other state.
Ezekiel 36:5 says, therefore thus says the Lord GOD, “Surely in the fire of My jealousy I have spoken against the rest of the nations, and against all Edom, who appropriated My land for themselves as a possession with wholehearted joy and with scorn of soul, to drive it out for a prey.”
Notice that God is angry with many nations; their sin is that they have appropriated Gods land for themselves. When God decided to give the land back to His people Israel in 1947, the Arab nations rebelled and tried to keep it for themselves. Currently, the Palestinians are assisted by the UN, to keep the land away from Jews and eventually drive Israel into the sea. The ancient Edomites can be found among the Palestinians. Chuck Missler wrote on this subject and said: “The covenant birthright was a point of contention between Sarah vs. Hagar, Isaac vs. Ishmael, and which then became the root of the “Everlasting Hatred”—beginning in the womb with Esau and Jacob, and Esau’s sub-sequent contempt of the covenant birthright, and resulting in Esau’s spiteful intermarriage with the Ishmaelites, which continued the “everlasting hatred” to this very day.”

When God called Israel to conquer the land of the Canaanites, He called it His land. When Russia and Iran get ready to attack Israel God calls it His land. Ezekiel 38:16 is very clear on this:
“and you will come up against My people Israel like a cloud to cover the land. It shall come about in the last days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me when I am sanctified through you before their eyes, O Gog.”
Russia and Iran do not understand that they are not attacking Israel, a land of people called Jews—they are attacking the land of the Lord God Almighty, the God of Israel!
This is why the current news coming out of Israel about declaring sovereignty over the West Bank is so important. God said that He would give the mountains of Israel back to His people and it is high time they declared the lands of Judea and Samaria. Look at these headlines:

Arutz Sheva, 2/20/18 Time to change ‘peace’ narrative in Washington
“Envoy meets with American congressmen.’The Ottomans aren’t coming back, the British aren’t coming back, so why do we still have their laws governing the lives of Israelis and Palestinians in Judea and Samaria?” Revivi asked. “For the sake of peace, it’s time that Israel claim full responsibility for her territory and implement Israeli law across Judea and Samaria.” He added.
Oded Revivi told Congressmen Scott Tipton and Congressman David B. McKinley that Israel’s supporters in Washington need to change the narrative for peace by advocating full implementation of Israeli law in Judea and Samaria.”

On Jan.18th they had this headline: Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria? ‘Netanyahu backs sovereignty proposal’ Will a proposal adopted by the Likud party last month to apply Israeli sovereignty over Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria be adopted by the Israeli government? One of the leading proponents in the Knesset of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, MK Yoav Kish (Likud) claims that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu supports the move – despite his failure to appear at a party conference in December which brought the issue to a vote.

“Today, MKs, ministers and leaders are calling for the application of sovereignty because of the tailwind provided by the people with conferences, the journal, articles, vigils, billboards, flyers and stickers. Each small step has had a part in this revolution; we can and we must continue to take these steps.” Within days,” they promised, “we will push forward in the task that is incumbent upon each and every one of us, simple citizens and elected representatives alike. We, the citizens, have the task of continuing to encourage and support the leadership, which must deal with complex international pressures and is confronted by tenacious leftist elements that are loaded with foreign money; media that are still, for the most part, hostile to the idea; and a justice system in need of serious repair. We are up against all of these things with a lot of love for the Land of Israel in our hearts!”

On Feb.15th Caroline Glick wrote this: “You wouldn’t know it from the news, but this week, the probability that Israel will apply its law to areas of Judea and Samaria rose significantly.” As you can see, the nation of Israel has moved towards doing something that is very important to Bible prophecy. The Bible predicts the time when Judea and Samaria would be in the hands of Israel and the Jews will move back to the land. They need land to expand because 6 million still live outside of Israel. Rabbi’s in Israel are talking about 10 lost tribes who are in Gentile nations who need to come home. This will happen by God’s providence and these Jews will find out which tribe they are part of in the future.

The world opposes the nation of Israel taking sovereignty over any part of the land of Israel. Since 1948, the nations have supported wars against Israel. Most nations are now supporting any attack on Israel and when Israel responds, they blame Israel for the conflict. The nations also claim that Israel over steps its bounds when they protect themselves.

The news services are clueless about what God is doing on the earth. When God made Israel a nation, the nations said that it would not last. Since 1948, Israel has grown strong and rich. Many Jews have returned home and more are to come. As Israel reclaims all of her lands, the nations will go to war. Look at these headlines:
Fox News: North Korea and America could be at war by April.
CNN: Airstrikes keep coming in this Syrian suburb.
British Express: India and Pakistan nuclear conflict could be devastating, WW3.
NY Post: Putin had to approve Russian attack on US troops. This is an interesting headline because the USA just indicted 13 Russians on charges of interfering with our election. The Russians attacked US troops in Syria. Here is a quote from the article: “The core of the attacking force came from the Wagner Group, Russia’s version of the American thugs who worked for the company formerly known as Blackwater. But while the media refers to the Russians as mercenaries, the Wagner Group functions as an auxiliary of the Russian military — it previously gave command performances in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. It exists to give Moscow (barely) plausible deniability. But the bottom line is that these killers — primarily ethnic Russians, but also recruited regionally — work for Putin.”
What happened? Last week, a Russian-directed task force with tanks and artillery crossed the agreed deconfliction line separating Assad’s turf and that liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces — our guys. The Russians knew our advisors were there because we told them. After about 5 miles, the Russians, thinly cloaked as regime forces, attacked. Our ground-attack aircraft and drones struck back promptly to protect our troops. And the crucial difference between our pilots and Russians jet-jockeys is that we hit our targets. It was not a banner day for Mother Russia.
What now? The Russians will try to take revenge, one way or another. At the same time, Israel was taking care of business with the Iranians. So Russia lost on two counts, their troops were taken down and their best friends Iran were taken down. The Russians are at war with us, and we’re at war with them, but both sides would find an admission inconvenient. The Russians like to boast about their nuclear arms and how America cannot stop them.
Zero Hedge had this article: The Sovietization of American Academia: There are three stages that are being employed to take-down our country and plunge it into the modern-day version of the Soviet Union. Russian interference in our election is just one evidence of this truth–
1. Stifle all conservative speech. This is what we are witnessing all across America in places like our universities, Youtube, Google, Twitter and Facebook. The attempt to ban Bannon is the present poster-child of this movement.
2. Soviet must take the guns. Presently, there are an estimated 300 million handguns in America. False flags are being employed and a full-court press is being employed to get legislation against the Second Amendment. Why? Because an unarmed populace cannot defend itself from despots if they do not have access to guns. The University of Hawaii’s Demicide Project demonstrated that in the 20th century, there were 19 genocides and each one of them was preceeded by gun confiscation. America has now entered this very dangerous phase.
3. In stage three of the takeover, dissenters must be taken away for the good of the society. The American gulags, we call FEMA camps could soon come into practice.
It is true that America has to wane as a power for the rise of Anti-Christ to be viable. You cannot have a bunch of Christians living out their faith, loving their country, and standing for truth if the takeover is going to happen. The Rapture of the church will be the greatest gift to Satan, but as always, it will turn out to be to the Glory of God. History teaches us that nations fall and sometimes they fall to despots. The despots are on the rise in America—the anti-constitution and anti-biblical worldview people are in power in the universities and newsrooms. They preach government control of everything all of the time. All of the nations will fall to Anti-Christ and his rule but Israel will not! Russia is getting ready to attack Israel, they will fail. God promised that He will protect Israel and bring His people back to the land. We live in exciting times, pray for America. The war is on us also, and against all Christians who believe that God still loves Israel and has a plan for that nation.
As Israel grows, the land of Israel will flourish even more. Not only has Israel found new riches in oil and gas, they will find more blessings for the world. God has blessed the world through His chosen people, even when the Jews did not recognize their God. This is called grace. The grace of God to the world today is to be found in how Israel solved the water problem, farming problems, technological problems etc. You could not even have a smart phone without the technology that has come out of Israeli labs! Let us thank God for Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Jesus is carrying out His plan for the nations and we live in the best of those times.

Prophecy Updates

Antisemitism and Jesus return!

Prophecy Update: Anti-Semitism is a sign of Jesus Return!

We live in the time of history when major prophecies are on the verge of being fulfilled. The two that most prophecy teachers point to currently are the fall of Damascus from Is.17 and the Gog Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. At the heart of these two prophecies is the anti-Semitism that drives the enemies of Israel.

The capitol of Syria is Damascus and the government of Syria is an enemy of Israel. They do not believe that Israel is allowed to be in the land of Israel and has vowed to drive Israel into the sea. In Syria today are two of the major players of the Gog Magog prophecy: Russia and Iran! Currently Israel is fighting these nations in Syria. The tension has been growing and will result in the fulfillment of these prophecies. The rise of anti-Semitism across the world is a sign of the fulfillment of these prophecies and the return of Jesus. Here are some examples:

“Poland’s Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism Run Far Deeper Than Just Its Latest Controversial Law.” As reported in many newspapers, Poland has passed a law to make it illegal to say that Polish people had anything to do with the holocaust.

“Just before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the lower house of the Polish parliament voted in favor of a bill that condemns anyone who acknowledges Polish complicity in the Holocaust to up to three years in prison. The combined effect of the new law, the regular suppression of Jewish voices at the Auschwitz site, and the effort at Majdanek to render Holocaust history Judenrein is a form of Holocaust denial, or at least Holocaust distortion. The Polish state is consciously endeavoring to minimize the severity of the Holocaust and to exonerate Poland and Poles from guilt over their participation in it. The reality, however, is that the Holocaust in Poland was not only German. Although some brave Poles chose to act as “righteous gentiles” and protect Jewish families, and although some others participated in an armed underground rebellion (not against the Holocaust as much as against the German occupation of Polish land), the vast majority chose to do nothing or to actively participate in the killing.”

Poland is not unique in this move towards hatred of Jews. Changing the history of these concentration camps is the most despicable thing happening in Poland: Especially Auschwitz! Consider Britain—
The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbin, is an enemy of Israel.

“Under Corbyn, who has called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends,” thousands of people, many from the far-left, joined Labour, in a development that leaders of British Jewry said has generated an anti-Semitism problem in the party’s ranks. Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has helped to fuel a record number of attacks on the Jewish community, a charity has warned. The primary reasons for the sharp rise are found to be the Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the influx of refugees from Arab countries into Britain.”

The whole of the European Union has turned on the Jews. They have pushed for a two state solution that will effectively destroy Israel. They want Israel to go back to the 1967 lines which would make Israel only 9 miles wide. All of Tel Aviv would be susceptible to attack after attack when their enemies would be on the outskirts of their city and try to push them into the Mediterranean. Israel should never agree to any deal that pushes them to the 1967 border. President Obama constantly pushed for Israel to go back to the 1967 borders. It is because of this border that the enemies of Israel were so confident that they could drive Israel out of the land. Now the Iranians and the Russians are on the border of Israel!

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Ayatollah Khamenei, called Israel a “cancerous tumor of a state” a “rabid dog” claimed that there was no cure for Israel but its annihilation.”
This nation is run by people who are committed to the death of all Jews in the world. This Shiite religion is built on the same beliefs of Nazi Germany.

Iran and Russia are building bases in Syria to attack Israel. Russia’s military bases in Syria: from the magazine The Duran. by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS
February 9, 2017, 22:21 “there is no doubt that one consequence of the war is that it has hugely increased the scale of Russia’s military presence in Syria beyond anything conceivable in 2011 when the Syrian conflict started. Russia now operates two large bases in Syria which are definitely known about, and a third one whose existence is sometimes alluded to but which has never been publicly confirmed.” In fact, according to several military sites, Russia has four air bases alone in Syria. Debka File reported on Feb.1st “Russia builds four new air bases in Syria, deploys another 6,000 troops.” Contrary to Moscow’s promises, the Russian military is not pulling out of Syria, but adding four more air bases (one shared with Iran) and 6,000 more troops, the new layer of Russian bases in western, central and eastern Syria faces the chain of military locations the Americans have decided to keep in northern Syria. The two powers are evidently in a race for bases in Syria. In strategic terms, the two powers are dividing a large swath of Syria between them as regions of influence, leaving any future ruler in Damascus with just about half of Syrian territory under government control.” Russian air bases are getting closer and closer to Israel the longer this war continues in Syria.

As for Iran, the New Yorker Magazine had this article: Israel’s War With Iran Comes Out of the Shadows. Feb.12th 2018
“The Israeli air strikes that targeted an alleged Iranian drone base near the western Syrian city of Palmyra on Saturday were hardly Israel’s first foray into the Syrian civil conflict. Over the past few years, Israel has intervened sporadically in its neighbor’s civil war to prevent Iran from using it as a conduit for weapons to Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon. What’s different is that now Iranian military forces are themselves at Israel’s door and Israel is engaging them directly, as opposed to playing cat-and-mouse with Iranian proxies and arms convoys. That means Syria could become the theater for a direct confrontation between two of the most powerful states in the Middle East. Thus, to Iran, Syria is a badly damaged puppet that nonetheless helps it solidify its influence in the Shiite Arab heartland; from Israel’s point of view, it’s a forward operating base in Iran’s campaign to wipe the Jewish state off the map.”

Why is this important? Because the Golan Heights have been part of Israel since 1981. The international community considers the Golan Heights Syrian territory which Syria has vowed to reclaim. The UN and the international community have stated that Israel must return the Golan, or else? Since 1981, Syria has gone to war with Israel and lost every time, they cannot get the Golan back through war. Now with the help of their big bad friends, Iran and Russia, Syria is emboldened to fight Israel. This is the heart of the Gog Magog prophecy which will be fought on the northern mountains of Israel, in the Golan! Ezekiel 38-39 tells us the armies of Gog will come from the north, from Lebanon and Syria. 39:2 says, “and I will turn you around, drive you on, take you up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you against the mountains of Israel.” In verse four we have this promise from God: “You will fall on the mountains of Israel, you and all your troops and the peoples who are with you; I will give you as food to every kind of predatory bird and beast of the field.”

The anti-Semitism is spreading like wild fire in many places and Jews will soon only have one place that they can be safe. Many Jews are considering leaving Poland. God promised that He would bring back His people from every nation in the end times—it is happening. We need to show the love of Christ to Jews so we can witness to them. Consider these quotes from Mark Twain and Winston Churchill:

Mark Twain in Harper’s Magazine, 1898, “The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then passed away. The Greek and the Roman followed. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, all things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immorality?”
Winston Churchill, “Some people like the Jews and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are beyond any question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.”

No thoughtful person can deny that we live in the last days as the Bible predicted!

Prophecy Updates

The Hook

Prophecy Update: Hook in the Jaw, February 6, 2018

Thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out…Ezekiel 38:3-4

Prophecy teachers have speculated about what the hook in the jaw could be for many years. I heard one teacher in the 80’s say that it was water. They could not have imagined that Israel would solve their water problem and share it with the world. I have always thought that it would be the riches of oil and gas, which in the 80’s Israel had not found in any sufficient amounts to warrant Russia and her allies coming after Israel. All of that has changed. Let me give you some headlines from the last three years about the incredible amount of oil and gas that Israel has found.

Jan.2015–We’re traveling together down a road of discovery as we consider signs of the times from today’s news, through the lens of Scripture. Soon, Israel may be producing and exporting oil and gas in proportions that will leave her enemies envious and vengeful. In fact, the Bible tells us of a time that Israel will be attacked, and I think oil and gas could play a part in that action.

March 5th 2016 from Finance magazine: “Russia wants to control 73% of world’s oil.”

June 24th 2017 “More Massive Oil Discoveries in Israel” “A big oil deposit has been found in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, with enough reserves to last Israel for decades according to the county’s media.” The discovery was ten times larger than world average. It is being disputed by nations like Syria and Russia! What interested me was the article saying ‘Israeli occupied land.’ It is not occupied land—it is Israeli land given to them by God. The UN and the international community is disputing that Israel can have the oil and have stated that Israel needs to give it to Syria.

Algemeiner news service had this article in April: ‘Israel’s Natural Gas Supply Is a Game-Changer.’ “Russia Cuts Gas, and Europe Shivers,” the New York Times reported on January 6, 2009, after Russia shut off gas exports to Europe due to a pricing dispute with Ukraine. From France to Turkey, nations across Europe went without power — and the incident underscored Russia’s outsized hold on European gas supplies. Fast-forward nearly a decade later, and Europe is on the verge of relief from an unlikely source: Israel. Then the game-changer occurred: the discovery of the Tamar and Leviathan natural gas fields off the coast of Haifa in 2009 and 2010. They were among the largest offshore finds in the world. The Tamar field has been producing natural gas for the Israeli market during the past few years, and natural gas now meets 60 percent of Israel’s energy needs, with coal and diesel filling in the rest. But when the Leviathan field comes online in 2019, it will help Israel achieve a level of energy independence that the Jewish state has never known.”

This tension just jumped tenfold when Lebanon and Hezbollah threatened war with Israel at the same time they claimed the oil fields in the Mediterranean are theirs! Bloomberg reported on Jan.31st 2018, “Israel, and Lebanon Renew Spat Over Disputed Oil-and-Gas Territory.” Lebanon’s prime minister and other senior figures in the country’s government reacted angrily to comments by an Israeli official once again laying claim a disputed maritime area said to be rich in oil and gas. International oil companies are making a “grave mistake” participating in bids to explore in an area that belongs to Israel and doing so “is contrary to all the rules,” according to a ministry statement citing Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. He didn’t specify which area. Lebanon and Israel are no strangers to fiery rhetoric and accusations as both countries are technically in a state of war. Lebanon is expected to sign exploration contracts with the companies to begin work in its waters on February 9.

Guess which country is bidding for the rights to develop the disputed area of oil and gas? You guessed it—Russia! Recently as a few weeks ago, Netanyahu visited Russia and met with Putin. Netanyahu warned Putin, “We’ll act in Lebanon if necessary.” Iran is transferring missiles to Lebanon to rain down on Israel. Israel has been bombing these weapon transfers in Syria, coming dangerously close to Russian troops. Israel warned the Lebanese government that they see the government and Hezbollah as one. Lebanon has always falsely claimed that Hezbollah is not an official part of their government to protect them from Israel when Israel attacks Hezbollah. That fiction is over and Lebanon has been fairly warned. Israel made the astounding threat that they would reduce Beirut to ashes!

The problem is also Iran in Syria. Israel let it be known to Russia that they will attack all Iranian bases in Syria and will not allow Iran to set up bases to attack Israel. Israel’s UN Ambassador said a few days ago at the UN, “I will now share with you classified information that clearly shows the extent of Irans military buildup in Syria. There are 82,000 fighters directly under Iranian authority. They are building missile factories and they are changing Syria into the largest military base in the world.”

So we have war imminent in the North with Lebanon, the continuing fighting in Syria which Israel is bombing because of the Iranians, and then this headline from The Jerusalem Post: 2/4/2018 Report: “Hamas believes war with Israel will break out in the coming days.” Israel is actually fighting on five fronts.
1. In the settlements there are constant attacks by Arabs to kill Jews. For instance, Gush Etzion in Judea was attacked three times in the last month. These settlements need IDF soldiers protecting them at all times.
2. Gaza: Hamas threatens war and has been launching rockets again and build tunnels to kill Jews.
3. Sinai Peninsula: the local ISIS branch continues to fight and threatens Israel. Israel has assisted Egypt in fighting this group with assistance and air strikes.
4. Golan Heights: launching raids into Syria and bombing terrorists in Syria is an everyday occurance!
5. Lebanon: Israel is facing huge challenges in Lebanon, as became apparent last week when Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned that Lebanese residents of Beirut would spend a lot of time in bomb shelters whenever Hezbollah and its allies dared to launch rockets at Tel Aviv and other Israeli population centers. (Arutz Sheva 2/6/18)

On the 31st of January we had the super blue blood moon. It was a blue moon because we had two full moons in January. It is a blood moon because it is an eclipse. Also it is a super moon because it is the closest the moon is to the earth. On the 30th at the State of the Union speech the President said, “In America we know that Faith and Family not government and bureaucracy are the center of American life, our motto is In God We Trust.” The President then pointed out a couple. Officer Ryan Holets was walking and saw a cocaine addict women who is pregnant. Pres. Trump said, God spoke to Ryan and told him, ‘you will help her because you can.’ He went and talked to his wife about adopting the baby which they did. Imagine this, this family stands up and the Democrats would not applaud. Are they so into hatred of God and love of abortion that they will not applaud? The 31st of January is the Israeli feast of Tu Bi Shavat which is the feast of trees.(Lev.19:23-25) This is at the time of the blooming of the almond tree. Aarons rod was in the ark of the covenant and budded every year. It is budding symbolically today in the reestablishment of Israel in her land. The super, blood, blue moon is a symbol of the day in which we live.
It is symbolic of the fight with the world and those who hate Israel. Trump comes to power blessing Israel replacing those who hated on Israel. The wars and rumors of war in Israel are increasing at a time when Israel is emboldened by the USA to fight and protect herself. I believe that Israel will get all of her land back soon—this will partially fulfill Ezekiel 36. The fight in the United States between those who hate the president and those who support the president mirrors the fight between those who hate Israel and love Israel.
In Zechariah 1:7-14 we have the red horse in the myrtle trees in the month of Shevat—the time of the feast of trees, and God says He is exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion. The red horse represents war and I think that God is getting ready to fulfill His promise to Israel, the land is going back to His people Israel. The fact that the world is in meltdown against the declaration of Jerusalem by Pres. Trump is another reason that I think war is coming. It is also the 70th year of Israel in the land. It is the 50th year since Israel took Jerusalem which the world has never accepted. The question that is asked in vs.12, “O Lord of hosts, how long will you have no compassion for Jerusalem and the cities of Judah with you have been indignant these 70 years.” I believe that the past prophecies are patterns for the future. At some point God is going to give Jerusalem back to the Jews fully and they will rebuild the Temple. One hundred years ago was the Balfour declaration to establish the State of Israel. Seventy years ago Israel became a nation. Fifty years ago Israel captured Jerusalem. This year is a special year and I think that something big is in the works since the President of the United States rocked the worlds boat with declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He and Vice President went to the Western Wall—first ever. God is in control of history!
But! God hates the two state solution whether it comes from the USA, Israel, or the Arabs. Prophecy says that God is for a one state solution and it will come about! We live in exciting times! Another hook:Russia is going to attack soon! Pray

Prophecy Updates


Prophecy Update: The Antichrist

The Bible is very clear that in the future there will be a temple on the earth that will be assaulted by a man called the antichrist. For instance in Second Thessalonians 2:3-4 it teaches us: “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” In the future a temple will be built in Jerusalem that will be the Temple of God. Jesus taught us in Matt.24:15 that the abomination of desolation will occur at a future time. For this man to come the temple has to be rebuilt and I think that Satan wants the Jews to rebuild so he can fulfill his desire to replace God in the hearts and minds of people on the earth.
In the past we have had many false prophets and many antichrists. In 1 John 2:18 it says, “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.” One of the antichrists who rose in the past 100 years was Adolf Hitler. He is the pattern for how and why antichrist will find a willing public to hate the church, kill Jews, and pervert Christianity. Edwin Black, who wrote IBM and the Holocaust talks about the tie between IBM and the ability of the Nazis to track all Jews and hunt them down. Hitler was a master of manipulating and deceiving people into believing a lie. Consider this letter from the founder of IBM:

July 5th 1937
Your Excellency Adolf Hitler

Before leaving Berlin I would like to express my pride in and deep gratitude for the high honor I received through the order which you honored me…I will endeavor to do all in my power to create more intimate bonds between our two great nations. My wife and I join in best wishes for you.

Thomas J Watson (Chairman and CEO)
International Business Machines

IBM was responsible for corporate fraud and selling out Christians and Jews in Hitler’s Germany. The future antichrist will need businesses to assist him in tracking all people in the world. Consider how IBM helped Hitler. IBM helped with identification, expulsion, confiscation, deportation, and extermination of Jews using punch cards from IBM! The tag line of IBM is ‘Solution Company’ and they took a census for Hitler and tracked everyone. They asked religion questions, nationality, employment, etc. With this method they found out who every Polish Jew was in Berlin in the fur business, every Ukrainian Jew in Frankfurt in the legal profession etc. They took this information and began the systematic persecution of Jews. With the IBM cards they had all of the information to do whatever they wanted to the Jews. Today we see IBM on commercials advertising their information ability with a weird little icon on a screen called WATSON.

The ability of the Nazis to exterminate the Jews came about from companies who desired to make money from their machines that they sold to Germany. IBM had the Hollerith system, the precursor of computers today. Somehow companies will help the Antichrist track everyone on earth by putting a mark on the foreheads and hands of the people. The ability to do this right now is coming from many companies including IBM. The RFID chip is produced by many groups, many companies are coming together to force this onto the people. The Nazis not only perverted business but Christianity.

In May 1936, the leadership of the Confessing Church sent a memo to Hitler asking him to answer directly whether “the attempt to de-Christianize the German people is to become the official policy of the government. (Erwin Lutzer, Hitler’s Cross pg.143) A book that I read is called the “Third Reich and the Christian Churches” by Peter Matheson. He reveals the documents that the churches signed with the Nazis. For instance, the concordat signed between the Nazis and the Catholic Church states in Article 16, “Before Bishops enter upon the government of their dioceses they are to take an oath of fealty either to the representative of the Reich Government in the provinces or to the president of the Reich in the following words, Before God and on the Holy Gospels I swear and promise as a bishop loyalty to the German Reich.”pg.31 This type of oath was to be greater than the oath to Jesus!
In 1936 the Germans produced a document that defined Christianity in Germany. It said in one part: “We recognize today that the central and most important beliefs of the Roman and Protestant Church being negative Christianity are not in affinity with our soul; that they stand in the way of the organic forces of the peoples of Nordic racial character, and have to make way for the latter, and allow themselves to be readjusted to the values of a Germanic Christianity.”

The Bible is clear that the apostasy is coming. Christianity will be compromised and changed like it was in Hitler’s Germany. Antichrist will rise after the church is so compromised, it will be unrecognizable from the truth of the Bible. Today, we have churches that have compromised the truth for false teaching and false teachers.

Not only did Nazi Germany compromise business and Christianity to build the third Reich, it also went on a killing spree that caught the whole world. The rise of antichrist will also cause a killing spree that will go to the whole world and Armageddon. The Nazis had a special place in their heart for killing Jews. So will the antichrist!

The final solution is in play today by a host of anti-Semitic groups who wish the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. The Church needs to stand up to this evil and call it out. One of the false teachings in the church is replacement theology. This teaching states that God is done with Israel and the church takes over all of the promises. Unfortunately, Jews blame Christian churches who taught replacement theology for the holocaust. Hitler praised Martin Luther in Mein Kampf because of what Luther wrote. Luther wrote a pamphlet called “The Jews and their Lies” and said the Jews were a miserable and accursed people. Luther went on to say that the synagogues should be burned, money taken, houses destroyed, rabbis not allowed to teach, and the Talmud be confiscated. No wonder Hitler liked that! The Crusades and the Inquisition slaughtered Jews because the Jews supposedly killed Jesus. The simple command of God to love your neighbor was out and killing Jews was in. At one point one group of soldiers put Jews in a synagogue and sang a Christian hymn while they burned them.

In the original King James Bible of 1603, the title of Isaiah 43 is ‘God comforts the Church’ yet, the whole chapter is about God’s work with Israel. The examples are numerous. It is this type of thinking today that causes churches to deny that the Temple has to be rebuilt. The current state of affairs is ripe with the possibility of rebuilding the temple and the criticism and hatred coming from some churches is astounding. What we have today is anti-Zionism which is another form of anti-Semitism. Many businesses and churches advocate confiscation and destruction of Israeli businesses just as Hitler did with the help of IBM! I like Psalm 129:5, May all who hate Zion be put to shame.
Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism is spreading in Germany again and it has a lot of people nervous. From a Polish paper this article says: “German leaders are increasingly alarmed about a resurgence of anti-Semitism 73 years after the Holocaust, stemming from an emboldened far right and an influx of refugees from countries hostile to Israel. Germany is marking the 1945 liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz with solemn ceremonies, but also warnings of the need for stronger vigilance. On the anniversary on Saturday, Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned revisionist forces seeking to call into question the country’s commitment to atoning for its Nazi past. She said fighting anti-Semitism and racism must be a “daily task”. “It is inconceivable and shameful that no Jewish institution can exist without police protection, whether it is a school, a kindergarten or a synagogue,” she said.
Angela Merkel is part of the reason the Jews are being persecuted so I do not believe what she says. She brought in the Muslims who desire to kill the Jews and they are attacking them all over Germany! Yet, she refuses to see the connection between Muslims and the attacking of the Jews. Once again, we have the weak and evil compromise so that Satan gets his way.

The world hates Israel and we see it at the UN every week. What will the world do when Israel rebuilds the Temple? What will they do when Israel says they do not care what the world says and they do it anyway! It will be done! As politics surrounding the rebuilding of the temple continues to be contentious, Islam will have to find another reason to attack Israel if they rebuild off of the temple Mount. If the Jews say that you can have the dome of the rock we don’t care—what will the Muslims do. The Temple belongs by the Gihon Springs—it is a reason the temple will be built soon! The fulfillment of a 2000 year dream will cause Israel to come up with new strategies to defeat the Muslims! As nations move their embassies to Jerusalem, Muslims already feel the city slipping from their hands. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, it is not Islamic, period! It is Gods city, the city of the great king—the Jewish Messiah, the God of our fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob! The 70th year of the founding of Israel may be a year of great fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy!