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China and the Rapture

Prophecy Update: China and the Rapture      5/8/20

The words, suppression and censorship relate to the end times. When the antichrist comes on the scene, he will censor any speech that is deemed offensive or against his wishes.

Daniel 11:36-37, “he will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.” Here we learn that the antichrist will limit freedom of speech and religion. No one will be allowed to speak well of Jesus, nor will they be able to question allegiance to the antichrist. It is a chilling attack on free speech. The antichrist will use UFO’s to explain the rapture.

Consistent with every dictatorship is the worship of the dictator and the veneration of the dictatorial government. There is a nation that is dictating to the world how to act and believe. That nation is China.

The Chinese have been running a censor, control operation on the USA. Their operations mostly target politicians and universities. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech where he highlighted this problem. It was in February and it was to the Governors of the 50 states. He said, “I was being invited to the U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit. (last year) It was an event co-hosted by the National Governors Association and something called the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship and Foreign Countries. Sounds pretty harmless. What the invitation did not say is that the group – the group I just mentioned – is the public face of the Chinese Communist Party’s official foreign influence agency, the United Front Work Department.”

The United Front Work Department is active in all 50 states and they are pressuring everyone and everything to follow their lead. Many governors will do whatever the Chinese tell them to do. Pompeo confronted those governors when he said, “Indeed, last year, a Chinese Government-backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed all 50 of America’s governors on their attitudes towards China. They labeled each of you “friendly,” “hardline,” or “ambiguous.” Think of this? What if the governor of your state was labeled ‘friendly’ towards China, what would that mean? It would mean that he was a traitor. Why? Any governor deemed friendly by the Chinese Communist Party would mean that the governor would do their will!

As a Christian pastor, I am very interested in what people believe, what is their worldview. Worldview drives what people do. For instance, why would James Comey, former head of the FBI, attack the presidency of Donald Trump? What is his ideological background? According to Diane West who wrote “The Red Thread, American Betrayal”  Comey revealed that he operates under two books that have greatly influenced him. The books are by Reinhold Niebuhr and they espouse a Marxist viewpoint. West said, “The New York Times interviewed Comey on the occasion of him publishing his memoir, he revealed that the most important books that have shaped him were from Reinhold Niebuhr, Niebuhr was a member of the socialist party of the United States, a militant Marxist who called for the overthrow of the United States of America.”

“His serious commitment to Marxism developed after he moved to New York in 1928.” (Stone, Ronald H. (1992). Professor Reinhold Niebuhr: A Mentor to the Twentieth Century). In 2003, Comey gave an interview in the New York Magazine in which he admitted that he was a communist. Why is our government and universities full of communists and those who favor China over the USA?

From all of my studies on China, the virus is consistent with the designs of warfare the Chinese have decided to wage on the USA. Two Chinese Colonels, Qiao Liang  and Wang Xiangsui wrote Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Master Plan to Destroy America. The strategy being employed is called asymmetrical warfare. I will quote from the book: “The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules. This new form of warfare, which borrows from the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu and his doctrines of surprise and deception, also employs civilian technology as military weapons without morality and with no limits in order to break the will of democratic societies.” (Pg.X) “Unrestricted Warfare suggests that war with the USA can begin with bribing American officials to gain their objectives.” (pg.XIV) Since ethics do not apply to the Chinese and they can use any form of terrorism against the USA, biological warfare works into their plans. Japan had an article about this:

Biological Weapons the Focus of China’s Military Research in the Last 20 Years Monika Chansoria March 25, 2020. The article highlights “Unrestricted Warfare” and the immoral, war without rules that it promotes. Based on this logic, they mention this led to the desire to use biological warfare. ‘A 2010 publication titled War for Biological Dominance (制生权战争) emphasized the impact of biology on future warfare. The book, published by Xinhua Publishing House in October 2010, was authored by Guo Jiwei (郭继卫), a professor and chief physician at the Third Military Medical University, Army University. The book highlighted the decline of traditional military thinking and focused upon emerging trends in military thinking, the invisible battlefield, and unexpected changes. Chinese writings over the past two decades have amplified that cross integration of biotechnology, engineering, and information technology will become the new strategic doctrine for future military revolutions, as cited in the October 2015 edition of the Liberation Army Daily. These writings consistently put forth that weaponization of living organisms shall become a reality in the future, with non-traditional combat styles taking center stage.”

It is truly a brilliant war strategy to bankrupt America by bleeding us from a thousand different cuts. Hacking computers and sending a virus are both meant to undermine the United States until the day we are so weak that we are taken over by the Chinese. The article goes on to say, “Study of the Chinese military’s interest in biology as an emerging domain of warfare becomes increasingly relevant in the current COVID-19 context, particularly when viewed against the two-decade-old backdrop of emphasis on biological frontiers of warfare put forth by Chinese military thinkers. It is well-established that Chinese military strategists have been arguing about potential “genetic weapons” and the possibility of a “bloodless victory.” The task becomes all the more challenging, owing to the lack of transparency and uncertainty of ethics in China’s research activities.” China has convinced many of our governors that the USA is responsible for the virus, not China. This influence is consistent with what they have done on college campuses.

China seeks to influence academic freedom on foreign campuses., August 2019. “The CCP attempts to control not only China’s political arena but every aspect of Chinese citizens’ lives, at home and abroad, including on US campuses. Dr Teng Biao, a well-known Chinese human rights activist and lawyer, tells Index on Censorship: “It’s quite unique. The party’s goal is to maintain its rule inside China at all costs, and so it sets about making the world safe for the CCP. It is all-directional.”

Enemy infiltration into our nation is not new. The Nazi party had a lot of influence in America before WW2. The Nazi’s also influenced the Pope during the war. Here is an article about that:

 German Bishops’ Conference: Catholic Church was ‘complicit’ in Nazi crimes. Jerusalem Post 5/5/20. During WW2 the Pope was Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII

“On March 2, the Vatican opened its archives on Pius XII to scholars. The archives were closed a week later due to the spread of the coronavirus, but in that short window researchers already found documents showing that Pius knew about the Nazi death camps and that the Vatican hid that information to protect Pius’s image, the Religion News Service reported.” Just as the Nazi’s had their people in the USA and the Vatican so the Chinese have their people all over the United States. If the USA can be this deceived just think of what is going to happen when the rapture comes? 

C.S. Lewis, “We laugh at honor, and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

The Pentagon released video of UFO encounters last week. With all of the expense and deception the last 73 years regarding UFO’s, why is our government admitting now that UFO’s exist? Two new television shows are about UFO’s. (Project Blue Book and Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation). “In December of 2017, The New York Times published a stunning front-page exposé about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Featuring an interview with a former military intelligence official and Special Agent In-Charge, Luis Elizondo, who confirmed the existence of the hidden government program, the controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention.” I am an avid watcher of both shows because I have believed that the great deception coming on the world was going to involve UFO’s. Satan is a liar and this will be his biggest lie.

New Age Psychics, paranormal activists, and clairvoyants are all saying that UFO’s are coming and they will kidnap millions of people. Huh? Here is a quote from one of them:

Thelma Terrell, Project World Evacuation, “Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not participate in this first temporary lift-up of souls who serve with us. This merely means that your action in the plan is elsewhere and you will be taken for your instructions or will receive them in some other manner. Do not take any personal affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this first phase of our plan. Your time will come later and these instructions are not necessary for you at this time.” This will be their line after the rapture! How else are you going to explain the sudden disappearance of all the Christians!

If you are the antichrist, how will you explain the sudden disappearance of millions of people. New Agers have been touting for 30 years that UFO’s will show up and kidnap millions of people. One of the leading astrophysicists, Stephen Hawking, states that aliens are real (and possibly dangerous) in an April 25th, 2010 article in NBC News. In an article by a former New Age participant, Jim Sayles describes a prevailing belief among New Agers. Sayles describes what Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, said

“[extra-terrestrials] would not interfere until, in a single night, at the peak of the conflict, they would remove millions of humans who resist this initiation into a higher spiritual consciousness and ‘re-educate’ them before returning them to Earth a few years later.”

Ever since the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, we have had Star Trek, Star Wars, Avengers, ET, and a whole host of movies about extra-terrestrials. Softening us up! Even the Vatican has a wing of priests who are working on changing the gospel when the aliens show up. Bizarre as that sounds, it is real. The Bible says that angels and evil spirits can take on the form of humans. Hebrews 13:2 says,

 “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

If angels can show up in human bodies, what makes you think that demons cannot show up as aliens? Bill Perkins speculated that the lie could sound like this: “We’re from outer space and have come to save the earth from total destruction. We had to take those nice people away to another planet to reprogram their minds.”


 “People from another civilization in space have been watching our planet. For our own good they have removed people who would have destroyed earth.”

The Rapture of the Church is a prophecy that involves Israel. When the Christians meet Jesus in the air they will go to heaven and the attention will move to Israel. God will make everyone look at Jerusalem. Jerusalem will become the centerpiece of history because Jesus is coming back just as He left. Jesus left the earth from the Mount of Olives and He will return there. The time between the Rapture and the second coming is 7 years. This time is called the Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-22, “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” My appeal to you us this, are you prepared to meet the Lord? Is your heart right with God? The warning signs are there as Jesus predicted. We live in the end times and He is coming back—real soon. Pray that God will give you mercy and grace to meet Him when He comes for the Church. Blessings.