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Prophecy Update:

Last week I was taken aback by the brazen hatred of Israel at the UN. When Zech.12:3 says that “On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples all who try to lift it will surely hurt themselves and all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it” the U.N. tried their best to fulfill part of this prophecy. The word ‘heavy’ literally means a burden and Jerusalem is the greatest burden of the UN. The United Nations was gathered together against Israel and Jerusalem her capital city. The burden for the world is that they want Jerusalem in the hands of the Muslims. God wants the city in the hands of the Jews. 149 nations voted to say that Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount. Seven voted against it and eight abstained.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a noted Torah expert on the end of days, told Breaking Israel News that the international conflict surrounding Jerusalem as described in Zechariah is a necessary element of the Messianic process. “This focus on Jerusalem is uncanny,” said Rabbi Winston. “The Arabs shouldn’t care about Jerusalem since they have Mecca. America’s policy is also strange. They could put the embassy in uncontested West Jerusalem, and that would please Israel without threatening the Palestinians.”

The UN has the desire to support the Palestinian and Muslim cause to remove Jews from the land. The question in Israel and among Christians is; will President Obama betray Israel by supporting a UN Security Resolution to declare a Palestinian State unilaterally? The President has not ruled that out. Former President Jimmy Carter pushed Obama on making a unilateral move to declare a Palestinian State. In a New York Times editorial, Jimmy Carter lied about Israel by stating that 4.9 Palestinians are under Israel military rule.
“Not only is that a lie, but Carter knows it’s a lie. The former president has visited Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority’s capital city with a population of more than 57,000 residents, on numerous occasions — most recently in May 2015, when he placed a wreath at the tomb of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat there. He has seen with his own eyes that there are no Israeli troops occupying that city, or any of the other cities where 98% of the Palestinian Arabs reside.”

My question is ‘will this encouragement be cover for Pres. Obama to make this move?’ The world seems to be pushing people to either the right or the left. It is as if we are being pushed to declare what we believe. If you believe in Israel and the right of Jews to move into all of the land of Israel with Jerusalem as her capital, then you will be marked and countered by the enemies of Israel. If our president does this bad thing to Israel, we will be divided as a nation. Not only from right to left, but the nation will be attacked. Those who are dividing America will come out in droves, Indians (currently making national headlines for sovereign Indian land in North Dakota), Mexicans (claiming that Texas and southwest America are Mexican territory), and Muslims who claim rights that will destroy the constitution. The great divide in politics is spiritual and supernatural. On the one side are those without God who want to direct all of life by their own devices. (I call them the controllers) They interfere in everything in our lives. On the other side are the ones who want to get along and have peace, this group includes those who believe in God. This is an oversimplification but it generally is what is happening today. Brexit and the win by Donald Trump are on the side of those who want freedom from the side who want to control us.

The backlash from the ‘controllers’ is going to be severe. I think that Barack Obama is on the ‘controllers’ team and will attack Israel because of the things Trump has said. He has attempted to destroy our economy, foreign policy, and borders for globalism. Trump wants to turn back all of what Obama has done. The proof of their severe reaction can be seen at the New York Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. This is what was behind Jimmy Carters editorial; he sees the chance of dividing Israel slipping away.

What has always confused me is that the left supports radical Islam. Why? An anonymous message to Townhall regarding the murder of gays in Orlando by a Muslim said, “I also now realize, with brutal clarity, that in the progressive hierarchy of identity groups, Muslims are above gays. Every pundit and politician — and that includes President Obama and Hillary Clinton and half the talking heads on TV — who today have said ‘We don’t know what the shooter’s motivation could possibly be!’ have revealed to me their true priorities: appeasing Muslims is more important than defending the lives of gay people. Every progressive who runs interference for Islamic murderers is complicit in those murders, and I can no longer be a part of that team.” – (Anonymous at PJ Media) Liberals go on and on endlessly about a war on women and Islam treats women like garbage. Why do the left attack Christians over gay rights and say nothing of gays being executed in Saudi Arabia? There are a number of Islamic countries where being gay is a crime and prosecuted with jail or even DEATH as the penalty.

Trump says that the Iranian deal is going down and this is a signature achievement of Obama. The Iranians have an amusement park with a game that lets kids practice attacks on Israel. The ‘center’ is an “amusement park” in which children from 8 to 13 years of age pretend they are soldiers fighting all of Iran’s enemies: the Islamic State, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. In Lebanon they have a new president and he vowed to retake Israeli occupied land. And so it goes!

The left hates racism but they attack Ben Carson when he was chosen as HUD secretary. As on queue the left reacted with severity, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Carson has no credentials for the job and was a “disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice.” Mike Huckabee asked Nancy Pelosi if she’s racist or just dumb. It is amazing that the left can act in racist ways and nothing happens. If Carson was a democrat, they would not stop slamming Pelosi until she quit the house.

As a push back against the left, President elect Donald Trump chose a man for the head of the EPA who is the lefts worse nightmare. “President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt is a breath of fresh air. No longer do we have to suffer under President Obama’s ridiculous EPA ‘climate’ regulations. It is also refreshing that a Republican President is not throwing the EPA over to the green activists and the media by appointing a weak administrator.” If climate skeptics were worried about Trump’s meeting with Former VP Al Gore earlier this week, the pick of Pruitt is reassuring. Basically Trump listened to what Gore had to say at their New York City meeting and then he exercised his good judgment and did the exact opposite. ( Scott Pruitt as Attorney General of Oklahoma, brought many lawsuits against EPA rules.

On the Benjamin Dixon radio show, he called Mr. Pruitt stupid and a climate denier and all of Trumps picks for the cabinet a bunch of stupid people. Pruitt was one of 28 attorney generals who sued the Obama administration over climate regulations that would adversely affect his state—for this he is being viciously attacked. He called Ben Carson ‘the perfect person to undermine all that HUD does.’ This is the common reaction of the left—they are angry and threatening those who stand for these changes—especially abortion. Did you hear that the heart beat bill has passed in Ohio and awaiting the signature of our governor?

This is the battle for our nation. Will we as a people stand against abortion and stand up for God’s protection of the unborn? Will we continue to be halfhearted as a nation, giving rights to abortionists and those who protect them? Will we repent? If we do not repent of this sin, then America will suffer all of the ills that come from the other issues I have talked about in this update. We will suffer from the division of our land. We will suffer the death of those who spilled blood with no justice. We will see the war we all pray will not come. Just as God brought His justice on America for the sin of slavery, so He will bring His justice on us for the sin of abortion.

Another battle that is still in the news is the Electoral College. Many of the electors are being threatened so that they will vote for Hillary Clinton and recounts are on in three states. So far, the recount in Pennsylvania was shut down, the one in Wisconsin netted Clinton one vote, and in Michigan, a federal judge shut down the vote Wednesday night. As electoral voters are deluged with death threats, some are saying that the vote will swing in Clintons favor and she will be president. As unlikely as that is, it is still evidence of the anger out there over this election. Al Gore has advocated that they get rid of the Electoral College and go to a popular vote. So this is now being used to change and break the constitution. The Electoral College protects the smaller states—but of course the ‘controllers’ could care less about the rights of those from smaller conservative states!

With all of these pressures, be sure that God’s will is being fulfilled. He is still leading people to the Kingdom, salvation is coming to many, He rules over the nations, He keeps the universe by the Word of His power, and He requires us to trust His promises in times of trouble. He said, ‘In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.’ I am very excited by living in these momentous days. Every day is like an adventure and the Lord is showing many new things. Please trust the Lord who loves us with a love that never goes away. Who can separate you from the love of God? No one and nothing! Maranatha