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Israel Bashing: Many nations are failing!

Israel Bashing

At the Olympics a Jewish wrestler won a match against an Egyptian wrestler. The Egyptian wrestler refused to shake his hand, simply because he was Jewish. One report on the incident said, “If you want the short answer for why the Arab world is sliding into the abyss, look no further than this little incident. It did itself in chiefly through its long abiding and all-consuming hatred of Israel and of Jews.” (Fred Stevens Opinion piece) Scott Anderson in New York Magazine said, “Hatred of Israel is treated like sand in Arabia, a given of the landscape.” According to John Haller in his weekly update, in 1948 there were approximately 1,402,000 Jews in 16 Muslim, Middle Eastern nations and today that number is 26,150.

In my book, I make mention of the fact that many nations are judged because of their treatment of Jews. As Jihadists have preached first the Saturday people then the Sunday people, those nations that support and harbor such sentiments are judged by God. “A historical phenomenon, this is not unique. In a 2005 essay in Commentary, historian Paul Johnson noted wherever antisemitism took hold, social and political decline almost invariably followed.” France is suffering this truth right now. America is next!

The Evangelical Lutheran Church has once again voted to curse Jews. The boycott, divestment, and sanction movement has grown in many Christian denominations in the USA. This movement follows a familiar pattern in history. First attack the Jews economically and then physically. Many universities in our nation are on the BDS band wagon—God will punish and is punishing our nation for this travesty of Justice! BDS is hatred of Jews and attacks the Lord Jesus who came from the loins of David, the great Jewish King. The hater will always suffer more than the one who is hated. Hatred is like that, it kills the hater. Antisemitism is hatred and it leads to the judgment of God.

Israel should be held up as the type of nation that we want in the Middle East! They are hardworking, prosperous, giving, blessed, and seeking peace. Israel has its problems as many nations do, but they are winners and America loves a winner. The average American looks at what Israel has done and is amazed at their perseverance and amazing ability to accomplish great feats. The elitist Americans in our government and universities are infected by hatred towards Jews and prefer Jihadists in our midst. God help us, deliver us from these people.

Prophecy Updates

Russia and Gog Magog

Prophecy Update Aug.19, 2016

Russia and Turkey and Iran are getting closer. According to Sputnik news “Washington is trying to deter any possible alliance between Russia, Turkey, and Iran on Syria: if the three countries unite their efforts against the terrorists, the jihadists will easily be defeated and the US will thereby lose its ability to destabilize the region, Iranian political analyst and former journalist Hassan Hanizadeh told Sputnik.” This article is from May 2016. On July 21st Sputnik news reported in an article called, “What to make of Erdogan’s Proposal for a Turkish-Iranian-Russian Alliance” Iranian and Turkish leaders agreed that “global forces are not satisfied with the idea of tranquility in the region, there are also some superpowers trying to destabilize things.” Of course they mean the United States and her allies. Svobodnaya Press columnist Svetlana Gomzikova wrote that, “it was not difficult to guess that Rouhani was referring to the United States, which has left quite a mark on the region over the last two decades.”

Prophetically, this should make Christians hear the hoof beats of Ezekiel 38+39! I was thinking that after the coup in Turkey that things did not seem right. The coup seemed planned for a different purpose, mainly the takeover of the country by Erdogan. He has used the coup to entrench himself as the ultimate leader, crushing all of his enemies. This man has become a dictator and has crushed the vision of a secular Turkey. What Ataturk started after WW1 is now over.

Ezekiel 38+39 teaches that Turkey is part of the alliance that attacks Israel along with Iran and Russia. What is strange about this alliance today is that Turkey has not endorsed Bashir Assad as the true leader of Syria. If they go along with the Russians and Iranians on solving the Syrian war, than Turkey will need to endorse Assad or the Russians and Iran will need to choose another leader for Syria with the Turks. It is important to follow this story over the next month. As the Russians, Iranians, and Turks start meeting over the next month, what will happen to NATO? What will happen with Incirlik Airbase?

The Russians are reporting that they are going to be using Incirlik Airbase and the Americans are going to be pushed out? This development would bring a lot of tension between Turkey and NATO and America. The three political parties of Turkey united behind Erdogan the dictator, I think that it is not a show of unity as the press is presenting to us, but a show of power by Erdogan. The LA Times wrote an editorial stating that we need to get our nukes out of Incirlik immediately. As Erdogan met with Putin to restore ties militarily and economically, it was a complete shock that they are willing to do this with Iran.

Iran is Shia and Turkey is Sunni, there uniting would be an amazing development. Debka file reported today that Russian planes were shipping to a new air base in Iran a missile defense system. The closer Turkey comes to Russia they will also come closer to Iran. I am so stunned by this development. The Americans are also very surprised that Russia is using Iran to launch attacks into Syria against ISIS. The State Department complained that the Russians have violated UN Resolution 2231 which states that a state cannot sell arms to Iran and Russia told America to take a hike. If Russia succeeds in kicking America out of Incirlik, turning it over to the Russians, the Russians would have effectively kicked the Americans out of the Middle East.

Our president has been cornered by his desire to destroy ISIS. The Russians have used the desire to destroy ISIS as the reason for all of the cooperation between Turkey, Russia, and Iran. For President Obama to be against this unity would make him against destroying ISIS. This chess move by Putin and Iran has cornered Americans and others who have used ISIS for their own purposes. ISIS has been used by the Saudis and others to fight the Shia/Sunni war. For America to join the Turks and Russians would mean that they will now have to follow through and destroy ISIS. I do not believe that will happen.

The Stimson Center released a report called, “US Nuclear Weapons in Turkey at risk of Seizure by Terrorists, Hostile Forces.” America is considering moving the nukes and I have a question, why do we still have nukes in Turkey? The cold war has been over for 20 years—there was no need to have America nukes there. I am very suspicious of why they are there. As America folds up its tent in the Middle East, Russia is expanding rapidly its forces. 40,000 Russian troops have moved to the border of Ukraine and seem ready to attack. If America moves the nukes to Romania, Russia could seize the nukes as part of their attack against Ukraine. Pray that God will bring peace and keep men from getting so angry that they use the nukes. Read Ezekiel 38+39 and pray for God’s will to be done.