Prophecy Updates

War Whispers

Russia and NATO are moving closer to war. The last two years have brought the Russians and the Western countries closer to conflict. The reason for this is twofold. First, the Russians have made moves to support the civil war in the Ukraine as they took control of the Crimea where they have a naval base. Secondly, the west claims that Russia is fomenting the move for taking over more nations that are on the Russian border and within their influence.
For the last two years, Russia has supported and participated in the conquering of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. When the Russians took over Crimea, the West confronted them with economic sanctions which have not deterred the Russians. Then the west claimed that Russian troops were involved in the hostile takeover of eastern Ukraine. This exacerbated the conflict with the West and has caused the United States to further expand military aid, arms, and personnel to deploy to Ukraine and other nations such as Poland and Latvia. Russia claims that the USA has pushed for the Ukraine to join NATO and that has caused the rift. Russia claims that it was responding to American adventurism and America claims that Russia is trying to take over nations that were once part of the Soviet Union.
The Russians moved into Syria which has put Russian military operations in direct conflict with American and NATO military operations. They have not fired at one another yet, but the possibility of that happening is very high. The reason for this is that the Russians are bombing Muslim forces which America and NATO support. The Americans and NATO are bombing forces which Russia supports. The two are in opposition to one another as they are in Eastern Europe.
War exists between the USA and Russia now as they oppose one another in both Ukraine and Syria. Overlapping operations in both Syria and the Ukraine are bringing the tension higher and higher. On June 29th, Dr. Michael Carpenter, Deputy Assistant for the Secretary of Defense was before a congressional committee and said, “We are providing $600 million dollars to the Ukraine for its war with Russia, we are training 5 army battalions, 1 Special Forces battalion, and have trained 6 companies to fight Russia.” In Syria, Russia bombs free Syrian army positions and America bombs pro Assad forces; this conflict is now getting close to a direct conflict between American and Russian forces.
The likelihood of war between Russia and America increased this week. The Russians want to be an equal partner in the world with America so they have increased the threats. The threats include the increase of simulated attacks as Russian planes buzz our navy, the Russian Navy approaches our ships in very provocative ways, and Russian submarines approach our shores. This week that threat grew because Putin fired some military officers for their refusal to fire on the Americans. In an article by the British Daily Mail, “Putin sacks every commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin style purge after top brass refused to follow orders to confront Western ships.” Russia also raised the risk of war by rattling the nuclear saber to get America to back off their stance on Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria. So far, America is not backing off and Russia continues to claim that America has no right to sanction them over Ukraine.
NATO is on the Russian border and it has sanctioned Russia hurting her economy. War is in the air for Russia because it would increase the oil prices, the main source of money for Russia. Putin went in to seclusion and ordered military maneuvers to practice nuclear war. These threats only increase the likelihood of a mistake happening. Putin is in a good spot of weakening NATO because NATO has no stomach for war. The Brexit vote has hurt NATO and has caused a rift in Europe. The EU is very weak and that impacts NATO, without America, NATO cannot stand.
The most shocking news is that America does nothing to stop the Muslim takeover of Europe while doing everything they can to stop a takeover of Eastern Europe by Russia? America has demanded the immediate departure of two Russian diplomats from Washington D.C. and Russia has demanded the departure of two American diplomats from Moscow. As the tension rises between Russia and other nations, Russia has issued an ominous warning: we are willing to go to nuclear war with America and NATO.
On June 1st, Richard Shirreff, NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for Europe in 2011-2014 published a fiction book called, “2017 War With Russia” and it had the subtitle, “All Out War Between NATO and Russia an Urgent Warning from Senior Military Command.” It includes the scenario that Russia just invaded Latvia and how NATO would respond. I read a book in the 1980’s called “The Third World War” by General Sir John Hackett on the invasion of Europe by the Soviet Union. It was a fictional look at what would happen in such a war and more of a study than a good fiction book. I am very happy that nuclear war never broke out during the cold war. Now we must pray that nuclear war does not break out during this conflict. As Putin warns the world that nuclear war will break out because of what NATO is doing, he also does not try to lessen the likelihood of that possibility. Each side is doing things that provoke the other side. If war does break out, most likely it will be conventional. Pray!
War and rumors of war are prophesied to plague the earth. That has marked the last century. In light of the four I judgments, our nation is in great peril of entering a war which may be inevitable. What kind of people do we need to be in order to face such a terrible scenario? We need to be Godly and repent of our nations sins. Please pray and repent of all of those things which are keeping you from walking with the King of Kings. Love each other and do those things which bring peace!

Prophecy Updates

Summer of Confusion

This summer has seen a rash of high profile murders. The press is unusually interested in a group called Black Lives Matter. I am grateful that all lives matter because we are all made in the image of God. Unfortunately, the press has left the impression that some lives do not matter. The unfortunate group of people who do not matter are the police.

The leaders of Black Lives Matter have recently made it their cheer, “What do we want? Dead Cops!” This type of cheer leads to violence and anarchy. The nation has faced anarchist groups before. On Sept. 6, 1901, an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz, assassinated President McKinley in New York. Anarchists believe that the government is unnecessary and they can do with out anyone making the laws. In this case, they can do without the police.

Unfortunately for anarchists, God has made absolute laws that will not go away. When someone breaks God’s laws, they will be judged and punished. That is a fact. In this case, some think that they can spill innocent blood and not face consequences. God will judge these people, and consequences they will face. Whether it is police killing an innocent person or the anarchists who kill cops to appease their wrath, they will all  face the Judge of the Universe.

Man cannot live without God, the creator of the Universe. The Creator does not suffer evil very well. He judged the whole earth one day when the flood took everyone away except Noah and his family. We are facing a day when God is going to judge the world when the wrath of the Lamb will be pored out on earth. Repent now and choose life, give your life to Jesus the King of Kings!