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Rumblings in the World

Prophecy Update: May 26th 2017

With President Trump making a trip through Israel this week, I thought it would be helpful to comment on some of what happened and why it is important to Biblical Prophecy.
Dr. Michael Brown made four points that I would like to comment on. He said regarding the speech President Trump made before the Saudis; “that Trump mentioned terrorism 30 times, identified Iran as the enemy, put Hamas and Hezbollah in the same category as ISIS and Al Qaida, and lastly rejected the theology of martyrdom by suicide bombing.” (Christian Post May 22) It was brave of the president to go into the heart of Islam itself and call out the Muslims for having terrorists and those who inspire them right in the mosques of Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia is the original supporters and leaders of Al Qaida. They have pushed the fantasy that terrorism has hurt Islam more than anything else. All the while preparing terrorists and teaching their children to take over the world for Islam. In fact, the Saudis have been the biggest supporters of global jihad and are spreading their form of Islam to radicalize and motivate fighters around the world. The 9/11 report found that the Saudi ruling elite distributed millions of dollars to Sunni extremists which included those who attacked us on Sept.11th under the guise of Islamic charities.
In a report done by Carol and Jamsheed Chosky, called ‘The Saudi Connection: Wahhabism and Global Jihad’ May/June 2015 in World Affairs, they said, “When Afghanistan, another largely Sunni country nearby, moved from Soviet influence to Soviet control, in 1979, the House of Saud saw an opportunity to project itself as the global defender of Muslims. The madrassas in Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The US did not foresee that foreign fighters drawn to the Afghan jihad might carry violence back to their native lands as al-Qaeda affiliates spread across the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and South Asia. The successful anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan came to be seen as divine confirmation of jihad as necessary for Islam’s global ascendance. Wahhabism in turn emerged as the “indispensable ideology”—as noted in the record of the US Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security—not just for the Saudi state but also for groups such as al-Qaeda, which took up the mission to enforce a purified form of Islam upon the world.”
The United States still lives under the fantasy that Saudi Arabia is our friend and that we can get along with them. If they had their way, every Christian and Jew would be dead or their slave. The Wahhabi leaders of Saudi Arabia are the real leaders of the kingdom and the tension between them and the House of Saud is real and cracking. The cracks are being manifested because of the House of Saud’s compromise with the US and Israel. The House of Saud sees the power and threat of Iran and they know that without Israel and the USA they cannot beat them in a war. Thus, the cozying up with the US and Israel to protect them is anathema to the Wahhabi. In 2015, writing on this subject, The Counter Terrorism Lectures and Consulting group said:
“Muslims have already had their reform period. It was the Wahhabi movement. It is difficult to recognize it as change because it took Islam back to its 7th century origins instead of forward. England’s one 20th century success was containing ‘Core Wahhabism’ in Saudi Arabia.
The Sunni House of Saud and the descendants of the founder of Sunni Wahhabism have intermarried since the middle of the 1700s. Saudi politics and the Wahhabi version of Islam are inextricably connected, and embedded in Kingdom policy.
The Saud family not only controls Medina and Mecca, which means every Muslim on pilgrimage there is touched by Wahhabism, but the University of Medina exports this militant version of Islam by design and intent.”
“University of Medina scholar, Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, the Godfather of Jihad, was sent to Pakistan to teach Wahhabism. His most infamous student was Osama bin Laden.”
So you can see that the compromise with the west is a huge problem. The ideology learned in Wahhabi schools by Osama Bib Laden is still taught in the schools of the Saudi Kingdom. What do the leaders of Saudi Arabia mean when they say that Bin Laden should be condemned? They mean he personally should be condemned and not his teaching. If you are in the leadership and think that the Wahhabi message should be changed or moderated you can be in big trouble. That is the tension now in Saudi Arabia.
President Trump moved onto Israel and went to the western wall to pray. This was a passive way of saying that the wall was in Israel proper and part of Jewish history as a holy site. This is anathema to all Muslims. For the 19 years that Jordan controlled Jerusalem (1948-1967) no Jews were allowed in the old city of David and they were forbidden to go pray at the Western Wall. So much for tolerance! Although President Trump did not declare that he is going to move the embassy to Jerusalem, it will happen automatically by law if he does not sign the national security waiver by May 30th. I am praying that on June 1st that the news is that the waiver has not been signed and the embassy is moving. Please pray for that because it means that the United States is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!
As I read back through Ezekiel 36-39 for this prophecy update, I am struck by one of the purposes that God has for bringing the Jews back to the land. The little phrase, ‘that the nations may know’ happens in all four chapters. In fact, the little phrase ‘will know’ occurs 22 times so God wants us to be sure we understand what He is going to do.

Ezekiel 36:23 “I will vindicate the holiness of My great name which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst. Then the nations will know that I am the LORD,” declares the Lord GOD, “when I prove Myself holy among you in their sight.”

Ezekiel 37:28 “And the nations will know that I am the LORD who sanctifies Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forever.”’”

Ezekiel 38:16 and you will come up against My people Israel like a cloud to cover the land. It shall come about in the last days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me when I am sanctified through you before their eyes, O Gog.”

Ezekiel 39:7 “My holy name I will make known in the midst of My people Israel; and I will not let My holy name be profaned anymore. And the nations will know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.”

When God brings Israel back into the land and establishes them in the land through war, it is so the nations may know, first: that God did it, second: that God will vindicate His holy name, third: prove Himself Holy, Fourth: sanctifies Israel, fifth: will not allow His name to be profaned anymore among the nations, and lastly: Israel will know the Lord!

This means there are at least two wars to be fought in the near future. The first war is for the rest of the land of Israel which is currently occupied by Arabs in the so called Palestinian state. Ezekiel 36 is very clear that God prophesies to the mountains of Israel and it is those mountains that the UN says is not Jewish land. Four cities that are biblical cities of Israel are currently occupied by Arabs. Those four cities are contested at the moment and no Jews are allowed to live in those four cities. The cities are Shiloh, Bethel, Bethlehem, and Hebron; these are all very important cities to Israel and where great things were done by the Lord for Israel. My belief is that just as it took a war in 1967 for Israel to take control of Jerusalem so it will be true for these four cities. Israel will have to take these cities back through war. The UN, Russia, China, the EU, and most of the nations of the world are against Israel from having these four cities. All of the Muslim countries are against Israel being anywhere in the West Bank which are the mountains of Israel. God is soon going to give all that land back to His people. This promise of God reaches into the nations and makes known to them that God is in charge and moving in history for His people Israel. We will have an opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel when this happens.
The second war is the Gog Magog war that will take place when Russia and Iran mainly invade Israel. That war will be a major way that God will speak to the nations of the world and make it known that He did it.
When God moves in history, the first thing Satan tries to do is to convince people that there is not a supernatural movement of God. Satan will bring out his minions to say it is chance, people, nations doing these things but never God almighty. Our God is a God who moves and does things in history. Be prepared to give testimony that God is moving in our day. He is moving in the nations by bringing the gospel to places that do not want it. He also is moving in the nations to bring the Jews back to their ancient land. Pray and thank God for what He is doing today. It is a thrilling time to be alive!

Prophecy Updates

Spiritual Warfare

Prophecy Update: May 18, 2017

I was in the Dominican Republic the week of May 7-14th. During that week I was doing ministry with a team from Ashland University and was concentrating on preaching, teaching, and sharing the gospel. I was out of touch with the news and I concentrated on the Lord and the work He gave us to do. We shared the gospel with over 800 people and we hope the Lord will save many of them. It was a shock when I landed in America, JFK airport in New York. The head of the FBI was fired by president Trump. The press and the Democrats (many Republicans also) have continued to try and destroy the Trump presidency. The lies and leaks are coming so fast, all designed to destroy the presidency. To fight back, Jason Chaffetz office just released the letter sent to the FBI’s Andrew McCabe demanding all Comey-Trump related memos… So the Committee can consider that question, and others, provide, no later than May 24, 2017, all memoranda, notes, summaries, and recordings referring or relating to any communications between Comey and the President. The fix is in!
“Following the election of Trump, an axis of evil in U.S. politics has formed consisting of the corporate media, neoliberal Democrats (Hillary cultists) and neocons. This alliance has one primary objective, which revolves around obsessing incessantly on a conspiracy theory that deflects attention away from the crimes of our very own domestic plutocrats, war mongers and rent-seekers (you know, the forces that are actually wrecking the country).” (Zero Hedge)
Every policy that President Trump tries to enact that will protect Americans is met with resistance. His attempts to stop Islamic Jihadists from coming into the country have been stopped by the courts. The two most important weaknesses that Pres. Trump tried to address, sanctuary cities and immigration, have been thwarted by the courts and the press. The opposition is having success in the courts for now, but let us pray that we bring some sanity and truth to these two issues. It is particularly tragic for American families who have been killed by illegal immigrants and the state and local governments make the families the enemy instead of the criminal aliens. They put the wellbeing of criminal aliens before citizens of this great country. The state and local government officials who advocate these laws have the blood of dead Americans on their hands.
How did the judicial branch become the absolute authority over the executive branch? The federal judges do not have the authority that they are claiming for themselves. Daniel Horowitz wrote in the Conservative Journal on Feb.1 2017, “It’s still hard to believe we now live in a country where a district judge can demand that we bring in refugees from state sponsors of terror and failed states saturated with terrorists and no data systems during a time of war. It’s almost unfathomable that a district judge, an institution created by Congress, can overturn long-standing refugee law and bar the federal government from prioritizing persecuted religious minorities for refugee resettlement. All in contravention to statute, numerous clauses of the Constitution, the social contract, the social compact, popular sovereignty, jurisdictional sovereignty, and 200 years of case law. Judge James Robart’s ruling redefined the building block of a sovereign nation. It’s hard to comprehend a judicial opinion more divorced from our Constitution, sovereignty, fundamental laws, founding values, history, and tradition. It’s also hard to imagine an opinion that is of greater consequence — unless it is ignored.”
The fact of the matter is that we no longer have a constitution to live by because it has been dismissed by our federal judges. The congress has failed to stand up to this breaking of the law. They should impeach these judges! Alexander Hamilton’s seminal writings in Federalist #s78, 79, and 81 dealt with this. “He felt that impeachment would be the primary check against federal judges abusing judicial review. It is obvious he wasn’t referring to judges committing murder, but rather judges violating the Constitution with their decisions as we are witnessing today.”
Governor Jerry Brown of California proposed in his latest budget to give millions of American dollars to illegal immigrants to fight deportation! HuH! Can you see the ignorance in this: using tax payer money to help illegal immigrants fight deportation? God has always sent a deceiving spirit on people when He is ready to destroy them
During the reign of Jehoshaphat King of Judah, Jehoshaphat allied himself with Ahab King of Israel by marriage. Now the King of Judah was a righteous man and 2Chron.17:4-6 says, “Jehoshaphat sought the God of his father, followed His commandments and did not act as Israel did. So the LORD established the kingdom in his control and all Judah brought tribute to Jehoshaphat and he had great riches and honor, and he took great pride in the ways of the LORD and again removed the high places and the Asherim from Judah.” By contrast King Ahab of Israel was an evil man. I Kings 16:29-30 says of him, “Now Ahab the son of Omri became king over Israel in the thirty-eighth year of Asa king of Judah, and Ahab the son of Omri reigned over Israel in Samaria twenty-two years. Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the LORD more than all who were before him.”
Ahab asked Jehoshaphat to ally with him in war against Ramoth-Gilead and Jehoshaphat asked him to inquire of the LORD. Four hundred prophets paraded before the two kings and all gave the thumbs up to go to war. But Jehoshaphat said, “Is there not yet a prophet of the LORD here that we may inquire of him?” (2Chron.18:6) Notice how one man of God stood against 401 people and protested for the truth. Ahab said there is one prophet of the LORD and his name is Miciah. This great prophet was not intimidated by Ahab or his henchman. They told Miciah what to say and he told them to take a hike, he would only tell them what the LORD told him. 2Chron.18:13, But Micaiah said, “As the LORD lives, what my God says, that I will speak.” So Miciah told them that Ahab was going to die and that the Lord sent a deceiving spirit. 2Chron.18:22, “Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of these your prophets, for the LORD has proclaimed disaster against you.”
Ahab disobeyed the LORD and did not believe Miciah so he went to his death. Today the governors of these states who violate the constitution and protect our enemies are part of the judgment God has sent to our land. God has blinded them to the truth and they are advancing the day when our enemies will attack the land. This judgment of God is so evident to me and it is hard for me to see that the preachers of our land are not talking about this more than they do.
James Comey, former FBI Director, is an example of this sinful pattern in our country. He is deceived and a deceiver. Did you know that Comey was connected to the Clinton criminal network from the days of Whitewater? Comey was Deputy Special Counsel who investigated the Whitewater scandal in which Hillary Clinton made a lot of money off of shady and illegal real estate deals. This happened when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, many people were arrested and charged with 40 crimes. Comey acknowledged that Hillary obstructed the investigation and destroyed evidence but he never charged her. His lame excuse was she did not intend to do anything bad. What! This violation of law continued under the Clintons and they always had cover because of people like Comey. Comey continued this behavior in dealing with the Clintons while he was director of the FBI. The Clintons could get away with anything.
Now Hillary breaks federal law, misuses top secret information and Comey made excuses for her again. Before Comey became FBI director he worked with the Clinton Global Initiative and made a lot of money through 17 contracts given to him by none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. You see what I mean—corruption, lying, stealing, bribery, all part of the Clinton operations. The incestuous pay for play relationship between Clintons and corporations was part of Comeys job to protect. And protect he did!
Now comes the story of Seth Rich. He is the leaker of the emails to Wikeleaks of Hillary and Podesta that came out during the campaign. If he is the leaker, than they cannot pin it on Trump. Seth Rich was murdered and that is being covered up. Wikileaks made this announcement, “Wikileaks has decided to issue a 20 thousand dollar reward for information leading to the conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.” The police said it was a robbery and they are not investigating this murder. Fox news did a report called, “Seth Rich murder, what we know and what we do not know.” A private investigator is working on the case and has reported that Seth Rich was the leak in the DNC, and that the police will not open a case or investigate, they are part of the cover up. A former detective hired by a third party named Rob Wheeler stated that they cannot find Rich’s laptop and that the FBI and Police will not say where it is. Coverup! Wheeler also was told that they were to stand down on the investigation.
CNN tried to discredit the Fox News story because they are part of the charade. They are bought in on destroying Trump. They spread lies and deception. Tell a lie often and make it the biggest lie and people will believe it. This is what the communists and Nazis believed. Now it is what the press and the Democrats believe. When you live in a culture of lies, you are under the judgment of God.
Pray for the churches of America that God will give us a heart to repent and pray for the nation. We are the ones that God will use to give hope, peace and the good news of the gospel. Christians by nature of the power of the Holy Spirit are warriors, God has trained our hands, hearts, and souls for spiritual war! Plead with God to cause revival to come over the land. Join me next week in fasting for the land. Will you choose a day next week that you can fast and pray for the nation? I will be praying on this and fasting also. Thank you.

Prophecy Updates

Israel and Jerusalem

This week I want to do a biblical teaching on the importance of Israel and Jerusalem in the Bible regarding the end times. The Bible is a Jewish book that sets the stage for God’s redemptive plan. The plan of God is worked out through covenants that were made with the nation of Israel. These covenants are very clear and are full of minute details that God thought were very important. These thoughts are precious concerning history and the end of the story because God intends to bring His kingdom to the earth. God took the time to reveal to us many wonderful things regarding the end and they are in the context of His work with the nation of Israel. It would be a strange thing indeed if the prophets believed that God was kidding and was never going to set Jerusalem as the capital of the world or have only one king over the whole world who ruled from Jerusalem. Prophecy is much neglected because too many use a mistaken system of spiritualizing and allegorizing clear and plain prophecies.

I believe that the Jews shall continue to be gathered together in the land of Israel. This process started in the 1800’s, led to the establishment of the nation of Israel on May 14th, 1948, and will continue until the Messiah Jesus returns in glory. The four covenants that are central to this teaching are the Abrahamic covenant, the Mosaic covenant, the Davidic covenant, and the New covenant. I am committed to the literal sense of Old Testament teaching regarding prophecies of future events and the historical context in which they were given. The nations of the world should not only heed these prophecies but should cooperate with God in the completion of these prophecies.

For instance, Jeremiah 31:10 says, Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, And declare in the coastlands afar off, And say, “He who scattered Israel will gather him And keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.” This text is a great summary of what God is doing in history. Notice that God has scattered Israel in history. This scattering started with the Assyrian empire going to war with Israel. The prophet Hosea specifically warned the nation that the Assyrian nation was coming and that God would use her to destroy and scatter His people. Hosea 11:5-7, “They will not return to the land of Egypt; But Assyria—he will be their king Because they refused to return to Me. The sword will whirl against their cities, And will demolish their gate bars And consume them because of their counsels So My people are bent on turning from Me. Though they call them to the One on high,
None at all exalts Him.” Notice that God sent prophets to Israel to warn them and then His promise came true.

Isaiah was very specific in his prophecies regarding the war Assyria would bring. Isaiah 7 and 8 tell very clearly that Assyria is coming and will not only destroy Israel but also Syria (Damascus). 7:17-18 says, “The LORD will bring on you, on your people, and on your father’s house such days as have never come since the day that Ephraim separated from Judah, the king of Assyria. In that day the LORD will whistle for the fly that is in the remotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria.” Notice that God brought Assyria to Israel and destroyed her. It was a terrible thing and was described as God whistling for him to come. God is in charge! In 8:4 God is very specific and ties the prophecy to the birth and growth of Isaiah’s son. “For before the boy knows how to cry out ‘My father’ or ‘My mother,’ the wealth of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria will be carried away before the king of Assyria.” This specific prophecy is typical of prophecies regarding the end times, they are full of minute details that God wants us to consider and meditate on.

Also, God scattered Judah by bringing the nation of Babylon. Prophets gave specific prophecies regarding this and they came true literally. Consider Jeremiah and his word to his nation in Jer.20:4, “For thus says the LORD, ‘Behold, I am going to make you a terror to yourself and to all your friends; and while your eyes look on, they will fall by the sword of their enemies. So I will give over all Judah to the hand of the king of Babylon, and he will carry them away as exiles to Babylon and will slay them with the sword.” In Jer.25:11 God says, ‘This whole land will be a desolation and a horror, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years.” Notice how specific God is on the years that Israel would be in captivity? It happened as God said, Daniel was in Babylon and started praying as God would start to move a remnant back to the land as He promised.
God took a remnant back to the land and this also was prophesied. Ezra and Nehemiah are specific books regarding God fulfilling this promise. The book of Esther shows us that God is still work on behalf of His people Israel as Esther is still in Persia. God used this time to prepare Israel for the Messiah to come.

God promised that Rome would come and destroy the nation and Jerusalem. This happened in 70 AD. Jesus talked about it in Luke 21:24, “and they will fall by the edge of the sword, and will be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” This prophecy is consistent with what the Lord taught us in Daniel 2 and 7 regarding this kingdom Rome.

So we can see that the scattering phase of the prophecies have all been fulfilled in real time and real history. If the scattering phase has been fulfilled this way, the gathering phase will also be in real time and real history. Notice again that Jer.31:10 says to the nations, He who scattered Israel would gather him! God promises to gather Israel in very specific ways that are startling. Please meditate on this great truth, if God is going to gather them, they had to stay a people unique even as they were scattered to many nations. Is it not wonderful that God kept the Jews as a distinct and separate people all of these years in spite of the attempt to wipe them off the map.

Isaiah 11: 11-12, “Then it will happen on that day that the Lord Will again recover the second time with His hand The remnant of His people, who will remain, From Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, And from the islands of the sea. And He will lift up a standard for the nations and assemble the banished ones of Israel, and will gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.”

Ezekiel 37:21-22, “Say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I will take the sons of Israel from among the nations where they have gone, and I will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land and I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel; and one king will be king for all of them; and they will no longer be two nations and no longer be divided into two kingdoms.”

Amos 9:14-15, “Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. “I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them,” Says the LORD your God.”

Micah 4:6-7, In that day,” declares the LORD, “I will assemble the lame And gather the outcasts, Even those whom I have afflicted. “I will make the lame a remnant
And the outcasts a strong nation, And the LORD will reign over them in Mount Zion From now on and forever.”

Zephaniah 3:20, “At that time I will bring you in, Even at the time when I gather you together; Indeed, I will give you renown and praise Among all the peoples of the earth, When I restore your fortunes before your eyes,” Says the LORD.

Zechariah 10:6, “I will strengthen the house of Judah, And I will save the house of Joseph, And I will bring them back, Because I have had compassion on them;
And they will be as though I had not rejected them, For I am the LORD their God and I will answer them.

As the Jews have been gathered from all of the nations they have come back to the land in an unconverted state. The scriptures are clear that when they are there they will suffer conflict with the nations and eventually the Anti-Christ. The future glory of Jerusalem is tied to the return of Jesus the Messiah. It is the duty of the Gentile nations to assist Israel in her return to the land. There is neither Queen, King, President, Pope, nor Emperors who can stop this process. I hope that we can find ways that will support the return with a blessing and not a curse. JC Ryle said in his excellent book, “Coming Events and Present Duties” ‘Remember that every chapter and verse you read in your Bible you owe under God to Israel.’
The churches and the nations have put up many stumbling blocks in the way of Israel coming back to their land. In the churches there exists the heresy of replacement theology, rationalistic and liberal approaches to the Bible, outright hostility towards Jews and Israel that makes it hard for the evangelical church to convince Jews that we love them. The UN and her many subsidiaries curse Israel almost every day. In Joel 3:1-2 God makes it clear that His desire is to gather nations and judge them for what they have done to Israel. This day is coming very quickly, are you ready?