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Annexing Land of Israel

Prophecy Update: Annexing the Land                        5/29/20

Jeremiah 30:3, “For behold, days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will restore the fortunes of My people Israel and Judah. The LORD says, I will also bring them back to the land that I gave to their forefathers and they shall possess it.” Israel is the center piece of prophecy. In todays update I am going to focus on Israel. The annexing the land of Israel is the main controversy with the world.

This article from Israel National News, “Dear Europe – the Israelis are not your Jews.” talks about annexation. As Israel moves to annex her land, land that God says is His and He wills to give it to His people Israel, the European Union objects. The EU’s objections are testimony to their arrogance and antisemitism. Here are some quotes from the article:

“Amid the flurry of denunciations against Israel, for even thinking about going ahead with sovereignty for parts of Judea and Samaria, most telling is this remark from Josep Borrell, EU’s High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, as follows: “We strongly urge Israel to refrain from any unilateral decision that would lead to the annexation of any occupied Palestinian territory, and would be, as such, contrary to international law.”

The French and the Germans condemn Israel and even the Democratic Party–are you shocked? Here is the quote:

“Then leave it to our Democrats to take sides. The wrong one. From the Senate, 19 of them “warn” Israel that it had better think twice when it comes to sovereignty.”

This quote from the above article sums up what God is doing in the world regarding Israel at this point: “Turning to that quip “occupied Palestinian territory,” it tells you everything you need to know about what they’ve all been thinking over these past 72 years…and it is not only about “the West Bank” but rather about the entire country. To them, all of it belongs to the Arabs, or to anyone…anyone except the Jews.” Satan is trying his best to remove the Jews from the land and God will not be denied. All of the nations of the world will be in league with Satan at some point in the Tribulation period, until then the USA needs to be strong for Israel!

I am so tired of hearing the lie of the world that Israel is an occupying power and needs to be punished for even thinking about declaring sovereignty. The Bible says that the world would be in an uproar over Israel. As Benjamin Netanyahu moves to annex land, which is already their’s by right of return, every nation of the world will weigh in. As expected, the UN, EU, Russia, China, and every Muslim nation will condemn Israel for annexing their own land.

This is such a big deal that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, an organization that represents 57 Islamic nations had this article on their website: “Secretary General Holds Consultations with Palestinian FM to Convene Executive Committee’s Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting to Discuss Situation in Palestine.” Muslim response. “The two sides emphasized the need to intensify efforts at all levels to prevent Israeli’s colonial-settlement expansion policy and annexation plans, which are considered illegal under international law.” Of the 57 nations, these six will be involved in the Gog Magog Prophecy: Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Libya.

Not to be outdone is Erdogan of Turkey. Erdogan fashions himself the leader of the Muslim world, he has weighed in on the annexation issue. Erdogan: “We won’t allow Palestinian lands to be offered to anyone else.” Turkey “I would like to reiterate that Al Quds Al-Sharif, the holy site of three religions and our first Kiblah, is a red line for all Muslims worldwide,” Erdogan said. Erdogan does not want Jews living anywhere in Israel because according to him, it is all Islamic land. Erdogan is committed to fighting a war to rid the land of Israel from Jews.

My question is, why annex what you already own? This is the topic of this article: “Israel’s Daunting Decision on Drawing Permanent Borders.” our land. Here is a great quote summing up the real issue:

“A little history is essential. In 1923, the British transformed about 75 percent of what was previously Turkish-ruled Palestine into what is today the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In 1947, a U.N. partition plan proposed dividing what remained into two states, one Arab, one Jewish. The Arab state would contain Judea and Samaria, heart of the ancient Jewish homeland which, despite multiple slaughters and expulsions, was never entirely Judenrein.”

Since the Babylonian Empire, the land of Israel has been under occupation by other nations. The occupiers tried to settle that land and were unsuccessful. All Gentile nations who occupied the land failed to settle it because God cursed the land. The land of Israel plays by a different set of rules than other nations. When Jews live in the land, it will flourish, when they leave it is desolate. Leviticus 26:32 says, “I will make the land desolate so that your enemies who settle in it shall be appalled over it.” This is the history of the land.

The previously cited article continues with this,

“72 years ago last week, three events took place almost simultaneously: The British departed Palestine, Israelis declared independence, and the armies of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq—themselves European creations carved from the defeated Ottoman empire and caliphate— attempted to erase the re-born Jewish state from the map. In 1948, after Britain’s departure, Jordan used military force to seize Judea and Samaria, on the west bank of the Jordan River. Jordan proceeded to “cleanse” these territories of their Jewish inhabitants, and rename them.”

The Palestinian Authority claims that they need all of Judea and Samaria for their future Arab State. It is a fiction. The two-state solution is perpetrated by the New World Order. The Palestinian Authority has never wanted a two-state solution, they want a holocaust. Mahmoud Abbas is their leader and he is a piece of work!

Abbas’s empty, worn-out threats. The Jerusalem News Service writes, war in israel.

“Tuesday evening, Palestinian Authority and PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced that the P.A. is renouncing the peace deals it signed with Israel along with its agreements with the United States. After the Israeli media and the leftist former generals wailed and sounded dire warnings about what will befall the country if the government doesn’t abandon all of its plans, the Palestinians made clear that this week too, he didn’t mean it. Palestinians have systematically and continuously breached every single substantive commitment they made to Israel. Most notably, the Palestinians agreed to fight terror. Instead, for the past 27 years the Palestinian Authority under both Arafat and Abbas has incited, financed and directed terrorism against Israel.”

I have never seen a communist nation or the Palestinian Authority ever keep one agreement they ever signed. They have continued to kill Jews and Americans. Mahmoud Abbas studied in Moscow and learned well under the KGB. As the Soviets supported the Palestinian cause, they showed that their antisemitism was strong and active. Soviet Document Suggests Mahmoud Abbas was a KGB Spy in the 1980s. The New York Times reports, abbas a communist.

“Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia may have more in common than an interest in Middle East peace talks. According to a newly discovered Soviet document, Mr. Abbas may have once worked for the K.G.B., too. Palestinian officials argued that there would have been no need for Mr. Abbas to be a Soviet agent because the Palestine Liberation Organization at the time was openly working with Moscow. Mr. Abbas, they said, led a Palestinian-Soviet friendship foundation, making him the de facto liaison to Moscow.”

Check out what Abbas studied in Moscow? holocaust denier. “Abbas later entered graduate studies at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, where he earned a Candidate of Sciences degree[15][16] (the Soviet equivalent of a PhD). His doctoral dissertation was “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism”, a conspiracy theory about the Holocaust.”

If you ever wonder why there has never been peace in the Middle East, it is because most of the leaders from the Palestinian side are beholden to Soviet doctrine of disinformation. I read a book by a Soviet defector from Romania. The book is called Disinformation — The following quote is from Part 1: Strategic deception to undermine the Church, the West, and America as revealed by Romanian defector Ion Mihai Pacepa (2013) soviet influence.

“Disinformation is a revealing exposé of evil Soviet history as well as a treatise on the use of propaganda and disinformation in contemporary international relations and national politics.”

Mahmoud Abbas has one desire, destroy Israel and the church. This is something ignored by peacemakers, diplomats from America who are blind. God told us that blindness plagues people who are in rebellion to Him. Do not be deceived, the Chinese, Russians, Islamic organizations, and leftist groups in America use the techniques taught by the Soviets. The Democratic Party uses these practices on Americans. They are executed in the coronavirus deception.  

The New World Order is in full deception mode against the church and God’s people. It is about control. They are lying through the press. Here is an example from“Obama, Clinton 9th Circuit Judges Suspend Bill of Rights Until Coronavirus is Cured.” churches closed.

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled that Democratic California Gavin Newsom’s ban on in-person church services during the coronavirus pandemic can stand.”

The war against the churches is growing in several states. This Sunday is going to be a test. Will California arrest people going to church? Will Christians act in faith and go to church even if they know they are going to be arrested?

The United Nations has a great enemy in the United States. That enemy is the evangelical church. They see us as the bane of their existence. We stand in their way. They want a global government and we want American sovereignty! Governors of states that cooperate with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the harshest on the churches.

The following two quotes are from the United Nations website,

 “The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigm, a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050.” new world order

“HAPPYTALISM is A New Economic System, Socio-Political Philosophy, And Human Development Paradigm Which Places The Primacy Of Happiness, Well-being, and Freedom At The Center Of Human Development And All Life.” I am waiting for the white paper they are working on so I will have to wait to comment on their economic system. When it comes, we will talk more about the global economic system that anticipates the rise of antichrist.

The New World Order talks a good game when it comes to ethics. Their ethics are rooted in secular humanism. This has allowed them to say it is right and good to kill babies through abortion, infanticide, and euthanize the elderly. This is what they are currently doing in Europe.

 “Europe has Sanctioned Euthanasia for the Elderly Ill with Corona” globalism ethics.

“More than half of coronavirus victims in Belgium died in nursing homes. “Belgian society has decided that the lives of these confined elders are far less important than the so-called ‘active’ lives”, sociologist Geoffrey Pleyers wrote in Le Soir. Marcus de Brún, appointed by the Irish Ministry of Health to the Medical Council, also explained: “Confining Covid-negative residents within Covid-positive Nursing Homes, is tantamount to state sanctioned Euthanasia. Living in a nursing home is not a diagnosis. By itself it can never be a medical basis for deciding whether to live or die”.

It not only happened in Europe, but also in New York. “Cuomo Under Fire for Response to Covid-19 at Nursing Homes” nursing home deaths.

“State health officials, he added, also directed nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients, even after the AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine came out against the policy and other states followed suit.”

I do not understand a policy that sends people who have the virus to nursing homes. The elderly are the most susceptible to the virus and sending infected people to be around older adults was a recipe for disaster. Many articles condemn the governor of New York of negligence.

In Luke 21:28, God told us to look up for our redemption draws near. It is a great day to look up, my friends. As the economy opens up and people get back to work, spend more time in prayer for revival! Pray for the churches who are under threat in America. Maranatha!

Prophecy Updates

Birth Pangs since 2014

Prophecy Update: Birth Pangs since 2014                  5/22/2020

Many are asking about the signs of the times. God has called us to understand the times in which we live.

The prophet Daniel told us that Israel would fulfill a prophecy in 490 years. After 483 years, Messiah Jesus showed up and the clock stopped. Today there are seven years left to the prophecy. We call those seven years the tribulation period and this period is for Israel to accomplish a goal on the earth. Right before tribulation period, God will remove the Church in a resurrection called the rapture. I believe all of the signs of the times are pointing to the rapture happening very soon. The birth pangs that Jesus warned us about are what bring in the final seven-year countdown. The birth pangs are getting more intense and that is our clue that the rapture is very close! A key verse for understanding the signs of the times is:

 Luke 24:25, “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves.

2014-2015 The four blood moons, a warning from God that something major was going to take place in regards to Israel. The blood moons are caused by eclipses of the moon which result in the moon appearing blood red. Four occurring in a row are called “astronomical tetrads.” The four blood moons happened on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles two years straight in this time period. When blood moons happened in years past, something significant happened regarding Israel. For instance, a tetrad occurred on Passover and the Feast of Trumpets in 1493 and 1494. “In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain ordered the expulsion of all Jews from Spain, about 200,000.”

I was interested to learn that there were four blood moons in 1967-68 on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. This is significant because God caused Israel to win the Six-Day War. That war resulted in Israel capturing Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. This is direct biblical prophecy fulfilled. The specific prophecy is, “Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” (Luke 21:24) I have read many accounts of the Six Day War and all of the accounts describe miracles. Israel did not think they could win the war. A joke was going around Israel, “Last one here, turn out the lights.” The world thought the war was going to be a holocaust. A documentary called, Against All Odds, Israel Survives recounts the amazing miracles. In it, “Michael Greenspan, a seasoned journalist, presents eyewitness accounts and commentary by high-ranking government officials, generals, soldiers, historians and foreign leaders telling the remarkable stories of Israel’s miraculous victories.”

To understand our times, you must understand what God did in 1967. He initiated the process by which Israel will rebuild the Temple and possess, settle, and rule all of the land of Israel.  Israel captured her capital city in 1967. The controversy over Israel’s victory in 1967 has repercussions for the world even to this day. The UN, EU, and entire Muslim world call it an illegal occupation! Consider this article by Bernard Avishai June 24, 2015. “Did Obama ‘Abandon Israel?'”  “From the moment President Obama took office, Netanyahu’s envoy saw him as promoting “an agenda of championing the Palestinian cause and achieving a nuclear accord with Iran.” Since his election, Barack Obama pushed the idea that Israel must go back to pre-1967 borders. He wanted to make sure that Israel could not have Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. In a speech from Ramallah, President Obama said, “I’ve returned to the West Bank because the United States is deeply committed to the creation of an independent and sovereign state of Palestine. The Palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it.” Notice the date; it was 2013. God was moving the ball forward in His plan. The blood moons the next year signaled that God was setting up conflict to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

In 2014-2015, the Russians and Iranians entered Syria. The preliminary steps to the Gog Magog invasion were beginning. Ezekiel 38 & 39 record this prophecy. Hamas started a war with Israel. The Obama administration passed the JCPOA. “The JCPOA is part of resolution 2231 voted by every member of the UN Security Council, with the following timetable…20 July 2015: Resolution vote…Adoption Day: October 2015…Implementation Day: 16 January 2016…the JCPOA came into effect.” Resolution 2231 The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a plan to curse Israel. Obama gave the Iranians 150 billion dollars. What did Iran do with the 150 billion dollars? They spent it on arms and terrorists.  Also of great significance, on June 30, 2015 the Bethlehem star showed up again.  Last time it appeared was 2000 years ago! This is signaling the coming of Messiah. In those two years, the pressure on Israel from the New World Order, led by Barack Obama, was tremendous. Obama helped the Iranians take control of the Middle East, so much so, that the Saudi’s turned to Israel for help. This is mind blowing!

2016-2017   2016 was a pivotal year for Israel. It was an election year in the USA and one candidate was making waves concerning Israel. Donald Trump said that he would declare Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel, against the will of the UN, Barack Obama, Russians, Chinese, European Union, etc.! Trump signaled that the Palestinian Authority was a failure and not a partner for peace. This upset the New World Order in ways I can not imagine. This was an eruption of political warfare. Could God be moving the super power USA to do what has not been done since Cyrus King of Persia did in 535 B. C.?

Ezra 1:1-2 says, “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he sent a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and also put it in writing, saying: Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, ‘The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and He has appointed me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah.”

 Hearing what Donald Trump said about Israel upset President Obama. On October 27, 2016, Charles Krauthammer wrote this commentary, Is Obama Preparing a Parting Shot at Israel?

“Last week, the U.N.’s premier cultural agency, UNESCO, approved a resolution viciously condemning Israel (referred to as “the Occupying Power”) for various alleged trespasses and violations of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Except that the resolution never uses that term for Judaism’s holiest shrine. It refers to and treats it as an exclusively Muslim site, a deliberate attempt to eradicate its connection — let alone its centrality — to the Jewish people and Jewish history. This UNESCO resolution is merely the surreal extreme of the worldwide campaign to delegitimize Israel. There have been indications for months that President Obama might go to the U.N. and unveil his own final status parameters of a two-state solution. These would then be enshrined in a new Security Council resolution that could officially recognize a Palestinian state on the territory Israel came into possession of during the 1967 Six-Day War.”  Obama was to have his revenge on Israel.

On December 23, 2016, the UN passed Resolution 2334 designed to cut off Israel from her settlements and Jerusalem. This is from the UN document:

“Condemning all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, including, inter alia, the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law and relevant resolutions, Expressing grave concern that continuing Israeli settlement activities are dangerously imperilling the viability of the two-State solution based on the 1967 lines.”  

Shockingly, the United States did not veto this resolution.  This is another curse on Israel from the United States.

2016 saw another eruption against the New World Order. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump sent the globalists into a tailspin. The reason that this is important is because of Jerusalem. Trump said in March of 2016 that he believes that Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided, capital of Israel. This sent the UN into a frenzy. To top it off, he said he would move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In 2016-17, the globalists launched illegal surveillance of both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. The goal was to destroy their administrations and stop them from blessing Israel. In December of 2017, President Trump withdrew the United States from the UN Global Impact on Migration, repealed the Obama Care mandate, officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and brought Christmas back to the White House.  This sent the globalist, leftist, anti-Semitic elements of the United States, EU, and UN into a rage. Why is this important? Because it had been 50 years (a Jubilee) since the recapture of Jerusalem and 70 years from when the UN declared that Israel could become a nation: Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

The Great American Eclipse happened on August 21, 2017.   The eclipse began in the northwest and crossed the Cascadia, Yellowstone, and Madrid earthquake zones crossing over the United States and exiting over Florida.  In seven years,  on April 8, 2024, another solar eclipse will begin in the northeast and make an X over the United States, right over the Madrid fault where the Mississippi and Ohio rivers meet. Ominous for sure!

On May 14, 2018, the United States moved their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. CNN, speaking for the New World Order had this to say, “If the United States moved the embassy to Jerusalem, it would mean that the US effectively recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That would overturn 70 years of international consensus, and, many argue, would effectively signal the end of moves to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.” Israel saw it differently, as did many Christians. They saw it as prophecy being fulfilled. Israel minted a coin with Cyrus king of Persia and Trump next to each other. “Rabbi Mordechai Persoff of the Israeli group, which also holds activities in the US, said that Trump, like Cyrus, made a “big declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of the holy people.” Times of Israel

If you take the world’s temperature over what Trump is doing concerning Israel, they have a fever of 105! Turkey vows war with Israel, raising an army of 1 million Muslims to destroy Israel. Iran is on the march in Syria, attacking Israel. Since 2018, Israel has bombed Iranian military in Syria to keep them weak. Israel opposes the bases Iran is building in Syria and vows to destroy them. The United Nations condemned Israel 21 times in 2018; only six other condemnations were issued to other nations – a whopping 80% condemnations to one nation! Since 2016, the UN directed administrators to compile a list of businesses operating in Judea and Samaria so they can expose them as being against the two state solution. In February 2020, the UN listed American companies claiming they are supporting Israel and breaking international law. UN list  The UN and the New World Order are desperate to punish the USA for supporting Israel. Who do you think is the greatest enemy of the New World Order concerning Israel? Christians!

I found this article on ProphecyNewsWatch, Solar Minimum, about the sun. It is very interesting as it gives evidence on how a famine could break out on the earth. The coronavirus is being used by the New World Order to control people. God, in the meantime, has sent locust plagues, pestilences, and famines to the earth to get people to repent. The solar minimum is controlled by God as another attempt to get us to repent.

“Sadly, most mainstream news outlets are largely ignoring this story, but at least a few are covering it.  The following comes from Forbes… While we on Earth suffer from coronavirus, our star–the Sun–is having a lockdown all of its own. reports that already there have been 100 days in 2020 when our Sun has displayed zero sunspots. Here is what the New York Post is saying… Our sun has gone into lockdown, which could cause freezing weather, earthquakes and famine, scientists say. NASA scientists fear that we could potentially be facing “a repeat of the Dalton Minimum”…which happened between 1790 and 1830 — leading to periods of brutal cold, crop loss, famine and powerful volcanic eruptions.”  The article went on to say, “Of course this would be an exceptionally bad time for such a cataclysmic climate shift, because African Swine Fever has already wiped out approximately one-fourth of all the pigs in the world, colossal armies of locusts the size of major cities are systematically wiping out crops across much of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and fear of COVID-19 is greatly disrupting global food supply chains.”

 I am praying that we will see a revival in America. God has been moving in several nations, sending revival.

It is Friday morning and I read that churches are opening in California in defiance of the governor’s orders. Attorney Robert Tyler expects as many as 3,000 churches across California could have in-person services on May 31. Gov. Newsom said, “more than 1,200 pastors have signed a “declaration of essentiality” that announces their plan to reopen on May 31 while observing physical distancing and other precautions. The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division told Newsom in a letter that his stay-at-home order discriminates against churches and places an “unfair burden” on them.” Things are heating up across the USA as more states are threatening churches/Christians for exercising their first amendment rights. It is clear that some governors are antichristian. The Chrisian Post article said, “We have 50 real-world government examples of liberty or tyranny – 50 real-time experiments in whether state governments moved towards liberty (as in Texas and South Dakota) or absolute control (as in California, Michigan, and New York). Nowhere can this contrast be better seen than in how the state authorities deal with churches versus how they deal with abortion, ordering churches closed while deeming Planned Parenthood and other abortionists “essential services.” Here are some examples of antichristian behavior:

• The mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, was demanding that churches hand over a list of anyone who attended any of their services. When Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel threatened to sue, the city backed down.

• The governor of Illinois postulated that church services may need to be banned for a year.

• Overzealous administrators have sought to ban churches even from holding “drive-in” church services, which follow the mandates to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

The list of attacks on Christians could go on for a few pages, but my update is already pretty long. Pray with me that the churches open up as a demonstration of faith that our God is bigger than some virus, bigger than any government, bigger than Satan! Praying for you that you are healthy, strong, and trusting in the love of Jesus this week! 

Prophecy Updates

God’s Judgment: Unelected Autorities

Prophecy Update: God’s Judgment: Unelected Authorities 5/14/20

I am speaking and writing on the Prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah, Jonah, and Nahum. All of these prophets are primarily dealing with the Assyrian crises. God brought the nation of Assyria to destroy Israel and scatter them. These prophets are contemporaries of each other or overlap in some distinct ways. The question that God answers is, why destroy the nation He built for His own glory and plan?

Hosea gives us a great answer in 11:2-3, “The more they called them, the more they went from them; they kept sacrificing to the Baals and burning incense to idols. Yet it is I who taught Ephraim to walk, I took them in My arms; but they did not know that I healed them.” Levites and prophets kept teaching Israel to repent and walk with the living God—they refused by turning to false gods. They were blind to the fact that God is the one who holds their lives in His hands. I have a question for you, has America turned to false gods and rejected His kind disposition towards our land?

 Each prophet gave a similar message, Amos said this: 2:6, Thus says the LORD, “For three transgressions of Israel and for four I will not revoke its punishment, because they sell the righteous for money and the needy for a pair of sandals.” This is an important verse because it explains how God gets to the decision to send a final judgment. A final judgment can completely destroy a country or city like Sodom and Gomorrah, or it could severely damage that country. Egypt had a final judgment, but still existed as a nation, although weak and poor. God told Amos to give us a formula of judgment: three transgressions, you are still in the range of reconciliation, four is a step too far! I have a question for you, is America at three or four?

Isaiah is my favorite prophet, he is the most comprehensive of the prophets. He said, 1:2, Listen, O heavens, and hear, O earth; for the LORD speaks, “sons I have reared and brought up, but they have revolted against Me.” The word revolt means to rebel, transgress. It is a terrible thing to see Gods people revolt against the One who saved them. I have a question for you, has America revolted against God?

 It is clear from God that He is sending Assyria to destroy His nation Israel, Isaiah 5:26 prophesies, “He will also lift up a standard to the distant nation, and will whistle for it from the ends of the earth; and behold, it will come with speed swiftly.” Assyria did come quickly, and God testified about it in 2 Kings 17:6-8, “In the ninth year of Hoshea, the king of Assyria captured Samaria and carried Israel away into exile to Assyria, and settled them in Halah and Habor, on the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes. Now this came about because the sons of Israel had sinned against the LORD their God, who had brought them up from the land of Egypt from under the hand of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and they had feared other gods and walked in the customs of the nations whom the LORD had driven out before the sons of Israel, and in the customs of the kings of Israel which they had introduced.”

I have a question for you, is America walking in the ways of the false gods of the earth? If we are at risk of the judgment of God, how would that take place? If God already began the judgment, what are some of the evidences? I want to focus this update on the clear evidence of the judgment of God over our nation, the loss of biblically mandated authority!

God has established authorities on earth designed to advance our rights and privileges under His truth and guidance. Once these authorities are breached, the nation is under the judgment of God. Unelected bureaucrats rule America.  Unelected people who exercise more authority then elected officials. This plague on our nation has existed for some time and it is getting worse!

Isaiah warns us not to disregard what God has said about the future.  Isaiah 44:7, Who is like Me? Let him proclaim and declare it; yes, let him recount it to Me in order, from the time that I established the ancient nation, And let them declare to them the things that are coming and the events that are going to take place.” God has declared that America is going to be judged for her rebellion, revolting, and serving of false gods.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Opinion columnist USA Today, June 12, 2017. “Columbia Law Professor Philip Hamburger’s new book, The Administrative Threat, a short, punchy followup to his magisterial “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?” Both deal with the extraordinary — and illegitimate — power that administrative agencies have assumed in American life. But today, the laws that actually affect people and businesses are seldom written by Congress; instead they are created by administrative agencies through a process of “informal rulemaking,” a process whose chief virtue is that it’s easy for the rulers to engage in, and hard for the ruled to observe or influence.”

Here are some of the evidences that I am talking about: “The Social Security Administration has purchased 800,000 rounds of ammunition for their 270 special agents, which amounts to almost 3,000 rounds per agent.” The Social Security Administration is about giving money to people who retired or are disabled. Why do they need a gun? The Environmental Protection Agency has stockpiled 600 guns and 367,000 rounds. The Smithsonian Institution has spent more than $462,000 on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment since 2006. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which owns 1,300 guns and 1 million rounds, says its agents participate in undercover work and surveillance and execute arrest and search warrants. (Forbes 2018 reported in by Sara E. Murphy)

Organizations that have no need for guns have guns and agents who can be used to shoot you, arrest you, or harass you. Health and Human services has a police wing. That is what makes this next story so terrifying–

Welcome To The New Economy: ‘Contact Tracer’ and ‘Disease Investigator’-May 13, 2020 on Prophecy News Watch. For those who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown, it appears a whole new sector of jobs is opening up across the country. Cities and states are seeking “contact tracers” and “disease investigators” to track down anyone who may have COVID-19 or anyone who may have come in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

Ventura County, California officials claimed they would remove people suffering from COVID from their homes if there was only one bathroom, a claim they’ve since walked back after public outrage ensued. New York State will hire and train a team of staff working remotely to support the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) and Local Health Departments (LHDs) to perform COVID-19 contact tracing in communities across NYS. Are they going to carry guns?

How did a system designed to provide government of, by, and for the people devolve into a system in which bureaucrats unaccountable to voters (though exquisitely accountable to political players and special interests) produce masses of law that was never voted on by an elected official? Simple: on purpose.

Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. 12 May 2020. “What was really behind Tesla CEO’s reopening of factory while daring cops to arrest him? On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk dared the authorities in Alameda, where his factory is based, to arrest him for breaking coronavirus lockdown edicts by restarting production in the California county. We’re still waiting for the cuffs to come out.”

The concern I have with San Diego is we have an unelected county health official issuing orders and our elected officials are in lock step with those orders.” Can these people give you the vaccine against your will? That is where this is heading!

DOD AND HHS AWARD $138 MILLION CONTRACT TO APIJECT SYSTEMS TO PROVIDE PREFILLED COVID-19 VACCINE SYRINGES WITH RFID MICROCHIP TRACKING SYSTEM. Bill Gates is not a member of the Congress or the Senate, and holds no office in the Executive branch of our government, but his people are firmly embedded at the highest levels to carry out his scheme to vaccinate and chip the whole world. Embeds like CDC director Tony Fauci, who for years sat on the board of Gates’ ‘Global Vaccine Action Plan‘ group. Bill Gates has his minions all through our government, the United Nations, the European Union and even in the Vatican. Logistically speaking, he has us surrounded. The Global Vaccine Action Plan has been planned for years. On the World Health Organization website I found this article about it. “Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020: The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) ― endorsed by the 194 Member States of the World Health Assembly in May 2012 ― is a framework to prevent millions of deaths by 2020 through more equitable access to existing vaccines for people in all communities.” The second objective of the program says: “Individuals and communities understand the value of vaccines and demand immunization as both their right and responsibility.” They say to save lives but it us exactly the opposite. Bill Gates is committed to reducing human beings on the earth and wants to ‘demand’ vaccines to everyone on earth!  

Rep. Bobby Rush introduced a new bill that is designed to monitor everyone! Do you hear the footsteps of Satan and the antichrist? He even used the number 666:


The breakdown of our society has come since the 1970’s. The switch from the Christian worldview to the Humanistic worldview since that time has spurred on Gods judgment. In the 1970’s we experienced both the rise of abortion and effects of throwing prayer and the Bible out of public schools. Francis Schaeffer said, “But it is not only that man must start from himself in the areas of knowledge and learning, but any value system must come arbitrarily from man himself from arbitrary choice. More frightening still, is the fact that any basis of law is arbitrary merely certain people making decisions on what is good for society at any given moment.”   People who make arbitrary laws to fit their humanistic worldview, void of God and many times void of ethics have run our nation. This is what we see happening with the push to vaccinate everyone.

I conclude that God is judging our nation, all of the signs are there. God has pulled back His hand of protection individually and corporately. Each of us is impacted by the virus disaster. My local paper had an editorial from the Dallas Morning News that pertains to this problem: “Coronavirus’s next victim? Our Mental Health.” Wed.5/13/2020.   

“Devastating job losses and the virus’s lethal toll have led to increased anxiety, depression, addiction, and other psychological trauma….. The nation is on the cusp of a spiraling mental health crises, experts say. Here’s a glimpse at how serious this is now and how serious it could become. The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute predicts that in Texas alone a 5% point annual increase in the unemployment rate could result in 300 additional lives lost to suicide each year and additional 425 lives lost to drug overdose.”

As a Christian, I weep for people who have no peace in their soul which Jesus could give them every minute. Jesus said, ‘My peace do I give to you not as the world gives, do not let your heart be troubled, believe in God also believe in Me, in this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.’  Walk in the peace of Jesus!

Coronavirus Current Events Prophecy Updates

China and the Rapture

Prophecy Update: China and the Rapture      5/8/20

The words, suppression and censorship relate to the end times. When the antichrist comes on the scene, he will censor any speech that is deemed offensive or against his wishes.

Daniel 11:36-37, “he will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.” Here we learn that the antichrist will limit freedom of speech and religion. No one will be allowed to speak well of Jesus, nor will they be able to question allegiance to the antichrist. It is a chilling attack on free speech. The antichrist will use UFO’s to explain the rapture.

Consistent with every dictatorship is the worship of the dictator and the veneration of the dictatorial government. There is a nation that is dictating to the world how to act and believe. That nation is China.

The Chinese have been running a censor, control operation on the USA. Their operations mostly target politicians and universities. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech where he highlighted this problem. It was in February and it was to the Governors of the 50 states. He said, “I was being invited to the U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit. (last year) It was an event co-hosted by the National Governors Association and something called the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship and Foreign Countries. Sounds pretty harmless. What the invitation did not say is that the group – the group I just mentioned – is the public face of the Chinese Communist Party’s official foreign influence agency, the United Front Work Department.”

The United Front Work Department is active in all 50 states and they are pressuring everyone and everything to follow their lead. Many governors will do whatever the Chinese tell them to do. Pompeo confronted those governors when he said, “Indeed, last year, a Chinese Government-backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed all 50 of America’s governors on their attitudes towards China. They labeled each of you “friendly,” “hardline,” or “ambiguous.” Think of this? What if the governor of your state was labeled ‘friendly’ towards China, what would that mean? It would mean that he was a traitor. Why? Any governor deemed friendly by the Chinese Communist Party would mean that the governor would do their will!

As a Christian pastor, I am very interested in what people believe, what is their worldview. Worldview drives what people do. For instance, why would James Comey, former head of the FBI, attack the presidency of Donald Trump? What is his ideological background? According to Diane West who wrote “The Red Thread, American Betrayal”  Comey revealed that he operates under two books that have greatly influenced him. The books are by Reinhold Niebuhr and they espouse a Marxist viewpoint. West said, “The New York Times interviewed Comey on the occasion of him publishing his memoir, he revealed that the most important books that have shaped him were from Reinhold Niebuhr, Niebuhr was a member of the socialist party of the United States, a militant Marxist who called for the overthrow of the United States of America.”

“His serious commitment to Marxism developed after he moved to New York in 1928.” (Stone, Ronald H. (1992). Professor Reinhold Niebuhr: A Mentor to the Twentieth Century). In 2003, Comey gave an interview in the New York Magazine in which he admitted that he was a communist. Why is our government and universities full of communists and those who favor China over the USA?

From all of my studies on China, the virus is consistent with the designs of warfare the Chinese have decided to wage on the USA. Two Chinese Colonels, Qiao Liang  and Wang Xiangsui wrote Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Master Plan to Destroy America. The strategy being employed is called asymmetrical warfare. I will quote from the book: “The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules. This new form of warfare, which borrows from the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu and his doctrines of surprise and deception, also employs civilian technology as military weapons without morality and with no limits in order to break the will of democratic societies.” (Pg.X) “Unrestricted Warfare suggests that war with the USA can begin with bribing American officials to gain their objectives.” (pg.XIV) Since ethics do not apply to the Chinese and they can use any form of terrorism against the USA, biological warfare works into their plans. Japan had an article about this:

Biological Weapons the Focus of China’s Military Research in the Last 20 Years Monika Chansoria March 25, 2020. The article highlights “Unrestricted Warfare” and the immoral, war without rules that it promotes. Based on this logic, they mention this led to the desire to use biological warfare. ‘A 2010 publication titled War for Biological Dominance (制生权战争) emphasized the impact of biology on future warfare. The book, published by Xinhua Publishing House in October 2010, was authored by Guo Jiwei (郭继卫), a professor and chief physician at the Third Military Medical University, Army University. The book highlighted the decline of traditional military thinking and focused upon emerging trends in military thinking, the invisible battlefield, and unexpected changes. Chinese writings over the past two decades have amplified that cross integration of biotechnology, engineering, and information technology will become the new strategic doctrine for future military revolutions, as cited in the October 2015 edition of the Liberation Army Daily. These writings consistently put forth that weaponization of living organisms shall become a reality in the future, with non-traditional combat styles taking center stage.”

It is truly a brilliant war strategy to bankrupt America by bleeding us from a thousand different cuts. Hacking computers and sending a virus are both meant to undermine the United States until the day we are so weak that we are taken over by the Chinese. The article goes on to say, “Study of the Chinese military’s interest in biology as an emerging domain of warfare becomes increasingly relevant in the current COVID-19 context, particularly when viewed against the two-decade-old backdrop of emphasis on biological frontiers of warfare put forth by Chinese military thinkers. It is well-established that Chinese military strategists have been arguing about potential “genetic weapons” and the possibility of a “bloodless victory.” The task becomes all the more challenging, owing to the lack of transparency and uncertainty of ethics in China’s research activities.” China has convinced many of our governors that the USA is responsible for the virus, not China. This influence is consistent with what they have done on college campuses.

China seeks to influence academic freedom on foreign campuses., August 2019. “The CCP attempts to control not only China’s political arena but every aspect of Chinese citizens’ lives, at home and abroad, including on US campuses. Dr Teng Biao, a well-known Chinese human rights activist and lawyer, tells Index on Censorship: “It’s quite unique. The party’s goal is to maintain its rule inside China at all costs, and so it sets about making the world safe for the CCP. It is all-directional.”

Enemy infiltration into our nation is not new. The Nazi party had a lot of influence in America before WW2. The Nazi’s also influenced the Pope during the war. Here is an article about that:

 German Bishops’ Conference: Catholic Church was ‘complicit’ in Nazi crimes. Jerusalem Post 5/5/20. During WW2 the Pope was Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII

“On March 2, the Vatican opened its archives on Pius XII to scholars. The archives were closed a week later due to the spread of the coronavirus, but in that short window researchers already found documents showing that Pius knew about the Nazi death camps and that the Vatican hid that information to protect Pius’s image, the Religion News Service reported.” Just as the Nazi’s had their people in the USA and the Vatican so the Chinese have their people all over the United States. If the USA can be this deceived just think of what is going to happen when the rapture comes? 

C.S. Lewis, “We laugh at honor, and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

The Pentagon released video of UFO encounters last week. With all of the expense and deception the last 73 years regarding UFO’s, why is our government admitting now that UFO’s exist? Two new television shows are about UFO’s. (Project Blue Book and Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation). “In December of 2017, The New York Times published a stunning front-page exposé about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Featuring an interview with a former military intelligence official and Special Agent In-Charge, Luis Elizondo, who confirmed the existence of the hidden government program, the controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention.” I am an avid watcher of both shows because I have believed that the great deception coming on the world was going to involve UFO’s. Satan is a liar and this will be his biggest lie.

New Age Psychics, paranormal activists, and clairvoyants are all saying that UFO’s are coming and they will kidnap millions of people. Huh? Here is a quote from one of them:

Thelma Terrell, Project World Evacuation, “Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not participate in this first temporary lift-up of souls who serve with us. This merely means that your action in the plan is elsewhere and you will be taken for your instructions or will receive them in some other manner. Do not take any personal affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this first phase of our plan. Your time will come later and these instructions are not necessary for you at this time.” This will be their line after the rapture! How else are you going to explain the sudden disappearance of all the Christians!

If you are the antichrist, how will you explain the sudden disappearance of millions of people. New Agers have been touting for 30 years that UFO’s will show up and kidnap millions of people. One of the leading astrophysicists, Stephen Hawking, states that aliens are real (and possibly dangerous) in an April 25th, 2010 article in NBC News. In an article by a former New Age participant, Jim Sayles describes a prevailing belief among New Agers. Sayles describes what Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, said

“[extra-terrestrials] would not interfere until, in a single night, at the peak of the conflict, they would remove millions of humans who resist this initiation into a higher spiritual consciousness and ‘re-educate’ them before returning them to Earth a few years later.”

Ever since the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, we have had Star Trek, Star Wars, Avengers, ET, and a whole host of movies about extra-terrestrials. Softening us up! Even the Vatican has a wing of priests who are working on changing the gospel when the aliens show up. Bizarre as that sounds, it is real. The Bible says that angels and evil spirits can take on the form of humans. Hebrews 13:2 says,

 “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

If angels can show up in human bodies, what makes you think that demons cannot show up as aliens? Bill Perkins speculated that the lie could sound like this: “We’re from outer space and have come to save the earth from total destruction. We had to take those nice people away to another planet to reprogram their minds.”


 “People from another civilization in space have been watching our planet. For our own good they have removed people who would have destroyed earth.”

The Rapture of the Church is a prophecy that involves Israel. When the Christians meet Jesus in the air they will go to heaven and the attention will move to Israel. God will make everyone look at Jerusalem. Jerusalem will become the centerpiece of history because Jesus is coming back just as He left. Jesus left the earth from the Mount of Olives and He will return there. The time between the Rapture and the second coming is 7 years. This time is called the Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-22, “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” My appeal to you us this, are you prepared to meet the Lord? Is your heart right with God? The warning signs are there as Jesus predicted. We live in the end times and He is coming back—real soon. Pray that God will give you mercy and grace to meet Him when He comes for the Church. Blessings.

Bible Studies Joshua

Book of Joshua

We began recording this series when the COVID 19 stay-at-home order began. You can join us Live Sunday mornings at 9am Eastern via conference call. Simply dial 339-207-7794 to listen in.

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Joshua 22 – The Faithful Eastern Tribes Return Home (7-5-2020)

Joshua 23 – The Final Charge to the Leaders (7-12-20)

Joshua 24 – Joshua’s Farewell (7-19-20)

Prophecy Updates

False Messiahs and Globalism

Prophecy Update: False Messiah’s and Globalism     5/1/20

1 John 2:18, “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.”

The Bible teaches that one day the antichrist will rise. Until that day, many antichrists will rule. They will be people who wish to rule over the earth and have ultimate power. Claiming to be god, their subjects worship them. In the last century, Adolph Hitler and Mao fit the bill for types of antichrists. These types of antichrists always have a hatred for Israel and the church. Today, we have an interesting movement in dealing with the pandemic. In the Islamic world, there is a cry for the Mahdi to rise and take over the world. In the western world, there is a cry for a one-world leader.   

The Muslims have a belief in a person called the Mahdi. The Mahdi is a person who has been in hiding for the past 1141 years. Here is a quote about this belief, “Writing in the Jerusalem Post on January 20, Brian Schrauger explained that the Mahdi “is Islam’s messiah, the 12th of 12 Imams who are successors to Mohammed. Said to have been born in 879 CE, the Imam Mahdi is believed by Shi’a Muslims to still be alive, but hidden from mankind in ‘occultation’ until a time of such upheaval on the earth that only his reappearance will rescue mankind and, in fact, usher in an age of global peace; Islamic peace, that is; a kind of peace in which all mankind is living in submission to the Allah of the Koran.” As bizarre as it may sound to our American ears, the leaders in Shia Islam believe that they are talking to this Mahdi and he is giving them directions for war with Israel and the USA.

I remember when one of the leaders of Islam came to speak at the UN. “Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad surprised not only many Westerners but also many Iranians when, during his first speech at the United Nations, he prayed for the hasty return of the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi, Shi‘i Islam’s messianic figure.” Ahmadinejad claims that he has met the Mahdi personally. Many Islamic leaders since then claim that they have met with the Mahdi and he is giving directions to the Iranian government. This is very strange for us as Americans. We do not believe that you can get directions on how to run your government from a person who is 1141 years old!  

Mahdi means the “guided one” in Islamic eschatology, a messianic deliverer who will fill earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven years or maybe longer. “The Imam Mahdi is invoked in every public gathering, both civil and military; he is the singular inspiration for every policy, every tactic, every mission; indeed, he is nothing less than the regime’s reason for its existence and, as such, its singular and unwavering motivation for the future.” This is why we need to heed Jesus admonition to us:

Matthew 24:5, “For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Christ, and will mislead many.”

Here is an article about this:

Pandemic Setting The Stage For World To Accept Counterfeit Messianic Figure? 4/28/20, by Dr. Michael Brown. “A number of recent developments help illustrate how quickly a false Messianic figure could emerge on the earth, in both religious and secular circles. The events surrounding the coronavirus have demonstrated how quickly the status quo can be overturned, how dramatically the fortunes of nations can shift, and how a call for one-world cooperation can arise.”

What is a Messiah? The biblical definition from Bakers Bible Dictionary: “The term “messiah” is the translation of the Hebrew term masiah, which is derived from the verb masah, meaning to smear or anoint. The biblical idea of the messiah and his work is divinely revealed. It did not originate in human thought. While the act of anointing was not foreign to non-Israelites, the intent and consequences of the act are not found in nonbiblical documents.” The Bible is unique in this regard because God revealed that the Messiah would come from one tribe and through one person. Messiah comes from the tribe of Judah and specifically from the line of David. The Messiah would specifically be the king of Israel and King of Kings! The Mahdi is disqualified, he does not come from the tribe of Judah.  

Messiah takes on another meaning for the general public. Websters dictionary says, “a professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause.” Today, the President of France is being hailed as a messiah figure.  When Emmanuel Macron became the leader of France, he was pictured on the front page of the ‘Economist’ magazine walking on water. It was a bizarre picture, it illustrated that people are longing for a leader that will fulfill all of their dreams. “Newropeans” Magazine had this headline. “How the elites are divorcing from reality: The Economist “what if” 16-08-2017. “The Western globalist elites have not digested Trump’s victory or Brexit yet. They are having a hard time dealing with their ideological failures, and when the reality dares not to comply with their day dreaming, they go online and create a parallel world. Its latest piece attributes magical powers to the new hero of the elites, Emmanuel Macron, who soundly defeated “evil” Marine Le Pen in May. For The Economist, Macron is nothing short of Jesus as he was correspondingly depicted on the monthly’s cover walking on water.”

“Emmanuel Macron, who became President of France on the 14th of May, 2017, has generated more end-time buzz than any other world leader that I know! This is because Macron seems to fit the exact characteristics of the Antichrist in so many ways… Macron has already claimed he will “Rule like the Roman god Jupiter,“ in homage to the highest pagan god in the Roman and Greek pantheons, the king of all the gods in ancient roman religion.” What about his name?

Emmanuel – God with us

Jean – gift from God

Michel – who is like God?

Frédéric – peaceful ruler (“Prince of Peace” is the title for Jesus Christ – Isaiah 9:6-7)

Macron – a written or printed mark (Revelation 13 tells us “the mark… is the name of the beast (Antichrist)”.

The last three years Macron has demonstrated that he is a weak leader. Many in power think that he is a great leader. For instance, the Pope. The coming antichrist will try to unite Europe around himself, Macron believes that he not only can unite Europe, but the world. He wants to be the leader of the New World Order. Haaretz News had this to say about Macron:

“When he takes the stage at rallies, you can feel Emmanuel Macron’s messianic dimensions – the audience’s near-sexual ecstasy, his followers’ blind faith, his speech writers’ evangelical messages. People yearn to get a picture with him, speak with him, touch him.” I think that Macron gets this type of praise because of misplaced priorities. That is the case with what happened last week with the Pope.

“POPE FRANCIS GIVES EMMANUEL MACRON HIS BLESSING AND ANOINTS HIM TO TAKE THE GLOBAL STAGE AS LEADER OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 4/23/2020.” When I saw this article it made me feel like I was living in an end time movie. The Pope, a world religious leader, is giving a politician his blessing to be the leader of the world. If you think it is bizarre to believe in a Mahdi, how about Emmanuel Macron for leader of the world. I just had to start laughing. How can he lead the world when he can’t even lead France. Macron cannot be the Messiah because he is not from the tribe of Judah or the line of David.

Here is where it gets interesting—when the antichrist rises, he will have a running mate. We call him the false prophet and he will usher in a false church to cause everyone, great and small, to worship the antichrist. This is why the behavior of the Pope is so strange. Most Popes have a commitment to basic Christian doctrine in believing in One God and one savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. This Pope has gone off the reservation and is causing a civil war among Catholics. Here is an article about this:   

Shapiro Accuses Pope of being a Pagan. 4/27/2020, By Ben Shapiro. “Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro took to the airwaves on his Daily Wire program blasting Pope Francis for promoting what Shapiro considered pagan after the Pope commemorated Earth Day which Shapiro said was a “Pagan holiday.” This is an interesting quote by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld April 27, 2020, “Catholicism is the most hierarchical religion in Europe. In his Easter message, delivered to an empty St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis called for global solidarity to fight the coronavirus, warned that the EU risks collapse, urged debt relief for poor nations, and called for the relaxing of international sanctions. None of these topics touch on religious issues, and his authority in these areas is weak at best.” Several other commentators pointed out that the Pope’s claim of Mother Nature taking revenge on humanity was idolatry. April also saw the Pope claim that Judas was a friend of Jesus and may be in heaven? The Pope, for the first time in history replaced the title, ‘Vicar of Christ’ with his own name. That caused a stir! There was a fantastic article about this civil war last year that I would like to highlight from the “Catholic Thing” newspaper.

Our New Civil War: David Carlin, FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019. “The two negative pillars of progressives are (1) anti-Christianity and (2) anti-American nationalism. Progressives seek to replace these with two positive pillars called (3) secular humanism and (4) “multicultural” cosmopolitanism. The attack on Christianity is an attack, not on liberal or modernistic Christianity, but on old-fashioned Christianity: I mean the Christianity of the New Testament, the Christianity of the Nicene Creed, the Christianity that is the common ground shared by Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism. If progressives are successful in getting rid of that nasty thing, Christianity, they will need a new “religion” to replace it.  And they have long had one ready, going back to the days of John Dewey if not Karl Marx. This new religion is secular humanism, that is, atheism with a human face.” Unfortunately, the Pope has been on the side of the progressives.

Earlier in the year, I highlighted the Amazon conference at the Vatican in which they worshipped an idol. They set the idol up in a church down the street from the Vatican. Several faithful Catholics took the idol out of the church and threw it into the river. Jesus warned us in the last days that there would be great deception coming into the church. This is one of many examples. Jesus highlighted the fact that deception would be the clear sign of the end times. In Matthew 24 Jesus repeated four times, ‘do not let anyone mislead you.’ The key word is ‘mislead.’ This word means, to cause to stray, to lead astray, lead aside from the right way, to lead away from the truth, to lead into error, to deceive. Here are some other verses that emphasize the nature of deception:

2 Timothy 3:13, But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

1 John 3:7, Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous;

Revelation 13:14, And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.

This last verse is about the false prophet deceiving the whole world to worship the antichrist. The coronavirus tragedy is full of deception and little antichrists. The globalists want to destroy nations and remake the world into their one world government utopia. Anyone who wants to stay free from international law, international norms, and preserve freedom in their nation are the enemy.  Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” The virus is a perfect example of Americans giving up their freedom for safety. I think the church needs to think hard on the admonition from God in Galatians 5:1, It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

As the states start opening up, Satan will inspire his minions to take liberty from citizens and especially Christians and Jews. Where will you stand in this fight? Will you heed Jesus call to stay true to TRUTH and LIBERTY? Will you give in to the pressure? Churches need to resist fines, persecution, and pressure. Do not violate the first amendment or the Lordship of Christ over all of life. When the state is sovereign over the church, the state has lost its way! The admonition of the Lord is to abhor what is evil and cling to what is good! As I pray for revival, I pray for the churches to stand firm, stand on the Bible, listen to the Holy Spirit, and never fear! When Daniel was told not to pray, he prayed anyway! I want to publically give thanks to the Lord that there are no deaths from coronavirus in my county. God has been gracious to the United States and we did not get anywhere near the projection that 2.2 million Americans were going to die from this virus. Praise God my friends!