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Why Afghanistan Matters

Prophecy Update: Why Afghanistan Matters                       

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, Until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, And her salvation like a torch that is burning.”

Isaiah 62:1

The sudden departure from Afghanistan is a disaster on many different levels. Many articles referred to in this paper will reveal how bad it is! As far as biblical prophecy goes, it is another step forward toward war and rumors of wars and end-times war in Israel. At the same time, the world is moving towards totalitarian control of all people. Our scripture from Isaiah 62 begins a section of Isaiah where God promises the Jews the land of Israel, fulfilling the promises of God. They include the reestablishment of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the world.  

The departure from Afghanistan will induce terrorist attacks in Israel and America. Our enemies see how weak we are and they are out for blood. China told Taiwan that America cannot save you, they will not come and fight for you. The USA signaled to the world that they will not follow through on promises made! The Jihadists told Israel they will be destroyed soon because America is no longer there for them. Russia is also moving into the power vacuum caused by Biden. To make matters worse, Biden wants to divide Jerusalem and kick Jews out of Judea.

“Biden-Bennett meeting a chance to push for two-state solution – opinion. To a large extent, as always, the future of Israel and Palestine is in the hands of the US administration and its relationship with Israel’s government.” 

The Jerusalem post is completely wrong about this. First, God has determined that all of the nations are coming after Israel and will divide Jerusalem. Second, God is in charge, not the USA. Third, according to Isaiah 62, all of the kings of the earth are going to come and bow to Jesus in Jerusalem.

“The nations will see your righteousness, And all kings your glory; And you will be called by a new name Which the mouth of the LORD will designate.”

Isaiah 62:2

The nations have come against Israel in a new way. We have not seen this in our lifetime. The United States turned against Israel, assisting all of the Jihadist groups attacking Israel. The USA gave Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran millions of dollars in the last 3 months. The estimated worth of weapons left to the Taliban is 85 Billion dollars! It is a testimony to God’s law, when you curse Israel you will be cursed. The Taliban disaster happened right after Biden gave 100 million to Hezbollah!

The United States has also turned on its own people; adopting Jim Crow laws, separate but equal. All those who do not wear the mask or take the shot are called murderers, hateful, etc. Some have been fired from their jobs for not going along. The day when you did not take a drug because you believed your body was the Temple of the Holy Spirit are gone. (Unless you live in Florida, Montana, or Texas) People are being marked and isolated in our society. The World Health Organization and the CDC are pushing everyone to get the shot. Another world organization is trying to take sovereignty over the citizens of the United States. New York has the excelsior pass and will not let you go anywhere unless you took the shot. The unvaccinated are unclean, the lepers of society, deplorable, unwanted in your town etc.

The Afghan disaster will induce the world to adopt a one-world religion and a one-world government. As far as the religious part, the world is pushing a new religion called the “IV.” I came up with my own name for this. “I” stands for Islam and “V” stands for Vatican. It is like taking an IV, you adopt the new religion in your veins or you will be shunned, set aside, and eventually eliminated.  

From 1979 to 1989 the USSR/Russia went to war in Afghanistan and when they withdrew, they had a nine month accord signed to get everyone out. They did not leave their military or citizens behind to be massacred. Here is a brief description of the war:

“In short order, nearly 100,000 Soviet soldiers took control of major cities and highways. Rebellion was swift and broad, and the Soviets dealt harshly with the Mujahideen rebels and those who supported them, leveling entire villages to deny safe havens to their enemy. Foreign support propped up the diverse group of rebels, pouring in from Iran, Pakistan, China, and the United States. In the brutal nine-year conflict, an estimated one million civilians were killed, as well as 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, 18,000 Afghan troops, and 14,500 Soviet soldiers.” 

Remember that Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets. He joined Mujahideen forces in Pakistan fighting against the Soviet Union with money and arms from the United States.

Today, it is not Mujahedeen fighters but Taliban. Today, Russia gets revenge on America for funding the Mujahedeen fighters to kill Russians. In 1996 the Taliban formed.

“The Taliban, or “students” in the Pashto language, emerged in the early 1990s in northern Pakistan following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. It is believed that the predominantly Pashtun movement first appeared in religious seminaries – mostly paid for by money from Saudi Arabia – which preached a hardline form of Sunni Islam. Pakistan has repeatedly denied that it was the architect of the Taliban enterprise, but there is little doubt that many Afghans who initially joined the movement were educated in madrassas (religious schools) in Pakistan.”   

The Taliban are excited to continue the war on Christians, Jews, and the United States. Did I mention that the Taliban were trained by Pakistan Intelligence and they have nukes! Pakistan is the first Muslim nation to acquire nukes and they will readily share them with their clients the Taliban.

“Explained: how India and Pakistan became nuclear states. Post

Indian soldiers patrol the border with Pakistan. They have threatened nuclear war several times in the last ten years. India and Pakistan announced their arrivals as nuclear powers with a flurry of weapons testing in 1998. The two countries have since refrained from testing their nukes but have nevertheless been generally accepted as de facto nuclear states and continued to invest heavily in their respective nuclear capacities.” 

The success of the Taliban has emboldened Islamic groups to renew a call to destroy Israel. With Iran just a few days or weeks from having a nuke, things are heating up quickly.

“While giving a sermon in the Temple Mount’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian Islamic scholar Sheikh Issam Amira called upon the Taliban to declare a Caliphate and to conquer and liberate Jerusalem. Amira made these remarks on Saturday.” 

Everyone who has had contact with the Taliban or studied their beliefs are unanimous in their assessment. They are a group dedicated to the Islamic goal of taking over the world. Here is an example:

“Jere Van Dyk, a Pulitzer-nominated American journalist who was held captive by the Taliban says the group sees its struggle as one waged on a global scale and that Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule will be magnet for jihadis worldwide.

“Report: Taliban Killing People Found with Bibles on Their Phones.”    

As God predicted, in the end times Israel will follow the antichrist when he comes to power. That means that Israel will try to get along with the world system. This is the case with the current Israeli government. Netanyahu refused to bow to the world pressure, Prime Minister Bennett is submitting to the world. The world wants to divide Jerusalem and Bennet is going along with them.

“Bennett Heads for Meeting with Biden. Here’s What’s on the Table. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett takes off today (Tuesday) for Washington for a meeting with US President Joe Biden on Thursday. Their main subject beyond doubt, given all that’s happening around us, is that famous four-letter word: I-R-A-N,” Lerman said. “That’s the one burning question by two sets of Iranian actions: One – the ongoing enrichment effort to 60% and beyond which has no other purpose than a military effort. And the second is their provocations across the region against Israel, against the Gulf states, against others… their bid to take over Lebanon, their attempts to disrupt Jordan… their involvement in Yemen.”    

I cannot for the life of me understand Naftali Bennet. He has betrayed everything he said he believed in. He was at one time the heir apparent of Netanyahu; some believed he would defend Israel even stronger then Netanyahu. Not now, he is bowing to the anti-Semitic, haters of Israel.

“For its painstaking efforts to limit its strikes to specifically military targets, Israel was pilloried as a racist, illegitimate state and threatened with an arms embargo by progressives in the U.S Congress. Jews were attacked on the streets from Los Angeles to New York to Paris and London. On the other hand, Hamas was celebrated. Even as it rained down missiles on Tel Aviv, led by the Biden administration, the international community pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid,” to Gaza. To date, Hamas has received nearly a billion dollars in pledges and the money is already flowing in by the tens of millions.”     

Bennet was told by America and people in his own government not to fight back against Hamas and Hezbollah. The response by the military was so weak that the enemies of Israel have jumped for joy. Here is why…

“As far as the Biden administration is concerned, Nasrallah learned the U.S. policy of appeasing Iran extends to its proxies as well. To win over the ayatollahs in Iran, President Joe Biden and his advisors now believe it is the U.S.’s responsibility to protect Hezbollah (and Hamas) from Israel. It wasn’t happenstance that stood behind the administration’s decision to tell Arab media outlets that Israel’s decision to give Hezbollah a pass for its aggression was spurred by U.S. pressure. The administration wanted to send a message to Hezbollah and Iran that Washington has their back. And they wanted to make sure that the Lebanese people and the Sunni Arab states threatened by Iran also understood that the Biden administration now sides with Iran’s terror proxies against Israel and other U.S. allies.”    

Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power and Susan Rice all played a major part in the Obama administration. Now they play an important part in the Biden Administration. All of them pushed the anti-Semitic policies of the Obama Administration. Valerie Jarrett is Iranian and colludes with the Iranian government.

“Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, to communist American parents who were working in Iran at the time. Has she mentioned her dual citizenship or is she working towards kinder and gentler ties with Iran as a part of her own agenda?”    

Jarrett and many others pushed the pro Iranian policy that resulted in the disastrous deal in 2015. The overall design of the deal with Iran was to eliminate Israel power and install a Muslim government over Israel. They are now succeeding in their attempts. At least they think they are…. They won’t succeed because God says so!

“It will no longer be said to you, “Forsaken,” Nor to your land will it any longer be said, “Desolate”; But you will be called, “My delight is in her,” And your land, “Married”; For the LORD delights in you, And to Him your land will be married. For as a young man marries a virgin, So your sons will marry you; And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So your God will rejoice over you.”

Isaiah 62:4-5

I read the book of Revelation this morning. There are only 404 verses in the book and 12 of the chapters have less then 20 verses. In fact, if you average the verses per chapter it is about 17 verses per chapter. That means that Revelation is short and packed with information. Every word matters and every topic leads you to more study.

God tells us that the final kingdom, called Babylon the great city is going to be judged for leading the world into immorality and the worship of money. The Luciferian leaders of America are doing just that and have been doing it for many years.

It is heartbreaking that in the same week that the Prime Minister of Israel comes to the USA, our government betrayed the American people to the Taliban and got 13 of our Marines killed in the process. It is a harbinger of what they are going to do to Israel. I would tell Prime Minister Bennett to go home, nothing good will come from meeting with a President who already betrayed his allies and got his own citizens killed without remorse. Notice how the presidents speech never apologized or gave condolences to the families of our Marines!

News out of Israel says that within days they may hit Iran with a devastating blow because of the nukes. Lets say that they do, I believe biblical prophecy leads us to conclude that the Russians will come to the aid of Iran. Russia will then attack Israel with the coalition outlined for us in Ezekiel 38-39. We are so close to Biblical prophecy coming to pass in our day. Are you ready!!

Blessings in the name of Jesus.

Prophecy Updates

China Russia and Prophecy

Prophecy Update: China Russia Alliance and Prophecy.       

God tells us a lot regarding Russia and a little regarding China in the Bible. Russia takes center stage in the battle of Gog and Magog while China makes up part of the Kings of the East. There are growing alliances between Russia and China.

To understand the growing alliance, we need to compare the ‘ten toes’ of Daniel 2 with the ‘ten horns’ of Daniel 7+Revelation 17. Both the ten toes and the ten horns are ten kings who lead the world in a unified world government. Today, individual nations are uniting in unions. The European Union, African Union, and North American Union are examples of what will become the Ten Horns and Ten Toes!

After World War 2, the USA and Europe became the driving force for the new world order, international organizations, and liberal democracies all over the globe. When the Soviet Union fell, it was hailed as the triumph of the West. The West defined liberal democratic order as superior to all other foundations for world government. It should be known that they defined it as government without God!

“In international relations, the liberal international order (some times referred to as the rules-based or the US-led international order) describes a set of global, rule-based, structured relationships based on political liberalism, economic liberalism and liberal internationalism since the late 1940s.”

This is where we run into some big problems. If the revived Roman Empire consists of the European Union and the nations that reflect the Roman empire like the USA, then these nations have failed to convince the Russians, Chinese, Muslim nations, and born again Christians to follow after their immoral rules based system. This rules based international order includes the destruction of the family, every immoral behavior you can think of, and giving up your rights to be human. Their altar is abortion, and their god is multiculturalism! The Biden Administration pushed all of these evils on the Afghan people. Russia regularly mocks America for abandoning the family and promoting 75 genders. They regularly mock our military because it is no longer legal to say a man cannot have a baby. (Think about it for a second you will get it.)

The globalists in Europe have been in full blown unbelief and shock at what Biden did in Afghanistan. Here is an example:

“UK politicians decry Joe Biden’s defence of Afghanistan pullout. Joe Biden has come under fire from senior British politicians over his defence for withdrawing forces from Afghanistan, with Keir Starmer calling it a “catastrophic error of judgment”. Gavin Barwell, former chief of staff to Theresa May, said it was “time to wake up and smell the coffee” that Democrats and Republicans no longer believe “the US should be the world’s policeman”. 

It has always been the goal of the globalists to overthrow governments to add them to their new world order. Now that Biden committed an unforgiveable sin in the eyes of the globalists, who is going to force these nations into a world government. Like I said, Russia, China, and the Muslim countries have not bowed to these globalists. This opens the door to the rise of Antichrist. What the globalists have misunderstood is that God runs the world. God does not follow globalist desires and He does not share His glory with anyone. God is judging all of these nations for repudiating biblical nationalism. Biblical nationalism teaches that each nation is obligated to God and are called to worship the creator God and His son Jesus. The nation that refuses this is under the judgment of God. Can anyone deny that God is judging Joe Biden and America?

Let us examine how China and Russia are filling the vacuum of power left by the Biden Administration.   

“Russia–China: An Unholy Alliance? Foreign Minister Lavrov recently hailed Russia’s relations with China as “unique”, characterised by “comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction”. And there’s no doubt bilateral cooperation has become both broader and, in some areas, deeper. The relationship is guided by the excellent personal relationship between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Putin perceives that closer Russo-Chinese relations will be unsettling for America and its Western partners, complicating strategic calculations for the US, and underscoring Russia’s relevance in Washington. In foreign policy, Russia and China are broadly like-minded. Their interests and agendas often align: in particular, challenging US primacy and antipathy to what they portray as Western revisionist efforts to impose a “liberal” character on the rules-based international order, characterising this as a vehicle for US hegemony.”

“Russia Says Its Ties to China Are Now Closer Than Any Cold War Military Alliance. Russian and Chinese troops will hold a massive round of joint drills in August, the latest in a pattern of steadily deepening defense ties between Moscow and Beijing. The Chinese state news outlet Global Times framed the exercises in stark geopolitical terms, averring that the upcoming drills display “a high level of mutual trust between the two militaries while also eyeing security and stability in Central Asia as the United States irresponsibly withdraws troops from Afghanistan.” 

“The U.S. Military’s Worst Fear: A Russia-China Military Alliance. China and Russia poised to step into the Afghanistan gap. Biden’s withdrawal of troops opens door for Washington’s greatest rivals to extend influence.”   

“Breaking: China Dispatches Warships, ASW Aircraft and Fighter Jets off Coast of Taiwan Following Fall of Afghanistan #BidenEffect. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday launched joint live-fire assault drills in multiple locations off the coast of Taiwan. Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson of the command said, “the US and Taiwan authorities have been frequently colluding and making provocations, sending wrong signals that severely violates China’s sovereignty and seriously damage peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. They have become the biggest source of security risk in the region,” Shi said.”   

It is very disconcerting to see the actions of Russia and China. China is moving to invade Taiwan while Russia is moving to invade Israel. Both countries believe that no one can stand in their way, especially  a weakened America!

“During the ’90s, the Clinton administration tried to 1) recruit China as a strategic ally, but the strategy failed while Chinese agents 2) gleefully looted U.S. national secrets, 3) influenced the U.S. national election of 1996, 4) got a pesky missile guidance problem fixed, 5) arranged to have a laundry list of technology waivers granted; and then, as soon as a new administration took office, forced down a U.S. plane and took its crew captive. China doesn’t want a friendship with the West or a strategic alliance with Washington; the 90’s détente was an excuse to plunder the U.S. for fun and profit while learning as much as possible for use in China’s next Great Wall.”    

AS you can see from these articles, Russia and China have their own international goals; they do not include the elitists of Europe. The elitists of Europe pushed the revived Roman Empire on the world and now it is collapsing. I believe the collapse of this American based international order gives rise to the introduction of the Antichrist system. Russia and China will not be successful because the Bible tells us that Europe will be the place the final kingdom comes from. Russia and China are going to bow to the antichrist!

“For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God will be fulfilled.”

Revelation 17:17

What does the collapse of Afghanistan mean for Israel? Here is a quote that reveals some interesting things to chew on….

“But smaller countries that live in dangerous neighborhoods inhabited by those, like Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon, where the victory of Islamists like the Taliban will indeed be celebrated, are, however, forced to draw harsh conclusions about their alliances with the United States and whether its government can be relied upon to keep its word when the chips are down.” 

America just showed Israel that it will not be there when the Iranians and Russians come fighting. America is not going to be there for the Europeans, the French, and the Germans. All of the European Union depended on American power to keep the Russians from moving in war against them. No more, there are wails coming from the European capitals today. Who can step in to save them? You guessed right—ANTICHRIST!

Whenever a nation leaves another nation, you always extract your citizens before you extract the military. The Biden administration showed the American people, he does not care about you. He told the Americans you are on your own. Cold hearted, hateful, despicable—as the Taliban warned the Americans, if you are not out of there by September 11, you are dead. The British sent paratroopers to rescue their own people.

“Breaking: British Para Troops Are Running Vehicle Patrols Through Center of Kabul to Extract Trapped UK Citizens — While Biden Abandons Trapped Americans. Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin have abandoned over 10,000 Americans trapped inside Kabul who are not able to leave their homes. But not the UK. The British Government is sending Para Troops in vehicles through the center of Kabul to rescue their citizens. US rank and file soldiers are infuriated at their commanders. They are extremely frustrated that they cannot join the British paratroopers.” 

“The Great Collapse: The implosion of Afghanistan’s government, propped up for two decades by the United States and its allies, recalls Ernest Hemingway’s description of how someone goes bankrupt: “Gradually and then suddenly.” Brahma Chellaney of the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi blames Biden’s decision to withdraw all US forces for the Afghan military’s inability to resist the Taliban’s advances, and notes that this was the second time in two years that America abandoned a besieged ally. As for Afghanistan, China and Russia, both of which have good relations with the Taliban, will now be the key players in the country’s reconstruction.”

The Taliban of Afghanistan work with Hezbollah of Lebanon, the Islamic Army of Iran, Hamas of Gaza, and many other radical Islamist movements bent on destroying Israel. We need to pray for those who are left in Afghanistan who face death under this group. The Taliban are like the SS of Germany in World War 2. The Taliban will wipe out civilians in honor of their beliefs as the SS did to Jews and others. This group cannot be reasoned with in regards to their convictions regarding society. Prophecy teaches us that nation will rise against nation and people against people. The love of many will grow cold. The United States according to prophecy is out of the way in the last days. We are not a player in the last days. The Taliban said they would not have done this if Donald Trump was president. This points out our weakness. Weakness invites aggression.

There are only two embassies open in Kabul Afghanistan today, Russia and China, they are the real power centers today. The demise of the USA as a world power opens up the door for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Next week, Naftali Bennett is coming to talk with our president, what could go wrong with that? Everything…Yikes!! If I were Israel I would not have that meeting.

Let me leave you with this verse to encourage you.

“For truly in this city there were gathered together against Your holy [fn]servant Jesus, whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, along with the [fn]Gentiles and the peoples of Israel, to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose predestined to occur. And now, Lord, take note of their threats, and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your word with all confidence, while You extend Your hand to heal, and signs and wonders take place through the name of Your holy servant Jesus.”  Acts 4:27-30         

Prophecy Updates

Israel, Peace, and War

Prophecy Update: Israel, Peace, and War!               

Israel is always looking to the international community to help them with the wars heading their way. Israel needs to look to the Lord but they are not doing that. This is one of the reasons for the Tribulation Period. Antichrist will make a peace deal; the Israeli’s will receive this peace deal and initially welcome it. This will be one of their biggest mistakes in all of history! Three groups divide Israel: leftists, Orthodox Jews who believe the Old Testament prophecies, and Christians who want to bless Israel. The Orthodox Jews and the Messianic Jews who love Jesus are at odds spiritually but on the same page about Israel obeying God morally. The fourth group comprises Arabs who are divided between supporting Israel and destroying Israel! With over twenty parties running for office each year, this is a divided nation. Without God they could not have survived not thrived the way they have!!

“Behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, When the plowman will overtake the reaper

And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; When the mountains will drip sweet wine And all the hills will be dissolved.”

Amos 9:13

The Pride of Israel: As God has blessed the world through His people Israel, they have not acknowledged that the wealth and unbelievable ability to produce more than anyone else did not come from superior knowledge, but came from the Lord Jesus! The plowman is overtaking the reaper every day in Israel, but God gets little thanks. Here is a short list of the wonderful things God did to prosper Israel:

  • “Israel records the highest productivity of cow milk in the world at 13,000 liters per cow compared to 10,000 in North America and 6,000 liters in Europe.
  • Israel produces 262 tons of citrus fruit per hectare compared to 243 tons in North America and 211 tons in Europe.
  • Israel’s tomato yield is 300 tons per hectare compared to an average of 50 tons per hectare worldwide.
  • Five desalination plants treating water from the sea. Israel has no problems with lack of water.
  • Kibbutz Hatzerim: Worldwide filtration system: The company called Netafim leads the world in drip irrigation.
  • Kibbutz Shamir: Home of Shamir optical, Artificial Intelligence predicts where any light angle that travels through the lens on their glasses will focus. It has taken into account the front lens curve, the material, index, frame geometry, and back curves. This revolutionized the production of eyeglasses.
  • Kibbutz Sasa: Home of Plasan, lightweight tactical armor used to protect vehicles, aircraft, and people.
  • Kibbutz Yotvata: They built 22 farms in the desert of southern Israel that produces 300,000 liters of milk every day!”   (start at the 25:00 minute) 

“Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them, Says the LORD your God.”

Amos 9: 14-15

All of these wonderful miracles are a testimony to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves His nation Israel. He has a plan that He is working out that will eventually lead to the salvation of all of Israel. The plan includes the seven-year tribulation period and several wars; here is a list of current tensions that may lead to the wars God predicted.

“The clock has been ticking for a long time, and now Israel is telling us that Iran is “only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon”.  The Israelis have always been very clear about the fact that they will never, ever allow the Iranians to get to that point, and so that would appear to leave only 10 weeks remaining to avert a major war in the Middle East. On Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz was asked a direction question about this, and he responded by saying that “Israel is ready to attack Iran”…

“Israel is ready to attack Iran, yes,” Gantz told Ynet on Thursday.”    

Iran is bent on destroying Israel even as its own nation is falling apart. The Bible predicts that Iran will be judged by God severely. (Ezekiel 38-39, Jeremiah 49:34-38)

“IRAN PRAISES RECENT HEZBOLLAH/HAMAS ATTACKS ON ‘ZIONIST ENEMY’– The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRCG) praised the head of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah on Saturday for its might in the face of the “Zionist enemy. “While the strength of Hezbollah is increasing, the enemy’s power is in decline,” IRCG Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami told Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem during a meeting in Tehran, according to Iranian media.”     

As Iran grows confident because of the international support, her own nation is falling apart from within. God has a way of judging nations that blinds people to the threats within their own borders. Iranians are fed up with their government that can only stay in power by the fist. No one loves or believes in what they are doing. As Iranians protest, American leftists in our government throw them under the bus. As the Mullahs and their proxy groups foster more evil on the world, the Biden Administration finds more ways to support them!

“RIGHT AFTER ATTACKING ISRAEL, BIDEN VOWS TO GIVE $100 MILLION TO HEZBOLLAH. Right after Lebanon’s ruling party Hezbollah attacked Israel with missiles on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said that Washington will pledge close to $100 million in additional “humanitarian aid” to Lebanon reports Reuters. “Today I’m announcing nearly $100 million in new humanitarian assistance,” Biden said to a UN-sponsored donor conference for Lebanon which was led by France.”     

America is groaning under the leadership of evil people. To add insult to injury, they add the curses of God by cursing Israel. The attitude of the leftists in this country only emboldens Hezbollah, Fatah, Al Qaida, Boko Haram, and Hamas. Look how they reacted to the Biden foreign policy. I just finished reading “Dark Agenda” by David Horowitz and “We Will Not Be Silent”  by Erwin Lutzer, both books highlight how the Marxist agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris dedicate themselves to the destruction of Christianity and the Christian worldview in our country. When Marxism grows in a country, Christians and Jews will suffer.

‘Victory for Palestine is near,’ Iran’s new president tells terror chiefs. Freshly inaugurated Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi hosted the leaders of various terror groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad during his first day in office Friday, assuring Iran’s continued support for groups seeking the destruction of Israel. Social media users noted that the terror leaders, including Haniyeh and Hezbollah delegates, were seated in the first row, while a European Union representative was seated behind them.”    The European Union sent representatives to Iran to show their support for the butcher of Tehran. This was happening as French President Emmanuel Macron was pushing the Biden administration to support Iran and a new deal, JCPOA 2. (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Thank God that President Trump canceled the first deal! This next deal will be worse than the first.  

Consider the timing of all of this. God has been setting up the Gog Magog War in very tangible ways since 2015. First, He brought Russia and Iran to the borders of Israel in the Syrian civil war. Second, he forced the Obama administration to sign the deal with Iran, giving them 150 billion dollars. Money Iran has been using to build the forces, missiles, nukes, and alliances to destroy Israel. Third, God put Trump in office to strengthen Israel and put other nations in play for this end time’s drama to play out. Fourth, God increased the might of Israel during these 6 years exponentially. Fifth, God removed Trump and Netanyahu. Sixth, God put compromisers in charge in Israel who will do the bidding of the leftists until God intervenes in a powerful way.

“An Indo-Abrahamic alliance on the rise: How India, Israel, and the UAE are creating a new transregional order. There is a new and little noticed geostrategic alliance on the rise. India, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have had surface-level, transactional relations for a long time. However, last year’s normalization agreements between Israel and several Arab states — chief among them, the UAE — along with Turkey’s bid to return as the leader of a Muslim order and the growing distance between the UAE and Pakistan have created an unlikely and unprecedented “Indo-Abrahamic“ transregional order. This emerging multilateral pact may fill the gap the United States is leaving in the Middle East and has the potential to transform the region’s geopolitics and geoeconomics.” 

This alliance includes the countries south of Iran, Syria, and Iraq. Starting in India and going west, it includes Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, and Greece. If you saw this on a map, it would become clear that the alliance making up the Gog Magog Alliance will intimidate these countries into complaining when they attack. The outlier in the group is Sudan because they will betray this alliance and go in with Russia and Iran.

“Saudi Arabia moves towards the Gulf peace train with Israel. Indications of a radical policy turnaround in Riyadh towards jumping aboard the peace wagon rolling forward between Gulf nations and Israel were highlighted in a column published on July 1, 2021 by Asharq Al-Awsat, the London- based publication close to the Saudi royal house.”    

Everything is set up for the Gog Magog prophecy to be fulfilled, it is just a matter of time now before the Russians invade. I want to end the update with an oped from Wayne Allen Root. He compares today with 1938. The Biden administration is using the vaccine to take away our rights as citizens, we are losing our freedoms fast.

“Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated. This is the most important commentary I’ve ever written. This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it’s not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever. But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews. Everything happening today to the American people … to the U.S. Constitution … to freedom … and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.”        

You cannot buy or sell unless you have the vaccine is the mantra coming from the government. Threats keep coming from our elected leaders, you will be put on a no fly list, you will be cut off from social security, you will lose your benefits, all because you don’t take the shot. America is losing its soul. Pray like you have never prayed before, that God will give us a reprieve from the evil. I take pride in the way God protected His people in the Exodus. As He sent plague and judgment on the Egyptians, the Jews were protected. I pray the same for the Born again Christians who still have a job of sharing the good news and making disciples. May God keep us doing our job until He comes and takes us Home!!

Prophecy Updates

Rise of Spirit of Antichrist

Prophecy Update: Could the Antichrist be on the earth today?       

Part of the Rapture Convergence theory concerns itself with the question: are conditions ripe for the rise of the antichrist? I heard a newscaster say yesterday, “Antichrist might be on the earth.” The chaos erupting around the world caused the statement. The Bible makes very clear that Antichrist is coming.

“Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.”

1 John 2:21

The phrase ‘antichrists have appeared’ can be traced throughout history. Nimrod and Antiochus Epiphanes are two characters from history and the Bible who fit the description of antichrist. Nimrod is the original type of antichrist. Nimrod’s history is written in Genesis 10+11. “First, the meaning of his name is most suggestive. Nimrod signifies “The Rebel.” A fit designation was this for a man that foreshadowed the Lawless One, who shall oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God (2 Thess. 2:4), and who shall “stand up against the Prince of princes”

In Genesis 11, Nimrod defies the will of God by building the tower of Babel. His intent was to make a one-world government without God. What we see today from the United Nations and the globalists is the exact same thing.

“And the King shall do according to his will, and he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god (ruler), and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods”

Dan. 11:36

When antichrist comes, a distinguishing feature of his rule will be the arrogance shown towards our God. Today, we see a concerted effort among the Christian nations to eliminate Jesus from the public square. This has happened to Europe, it is happening in America, and it certainly is taking place in the Vatican. Prison and military chaplains are told that they cannot pray in Jesus name. Children in public schools are chastised for praying and prevented from reading the Bible. The assault on Christians continues unabated in most of the world.

“During the 400-year intertestamental period, there arose in the latter stages of the Greek kingdom a Gentile ruler named Antiochus IV. History records much about this despicable and villainous ruler, but more remarkable is the prophetic anticipation of Antichrist. In Daniel 7—8, two little horns appear, with one deliberately anticipatory of the other. Chapters 11—12 foretell the reign of the Seleucid dynasty, culminating in the cruel reign of Antiochus IV (through 11:35, according to most students of the passage). Then the focus shifts abruptly to the end-times Antichrist (11:36—12:3).”

Antiochus Epiphanes, aka, the ‘little horn’ desecrated the temple and committed the ‘abomination of desolation.’ When Alexander the great died, four of his generals divided up the kingdom. The division in Syria was ruled by a general named Seleucus (Antiochus IV), from 175 B.C. to 164 B.C. He was a treacherous, vengeful, ruler who attacked Israel. (Daniel 11:21-35)

If the coming antichrist is like Nimrod and Antiochus Epiphanes then we can look forward to a global government and the rebuilding of the temple. When Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated the temple, it was during the second temple period. The spirit of globalism, hatred of the Bible, elimination of Jewish/Christian influence, a desire to destroy Israel, a desire to commit a second holocaust of the Jews, and a desire to worship Satanic inspired false gods, dominate the headlines.

The spirit of the antichrist will include, hatred of Jesus, hatred of Israel, and a desire to rule the world. According to John, the spirit of the antichrist is already here.

“and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.”

1 John 4:3

Nimrod teaches us that there will be a move towards Global Government: 

Since the 1920’s the move of the elites of the world has been toward consolidation of authority over the nations. Eventually that will lead to a global government that fits the description of Daniel 2+7.

“What If The Last Year Was Only A Taste Of What Is To Come? One of the ways the global cabal is attempting to implement The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is by putting global supply chains at risk to bring the economy to its knees. These “existential” crises are deliberately put in motion to move the world towards global governance based on the UN (Agenda 2030) Sustainable Development goals, a new blockchain based financial system, and a China-like surveillance state.” 

The globalists are using fear-based tactics to gain control. If they can curse the economy, create chaos, and curtail freedom, then they can gain more control over average citizen’s lives. One way to put people in fear is to threaten war.

“The Doomsday clock is ticking. Since 1947, the non-profit organization, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS), adjusts its symbolic clock to represent how close we are to destroying civilization, as we know it. In 2020 the clock was set at 100 seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been to the theoretic end. According to a YouGov survey gathered last year, about one-third of American adults believe that an apocalyptic disaster will occur in their lifetime.”    

The Bible teaches us to keep out eyes on Israel. Israel is going to be attacked and the nations attacking Israel include Iran. The last few days, Iran has been in the news regarding war.

“BREAKING NEWS: Staggering revelations are coming out of the United Nations here in the New York City area this afternoon.  According to Iran President Rouhani, he was told by the former head of the United Nations that “members of the Security Council have decided upon war against Iran.” This comes just hours after Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated publicly “Iran poses an imminent and immediate danger, we must act now. Iran’s terror proxies in region have hundreds of strike drones, Tehran’s aggression keeps growing; the time to act against Iran is now,” and then went farther, saying “Israel will take action to eliminate any existential threat.”     

The timing of this is very suspicious, coming when Russia declares its unity with Iran against Israel. Also very suspicious is the methodology of some of the attacks.

“Rapid escalation: Iran hits six (!) Ships – Captures one with special forces result! The captains of all six tankers announced almost simultaneously through the AIS system that they “do not have control” of their ships. Most likely, Iran launched a cyber attack, killing the systems of the six ships to immobilize them and then capture at least one.”      

President Biden just threatened an unknown nation with war because of cyber-attacks. Hmmm, Iran attacks several ships using cyber weapons, then the UN says it’s declaring war on Iran. That means that China and Russia are next on the global warpath. It was reported that the ships might have hit mines set by Iran, but later they surmised that it could have been a cyber-attack. Iran is denying they did any of this.

“New escalation: Shiite forces fire rockets at Israel from Lebanon -A “signal” for a new front against Israel was sent by Iran using Shiite pro-Iranian militias in Lebanon. Hezbollah and Palestinian groups fired rockets from southern Lebanon at Israel. The move comes shortly before the UN Security Council discusses measures to be taken against Iran. “In the event of an attack on Iran, Hezbollah and other Shiite organizations will attack Israel from all fronts.” 

“IDF ramps up pressure on Lebanon following rocket fire on Israel. Three rockets were fired at northern Israel from Lebanon on Wednesday afternoon, triggering sirens in communities near the border and a quick response from IDF forces that continued in intervals over several hours. Israeli forces responded with artillery fire towards the origin of the fire, across the Lebanese border, the army said. The artillery fire was reportedly resumed about an hour later, with residents in northern Israel saying they heard more shelling toward Lebanon.” 

It is certainly true that the rise of Antichrist will come when the world is in turmoil. We see a lot of turmoil today. The antichrist will sign a peace deal with Israel and the world. They sign a peace deal because Jesus said that the end times would be full of wars which are determined! (Daniel 9+Matthew 24) With that in mind, consider this next article:

“The biggest mobilization of the last 40 years: All US Navy Fleets on combat readiness! In a move that is described as “unprecedented”, the US Navy is mobilizing its naval forces worldwide, synchronizing the Fleets in 17 different Time Zones, from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The US Navy is launching a global exercise that will last until August 16. It is the largest exercise in 40 years in a global effort to send a message to Russia and China that the United States can fight on multiple fronts simultaneously.” 

Antichrist will be brutal as these next two quotes point out:

“And when they shall have finished their testimony the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them” (Rev. 11:7). This is another name which reveals the terrible nature and character of the Antichrist and which places him in sharp antithesis from the true Christ. “The Beast” is the title by which he is most frequently designated in the Revelation: there are at least thirty references to him under this name in the last book of the Bible.” 

“He will be endowed with the most extraordinary powers, so that “he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people” (Dan. 8:24). Before his exploits the fame of Alexander and Napoleon will be forgotten. None will be able to stand before him. He will go “forth conquering and to conquer” (Rev. 6:2). He will sweep everything before him so that the world will exclaim, “Who is like unto the Beast? who is able to make war with him?” (Rev. 13:4). His military exploits will not be confined to a corner, but carried out on a vast scale. He is spoken of as the man who will “shake kingdoms” and “make the earth to tremble” (Isa. 14:16). 

With all of the areas of the world under threat of war, it is clear that the signs of the time are ripe for the rise of the antichrist. He will come claiming the answers to peace and security, but he is a monster with the desire to kill. He is like his father the devil, a liar and murderer. The Bible teaches us that the antichrist is the little horn. That means that the government is already formed when he appears. The ten toes of Daniel 2, and the ten horns of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 are already formed when the little horn appears. That means that the global government will be in operation before the antichrist takes over three of the horns and dominates the world.

The United Nations has a plan in place for global government and they have been implementing the plan. It is called Agenda 2030. “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development.”  

Notice how the UN frames their goal, eliminate poverty. Great goal but Jesus said it would not happen. They wish to save the planet, save the people, and introduce peace for the whole world. Jesus said, when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come. Satan always comes as an angel of light and the last days deception will promise much and deliver on nothing!