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Burdensome stone

Prophecy Update: Jerusalem a Burdensome Stone

If you were driving down the road and made a right turn onto a road that just had a horrible crash and the police put restrictions that caused you to turn around, that is what it is like to deal with Jerusalem. The nations of the world are dealing with Jerusalem and it is a burdensome stone for them when they should turn around. Turning around means to agree that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and unified. The nations however say that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel but an international city that should be shared by the nations, with east Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State. That is like trying to force your way by the police blockade. In this case, the blockade is from the Lord Himself. His blockade to the nations is to say to them, accept my will regarding Jerusalem or else. God does not often act like this so when He does, you should pay attention. Of Jerusalem God said,

Zech. 1:17 “Again, proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “My cities will again overflow with prosperity, and the LORD will again comfort Zion and again choose Jerusalem.”’”

God has established His truth about Jerusalem in Israeli law and it is accepted by several countries as America led the charge to move the embassy to Jerusalem. The important thing to point out is that God has moved and His truth has gone forth. Jerusalem is His city and He has given it to Israel, not the Palestinians or Muslims or the Vatican. God asks the nations to have this attitude:

Isa 66:10 “Be joyful with Jerusalem and rejoice for her, all you who love her;
Be exceedingly glad with her, all you who mourn over her.

Instead of rejoicing about what God has done, the nations have rebelled and they are fulfilling at least in their attitude Zech.12:3, “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.” In Israel, King David fought and killed the giant Goliath with a rock and a sling. Israel made a defense missile system called David’s Sling. The world should note with great care, that Israel is protected and can fight as David did. These nations are Goliath and Israel is David, victory is secure.

God is very clear about His intentions. He has intended to bring Israel back and to establish Jerusalem. We are so privileged to be living in that day. God says:

Psalm132:13+14, For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. “This is My resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.”
America has very strongly supported Israel in every area. Most important is that America now agrees that the Palestinians are a poor partner for peace. Amreica has bypassed the Palestinian Liberation Authority. We just stopped 200 million dollars going to the PLA. Here is the headline from YNET news: “Erekat accuses US, Israel of ‘waging war’ on Palestinians. After US announces decision to cut more than $200 million in Palestinian aid, PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat tells Ynet ‘political blindness’ shown by Trump and Netanyahu, which he says has ‘no end game’, is destroying the path of peace; says no peace without east Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state.” As you will note, the PLA is still living under the illusion that they will get Jerusalem. The illusion continues for most nations of the world. The EU and UN are filled with nations that hate Israel and are willing to go to war to kick Israel out of the land. However, they have no will in either place. All of their words are empty and there is no one to attack Israel with an army big enough or strong enough to defeat Israel. The one nation that can launch an attack is Russia.

America recognizes that Iran and Russia are on the border of Israel and have evil intentions. That is why America has moved to recognize the Golan Heights. This is where the war of Magog/Gog will take place. It was reported last week: August 24:

NETANYAHU SAYS HAS NOT GIVEN UP ON U.S. RECOGNITION OF CONTROL OVER GOLAN: In July the House Subcommittee on National Security held a hearing on the matter under the title: “A new horizon in US-Israel relations: From an American embassy in Jerusalem to potential recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” The purpose of the hearing, according to an announcement put out by the subcommittee, was “to discuss the potential for American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in furtherance of US national security interests.” Russia is preparing for the war with Israel. Look at this move this week: “Russia will next month hold its biggest war games in nearly four decades,” Reuters is reporting.

“Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was quoted by Russian news agencies on Tuesday as describing the scope of the war games, which will take place from September 11 through 15. “The exercise — called Vostok-2018 (East-2018) — will take place in central and eastern Russian military districts and involve almost 300,000 troops, over 1,000 military aircraft, two of Russia’s naval fleets, and all its airborne units, agencies quoted Shoigu as saying. It will be the biggest military exercise since 1981….”

Since 2014 Russia has been on the move; war with Ukraine, taking Crimea, entering Syria and fighting for four years, war games to practice invasion of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. America and NATO are unprepared for this attack from Russia. The only way to stop the Russians is to use nukes and America does not seem prepared to do this. On top of this, the EU has now declared that America is not a partner for anything. Macron: Europe can’t rely on U.S. for security Aug.28th Arkansas Democrat Gazette–French President Emmanuel Macron called on Europe to take more responsibility for its defense as partners like the U.S. “turn their back” on the current world order. “The real question for Europe is if China and the U.S. see Europe as being strategically autonomous; today they don’t,” Macron told French ambassadors in Paris on Monday during the president’s annual foreign-policy speech. “Europe can no longer rely solely on the United States for its security. We must guarantee our own security and sovereignty.”

Macron is deceived by his political correctness. He claims to be a great leader because he has better morals than nationalists and Trump. He believes there should be no national borders. I bet Russia and Germany wouldn’t mind taking their land. If America decides not to enter a war with Russia in Europe, Russia would have no problem destroying Europe. It should serve as a warning that when Macron and Merkel of Germany shout loudly that they are going to defend themselves without the USA, Russia begins moving troops into position to invade. The Bible tells us that the invasion of Israel is coming. But make no mistake about it, Russia wants the Baltic States. If no one stopped them from taking Crimea, no one will stop them from taking the Baltic States. This might be the final practice before Russia invades Israel.

Bloomberg had this headline: “Macron and Merkel Are Signaling They’ve Finally Had Enough of Trump.” This breaking with the USA signals the rise of anti-Christ.
“Both are pushing the EU to take on more global responsibility for defense while weighing a plan to create a separate financial system to ensure European autonomy. As the finance ministers of both countries pick up the discussion during talks in Paris on Wednesday, a question mark remains over whether it’s even feasible for a continent so intertwined with the U.S. to take back control.”
We know that Bible Prophecy teaches us that Europe will be taken over by the anti-Christ and a new financial system. These events this week are the down payment for the eventual fulfillment of prophecy.

Without the anti-Christ, Europe will not stop Russia or hinder the USA. They are so weak, there is no will in Europe to defend their culture. The takeover of Europe by the Muslims is almost complete. As Russia sends three war ships to the border of Syria in the Mediterranean, Europe is concerned that Italy and Hungary will not take any more Muslims into their countries. The European Union issued a report asking NATO to show restraint towards Russia in all of her moves of troops, nukes, and military maneuvers. Oh did I tell you that Russia moved more tactical nukes into the Syrian region. You cannot ask Europe to become more passive, Neville Chamberlain would be so proud. As Russia gets more powerful, war is on the horizon quickly. The buildup is coming fast. This is easy to see in all of the free press, what we do not know is how and when Russia will strike.

Since Jerusalem is the timepiece of biblical prophecy, mark it well that the European Union is entrenched in their view that the Jews do not have a right to make Jerusalem their capital. They have opposed Israel in every law they passed concerning Jerusalem being their capital. Since they claim that it belongs to the Arabs, God sent them the Arab Muslims and they are being judged by this group of people.
Iran and Syria just inked a deal for Iran to stay in Syria. The response of Europe was to support Iran and not the USA or Israel. In my mind, Germany and France just made themselves the enemies of the USA. Both Macron and Merkel show their hatred for anyone who does not follow their globalist agenda. The globalist agenda is the agenda of Anti-Christ, period. Pray for the United States to stay strong in the midst of all of the chaos. God has blessed the Christians in this country giving us another opportunity to share His word and teach the truth before the fall comes. Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Prophecy Updates

The China Threat

Prophecy Update: August 23, 2018 “The China Threat”

While the press obsesses over Russia and destroying Trump, our greatest enemy is the communist leaders in China. China has been following a strategy to destroy America for many years, however, the US government has treated China as a partner and not an enemy. That was until Trump came to town and has changed how the CIA and Pentagon treat China. China employs a strategy known as ‘Asymmetrical Warfare’ and they are making incredible headway against us, to the point that they now openly threaten us. Among the more than 40 strategies: culture warfare to break the moral fabric of a society, cyberwarfare as a tool to achieve its various goals, economic warfare to rob and destroy a country’s economy, and psychological warfare to alter the way people interpret information.

This week: “FBI Director Warns China is America’s Most Significant Intelligence Threat.” China is engaged in aggressive intelligence operations in the United States, ranging from the recruitment of academics to stealing agricultural secrets from farmers, FBI Director Christopher Wray says. “I think China, from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country,” Wray said during a security conference in Colorado. Current and former intelligence officials last week acknowledged that decades of intelligence assessments and policies toward China that viewed the Communist Party-ruled government in Beijing as a benign power are no longer valid. The journal Foreign Affairs recently published a debate titled “Did America get China wrong?” based on an article by former diplomats Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner who called for new policies toward China based on the failure of decades of U.S. engagement policies to mitigate the China threat. A recent Rand Corp. study concluded that U.S. military forces are so poorly structured the United States is in danger of losing a future war with China.

Author and commentator Bill Gertz has catalogued for us all the ways China has been attacking America and America has not listened. I have read several of his books and the last one is about the technology war with China in cyberspace. It is called IWAR and is very good. Unfortunately, the USA has been set up to take a fall if China goes through with her plan.

The Trump administration sharply changed course. In December 2017, the White House National Security Strategy, in a major policy shift, declared China to be a strategic competitor. The Pentagon followed in January with a new Pentagon defense strategy that identified Beijing as a strategic threat, along with Russia. Aggressive Chinese spying and theft of technology, largely carried out unimpeded in previous years, is now a major counterintelligence priority. Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray disclosed that Chinese spies pose the “most significant” intelligence threat to the United States.
A 2005 special U.S. intelligence assessment produced for the director of national intelligence stated that American spy agencies missed more than a dozen key Chinese military developments, including new weapons systems. Four years earlier, a panel of intelligence experts found the CIA was soft on China and suffered from an “institutional predisposition” to play down or misinterpret threats from China.
Post 9-11, the Bush administration’s focus has, of course, been riveted on the terror war, and China has gone off the main radar. But despite Beijing’s public support for the coalition’s war on terror, regular rumblings of Chinese complicity with the terrorists have surfaced. Among them was a WND report of some Chinese fighters assisting the Taliban.

Now, author Gordon Thomas has written a book claiming that Beijing had an actual role in the Sept. 11 attack on America. In “Seeds of Fire,” Thomas purports to show how Beijing is positioning itself to become America’s “new major enemy.” Thomas points out that on Sept. 11, a transport plane from Beijing landed in Kabul. A Chinese delegation had gone to Afghanistan to sign a deal with the Taliban – reportedly brokered by Osama bin Laden – to provide the Afghans with missile-tracking technology, state-of-the-art communications and air-defense systems. In his book, Thomas contends that hours after the plane landed in Kabul, CIA Director George Tenet received a coded “red alert” message from Israeli Mossad agents that presented a “worst case scenario” – that China would use a surrogate, bin Laden, to attack the United States. We did not listen!

Asymmetrical warfare: THE IMPRESSIVE CONVENTIONAL military strength post-industrial states have procured in the past half-century has helped to determine the shape and nature of modern warfare. In a geostrategic environment where conflict continues to persist between advanced militaries and their substandard adversaries–either rogue states or terror cells–the latter have been forced to develop asymmetric ways of challenging the superior with the inferior.
Infographic: China’s Secret War Against America: “Methods of subversion and unrestricted war used to undermine the United States April 12, 2018” The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has for decades waged a quiet war against the United States, mobilizing all elements of its society, and targeting all institutions and foundations of the American system. In this war, it is using a series of unconventional warfare tactics designed to achieve the goals of war, without engaging in troop-on-troop combat. Many of these tactics were detailed in the 1999 Chinese military book, “Unrestricted Warfare,” but pull from older deception tactics and from programs that were set in motion by the Soviet Union. The key goal is to win a war without fighting openly, to seize control of a society gradually, to steal an economy, and to use methods to intentionally keep the public distracted and unaware. “The ultimate goal is complete takeover, both economically and militarily, until permanent capitulation is achieved,” Fleming said, and described it as a form of warfare “based on deception, and devoid of any rules.”
Michael Pillsbury was on the Mark Levin show last week, he is a China expert with decades of experience working in the U.S. government for multiple administrations. His comments were chilling. He has just released a work titled, The Hundred Year Marathon. Here are some observations of the book:
“False assumption number 1: Engagement with China brings complete cooperation. It hasn’t. After decades of America assisting in China’s rise, they are more of a threat now to our way of life and security than ever.
False assumption number 2: China is on the road to democracy. They are not. They are a hard core totalitarian system that seeks domination over the United States.
False assumption number 3: China is a fragile power. They are not. This is a ruse to lull the West to sleep over their true designs, until it is too late, adhering to ancient Chinese tactics. (The Art of War)
False assumption number 4: China wants to be, and is, just like us. They are not. In decades, China will still be a hostile adversary, bent on our subjugation to their power. Only then, their economy will be much larger than ours. They are using deception and subterfuge to blind us to their true goals of conquest.
False assumption number 5: Chinese hawks are weak within China. On the contrary, they control policy making and are hostile to the United States.”
Did you know there are 300,000 Chinese students now in the United States, sending all their research, patents, and proprietary information home to the Chinese communists? They are embedded in our government, in our schools, in our media and entertainment industry, and in our technology. Of course the Marxists don’t want Donald Trump in power. He stands for everything that they hate – freedom, the rule of law, the values of the American founders, free market capitalism. We truly are in a perilous time for our republic.

At the conclusion of the description of the four horsemen of the apocalypse God says in Rev.6:8, “And I looked and behold an ashen horse and he who sat on it had the name death; and Hades was following with him and authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” I believe that America has to fall for the tribulation to begin. It may fall at the beginning when this war described in Rev.6 happens. It may happen before. China already is installing the antichrist system of tracking all of their citizens and punishing them for what they believe. In the USA this tracking is happening from private companies. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, men are feeling more like gods than ever. Digital life is connected in America with physical life because many of our clothes and shoes are marked with tracking devices that send info back to the company. A cashless society is rising quickly. China is working hard to dominate this market because they believe that they should dominate the world. China is persecuting Christians at an alarming rate. They go after any dissenting voices much like ABC, CBS, CNN etc, are doing in the US. With the rise of China, technology and the mark of the beast, and the civil war in the USA points to a soon event called the rapture. The feast of trumpets comes on Sept.8-9, just two weeks from today. I love this time of the year and I always look forward to the rapture. Pray for the Lord to come back quickly!!
Lastly, Germany is calling for a global payment system independent of the USA. This along with Russia, Iran, and China moving away from the dollar is giving rise of a new currency, a global currency; one which the Antichrist will use for his evil kingdom. If the dollar falls, watch out. Lord Jesus come!!

Prophecy Updates

Not depressed,Excited!

Prophecy Update: August 17, 2018

I am following several stories that are very depressing. I am not depressed however. In JC Ryle’s book on the end times he says, “I believe that the wide‐spread unbelief, indifference, formalism, and wickedness, which are to be seen throughout Christendom, are only what we are taught to expect in God’s Word. Troublesome times, departures from the faith, evil men waxing worse and worse, love waxing cold, are things distinctly predicted. So far from making me doubt the truth of Christianity, they help to confirm my faith. Melancholy and sorrowful as the sight is, if I did not see it I should think the Bible was not true (Matt. 24:12; 1 Tim. 4:1; 2 Tim. 3:1,4, 13).” He said these things in 1867. Just as JC Ryle believed the Word of God, I think we do not need to be afraid of the things which God has already said would happen.

The Roman Catholic Church has real problems with immorality and then they cover it up. The New York times reported last week, “Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says: Bishops and other leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests over a period of 70 years, persuading victims not to report the abuse and law enforcement not to investigate it, according to a searing report issued by a grand jury on Tuesday.” Pope Francis said that one in fifty priests are pedophile. Christianity is being denigrated because of this evil.

Andy Stanley is in hot water again because he is advocating an old heresy. He is pushing Christians to unhitch themselves from the Old Testament. Al Mohler confronted him in an excellent article. “Getting ‘Unhitched’ from the Old Testament? Andy Stanley Aims at Heresy August 10, 2018.” Earlier this year, Stanley brought controversy when he argued in a sermon that the Christian faith must be “unhitched” from the Old Testament. He claimed that “Peter, James, Paul elected to unhitch the Christian faith from their Jewish scriptures, and my friends, we must as well.” Indeed, in the sermon Stanley did not argue that any specific Old Testament command should be nullified. Instead, he went even further and told his listeners that the Old Testament should not be seen as “the go-to source regarding any behavior in the church.” In his view, the first century leadership of the church “unhitched the church from the worldview, value system, and regulations of the Jewish Scriptures.” Andy Stanley could not be more wrong. Listen to Jesus:
“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 5:17-19)

Andy Stanley denied what Jesus said here when he said to Jonathan Merritt in a interview: “I’m convinced that we make a better case for Jesus if we leave the Old Testament or the old covenant out of the argument. We can make a better case for Jesus than the case Jesus made for himself?” Seriously, this guy is off the reservation. I would encourage you to stop listening to Andy Stanley until he repents of this heretical position which he has taken. Jesus said in John 5:39 of the OT, “it is they that bear witness about me.” Al Mohler went on to quote Stanley from 2016, ‘In recent years, Andy Stanley has encouraged getting over “the Bible tells me so.” He actually claimed in 2016 that the church veered into “trouble” when it began to make its arguments on the basis of the Bible. He cited “deconversion” stories in which people told him that they lost their Christian faith when they lost confidence in the Bible. He said: “If the Bible is the foundation of your faith, here’s the problem: it’s all or nothing. Christianity becomes a fragile house of cards religion.” In the interview Stanley affirmed again that affirmation of the virgin birth is not necessary. He had earlier stated, “If someone can predict their own death and resurrection, I’m not all that concerned about how they got into the world.” Problem is that the Bible is very concerned about how Jesus came into the world.

God has warned us that false teachers would arise and that they would seek to lead many astray. JC Ryle went onto say: “I believe that the grand purpose of the
present dispensation is to gather out of the world an elect people, and not to convert all mankind. It does not surprise me at all to hear that the heathen are not all converted when missionaries preach, and that believers are but a little flock in any congregation in my own land. It is precisely the state of things which I expect to find. The Gospel is to be preached “as a witness,” and then shall the end come. This is the dispensation of election, and not of universal conversion (Acts 15:14; Matt. 24:14). This is a very important statement because so many think that if we did church right, we would reach the whole community and everyone would get saved. NOT! Jesus told us the exact opposite. He said if they hated Me then they will hate you. This is a very uncomfortable truth, but suffering for the sake of the Gospel is exactly what we find in our world.

In Colorado, the baker who was cleared by the Supreme Court is being persecuted. Reuters had this headline: “Colorado baker in case of Supreme Court sues state over ‘persecution’ A Colorado baker who won a narrow Supreme Court victory over his refusal to make a wedding cake for a gay couple is suing the state after it launched another case against him for declining to create a cake for a transgender woman. “This lawsuit is necessary to stop Colorado’s continuing persecution of Phillips,” the written complaint alleges. Also named in the lawsuit are Governor John Hickenlooper and Cynthia Coffman, the state attorney general.” The left, those who Jesus would say are of their father the devil, continue to persecute Christians across the country.

Canada’s Trinity Western University (TWU) has quietly caved to judicial and LGBT pressure to remove its insistence that students agree to refrain from all sexual activity outside of traditional marriage. Only when the academic institution attempted to open a law school was the requirement challenged. In June, the Supreme Court of Canada — in a decision that many decried a profound violation of religious freedom — voted 7-2 against the university, saying, “A mandatory covenant is not absolutely required to study law in a Christian environment.” This is just one of many stories that I can site to show that Satan is putting on a full press court on Christians.

In America, Christians and states are fighting back.(I am so proud of America) Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill passed by the state legislature in March that would require all Florida public schools to include a display with the motto “In God We Trust” in visible places on school property. The legislation is set to go into effect this week, the New York Post reported. Alabama public schools also began placing signs with “In God We Trust” in prominent places within school buildings because of recently passed legislation that went into effect in July. Additionally, lawmakers in Arkansas and Tennessee passed laws requiring public schools to post the phrase. Arkansas public schools rolled out “In God We Trust” posters in November after the state passed legislation in August allowing the motto to be displayed on school property, and Tennessee lawmakers passed a law in March requiring public schools to post the national motto in a visible area of school property.” We should pray that God will bless the efforts of these states and that God will send revival.

The nation of Hungary is fighting back against all of the anti-Christian bias. “In a time when most of Europe is in the grips of atheism, there is a nation where Christianity seems to not only be holding its own but some say is thriving. Imagine a government that is unabashedly Christian, that thinks Christian values are worth defending, that wants to protect and even nourish the family.” Now they even beat the anti-Christian George Soros group dedicated to harming all Christians.
The British press had this headline: “EXPELLED: Hungary wins the war against ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros, who has decided to move his foundation from Budapest to Berlin.” Hungary’s constitution is explicitly Christian and says that marriage is between one man and one woman and that life begins at conception. It even includes the phrase, “God bless the Hungarians. The Hungarian government says, “Taking in persecuted Christians is our moral and constitutional duty.”

I am praying that President Trump has the guts to throw George Soros and his organization out of the USA like Hungary did. Dave Hodges said in his recent commentary: “Sitting at the heart of all of America’s problems is a man named George Soros and he continues to destroy this country with impunity. The left is marching toward a New World Order characterized by the loss of civil liberties and the destruction of capitalism. This will end with compliant sheep living in stack and pack cities after a genocidal purge as foretold by Bill Ayers and the torch is being carried by George Soros.” George Soros funds ANTIFA, radical abortion groups, and anarchy in our country. He is behind the push to purge the internet of conservative points of view. The left is now unhinged and believe that it is time to use violence against all of the people who have a Biblical worldview or who hold to pro American views. This anger and hatred is from Satan. I hope that you are praying with me that God would preserve our country. Please pray what Pres. Lincoln said at Gettysburg: “that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Amen!

Prophecy Updates


Prophecy Update: Aug.10, 2018


On my heart this week are two issues. The first is the West Bank and the desire of the Trump Administration to make a peace deal in the Middle East. The second is the civil war in the United States.

My first concern is the peace plan; I am always alert to anyone who wants to write a peace deal for the Middle East because that is what Anti-Christ will do to start the tribulation period. In this case we do not have any details about the peace deal but we do have some of the activities of the Trump Administration that effect the deal. This week, it was revealed that the Administration is seeking to end the refugee status for the Palestinians. In internal emails, Jared Kushner advocated a “sincere effort to disrupt” the U.N.’s relief agency for Palestinians.


Report: US plans to strip Palestinian descendants of refugee status. In effort to remove Palestinian refugees issue off the negotiating table, Jared Kushner reportedly plans to eliminate the UN relief agency (UNRWA) and resettle Palestinian refugees in neighboring countries; in emails obtained by Foreign Policy, Kushner writes to his colleagues: ‘It is important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA. It perpetuates a status quo, is corrupt, inefficient and doesn’t help peace.’ The United States has been funding UNRWA since its establishment in 1949 following Israel’s War of Independence, and most of US presidents have supported the agency. But the Trump administration has come out against the agency, cutting more than half of its funding. Many in the US and Israel claim the agency merely perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem rather than serving as a solution to it, keeping the hope of Palestinian return to lands that have been part of the State of Israel for 70 years alive.”


It is clear that two forces are coming up against one another at the same time. God is working to bring home more Jews so they need more land and the Trump Administration just came up with a plan to give the nation of Israel more land—and it is in the West Bank, what Israel calls Judea and Samaria. This is stunning on many levels. It comes against the forces of evil that wish to destroy Israel.

For 70 years the Palestinians have used ‘refugee status’ and ‘right of return’ arguments for Israel to give back the land.  At the UN they have a specific agency dedicated to helping the Palestinian refugees called UNRWA. “Created in December 1949, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is a relief and human development agency which supports more than 5 million registered Palestinian refugees, and their descendants, who fled or were expelled from their homes during the 1948 Palestine war as well as those who fled or were expelled during and following the 1967 Six Day war.” The agency provides funds to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza Strip, and the West Bank for the refugees. “By trying to unwind UNRWA, the Trump administration appears ready to reset the terms of the Palestinian refugee issue in Israel’s favor—as it did on another key issue in December, when Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”


Just like he pushed NATO to pay their fair share, Trump has pushed the Arab states for not doing anything to help the refugees so he is asking them to resettle them in their own lands. This is stunning and another example of why God put Donald Trump in the White House, no president would even consider doing something like this. Since Anti-Christ confirms a peace deal, could this be the deal that is confirmed?(this proves that Trump is not the anti-Christ as some claim) Trump is backed in his efforts by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates which is even more stunning. Saudi Arabia has been very harsh against the Palestinian Authority and has actually backed Israel in their condemnation of the Palestinians.

Since May the whole world has changed, the US pulled out of the Iran deal, moved the embassy to Jerusalem, and reinstated Iran sanctions. All of the necessary conditions for the Gog Magog prophecy to be fulfilled are in place and now the peace deal is in the works. Wow, what a year.

The other stunning development since last year is the support of Israel by Saudi Arabia. I see no reason for this except the Iranian threat and war with Iran. The Iranian aggressiveness in Syria, Yemen, and Africa is causing the Saudi’s to turn to Israel for help. Israel is fighting in Syria, killing and putting pressure on the Iranians. Cannot wait to see how long the peace deal is going to be for. If the Trump team says it is for 7 years, lift up your eyes for our redemption draws closer!


Now to my second topic which is related to the first. A civil war is brewing in the United States. All that Donald Trump is doing is infuriating the progressive communist left and they are throwing out more threats than they ever have. On June 27th USA Today had this headline:  Poll: Almost a third of US voters think a second civil war is coming soon. Amid widespread political polarization on issues like immigration and recent public confrontations of Trump administration officials, 31 percent of probable U.S. voters surveyed said they think “it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen experiences at restaurants suggest a ‘soft’ civil war is well underway. It will get worse unless we learn to stop hating each other.


EXPERT: AMERICA COULD BE “OVERRUN” BY DEEP STATE Calls for prayers from God-fearing Americans. Mike Adams calls upon Christians and God-fearing Americans to send their prayers for the United States into the heavens because the deep state criminal cabal trying to destroy it are growing bolder. The problem for the deep state, Antifa, and all of their cronies is how can they start the war and then blame it on Trump and all who voted for him? Antifa is the George Soros group meant to destroy the USA. “The principal feature of Antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists. Conflicts are both online and in real life.” Just recently in Portland the police arrested Antifa thugs before they marched on an ICE office and found many weapons. They are a dangerous group and want to start riots etc. I fear that a false flag attack will be the strategy that they make. It is not widely reported but they have started shooting border agents and cops.

Antifa is training people to up the ante in violence with the end goal of destroying our government and removing Trump from office. I can imagine the left shooting into a crowd of people and then leaving all kinds of literature as if it were a conservative group. CNN will have a ball blaming Christians and conservatives all the while they know it is the left.

China censors the internet so that you cannot say anything that contradicts the communist dictators. The Democrats want the same system in America. Reason magazine ran an article called, “Senate Democrats are Circulating Plans for Government takeover of the Internet.” This week Alex Jones was shut down by Google and Youtube. Democrats are using Russian hacking as an excuse to shut down fake news. Their definition of fake news means no more Fox News. This from Zerohedge: One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul Institute director, found their Twitter accounts suspended.” Another example: Facebook has banned Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng’s campaign video ad about communist crimes that led her family to flee Cambodia for the U.S., claiming the platform doesn’t allow “shocking, disrespectful, or sensational” content.


It is shocking that anyone who has escaped communism will be shut down if you talk about it on social media. As we get closer to the Lord returning, we will see more and more censorship. America is in the midst of a fight over informing people. President Trump calls out the lies and manipulation of fake news and the push back has been violent. All of the threats of violence in the USA are birth pangs. God said that the love of many would grow cold. The Antifa riots are an example of this as they hit, hurt, and attack anyone who believes in the constitution and capitalism. The NYTimes hired someone who wants the death of all white people. The New York Times is digging in its heels, defending its hiring of Sarah Jeong to its editorial board even as she sent multiple racists tweets. In past tweets, among other things, Jeong said that “old white men” were “lemmings,” said that white people would “go extinct soon,” and used the hashtag #CancelWhitePeople. “We hired Sarah Jeong because of the exceptional work she has done covering the internet and technology at a range of respected publications,” the Times wrote. The left controls the media, schools, social narrative, and many people are standing up to the deception coming from them.


At the heart of the conflict in America is a spiritual battle. Jesus said that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. The greatest and most important conflict in America is over the view that our rights come from God. Christians still believe that these truths are self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. The left is dedicated to the eradication of those rights because they believe that our rights come from government. The more that God blesses Christians and answers our prayers, I see the USA standing. When God decides enough is enough, He will bring anarchy on our nation to judge it for all of our rebellion against Him in government: abortion, idolatry, and immorality. Government forces protect at any cost abortion, immorality, and hatred of Christians. What has made Pres. Trump so dangerous to the anti-God people is that he supports Christianity and Judaism. His stand for Israel and Christians has been amazing. He also appointed ten evangelicals. This has enraged the left. Keep praying for peace and mercy from our Lord.


Prophecy Updates

Russia and Iran a Problem

Prophecy Update: Aug.3, 2018

The motivation for most of the conflicts in the world today can be traced back to the work God is doing regarding Israel. The news outlets do not have a spiritual and biblical lens by which to interpret the world so they see the world through secular eyes. Satan is pushing the nations towards conflicts and his most important conflict is the one regarding Israel. He hopes that he can destroy Israel and all of his attempts have failed. He failed in Egypt when God raised up Moses, he failed with Haman in Persia, he failed in WW2 with the holocaust, and he failed with four major wars against Israel in the 20th century. Israel won all four wars and Satan changed tactics. Now he uses terrorists and Iran to fuel war against Israel and it too will fail. The outcome of the failure will be the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The past four wars against Israel were all Arab/Muslim states and took place in 1948, 56, 67, and 73. All of those wars were backed by the Russians, called the Soviet Union at the time. Since then, Satan has massaged anti-Semitism among Europeans who are trying to find a way to do Satan’s will. Many politicians in Europe are against the Jewish state and finding ways to back those who wish to destroy Israel. The next big war will include Russia and Iran as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. Teaser: all of Europe and NATO are worried about Russia, the Middle East is worried about Russia, America is worried and obsessed about the Russian Bear, you think Satan has people scared yet?

What has God been doing to accomplish His will regarding Israel? He has been establishing Jerusalem and solidifying the work to bring back the rest of the exiles. One thing needs to be made clear to the world, God wants to bring back the Jews to His Land and give it to Jews so that it can be a Jewish state. Another step in that process took place this past week when Israel passed the Basis Law regarding Israel.
PUBLISHED: 08:30 EDT, 29 July 2018 Daily Mail: Netanyahu defends controversial Jewish nation law –The new legislation speaks of Israel as the historic homeland of the Jews and says they have a “unique” right to self-determination there. Here is a portion of the bill:
1. The State of Israel
a) Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people in which the State of Israel was established.
b) The state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, religious, and historic right to self-determination.
c) The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.
5. The state will be open to Jewish immigration and to the gathering of the exiled.
7. The state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development.

“A hundred and twenty-two years after [the founder of modern Zionism Theodore] Herzl made his vision known, with this law we determined the founding principle of our existence,” Benjamin Netanyahu said. It is so exciting to see that God is fulfilling His Word to us in our day. Amos 9:14-15 says, “Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. “I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them,” Says the LORD your God.” It is God who is planting them in the land and it is God who will keep them there. No one will be able to push them out. Wars will come and Satan will lose all of them including Armageddon!
What was the response of the world to Israel’s new law? EU condemns Israel’s new nationality law, Egypt Slams Israel’s Jewish Nation-state Law, Foreign Policy had this to say: But most dangerous of all is the stipulation that “the state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development.” This is the world coming against what God is doing, they see a Jewish State as racist, evil. It goes against all that the New World Order stands for. This will be used by Satan to increase war and Russia will be at the heart of much of it.

Syria: The President of Syria, Bashir Assad, has fought a civil war for the last 7 years in his country. Seven years ago, many felt that Assad would lose the war. The President of the USA at the time, Barack Obama said that Assad had to go. Assad has survived this civil war because of the help of Russia and Iran. As the war winds down, a newspaper in Lebanon had this headline: ‘Back to the Status Quo’ and the article said that things are going back to the way they were before 2011 when the war started. Assad has promised another massacre in the Idlib province to finish off the rebels in his country. The Kurds hold part of Syria in the north and the Idlib province is also in the north on the border with Turkey. Russia and Iran are entrenched in Syria and will leave when God destroys them in the Gog-Magog war!
Jerusalem Post had this article on Monday 7/30, “AS U.S. PUSHES FOR MIDEAST PEACE, SAUDI KING REASSURES ALLIES: Saudi Arabia has reassured Arab allies it will not endorse any Middle East peace plan that fails to address Jerusalem’s status or refugees’ right of return, easing their concerns that the kingdom might back a nascent US deal which aligns with Israel on key issues.” This is another example of Jerusalem being a millstone around the neck of the Nations!
Most of the NATO nations have turned on the Jews accept the USA and God is cursing NATO with the threat of Russian invasion. Gratefully, some European Nations have stood up to the anti-Semitism but that has been very little very late. NATO is divided because Turkey is the enemy of NATO. NATO does not fund itself adequately, they want the USA to do all of the work. The USA is pushing back with Pres. Trump telling NATO to increase their military budgets, too late! Russia sees the weakness and they are exploiting it. What has really irked Russia is that the Baltic States have joined NATO.
Lithuania: On February 16, 1918, Lithuania was re-established as a democratic state. It remained independent until the outset of World War II, when it was occupied by the Soviet Union under the terms of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. In 1990–1991, Lithuania restored its sovereignty with the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania. Lithuania joined the NATO alliance in 2004 and the European Union as part of its enlargement in 2004. Putin was irate. Wedged between Russian ally Belarus and the Russian Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad, Lithuania is worried that it could be the next target of Russian aggression following invasions in Georgia in 2008 and Crimea in 2014-15.

Latvia: In the reassessment period of the Soviet history that began during the Perestroika, the USSR in 1989 condemned the 1939 secret protocol between Nazi Germany and herself that had led to the invasion and occupation of the three Baltic countries, including Latvia. Newsweek had this headline in 2016, COUNTING DOWN TO A RUSSIAN INVASION OF THE BALTICS.

Estonia: On 16 June 1940, the Soviet Union invaded Estonia.[16] The Red Army exited from their military bases in Estonia, some 90,000 additional Soviet troops entered the country. Molotov had accused the Baltic states of conspiracy against the Soviet Union and delivered an ultimatum to Estonia for the establishment of a government the Soviets approve of. Estonia is afraid of the next invasion look at this recent article: Political Magazine had this: They Will Die in Tallinn’: Estonia Girds for War With Russia: “The head of the tiny NATO member’s special forces details his country’s preparations for a conflict many here see as inevitable.” By MOLLY K. MCKEW July 10, 2018 The Baltic states are all gearing up for war. They remember when the Russians invaded them in the past and they want to fight to the death this time. It is possible that Russia will use the Baltics as their practice field before they invade Israel.
Russia is playing a dangerous game with God. They are backing the Iranians in Syria. Look at this article: RUSSIAN ENVOY: ISRAEL AGREES TO REMOVAL OF IRANIAN TROOPS 85KM FROM GOLAN. As I have been telling you for months, Russia lies about removing Iran, now they are lying about moving Iranian troops back from Israel border. Iran has the goal of destroying Israel and Russia says this: “They (Iran) are playing a very, very important role in our common and joint effort to eliminate terrorists in Syria,” Russia’s Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov told Channel 10 in an interview on Tuesday.” If Iran is playing an important role for Russia, they are allies. The Bible once again is right concerning history and prophecy! Iran is in a freefall economically, this will lead to war: “It seems a week does not pass in which more European companies announce that they are avoiding Iranian markets like a deadly plague. And the divestment from Iran’s dangerous economy comes without any tangible saber rattling on the ground from the Trump administration.” Pulling out of the Iran deal has increased the likelihood that the Gog-Magog prophesy will be fulfilled sooner.
Finally, it is Thursday morning Aug.2nd and Iran is threatening to attack the Strait of Hormuz. “Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard is expected to soon begin a major naval exercise that could demonstrate its ability to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, a crucial conduit for global energy supplies, US officials say.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Iran on Wednesday that Israel, together with an “international coalition,” would not allow the Islamic Republic to close a key regional waterway. War with Iran is in the air because Iran is falling apart and they are desperate. Pray for peace. Iran wishes to murder Christians and Jews and God is judging the nation. God has promised us that the wicked will fail. Stay hopeful.