Prophecy Updates

Qatar and Israel

Prophecy Update: June 30th 2017

A word that I hear from many prophecy teachers is the word convergence. So many things are happening at once that it is hard to keep up. I generally look first at the Middle East and the relationship of Israel with her neighbors. I do this because much of what God says is going to happen in the last days has to do with Israel. Next I look at specific prophecies regarding the end times which are close to being fulfilled or are being set up to be fulfilled. The Gog Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 is of particular interest to me since Russia and Iran are on the borders of Israel. I also look at the prophecy of Isaiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus. This is as current as it gets; Damascus has been at war for almost 7 years. Another very important prophecy is of the return of the Jews to Israel.

Ezekiel 36-37 is in the process of being fulfilled. Satan does not want the Jews to come back to the land because it means that his time is getting close to the end. His hatred of God and God’s people causes him to hate the land of Israel. He tried to keep the Jews out the first time with Joshua. He tried to keep the Jews out of the land when they came back from the Babylonian captivity. He is now in the midst of using the UN to declare that the land of Israel is not Jewish. Bill Salus wrote a book called Psalm 83 and the future war for the mountains of Israel and the specific cities of Shiloh, Bethel, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Hebron. All of these ancient Jewish cities are declared by the UN to be Muslim and Palestinian cities. They are kind enough to give the Jews half of Jerusalem, but the Palestinians publish maps that show all of the land is Palestinian, not one inch is Jewish.

The latest UN fiasco is a conference in Poland. The Jerusalem Post had this headline: Israel gears up for Jerusalem sovereignty fight in UNESCO. “Israel is pushing to sway the 21 nations on UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee to reject a resolution disavowing Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, when the committee meets in Krakow, Poland, July 2-12.” The UN already voted that Jerusalem is not Jewish last December. “Israel is now worried that similar annual anti-Israel resolutions will stem from the Palestinian Authority’s bid this year to inscribe the Old City of Hebron, including the Tomb of the Patriarchs, under “Palestine” on the World Heritage List in Danger. Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely spoke with foreign ambassadors based in Israel about the pending Hebron vote, and warned that “Jewish [holy] sites are being Islamized.” Can you imagine saying that Hebron, where David ruled Israel for seven years and where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried, is not Jewish? The UN that represents all of the nations of the world, takes a stand against Israel and treats her as if she should not exist.

The war coming for Israel to take her land is heating up. The Syrian war has brought many nations into the territory, super powers like Russia, USA, and China have a stake in what happens there. Nations are lining up and taking sides so that the prophecies can come true. The Arab nations have made it clear that they want Israel destroyed. But, Ezekiel 38:13 says that “Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all its villages will say to you, ‘Have you come to capture spoil? Have you assembled your company to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to capture great spoil?’”’ This means that Saudi Arabia is protesting Russia and Iran going into Israel. That means that there will be a split in the Arab nations. Since Israel was a nation, the prophecy of Psalm 83 has been slowly being fulfilled. Psalm 83:4 says, They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more.” In 1948, 56, 67, and 73 the Arab nations attacked and lost wars with Israel. Soon, Israel will finish the job and take all of her land from these nations which have said, no negotiations, no peace, and no recognition of Israel. None of these nations in the Middle East even recognize that Israel exists.

God does not lie, He says that what He prophesies will come true. Isaiah 46:9-10 “Remember the former things long past, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’ God has declared to the mountains of Israel (Ezekiel 36-37) that God would give all of the land of Israel back to the Jews. This has not happened fully yet! It started in 1948 and it is still being countered by Satan. Hezbollah is ready to fight a war with Israel and it will be launched from Syria and Lebanon. Both of these nations will be destroyed by Israel, Damascus will be destroyed and Lebanon will fall. Hezbollah will be wiped out and Iran will be very mad. Jordan, who still has a peace treaty with Israel will attack in the Psalm 83 war, they will be destroyed by Israel. Jordan currently is pushing the UN to say that Israel does not have sovereignty over much of Jerusalem. Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula will be destroyed, many terror groups are there now, ISIS, Hamas, and Al Qaida, all want to fight Israel and destroy her. They will fail. These wars are about to be launched, Hamas and Hezbollah talk about it. It was in the news today, Hezbollah said they are ready to attack, Iran leader Ayatollah Khameni stated that all Muslims must attack the Jews now. Breitbart reported yesterday, “Israeli Army Prepares for Hezbollah Attack Ahead of Work on Lebanon Border” Hezbollah may launch an attack against Israel before or during the construction of a new border fence next month, the former director of the Counter Terrorism Bureau at the Prime Minister’s Office said on Monday. Ex-counter terror chief and former deputy commander of the IDF’s Galil Division Brig.-Gen. (res.) Nitzan Nuriel told reporters that if Hezbollah chooses to strike before the construction of the barrier is completed, it could set off a third Lebanon war. “The Israeli enemy should know that if it launches an attack on Syria or Lebanon, it’s unknown whether the fighting will stay just between Lebanon and Israel, or Syria and Israel,” Nasrallah said, adding that a future conflict would be “very costly for Israel.”

“I’m not saying countries would intervene directly — but it would open the door for hundreds of thousands of fighters from all around the Arab and Islamic world to participate in this fight — from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,” he said. I believe many nations will intervene. The Psalm 83 war will lead to the Gog Magog war.

Hamas is also anxious to start a war. The Independent is reporting, “Hamas ‘ready for a new war in Israel by summer’, former IDF general says.” Last month the IDF said that the group’s military capabilities had been restored to their pre-2014 war strength. Everything I am reading from the Middle East smells of war this summer. Soon and very soon the Lord will fulfill Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 36-37. One thing is sure to me, in all of my praying and searching the Lord on this issue, I believe the time is very short for Israel to get all of her land back. The hatred and the anger, paying millions of dollars to Palestinians to kill Israeli’s is coming to an end. Jared Kushner and President Trump ended up in yelling matches with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over paying terrorists. Then Saudi Arabia boycotts Qatar dividing the Middle East. The nations are realigning again to fulfill prophecy.

Why do I believe that we are so close to these wars? In the first place, the nations in the Middle East have been talking about this so much and it is at a fever pitch. ISIS is being destroyed, Al Qaida and Al Nusra have a new lease on life, Turkey is paying people to attack Israel, and Iran talks about destroying Israel every day! Turkey and Iran are paying more and more people to prepare for war with Israel, the two biggest groups being Hamas and Hezbollah.
The United States and Saudi Arabia along with the Gulf Cooperation Council, political and economic union consisting of all Arab states of the Persian Gulf, except for Iraq. Its member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. These nations, led by the United States have implemented a plan to bring about a regime change in Iran. Our military has been striking down Iranian drones and Iranian backed troops in Syria. Since Qatar is now under such pressure to give up its ties to Iran, a breach has happened that can only lead to war. I believe that Russia and Iran will get the upper hand because it is biblical prophecy. Because the USA is not in prophecy, I believe somehow that the pressure on Qatar is going to backfire. Qatar so far is getting closer to Iran, Russia, China, and Turkey. The 11,000 troops of the USA in Qatar may be kicked out? Did you know that Qatar has traded 86 billion dollars in Chinas Yuan instead of US dollars the last two years? “This is incredibly important because Qatar shares its major natural gas reserve with Iran, and Iran also conducts its oil-related business deals with China in Yuan. Shortly after the nuclear accord reached in 2015, the Islamic Republic sought to capitalize on these economic opportunities by ramping up production on their share of the Iran-Qatari gas reserve. In November 2016, Iran signed a deal with France’s Total, a multinational integrated oil and gas company, to develop this project. Iran is expected to surpass Qatar’s gas production by next year, and Qatar was left with little choice but to join the venture. It lifted a self-imposed ban on developing the gas field in April of this year.” (Zerohedge) This most likely means that the USA is out of Qatar and the worlds reserve currency (US Dollar) is also out; being replaced by the Yaun in oil and gas trading! This the Saudi’s and the Americans cannot stand for. It has meant war in the past and it will mean war now. The Chinese have been calling for a new reserve currency for years. America is still the reserve currency by far, but times are changing. These are dangerous times for Israel and America, pray for peace!

Prophecy Updates

War is Widening

Prophecy Update: Friday June 23, 2017

The war is widening in Syria and it seems to include the United States. As the government keeps saying that we are not going to war in the Middle East, the signs are that we are being dragged into more conflict. This past week the USA shot down a Sukhoi 22 jet from Russia, being flown by Syrian pilots. In the last few months we have dropped bombs on Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. We still have troops in Germany and Japan from WW2 and troops in South Korea from the Korean war. Why are we still in Korea, Japan, and Germany? That was over 50 years ago. Do wars ever end for the USA?

On June 23rd 1950 the communist forces of North Korea crossed over the 38th parallel and began a war on the south. The United States committed to stop Soviet and communist aggression in those days so we went to war. After WW2 the United States had slashed its military and was not ready for a war. The communist Mao took China in 1948 and in 1950 the Soviets had a nuclear bomb so they were sowing their oats and trying to take some countries for worldwide communism. After the attack in South Korea, they took almost 90% of the country before the Americans acted. Our president Harry Truman, not a man I would mess with, made a commitment to come to the aid of the South Koreans. We landed in a place called Pusan and were literally surrounded. Seoul the capital of the South exchanged hands between the communists and the American/S.Korean armies five times. General MacArthur pushed the communists back into the North and even took much of the north until the Chinese entered the fight and pushed the Americans back across the 38th parallel. The war ended with an Armistice on July 27th 1953. We lost 35,000 soldiers in a war that we did not win. The cold war has brought 65 years of our people being in South Korea with a commitment to defend and protect the South. As South Korea has tasted freedom they have become an economic powerhouse. God used us to bless South Korea. The North is still a communist country with nothing. Pray for them.

The freedom and affluence of South Korea has given us the likes of Hyundai, Kia, LG, and Samsung. They are truly blessed but there is a problem. We did not win the war so we could not dictate terms of surrender in order to bless the North. The North has been a repressive evil country that kills and enslaves its people. The message was clear, the free world under US leadership was not going to bow to Soviet and Maoist communism! We stood watch to protect other Asian nations and especially Western Europe.

As war seems inevitable in the Middle East, so does war seem likely in the Korean Peninsula? We have 3 aircraft carrier groups in the waters off the coast of North Korea. North Korea is launching missiles to endanger the South and provoke America. This is a regime under Kim Jong Un—whom I call undone! He is a wicked and evil man who hates his people, mistreats them, enslaves them, and kills Christians! The last three months, the North has tested a new missile each week and has made the South very nervous. The South called a meeting for a war council in the country, they do not know if they are going to war. North Korea arrested a student from the USA and killed him. His name is Otto Wambier, this is an act of war. The North Koreans just sent a message to our president Donald Trump, like the Godfather of Italian Mafia lore, they sent a message by killing one of our own and sent him back like the Mafia sending a dead fish. The message is that you cannot not do anything to us we are more powerful than you. The USA has done nothing as of this moment accept to send threats. It used to be a terrible and scary thing to kill a citizen of the USA.

Fred Wambier, the boys father, said that North Korea brutalized and murdered his son. Where is the outrage? Well, Donald Trump ordered the Carl Vinson, Ronald Reagan, and Nimitz carrier groups off the coast of North Korea. That is a lot of fire power with little or no mandate to attack. That fire power is within range of Russia, China, and North Korea, what kind of message is it sending? Each Carrier is powered by two nuclear engines and they are three football fields long. Each of the three have more than 60 aircraft. The firepower of just one of the carriers is equal to or more than all of the bombs that went off in WW2! (mostly because of nukes) each carrier group has two destroyers so that means there are 6 off the coast of North Korea. The destroyers alone would put fear in my heart. The destroyers carry tomahawk and ballistic missiles with nukes. Even without the nukes there is a lot of fire power! Then there are the nuclear subs that tag along with the carrier groups. They have enough nukes on them to take out all of China. Three of them could take out all of Russia, China, and North Korea. (109 missiles on each sub!) Why so much firepower there? Things look ominous!

North Korea has no destroyers and only about 40 attack aircraft. The 200 F-18 alone are enough to take out the whole air force of North Korea in about an hour and a half! Just as China came to the aid of North Korea in 1950, they better do it again or else North Korea has no chance. The Pentagon is calling this a regular scheduled deployment, I can tell you that it has never happened before of course not counting WW2! North Korea’s Foreign Minister said yesterday that they are ready for war with the USA. China deployed 150,000 troops to the border of North Korea. Six Russian bombers set off towards Japan and Japan had to send up fighter jets to stop them. Russia began deploying her navy to the north of Japan to counter what the USA was doing. Seal Team Six was sent to South Korea—why? Kim Jong Un ordered that parts of the capital city, Pyongyang should be evacuated. This is the definition of wars and rumors of wars.

Meanwhile in Syria, The British are reporting that the way things stand now, war is inevitable between the US and Russia. I do not believe that the biggest threat is the US—Russia tension in Syria. I believe that the greatest threat of war is Qatar! The reason is because the Gulf States have presented Qatar with 10 demands which seem impossible for them to abide by. Several weeks ago, Saudi Arabia and Egypt led a group of nations to shut off diplomatic relations with Qatar. The claim is that Qatar supported terrorism with Turkey, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudis always had a good relationship with Egypt because Egypt always kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay under Mubarak. When Mubarak fell, Pres. Obama put his trust in the Muslim Brotherhood which enraged the Saudis. Now that Trump is in office that all changed! One of the demands is that Qatar kick out the Turkish army base, that is not going to happen short of war. America and Russia cannot stop these groups. Iran wants to get rid of the Sunni groups that stand with the Saudis. The Saudis gave Qatar 10 days to meet their demands such as including calls for it to expel Turkish military forces from its territory and sever all connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. The ultimatum said Qatar must also pay reparations to its neighbours, hand over fugitives wanted by other Middle Eastern states and immediately cease financing terrorists groups like Hizbollah and Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate. The biggest demand is for them to close the news channel Al Jazerra! We are four days into the demands and it is not looking like they will meet the demands.

Do the Saudis have the military ability to fight and win a war with Qatar and her allies? Qatar is very small with only 2.2 million people. It imports all of its food but has a lot of money from oil and gas. “Saudi Arabia and UAE know Qatar won’t accept the list of demands as offered,” said Michael Stephens, a research fellow at the Royal United Services. Saudi Arabia and the other nations leading the blockade – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt – launched an economic and diplomatic blockade on the energy-rich country a fortnight ago, initially claiming the Qatari royal family had licensed the funding of terrorism across the Middle East for decades. Since then, the allies appear to be pushing for the isolation of Iran and the suppression of dissenting media in the region. “Perhaps the idea is that these demands are a starting point for negotiation on more core issues.” Al-Jazeera, which is wholly owned by the Qatari state, struck a defiant note in the face of calls for the closure of both its English and Arabic services saying it was “an attempt to silence the freedom of expression in the region.” This is where it gets really strange–US policy towards Qatar so far has been marked by confusion. President Donald Trump has appeared to take credit for the Saudi embargo and described Qatar as a haven for terrorism. By contrast, the State Department under Rex Tillerson has twice upbraided Saudi Arabia’s approach to Qatar and questioned its true motives in sparking the diplomatic crisis. The US has a major military base in Qatar and risks seeing Qatar forced into an alliance with Iran if its enforced isolation continues, an outcome that would be a major strategic blow to Washington as well as a further threat to the security of the region.
Qatar is already in league with Iran so we are in a very bad situation. The lines for a future war are being drawn. Countries will line up behind Saudi Arabia or Iran. This is the more important threat to war than what is happening in Syria, as tragic as that is. Turkey is with the Russians and Iran and that fits the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. This is the first time in many years that Turkey has shown its hand, it is fulfilling biblical prophecy! Pay attention to the next two weeks and what happens with the Saudi’s? Will they lash out or will they wilt from the pressure?

Prophecy Updates

Satan’s Lies

Prophecy Update: Friday June 9, 2017

I found an article about something that has been bothering me for a few months. In history, when God begins to change the circumstances in nations so He can fulfill prophecy, Satan attacks what God is doing. In this case, there is an ancient artifact that has been making the rounds in the world and I see it as another move by Satan. In an article called, “Historic-artifact replica, or demonic harbinger?” the article alerts us to the danger of an arch, dedicated to the false god Baal, which is on a world tour. It is meant to bring antichrist!
“What are the facts? The arch is representative of the ‘gateway’ to … a Roman temple in Syria that was dedicated to the worship of Baal. It is also a fact that Jesus himself, along with the Jewish religious leaders of His day, defined Baal worship as being directly connected to the worship of Satan and his demonic influence (Matt. 12:24-28, Mark 3:22, Luke 11:18).” This arch has been erected in New York, Dubai, London, Florence and Arona in the North of Italy. It followed the G-7 meetings and shows up for meetings of world leaders. The ritual followed by these people is the spirit of AntiChrist.
“Pastor Carl Gallups, author of the end times examination “When The Lion Roars,” said people are right to ascribe deep spiritual significance to the arch. Gallups also said it is profoundly interesting – and worrying – that the arch always seems to be in a location of deep significance to the elite-driven movement to create a global government.” “It is a heavily documented fact that when the Palmyra arch was reconstructed, the places chosen for the display of the arch, complete with ceremonious activities of dedication and honor, were indisputably centers of globalistic power,” Gallups observed.
When the arch was taken to New York, it was there during global governance meetings. The leaders of the world are giving praise and honor for Satan and his work through this arch. Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, said, “The culture of pagan Rome took over Christianity almost 2,000 years ago!” he said. “Around 300 CE the church thought it best to completely assimilate pagan worship with their new religion. The concept of biblical holiness was not in their thinking. We find this true today.” It is sad that so many churches are abandoning the Judeo-Christian worldview for a secular worldview. The problem with this is that our culture, especially in the west, has no roots in any other worldview. Since America is in this time of transition, a battle is raging in our culture for what will replace the Christian worldview. Pastor Biltz, like many before him, when studying church history, has observed that Satan always attacked the church with false teachers. Thank God that the truth has been preserved and God has built His church in the midst of the battle. Paul alerted us to this fact in I Timothy 4:1 when he said, “But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.” This is happening now and it is meant to bring the antichrist!
As a pastor with college students I have always had my senses trained to understand when the false teaching comes into the college scene. It seems like Satan always attacks the young first with false teaching. I am thankful that God has given us great Bible teachers in America who have alerted us to these movements. Most of the movements have been very deceptive and not blatant. What I have noticed the past few years is that Satan is now very overt and bold in our society. People will talk about things that I never thought would be said openly in our society. The arch of Baal is bold idolatry and open rebellion against the Lord who made us! Its appearance is a harbinger of the rise of Antichrist!
What happens when Satan is given more rope in society? It results in more chaos, death, murder, immorality, and judgment from God. The big picture that I am keeping my eye on is the one world push by the globalist elite. The election of Donald Trump brought a war to light. The LORD kept giving me the word picture that Trump was the tip of the spear. He would bring to light many things that the world elite have been doing. Brexit and the election of Trump showed the world elite that people in Britain and America do not want the sovereignty of their nations to be run by elitist rulers in an office somewhere in the world. The people in America do not want antichrist running our nation.
For many years, the elite rulers in America have been pushing laws and rules that take away the rights of Americans. This movement had one big goal, remove the sovereignty of the nation so Satan can rise up his man. The North American Union was a major push by many in the nation, key leaders in industry, politicians, and university professors. This movement was for the purpose of putting all Americans under a new authority. Now, Donald Trump exited the Paris climate change deal and horrors of horrors, the leftists in our country have gone crazy with anger and hatred. This is the demonic behavior foretold in I Tim.4! In fact, the whole world is up in arms. Why? The climate change doctrine is another deception by Satan. What is taught in this deception is that God did not make the world with the capacity to take care of its people. This is a bold face lie. If there were 20 billion people on the earth, God would increase the capacity of the earth to feed us. The religion of humanism, putting man in the center of the universe is failing. At the heart of what the president did is stand against the central control of the nation. What can move our president to accept a central control?
If you think about it, the way that Satan can take control of people is through a cashless society. Going cashless gives the central banks a way of tracking all people. The British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ had this headline, “Bank of England trials artificial intelligence and blockchain in bid to stay ahead of the pack.” Blockchain technology is what Bitcoin is based on and can become a global currency digitally. Digital banking is already common among many people in the world. We are one step away from going to a cashless society. Not long ago, India placed strict restrictions on cash and coin circulation. The argument for the government seizing 86% of cash in India was fighting black markets. The Indian cash grab led many top globalist elites at Davos to call for a U.S. cashless society. Recently added to this line of examples, the Centre For International Governance (CIGI) has urged G20 countries to create a central bank blockchain consortium and go cashless. The manipulation of the people will be based on fighting corruption and tax evaders. Norway came out and said that they want to cashless by 2020. As G. Edward Griffin recently said at World Alternative Media, “A cashless society is the ultimate globalist endgame.” I do not think that Pres. Trump can stop this movement.
The current war on Trump can be boiled down to this one point: Trump does not want us to be slaves of elitists who wish to control us. The cashless society is the way these elitists and CNN and their cronies can gain control of everyone. Heike Joebges, Berlin University economics professor says, “Even in industrialized countries it is estimated that 14-16% of GDP changes hand in the underground economy. That does not get taxed because it comes from illegal activity.” Electronic payment systems are more common, you can use your phone for instance. When payments are paid electronically, the government can track the legal and illegal use of money and thus putting a stop to the underground economy. Nations are already putting restrictions on cash payments; Belgium imposed a limit of 3000 euros on cash payments and have reduced cash payments by 93% in their economy! France also is down to 92% of cashless transactions. Canada is 90% cashless and these nations have taken the step of issuing debit cards to help this transition happen.
India is the largest nation in the world that has gone cashless. They are pushing unity calling it ‘One nation One tax’ and it is being implemented July 1st. Revelation 13:16-17 says, “And he causes all the small and the great and the rich and the poor and the freemen and the slaves to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead and he provides that no one should be able to buy or sell except the one who has the mark either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” This is becoming a reality in many nations. Can this happen in the USA this year? JetBlue and Delta have moved to a biometric scan for boarding planes? If this becomes mainstream, we can become a full on police state. The leftist groups want total control of the people and they need a police state. With a police state they can force Christians to be silenced on morals, and the gospel.
Yesterday, the war on Trump took place in a congressional hearing of former FBI director James Comey. We learned again how the lies and deception of those who wish to destroy the sovereignty of the nation works. Comey was asked again the key question, ‘did the Russians hack the DNC and the election?’ Then they asked if the FBI ever examined the computers of the DNC and he said no. If this is a matter of national security and the head of the FBI never examined the computers of the so called Russian hack, how can they ever know who hacked the computers? The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine the computers and the servers. Why? Cloudstrike is the private computer security firm that runs the DNC computers. Both the DNC and Cloudstrike are covering up something. The Russian hacking claim is a way of attacking the President and at the same time hide what the DNC did with their computers. I think that George Soros is behind this whole thing—he is the one world guru.
Hillary Clinton started a program called ‘Civil Society 2.0’ to teach revolution and that program, funded with tax dollars, was used by Soros to teach how to hack computers and cyber activism. Look up “Techcamp” and see the classes that they ran in the USA and other nations. It was a structure used to over throw countries. This is what Soros used to help over throw Ukraine. The website ‘ThePopulist’ reported that Soros had a war on law enforcement state by state using the “Techcamp” classes to mobilize and attack our country.
Jesus mentioned the move by antichrist in Matt.24:15 when the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ takes place. The work of Satan to bring that about is all deception and lies. The deception and lies of the evil one are at work in our society and we need to pray that the truth will be manifested. Jesus said that the truth will set us free! Pray for the truth to be revealed and that God will move our hearts to believe the truth!

Prophecy Updates

Middle East Confusion

Prophecy Update: Friday, June 2, 2017

On Tuesday, I participated in the ordination exam of a young man seeking to serve the Lord as a pastor. It went really well and God has blessed us with two new young men who are entering the ministry. The zeal for God and the handling of the Word of God was evident in the conversation. It warms my heart that the Lords work is moving forward in the midst of the dark days in which we live.
The ordination exam made me think of what God said in Zech.3. There are a few participants in the narrative, Satan, Joshua the High Priest, the angel of the LORD, and God our Father. 3:1 says, “Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him.” Notice that Satan was accusing Joshua and wanted to stop God from using Joshua for His work. Satan is always accusing and opposing the work of the LORD. Satan is always opposing Christians who are sharing their faith. Satan inspires evil leaders to harass, persecute, and kill Christians across the globe. According to Open Doors ministry, they list the top five nations who kill Christians as North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan. Notice that the top five includes four Muslim countries and one communist country. In fact, there top twenty includes 16 Muslim nations and 2 communist countries. Notice how Satan is using Muslim nations in the greatest persecution and murder of Christians ever in history.
Does it make sense to you that Satan is also opposing the work of God in Israel? Notice that the LORD speaks to Satan in Zech.3 and says, The LORD said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, Satan! Indeed, the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is this not a brand plucked from the fire?” I am amazed at this passage because God dropped into the conversation a statement about Jerusalem. A few observations, this is a Trinitarian passage. The Lord, meaning Jesus who stands with Joshua asked God the Father to rebuke Satan. That is powerful, our prayer life should be Jesus centered and we should pray like Him. If Jesus asked God the Father to rebuke Satan, then we should also. Second, we need the work of God to stop Satan and his work in our lives, churches, cities, nations etc. Third, God has chosen Jerusalem and Satan is opposing the work of God regarding the great city.
In Zech.3 God cleanses Joshua and takes away his sin. Only God can do this and Jesus is the only savior and Lord over Israel. As High Priest, Joshua represented the nation of Israel and he needed the great High Priest Jesus to take away of his sin. In 3:9 God says He will “remove the iniquity of that land in one day.” It is thrilling that as Jesus prepares the land and the people for His coming, the land will be cleansed as Joshua was cleansed. This is why it is so important for believers to recognize the day in which we live. We live in the day that the Lord is giving back the land to Israel. It is preparation for what is coming!
President Trump went to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Rome, and then went and talked to the European nations (NATO). Whenever someone goes to these nations and cries peace, peace, I get a little nervous. There have been two responses from Christians who comment on current events; those who see the positive sides to what the President did and those who see how it heads towards the negative (AntiChrist rise and rule). Some have seen that what President Trump said and did on the trip was very positive towards stopping terrorism, pushing Muslims to stop the terror themselves, and to recognize Israel and her capital being Jerusalem. The negative focuses on the speech in Saudi Arabia where the President equated Allah, Yahweh, and Jesus as all the same God.
Last week I wrote on the Wahhabi religion of Saudi Arabia and the desire of the Muslims to take over the world for Allah. This desire is what unites most Muslims. When Trump goes and thinks that he can move the Muslims to stop supporting terrorism especially ISIS and Al Qaida, it is a pipe dream. When the Saudi’s give lip service back to Trump it is as bad in my mind as the lip service of all gods are the same nonsense. No Muslim will ever agree that the god of the Christians and the Jews is on the same level as Allah. The very nature of their confession, Allah Akubar means our God is greater than your god. I am glad that our president is pro Christian and pro Israel and that he is at least making it clear that the enemy is Muslim terrorist murderers. Our president does not mince words on this issue, I am very glad about that. However, the antichrist is going to cry peace, peace also and will not ever teach the exclusivity of the gospel and that Jesus is God.
The President said, “Saudi Arabia is home to the holiest sites in one of the worlds great faiths” and “I will travel to Jerusalem and Rome the holiest places in the three Abrahamic faiths, if these three faiths can join together in cooperation then peace in this world is possible.” This is the pipe dream, how will these three faiths come together? Cooperation means that they agree on terms that each agree to. Jesus is not going to agree to something that is profane. Profane means reducing Jesus to just one of several gods! Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life—not just another way. No one comes to the Father thru Mohammed, law, or any other religion.

Islam is not an Abrahamic faith, it is another problem that I have with what the president said. Islam claims that the promise went thru Ishmael and not Isaac. It is not true and I can never agree to that. Arabs are descendants of Ishmael and do not have a claim to the Promised Land because the promise went thru Isaac! Arabs have an Islamic celebration called Aiid Al Athud called the ‘Great Feast of Sacrifice.’ According to Islam Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ismael not Isaac. This is why Muslims do not accept Jews being in the land. They will never agree to that because it is a violation of their so called history. It is a lie from the pit of hell and it is believed by one billion Muslims.
Meanwhile in Israel, the Israeli President Rivlin said, “I thank Pres. Trump for recognizing the significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people all around the world. Jerusalem is the beating heart of the Jewish people as it has been for three thousand years.” Rivlin then went on to say, “Thank you for visiting the sites of all three religions, we all have different beliefs but we all worship the same God.” Jews are confused as Muslims are that they worship the same God- I think Rivlin needs to read the Ten Commandments again. To make things worse, Mahmoud Abbas had a sign erected that said, “The City of Peace (Bethlehem) welcomes the Man of Peace.” The mixed messages were brought up from Caroline Glick.

“During his speech in Riyadh, Trump repeated the obnoxious practice of his predecessors and left Israel off the long list of countries that are afflicted by terrorism. The notion at the heart of that deliberate snub is that terrorism against Israel is somehow different and frankly more acceptable, than terrorism against everyone else.”
Finally, even when Trump has adopted a position that repudiates the establishment’s line, the fact is that the establishment’s members dominate his foreign policy team. And as a consequence, they do everything they can to dilute the significance of his moves.

I see this trip as lining up what the Word of God says the last days will be like. President Trump wants peace, but many who are following Satan and his ways are pushing the President to dilute his support for Israel. As you know, God says that every nation will be against Israel in the last days. I pray for the president that he stays strong and moves the embassy to Jerusalem. I have had my doubts, my prayers were answered with a no. President Trump signed the waiver and went back on his promise. I wanted to cry when I read that. CBS news reported this, “While President Donald J. Trump signed the waiver under the Jerusalem Embassy Act and delayed moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no one should consider this step to be in any way a retreat from the President’s strong support for Israel and for the United States-Israel alliance,” Spicer said. “But, as he has repeatedly stated his intention to move the embassy, the question is not if that move happens, but only when.”
The statement of ‘Not if but when’ is meant to give us hope but I have no hope in these our enemies who have once again did what is evil. Jerusalem is the city chosen by God and where He has put His name. When President Trump signed a deal with Saudi Arabia to buy military equipment, the further funding of military equipment is setting up Armageddon. The Arab countries are happy that Trump has not moved the embassy because it means to them that Trump has compromised with believing that Jews deserve to be in the land. They will manipulate this situation. Jordan has continued their assault on Israel.

“The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs sent an official letter to the Israeli Embassy in Amman protesting the presence of “Jewish extremists” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem under police protection.”

Other nations will feel emboldened and the war in Syria is heating up as soon as Trump left the Middle East. As you may know, Is.17 talks about the utter destruction of Damascus. The problem with weapons of mass destruction in Damascus, like chemical weapons only increases the likelihood of the prophecy being fulfilled soon. Bashir Assad, the leader of Syria has shown a willingness to use those weapons. The desire of Assad is to transfer these weapons to the Sinai Peninsula and help ISIS attack Israel from the south. Although Assad hates ISIS, he sees the value of these weapons attacking Israel. Israel could be the one who destroys Damascus and maybe with the USA. There has been a massive movement of US troops and material in Jordan with British troops. These large amount of forces, 2300 people with tanks, helicopters with 4000 Syrian trained fighters, are preparing for something? They are about 40 miles south of Damascus which is just inside Jordanian territory. As this developed, Russia sent more troops to fight the Free Syrian Army that the US supports. Bad news and more wars and rumor of wars. This is no longer a civil war but a war of many nations armies. In early May, several news outlets had reports asking the question if the USA was preparing to invade Syria.
Trumps visit to the Middle East has not brought peace, it brought more problems. I wish I could say it got better, it got more confusing. Satan is laughing. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and clarity of truth!