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USA and Russians at War

Prophecy Update: Friday December 14th 2018

Military history teaches us that wars start for a variety of reasons but militaries prepare for those wars years in advance. It is not that the generals know the future but they anticipate better than most how their enemies think and plan for war. For instance, there is always a reaction to the development of new weapons. These new weapons initiate a response from those who feel threatened by enemies. Two nations that are not friendly are the USA and Russia. These two nations have been at war in one way or another since the end of World War 2. I am interested in military doctrine and preparation because it is at the heart of many biblical prophecies. I believe that Russia and America are going to war sometime in the near future and that will be a game changer. This will give occasion to the rise of Anti-Christ. Russia has developed a new weapon that is a game changer and may be used in one or more of the Biblical Wars predicted by the Lord.
The weapon that Russia has developed is called the Satan 2. Business Insider magazine had this headline in March of this year:

“Putin has touted an ‘invincible’ nuclear weapon that really exists — here’s how it works and why it deeply worries experts. The nuclear weapon, called the RS-28 Sarmat or Satan 2, has been in development since 2009. Putin claimed the ICBM is “invincible” to missile defense systems. He also presented animations of several other weapons, including what some call a “doomsday” drone submarine. According to the Center’s Missile Defense Project, the Satan 2 “is reported by Russian media as being able to carry 10 large warheads, 16 smaller ones, a combination of warheads and countermeasures, or up to 24 YU-74 hypersonic boost-glide vehicles.” That means one Satan 2 ICBM could pack as much as eight megatons of TNT-equivalent explosive power. That’s more than 400 times as strong as either bomb the US dropped on Japan in 1945 — both of which, combined, led to roughly 150,000 casualties.”

At that same speech, Putin showed a video of the Satan 2 hitting Florida and destroying the state. The room went into wild applause telling me that the Russians cheer for the deaths of Americans living in Florida. That is sick and satanic. No wonder the missile is called Satan 2. Putin has set a vision for Russia that the nation is happy to pursue. That vision is to expand its borders.
Expanding the influence of Russia is a major goal since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Soviet empire was very large and included the Baltic States and many of the Muslim countries to Russia’s south, they include, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. That is 14 countries and it gets worse for them because of the fall of the “Eastern Block” nations like East Germany, Poland, and Romania to name a few. The influence and strategic alliances that existed until 1991 are now gone and Putin is not happy about it. Neither are most Russians. One reason is that many of the “Eastern Block” nations have turned to the US alliance and NATO.

A fascinating article on this topic was on the history channel website in February of this year, here is part of the article:

“The Humiliation that Pushed Putin to Try and Recapture Russian Glory”
From Soviet apparatchik to self-styled macho superhero, Putin embodies Russia’s struggle for power and relevance. His personal bearing and his style of rule may have changed over that time, but Putin’s actions over the years have been guided by one simple principle: to restore Russia’s global importance. The 65-year-old Russian president is motivated by a strong sense of history, and like many of his generation, he was deeply affected by the Soviet collapse. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union stood for nearly half a century as one of the two lodes of power globally, and when it dissolved in 1991, it left Russia as an irrelevance. During the 1990s, Putin rose from a mid-ranking cog in the periphery of the KGB to become the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, and then in 1996 was called to Moscow to work for President Yeltsin’s Kremlin. He saw close up how weak the new Russia had become. In 1998, when Bill Clinton called Yeltsin to tell him the United States was considering air strikes on Serbia, Yeltsin was furious. He screamed at Clinton that this was unacceptable and then hung up. The bombing raids went ahead anyway.”
I remember well those days and how foolish our nation was to attack Serbia. The Serbians were just a little confused because they always felt that they were an ally of the USA. They wanted Christian influence and the West to succeed. They saw the betrayal as a win for Islam and the expansion of fascist Islamic doctrine to take over the West. Putin was greatly influenced by the war and the fall of the Soviet Union. Here is what he said:

“A few days before he became president, in late 1999, Putin wrote an article in the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, outlining his task as he saw it. “For the first time in the past 200–300 years, Russia faces the real danger that it could be relegated to the second, or even the third tier of global powers,” Putin warned. He called on Russians to unite to make sure that the country remained what he called a “first-tier” nation.”

I watched Putin speak at the dedication of a monument to Alexander Solzhenitsyn two days ago, December 11th. It was the 100 birthday of Solzhenitsyn and it reminded me of why Putin is still very popular in Russia. When Putin renounced communism he did it by recommitting himself to the Russian Orthodox Church and he met with Solzhenitsyn. The Russians view Putin as a savior who turned Russia from the evil of anti-Christian communism and towards a nationalistic pro-Christian vision of the future. Putin is anti-globalist and pro-Russian and that gives the Russians hope. The enemy is the Americans who are hurting their economy with sanctions and threatening them by intruding on their territory. For people in Russia who still want communism, Putin and Solzhenitsyn are traitors.
Here is what Putin said: “Solzhenitsyn loved the fatherland and argued for the unconditional value of the morals that provide for a healthy society. The most important thing is that Solzhenitsyn voice is still being heard, popularizing his work, encouraging and introducing new young readers to it is the best thing we can do and must do to honor his memory.”
I only wish that God would do that for us in America. Solzhenitsyn became a believer when a Christian doctor shared the good news with him before surgery. They were in prison together and Dr. Kornfeld was killed the next morning by the communists. Here is a quote from Solzhenitsyn about his conversion to Jesus: “And so it happened that Kornfeld’s prophetic words were his last words on earth and directed to me they lay upon me as an inheritance. You cannot brush off that kind of inheritance by shrugging your shoulders.” (Gulag Archipelago pg.613) Solzhenitsyn wrote a poem about his conversion called ‘Ascent’ and it catalogued the history of his life. How he had become a communist and renounced Christianity. Now that Jesus had changed his life he said at the end of the poem: “And now as I sip with new found moderation from the lifegiving waters I see, that my faith is restored O Lord of Creation! I renounced you but you stood by me.” I have read much of Solzhenitsyn books and my two favorites are “Warning to the West” and “The Oak and the Calf.” My hope is that God will send a revival and save many people before the war comes!

My philosophy for many years now is that America and Russia have to be out of the way so that Anti-Christ can rise. The Bible gives me the answer about Russia when Ezekiel 38-39 describes their destruction. There is a clue in this text that tells me something about America. Ezekiel 38:13 says, “Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto you, Are you coming to take a spoil? Have you gathered your company to take a prey, to carry away silver and gold, cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?” Notice that the west only complains and they do nothing. That does not fit the circumstances while Pres. Trump is in office.

Vladimir Putin is playing a vast chess game with NATO, and his next move I believe will be to invade the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. That could lead to a direct war between the US and Russia. The U.S. articulated a doctrine according to which there are six phases of war: “shaping” the pre-war environment (phase zero), “deterring” the enemy (phase one), “seizing the initiative” (phase two), “dominating” the battlespace (phase three), “stabilizing” the post-battle environment (phase four), and after-action enabling of civil authority (phase five). It has since become clear that the first two phases, shaping and deterrence, are the arenas where the United States and NATO prefer to operate, and Putin has taken advantage of this tendency. Notice the weakness of this approach—there is no vision and no desire to win. This is a recipe for continuous war. Russia understands the weakness in this approach.

Russia has been exploiting the weakness of the USA and NATO. Commentary magazine had an article about this in September. The title was, “Can NATO Survive and Thrive.” Without the USA, NATO is weak and not a worthy opponent to Russia. I think that Russia has a goal of removing the USA from NATO either by war outright, which will include nukes, or by continuing to poison the relationship between Washington and the capitals of the European Union. However it is done, the USA will be out of the picture as the protector of Israel when the GOG MAGOG war kicks off. Praise God that He will be the only ONE who will be given the credit for saving Israel when that war commences. (Ezekiel 38:23 39:21) Pray that you are ready for the coming war. However it commences, we will be effected. Hard times are coming, that Jesus predicted for the end times. Stay faithful until the end. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Prophecy Updates

Jerusalem the Key

Prophecy Update: 12/7/18

The UN general assembly had some classic anti-Semitic acts the past few weeks. As seems to be the norm, since 1948 the UN has always been on the side that is described for us in the scriptures. There are a variety of Scriptures that describe this animosity. The animosity includes a hatred for Jesus as in Psalm 2, a hatred for the Jewish people as describe in Ezekiel 36-39, and a desire to dominate Jerusalem as in Zech.12 and Isaiah 62.
I want to use Psalm 2 as a template to talk to you about the battle for Jerusalem. In vs. 1 it says, “Why are the nations in an uproar And the peoples devising a vain thing?” Notice the question includes the word vain. The nations are devising vain things meaning that what they are proposing will fail. This is the case for over 700 UN resolutions condemning Israel over its stance on Jerusalem being their capital city. In the news we had this headline:

“The United Nations demands that Israel give up the eastern part of Jerusalem, so it can serve as the capital of Palestine.” The commemoration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People at the United Nations began Wednesday. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed the opening meeting of the three-day commemoration.
Secretary General Guterres said that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people served to “remind us of our collective and unfinished task” to create a Palestinian State.

This desire of the UN to make sure that there is a Palestinian State is vain. It will never happen because of Biblical Prophecy. God has promised that the land of Israel is going back to the ones He promised to give it to. Consider that it is called the promised land for a reason. The world is in full blown denial of what God has said clearly in His word. Even the Pope is weighing with the anti-God movement. The news reported this:

“Pope renews call for two-state solution after meeting with Abbas
In statement, Vatican expresses concern over status of Jerusalem; ‘We are counting on you,’ Palestinian leader tells Francis. Abbas met for 20 minutes Monday with Pope Francis and then the Vatican Foreign Minister Monsignor Paul Gallagher.. “Particular attention was reserved for the status of Jerusalem, underlining the importance of recognizing and preserving its identity and the universal value of the holy City for the three Abrahamic religions,” the Vatican said, according to Reuters.”

What God describes as vain the world describes as just and right. The nations also are in a rage (uproar) over the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the nation of Israel. The nations have been in a rage for over 50 years from the time that Israel won the Six Day War in June of 1967. I would like to highlight some of the things that have taken place since that fateful war. In that war Israel captured Jerusalem. Israel had been dwelling in the western section of Jerusalem and constantly attacked for coming close to the old city. They were banned from the Western Wall, the old city, anything that you usually see in the pictures of Jerusalem. When Israel captured the city they began making laws that would govern their administration of the city and their government. These laws are called Basic Laws.

The UN immediately began its assault on Israel. On Nov11th 1967 they passed UN Resolution 242. This resolution required Israel to withdraw from all territory that they won in the war. This included Jerusalem. Since 1967 the UN has consistently advocated the fiction that Jerusalem is not Jewish and that Israel does not have a right over the city.

Secretary of State Dean Rusk in 1967 said, “The status of Jerusalem especially the old city had been left open for subsequent consideration and that there was no grant of territory made to Israel after the 6 Day War.” Since 1967 the USA has consistently moved closer to Israel position on Jerusalem as the world has moved farther away. The position of Israel in 1967 was finalized in 1980 when they passed the Basic Law on July 30th 1980. In it the law said, “The integrity and unity of greater Jerusalem and its boundaries after the Six Day War shall not be violated.”

The UN on June 30th 1980 passed Resolution 476 stating its position that Jerusalem is an international city and Israel has no rights to the city. This was an attempt to discourage Israel from making the declaration they did one month later. On August 20 1980, the UN passed Resolution 478 to condemn Israel for passing the Basic Law and said they had no rights. This is a perfect example of their vanity. In each of these cases the USA abstained in our votes. This reflected the division that existed in the USA.
The USA was divided over the status of Jerusalem. On one side were the Christians and supporters of Israel who advocated that Israel was the true and sovereign power over the city. On the other side were the people who did not want the Jews to rule over the city.

On Oct.24th 1995 the USA passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act. The decision was made to side with Israel and move the embassy so that the USA would be totally with Israel and the truth that Jerusalem was the undivided eternal capital of the State of Israel. They found that under international law and custom Israel as a sovereign state is free to determine its own capital. Secondly, they determined that Jerusalem is not only the spiritual center of Judaism it is the home of the Supreme Court, parliament, seat of government, Knesset, and Presidents House. Third they pointed out that when Jordan was in control from 1948-1967 there was no freedom of religion and only Islam could be practiced. They banned all other faiths from practicing in Jerusalem. It was determined that Israel would protect freedom of religion.

As you know, it wasn’t until 2018 that the embassy Act was actually acted upon and the Embassy moved. The reaction of the world fulfills what Psalm 2:1 says. From Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, the Republicans and Democrats were not going to move the embassy because they did not want to. The reasons are varied but the bottom line is that these groups are not invested or committed to anything God is doing on the earth. When Trump signed the Act, the amount of condemnation from the world, UN, EU, Democrats and Republicans was overwhelming. The UN voted on Dec.21, 2017 128-9 with 35 abstentions to condemn Trump and the USA regarding recognition of Jerusalem.

They said that it was a ‘departure of 50 years of international consensus on the status of Jerusalem. UN claimed that ‘the sovereignty claimed by Israel for Jerusalem are invalid and illegal and break UN resolutions 242 (1967), 252 (1968), 267 (1969), 298 (1971), 338 (1973), 446 (197), 465 (1980), 476 (1980) 2334 (2016). They stressed that Jerusalem is a final status issue to be resolved thru negotiations in line with relevant UN resolutions.

Over the years the USA has moved closer to the Israeli position and thus closer to the Lords work He is doing on the earth. As God has been moving the world closer to the war He predicted, the intensity increases. Part of the glory for us as Americans is that God chose America to move the ball forward. God did that by causing the Americans who support Israel to come to positions of power to bless Israel. Declaring that Jerusalem is the eternal capital, undivided, and one city under Israeli sovereignty was planned by God. That the world is mad only proves the accuracy of Biblical prophecy. To top it off, President Trump said that we will stay in the Middle East so that we can protect Israel.

Last week the UN made 6 new resolutions against Israel. The USA made an attempt to make a resolution condemning Hamas for the many missiles that they sent to Israeli civilians. The vote was 87 to 57 with 33 abstentions and 23 nations not voting. In my mind that means the vote was 87 to 113. The vote failed the two thirds standard to pass a resolution.

Nikki Haley said, “The general assembly has passed over 700 resolutions condemning Israel and not one single resolution against Hamas. This is a condemnation of the UN itself.”

This tension will not lessen in strength until the Lord destroys Iran and Russia in the Ezekiel 38-39 war. After that war the tension will lesson until Anti-Christ rises to lie and cheat his way to dominating the whole world. Lastly, I want to mention Russia. The tension has risen between Israel and Russia the past few months. The tension will go over the boiling point when Israel has to destroy the S-300 missile defense system. Israel has begun again attacking the Iranian presence in Syria after a brief stop in attacks. When this will happen nobody knows. What is clear is that Russia supports Iran and Assad in Syria so therefore Russia supports the destruction of Israel. The fact that the USA and Israel have become energy independent and are finding oil and gas again and again is disheartening to the Russians and the Muslim nations. The greatest threat to Russia are the huge finds of gas and oil in Israel. Israel signed the gas deal with Cyprus, Greece, and Italy to ship gas into Europe. I believe that this is one reason Russia will attack.

Daniel 11 talks about the circumstances that led to the miracle of Chanukah. I leave you with this verse 32b “but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” This is what the Maccabees did when they fought to restore the temple and cleanse it from the wickedness of the Greeks. Today, our faith needs to be strong for the day in which we live, I pray that your faith will display strength and about taking action.

Ashland Students

Alex’s God Story

We thought you’d like to hear from Alex Hill.  He’s a student athlete at Ashland University and involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This past Saturday he received his Championship Ring for his accomplishments on the National level as a thrower.  Alex is from Mansfield, Ohio and you can just tell by the passion in his voice, he’s excited to be used by the Lord in the lives of his fellow athletes.  This young man intentionally shared God’s word with his teammates while competing at the National Championship. 

On a side note, Alex learned to cook from his grandma and he’ll probably be making lasagna and pasta with alfredo sauce for Christmas. 🙂

Take a listen to his 2 minute God-story.

"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever, Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we invest in college students like Alex — the next generation of leaders.  It’s been a fruitful and rewarding semester.  Please pray for us as we continue our outreach to the Basketball players over Christmas break.  We’ll be hosting 3 dinners for the teams while they are on campus over break. Also pray for students as they have finals next week and for them to stay close to the Lord over Christmas break.

If you would like to partner with what God is doing on campus, please consider a gift toward this work.