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Ezekiel 38-39 update

Prophecy Update: Ezekiel 38-39 Update Oct.31, 2019

In 2014-2015 God gave us the four blood moons. The question during that time was, ‘what does this mean’? God moved the ball forward on the Gog/Magog prophesy. He did this by moving Russia down into Syria, and causing Iran to get rich through the 150 billion dollar gift from President Obama. This has never happened before in history. Ezekiel 38-39 describes a time when Russia, Turkey, and Iran will attack Israel from the north. They will be joined by many nations and we are seeing the coalition of nations coming together like never before. The nations are also making the case that Israel should not have their land. This is what Ezekiel 36-37 teaches.

Ezekiel 36:2 says, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Because the enemy has spoken against you, ‘Aha!’ and, ‘The everlasting heights have become our possession,’

The nations have been in an all-out full press against Israel to force Israel to give up its land. Since the USA is the greatest supporter of Israel, the nations attack the US also. Russia has built bases for its armed forces and Iran has taken up residence in Syria to prepare for the battle. The nations are fulfilling what God said in Ezekiel 36 by saying Israel does not have a right to the land. Consider these verses:

36:5, therefore thus says the Lord GOD, “Surely in the fire of My jealousy I have spoken against the rest of the nations, and against all Edom, who appropriated My land for themselves as a possession with wholehearted joy and with scorn of soul, to drive it out for a prey.”
36:15, “I will not let you hear insults from the nations anymore, nor will you bear disgrace from the peoples any longer, nor will you cause your nation to stumble any longer,” declares the Lord GOD.’”

With Turkey, Russia, and Iran in Syria and the nations of the UN standing against Israel’s right to the land, these conditions are preparing the ground for this battle. In this update I want to explore some recent headlines that shed light on how God is putting the hook in the jaw of these nations to come and attack Israel so that God will get glory in His victory over them.

First up is this article about Lebanon. The government of Lebanon has fallen completely into the hands of the Iranian proxy, Hezbollah. This had to happen so that the northern border of Israel is now under all of the enemies of Israel without any rival. Here is the article:

After PM Hariri Resigned, Hezbollah Now the “Strongest Party in Lebanon” (The scripture says: “You who dwell in Lebanon, Nestled among the cedars, How much grace will you have When pains come upon you, Travail as in childbirth!” (Jeremiah 22:23.) Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation on Tuesday afternoon and that he is submitting his resignation to the president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun on the backdrop of anti-government protests across the country. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech on Friday that “Hezbollah is the strongest party in Lebanon” With Hariri out of the way, Hezbollah wasted no time sending their agents to attack the protesters.

The Mask is Off: Lebanon is Hezbollah. “Lebanon belongs to Hezbollah. It is ruled by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose agenda is dictated by Tehran. Hezbollah’s army is stronger than the official Lebanese army, and the country’s economy is designed to serve Nasrallah’s goals.”

The northern border of Israel straddles Lebanon and Syria. With Turkey now entering Syria as America is moving out, the next piece is in place for this prophesy to take place. Several articles are emphasizing this: Russia and Turkey Are the Winners in Syria. “The withdrawal of U.S. forces was exactly what Ankara and Moscow wanted. After more than six hours of talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emerged in Sochi, Russia, on Oct. 22 with an agreement to establish a “Syria Safe Zone” along the Syrian-Turkish border.”

Russia Is the Only Winner in Syria. “With Washington’s policy in chaos and Erdogan moving into Putin’s orbit, Moscow has come out on top.” Turkey has called this move into Syria, “Operation Peace Spring.” This is an example of crying peace peace, when there is not peace. I don’t think the presidents policy is in chaos, Pres. Trump is outsmarting them again. This had to happen for prophecy to advance.

Our media is ignoring what the USA is doing in Saudi Arabia, but Mullahs don’t: US assembling a devastating strike force in the Middle East–!!!

“The American media are paying no attention to it, but you can be sure that the mullahs in Tehran have noticed: The United States is openly deploying the weapons necessary to launch a devastating attack on Iran, should the need arise. The Australian media are not so shy, they are reporting on this. The United States is quietly building up its forces in striking range of Iran. B-1B bombers have arrived in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with stealth fighters, missile batteries and specialist troops.”

Exactly why they’re there depends on who you listen to. So Lebanon is controlled by the Iranian proxy Hezbollah—Russia, Turkey, and Iran have troops in Syria—and the world is still working to force Israel off her land.

Here is an article about the moves to kick Israel out of her land.
Haley: Sanders wants to give Israel’s money to terrorists
Former US Ambassador to UN: “Just when you thought Bernie Sanders couldn’t get any more radical, he outdid himself. He wants to take money we give to Israel to defend itself from terrorists, and give it to Gaza, which is run by terrorists?? Unreal. Why isn’t every other Dem pres. candidate saying he’s wrong?” tweeted Haley.” The Democratic candidates seem to be in lockstep to deny Israel her land, advocating that they give up Jerusalem. This is what God says will not happen in Ezekiel 36-37. The UN is also getting into the act!

Arab nations reject any Trump Israeli-Palestinian plan not on ’67 lines
“It is widely believed that Trump’s plan would allow Israel to retain all 0f its West Bank settlements, where some 430,000 of its citizens live. At the UN security council in New York, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation all spoke of the importance of a two-state solution at the ’67 line, and of a peace plan that would fall in line with past international understandings. All of Israel’s government since the Six Day War have rejected a return to the pre-1967 lines, which were considered to be suicidal borders. Saudi Ambassador to the UN Abdullah al-Mouallimi told the council that the Palestinian people were suffering under one of the most “heinous forms of occupation in our modern history.” As you can see, the UN has made its position clear again. The two state solution is a suicide pact for Israel and they will never go back to those borders.

Israel is on alert for war as the world cries peace—it is not working!
ISRAELI EMBASSIES ON ALERT, AIR DEFENSES ADJUSTED IN FACE OF IRAN THREAT. “According to reports in Hebrew-language media, a series of adjustments were made to IAF air defense systems in light of the fear that Iran might try to carry out an attack using cruise missiles or suicide drones, similar to the October attack against Saudi Arabia. “Iran wants to use Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen as bases to attack Israel with statistical missiles and precision-guided missiles. That is a great, great danger.” Iran has become very aggressive in the last few weeks. War is in the air! America has not pulled out completely from Syria, but is very much still involved in several operations: Defending the oil fields, and going after ISIS. Here is an article about the military going after the ISIS terrorist leaders.

Baghdadi Operation Named After Christian Woman Who Refused to Give Up Faith Before ISIS Killed Her. The US military operation that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dedicated to Kayla Mueller, a young Christian woman who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the Islamic State. Mueller’s fellow hostages, who were later freed, told ABC News in 2016 she never stopped caring for others and even defended her faith against the infamous British ISIS executioner named Mohammed Emwazias, also known as “Jihadi John.”

This Christian woman is an example for all of us to not compromise our faith in the last days. She would not bow to the Muslim god or their threats and torture. Bagdahdi killed her after raping her. This is why the president named the mission after her—she has many riches in heaven because she confessed Jesus before men.
“I will not give in”: Kayla Mueller’s letter to her parents from captivity. “I remember mom always telling me that all in all in the end the only one you really have is God. I have come to a place in experience where, in every sense of the word, I have surrendered myself to our creator b/c literally there was no else….+ by God + by your prayers I have felt tenderly cradled in freefall. I have been shown in darkness, light + have learned that even in prison, one can be free. I am grateful. I pray each each day that if nothing else, you have felt a certain closeness + surrender to God as well + have formed a bond of love + support amongst one another…” Amen sister, you are with Jesus now!! Maranatha everyone!!

Prophecy Updates


Prophecy Update: Deception 10/24/19

I want to center this paper on all of the deception that is ravaging our nation. 2Thess.2:10 says, “and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.” The context of this passage is that the deception happens in the end times at the time of the rise of antichrist. God teaches us that the world will believe all of the lies of Satan at that time. God will send them a deluding influence so that they will not believe the truth. (vs.11-12) Notice that God uses a very important phrase: ‘the love of the truth.’ To love the truth you need to believe that there is absolute truth that is objective and unchanging. This the world has rejected.

Likewise, God warns us in Col.2:8, “See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” The deception and lies fostered on us are many but here is a few—global warming, you can choose your sex, transgenderism, open borders, global government, global economy, Trump colluded with Russia, no wait it was Ukraine, next its going to be little green men from Mars etc. etc.

The deception and lies of the press has brought on the phrase ‘fake news.’ To bring on all that Satan wants, he will have to lie and lie big lies so that people will go along with his fantasy that he is God over the earth. Ron Reagan Jr. believes the lies of the evil one. He did a commercial for the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” and said that our founding fathers intended to keep religion out of the government. This is the lie of the left about our founding. Then Ron Jr. said something horrifying —he said that as a lifelong atheist he was “not afraid of burning in hell.”

Contrast this with our Attorney Generals speech at Notre Dame. It was pro God and pro truth and the press ripped him for it. I read the speech and here are a few quotes: “Today, I would like to share some thoughts with you about religious liberty in America. It’s an important priority in this Administration and for this Department of Justice. We keep an eye out for cases or events around the country where states are misapplying the Establishment Clause in a way that discriminates against people of faith, or cases where states adopt laws that impinge upon the free exercise of religion. From the Founding Era onward, there was strong consensus about the centrality of religious liberty in the United States. The imperative of protecting religious freedom was not just a nod in the direction of piety. It reflects the Framers’ belief that religion was indispensable to sustaining our free system of government. In his renowned 1785 pamphlet, “Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments,” James Madison described religious liberty as “a right towards men” but “a duty towards the Creator,” and a “duty….precedent both in order of time and degree of obligation, to the claims of Civil Society.” Unlike Ron Reagan, our Attorney General spoke about the need for religion and belief in God to restrain evil in our own hearts. He quoted Edmund Burke in his speech—this was amazing to me: “Edmund Burke summed up this point in his typically colorful language:
“Men are qualified for civil liberty, in exact proportion to their disposition to put chains upon their appetites…. Society cannot exist unless a controlling power be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
Please read this speech it was in the tradition of Christian truth preached during the days of the American Revolution. In the words of Madison, “We have staked our future on the ability of each of us to govern ourselves…”

Here is where the left went nuts, when Barr said this: “Instead, social order must flow up from the people themselves – freely obeying the dictates of inwardly-possessed and commonly-shared moral values. And to control willful human beings, with an infinite capacity to rationalize, those moral values must rest on authority independent of men’s will – they must flow from a transcendent Supreme Being.” That’s right, we are a nation built on the foundation of people obeying God, getting our morals from His Word. Barr went on to explain, “First, it gives us the right rules to live by. The Founding generation were Christians. They believed that the Judeo-Christian moral system corresponds to the true nature of man. Those moral precepts start with the two great commandments – to Love God with your whole heart, soul, and mind; and to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” Our attorney general was quoting Exodus and Deuteronomy—that had to make the New York Times go crazy.

Barr diagnosed our problem like this: “On the one hand, we have seen the steady erosion of our traditional Judeo-Christian moral system and a comprehensive effort to drive it from the public square. On the other hand, we see the growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism. By any honest assessment, the consequences of this moral upheaval have been grim.”

Well the deceptive Fake News attacked Barr for his speech which honored Christianity and Judeo Christian values—The Guardian said, ‘A threat to democracy’: William Barr’s speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics”—The New Yorker said, “William Barr’s Wild Misreading of the First Amendment”—- The New Republic said, Bill Barr’s First Epistle to the Heathens —–The Washington Post said this, Is this Barr’s cry for help? “This appeared to be a tacit endorsement of theocracy.” It was typical of the left, to continue their assault on Christianity they claim that Barr was attacking the constitution. This is a quote that is like all of the other attacks on Barr: “Our nation’s chief law enforcement officer — the person ultimately responsible for ensuring equal treatment under the law — appears to be demonizing anyone who does not share his religious and political values.”

In just the case of one speech the left lost its mind and attacked Christians and Christianity. Make no mistake, this is also an attack on the Trump administration who sent out three officials to talk about the importance of our Christen heritage. But leave it to the New York Times to come up with the best leftist lie of the devil: “God Is Now Trump’s Co-Conspirator, Bigotry, both racial and religious, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” This is rich coming from the same people who have lied and protected liars pushing the Russian hoax, Ukraine Hoax, and now the Barr hatred of the constitution. Telling the truth as Barr has, made the left react to defend evil! Barr finished his speech with this:
“I can assure you that, as long as I am Attorney General, the Department of Justice will be at the forefront of this effort, ready to fight for the most cherished of our liberties: the freedom to live according to our faith.” Thank God.

Everything we see in the world is leading to the rise of antichrist. “The New York Times has never been bashful about its liberal leanings, and its loathing of President Donald Trump is a theme that’s run through pretty much every word it’s published for years. So if the Gray Lady is sounding antsy these days about the current crop of Democratic candidates, liberals might start listening. After four Democratic debates, after the initial field has been culled to 16, with only 12 qualifying for the most recent debate, and only three months before real-life voters actual make the first choices in Iowa, influential party members are still looking for a candidate they can have confidence in, The Times reported.” They are panicked because they do not have someone who can beat Trump in the elections. Where will it lead?

As the fake news press and the left try to destroy the President, they also want to destroy Israel. Check out this headline from Elizabeth Warren: ELIZABETH WARREN SAYS THAT AS PRESIDENT SHE WILL ‘WITHHOLD AID TO ISRAEL’ UNLESS THEY AGREE TO GIVE UP JERUSALEM TO CREATE A TWO-STATE SOLUTION WITH PALESTINE.

Bill Wilson wrote a great piece on the impeachment proceedings. The same lies hitting the president are hitting Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. “The goal of the game is to remove the president from office using the most outrageous false claim. All television networks will carry the Impeachment Game live every day, all day, until the public demands removal of the President, or the ratings crash. Contestants are summoned to testify before the secret tribunal, knowing that everything they say will be twisted when it is leaked to the news media. The game slogan is from Matthew 24:4: “Take heed that no man deceives you.”

I think this was brilliant. The impeachment proceedings are being done in secret because that is what liars do. They hide in the darkness, they have to stay in the dark because of the greatness of the evil. Here is a headline that exposes the evil of secret proceedings: “Republicans storm ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment meeting. Complaining of a “Soviet-style process,” more than a dozen House Republicans stormed a closed-door meeting Wednesday where Democratic lawmakers were questioning a Defense Department official in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.” Her testimony was hearsay—that is all they have.

Well I have run out of room to go into the other deceptive practices of the evil one today. God will not be mocked, whatever these people sow they will reap. The NBA will soon fulfill this law of God. They defended the Communist Chinese against the freedom fighters of Hong Kong. Here is a bunch of rich basketball players telling the slaves of communist China that their government is good to oppress them so that the NBA can get rich. WOW are there any men left in the NBA who actually will stand for truth, justice, and the American way? C.S. Lewis called men like this, “men without chests.” Pray that we as Christians can stand in the truth, it will set us free!

Prophecy Updates

Red Green Axis and the Day of the Lord

Prophecy Update: Red Green Axis and the Day of the Lord

Prophecy is really pretty simple. Satan is going to be crushed by Jesus someday and everything is leading to this fight. There are only two lines in human history: Satan’s line (seed of the serpent) and Gods line of people (seed of the woman). They are always in conflict. Whether it is Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau; conflict colors all of history and Enoch gives us a picture of the end in Jude 14-15, “It was also about these men that Enoch, in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with many thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.” Quite a prophecy from Enoch so the Lord already was giving a picture of the end even before the flood! Part of this conflict includes two equally false teachings that are prominent in the world today. The false teaching of Marx and Mohammed! The M+M brothers are linked today in what is being called the Red Green alliance. This alliance fulfills what Jude said, Jesus will come to convict these ungodly people for they have done and said about Jesus and our heavenly Father!

The Red-Green Axis, joins together the forces of the Marxist left (the “Red”) with the global Islamic Movement (the “Green”). This very much is an ad hoc collaboration among global forces whose common objective is the destruction of Western Civilization. America’s Constitutional Republic and Israel stand alone as the last nations countering the tyrannical forces of both ‘Red and Green whose collective goal is to alter and undermine our national character, traditions, and laws so much that it can overthrow our form of government without firing a shot.’ Iran is fanatical about its desire to destroy both America and Israel. They shout every Friday at their prayer services, ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’ Is it any wonder then that China, Russia, and the European Union support Iran? Why those two nations?

America and Israel are two nations that are alike in some strange ways. Both advocate that the Creator God is the God of their nations making both nations biblical nations. Even though this is disputed in America, the Constitution still is in effect and many in our country still hold to a Godly view of our nation. Both nations are based on covenants. Satan has to bring America down so that his hatred of Israel can be fulfilled. The move towards a global government necessitates that America falls or changes from a constitutional government to a dictatorial government. This is the goal of the Red Green Alliance.

The red green alliance takes advantage of American freedom and laws. Their tactics, strategies, and cultural features mobilizes a large number of people. “For example, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) now supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) and participates in its protests. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) also work with BLM, CAIR, Antifa, and open borders groups. Immigration is one of the Red-Green Axis’s most effective tools. Under the banner of “compassion,” it advocates for open borders and endless waves of refugees, asylum seekers, and other third-world immigrants to stress government budgets at all levels, overburden communities with medical, language, crime, welfare, and other burdens, while rhetorically and sometimes physically attacking those who object, calling opponents “racists,” “bigots,” “xenophobes,” and the latest innovation, “Islamophobes.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán summarized it well in a 2016 speech, “Europe is not free. Because freedom begins with speaking the truth. Today in Europe it is forbidden to speak the truth.” Europe is right where Antichrist wants her to be. America is right behind her and we are fast approaching the day when Christians will be forbidden to tell the truth. Imagine if Hillary Clinton would have won the presidency. She would have put Huma Abedeen as Secretary of State. Huma Abedeen is a Muslim with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Tim Kaine was the vice president and he was elected by the Muslim Brotherhood to the governorship of Virginia with ties to communist groups in Honduras. The enemy is within the country to an extraordinary degree.

“THE RED-GREEN AXIS: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” was published in 2015 and was a bombshell. America is being undermined by a tidal wave of immigration. This publication gave evidence for the claim that the axis is bound and determined to bring down the United States. This alliance gets help from the United Nations. Go figure—the United Nations wants the overthrow of the United States in a bad way. Here is where it gets real interesting. In the study, many churches are part of the Red Green Axis.

The Chrislam movement in the church is the mixing of Christianity with Islam. The social gospel movement is the mixing of Christianity with Marxism.

The “social gospel” is a movement that is trying to get at a Christianity that moves to something more “real” than church doctrines and religious experience. “The social gospel movement of the early twentieth century picked up on this human impulse and designed a theology and a mission around it.” Practicality has replaced holiness in the church. The social gospel movement has created churches for the churchless. Preaching becomes five lessons on how to be better instead of going deeply into the text of Scripture and teaching the whole counsel of God. The living and active Word of God is replaced by practical messages sprinkled with a few verses. Instead of bringing people into the presence of the Living God to hear a word from Him, churches bring in people to learn “how to” vignettes with entertaining music. Becoming more relevant is not the job of the church. The church is beholden to God almighty to do what He says, not the culture. The movements associated with the social gospel are the emerging church, liberation theology, liberal churches, and seminaries who gave up teaching biblical theology. These movements are described for us by God in 1 Timothy 4:1, “The Spirit explicitly says that some will fall away from the faith in the last days paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.”

It was 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus. When Jesus came, the political class and the religious class were not ready for Him. The religious authorities, Pharisees, Sadducees, priesthood, and Jews should have been ready. Even John the Baptist who is from a priestly family rejected the religious class to reach out to the people with the Word of God. Today is the same way. It has been 2000 years since Jesus rose from the dead and the political class and religious class are not ready for Him. The religious class: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant denominations are by and large riddled with false teachers and unorthodox teaching. God predicted this for the political class in Psalm 2 and the religious class in 2 Tim.3:5, “holding to a form of godliness although they have denied its power and avoid such men as these.”

‘In 2007, a group of Muslim clerics sent an open letter to Christian leaders called “A Common Word Between Us”. In it they stated that the two “great religions” shared two crucial beliefs in common: The love of the one God and the command to love one another. Hundreds of Christian leaders, including Brian McLaren, Rick Warren and Jim Wallis, responded positively to the letter, calling for greater dialogue and cooperation between Christian and Muslim leaders to bring peace to the world and eliminate poverty and injustice.’ This movement of Chrislam is leading both Muslims and Christians astray from the true gospel. Naïve Christians are being led into a false belief that Allah and YHWH may be one and the same God; Muslims are being denied the opportunity to be confronted in love with the fact that Jesus is not a prophet—but is the Son of the living God. I believe that it is a great mistake to agree to the statement: ‘crucial beliefs in common: The love of the one God and the command to love one another.’ Evangelism that denies that our God is the only God is not evangelism. It is compromise with false teaching.

Muslims do not worship the God of the Bible. Allah cannot be the God of the Bible because he does not have a son named Jesus who is the creator of the universe! Chrislam in all of its forms is false teaching! I believe Chrislam is a major component of the movement to a one world religion foretold in the bible. Christians should avoid and speak out against this false teaching that seeks to find “common ground” between a false religion worshiping a false god, with the only true religion, Christianity, that teaches salvation and eternal life only by accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Three days ago, Attorney General Barr gave a speech about this topic at Notre Dame and defended Christianity. He said, “This is not decay,” he said. “This is organized destruction. Secular forces and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia, in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values. I can assure you that as long as I am attorney general, the Department of Justice will be at the forefront of this effort, ready to fight for the most cherished of all American liberties: the freedom to live according to our faith,” he concluded.

Those are fighting words and I am thankful for those standing up for the rights that are given to us by God Himself. As the red/green evil movement works to destroy Christianity in America, we need to pray and ask God to deliver us. Our greatest weapon is prayer. God will move on our behalf, this He has promised in Matt.7:7-11. People in our country were filmed selling baby parts, the lawyers are not trying to stop the selling of body parts but trying to stop those revealing the evil sin of murder! Please pray with me this week that God will stop the red green alliance!

Prophecy Updates

Middle East Rumblings

Prophecy Update: Rumblings in the Middle East 10/10/19

I have been preparing a prophecy update on the inter faith movement designed to destroy true Christianity in the world. I want to do a whole update on it but the news on Monday changed my mind. So I am going to wait on doing that. The US is pulling out of Syria and this has caused a lot of consternation. That is big news because it sets up the Gog Magog War in ways I did not anticipate. I believe that the USA has to be out of the region or so weak it could not respond to the Turkey, Russian, Iranian alliance and invasion into Israel.

First, you need to know that Erdogan of Turkey wants to conquer Israel so he can establish the new Caliphate for Islam. Turkey pays people to work in Jerusalem to convince Muslims that Turkey has the right to set up the Caliphate and rule over the land of Israel. That land up to 1918 was under the Ottoman Empire ruled from Turkey. Secondly, Turkey also pushes on Jordan to give them the right over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The tension between the countries Jordan and Turkey is real and mounting. Plus, Turkey has observed from the US response to Iran that they can take Syria bit by bit as the Iranians have attacked us bit by bit and we have had no response worthy to make the Iranians back off. Remember that the Muslim governments do not care about the death of their people because they believe any Muslim who dies in Jihad goes to heaven.

Whatever made Pres. Trump make the decision to pull some of our troops out of Syria; it fits the biblical view of the Gog Magog War. The president is receiving a lot of flak for this move. The Turks want to establish a buffer zone 20 miles wide into Syria to resettle the Syrian refugees (1.6 million) in their country. We only have 1000 troops there. That is not a lot of people and Trump is only moving 100 of them. The press has really pushed this beyond reality. Here is one headline about that: “US withdrawal in Syria is only a small number of special operators, says Trump administration.” The US wants the buffer zone to be 9-10 miles. The prophetic implications of Erdogan’s military invasion of Syria, despite the overwhelming criticism of Trump, from an end-of-days perspective, it looks like he got it right.

“Trump says despite pullout plan US has not ‘abandoned the Kurds’ The Times of Israel article points out that Trump is not abandoning the Kurds, here is the quote: “President again warns Turkey over incursion and says US continues to support Kurds, who he called ‘special people and wonderful fighters,’ with money and arms.” A senior administration official told reporters Monday that Sunday’s announcement did not constitute a full U.S. withdrawal from Syria and that only 50 to 100 U.S. special operations forces were moving to other locations in Syria. “The official explained that Trump’s decision to move the special operators out of the zone of a potential Turkish operation was done to protect troops and keep them out of the crossfire.”

The Kurds are an ethnic group without a country and have been fighting for a country for the last 60 years. They live mostly in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. The words “Kurds”, “Kurdistan”, or “Kurdish” were officially banned by the Turkish government. Following the military coup of 1980, the Kurdish language was officially prohibited in public and private life. Many who spoke, published, or sang in Kurdish were arrested and imprisoned. So since the 70’s the Turks have dreamed of wiping out the Kurds as they did the Armenians. The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 700,000 to 1.5 million Armenians, mostly citizens of the Ottoman Empire. It is clear to me that the Turks will invade Israel in the future and they are going to move many troops into Syria to do it. Ezekiel 38:9 says, “You will go up, you will come like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land, you and all your troops, and many peoples with you.” That is a lot of people and the armies of Iran, Russia, and Turkey are currently increasing in Syria!

The Gog Magog prophecy is multinational, many nations and we have our own Gog Magog representative in congress. Ilhan Omar who is from Somalia which is ancient Ethiopia, pushes for the destruction of Israel every day. It is no wonder that Erdogan supports her and cheers for her. ISIS has 10,000 fighters detained in the region that Erdogan is invading. If he releases these barbarians, they constitute fighters from many nations including the ones in the Gog Magog prophecy. Erdogan has two goals, wipe out the Kurds and then wipe out Israel. At this point Erdogan is against ISIS but the enemy of my enemy is my friend as they say. It is possible that Erdogan makes a deal with ISIS.

Today, this headline appeared: “After Inviting Nations to Third Temple, Foreign Minister Stops Erdogan from Encroaching on Jerusalem.” “Today we are learning that Yisrael Katz is taking it a step further by launching a campaign designed to halt the Turkish government’s activities in Jerusalem reports Yisrael Hayom.
The Pope met with both Mahmoud Abbas and Erdogan of Turkey and kissed them and agreed with them that Jerusalem is not Jewish. “Particular attention was reserved for the status of Jerusalem, underlining the importance of recognizing and preserving its identity and the universal value of the holy City for the three Abrahamic religions,” He gave both of them medals saying their angels of peace.

My problem with the situation in the Middle East is that the desire to kill the Jews has gotten stronger the last 30 years over the same period we tried peace agreements that were not worth the paper they were printed on. If Turkey gets this foothold in Syria as prophesied, they will not leave until they are killed in the Gog Magog War. They will fail in their desire to kill Jews and lead the Muslim Caliphate bent on the destruction of Israel. These last 30 years God has used Islam to discipline Europe and America for our defection from the faith. All of these nations that were Christian have abandoned the faith for multiculturalism! It is only going to get worse for America if we don’t repent. Western Europe is overrun by Muslims.

How weak is the West against Islam, consider these headlines:
Canada: 14 year old girl sexually assaulted by muslim migrant, school asks her to consider the situation from his point of view.
A female doctor working in Germany warns the world about the dangers of Muslim refugees.
THE NEW AMERICA: Muslims take over a small southern town and force absolute hell on their terrified Christian neighbors.
North America: Christian student takes school to Supreme Court for forced Islamic prayer. Can a public school force a Christian student to recite an Islamic prayer of conversion and say there is “No God, but Allah?” A Maryland school is defending its actions at the Supreme Court after the student fought back.
The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to divide France and it is succeeding. The goal is to Islamize the Muslims of France through the trusted protectors of Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls a tenth of the mosques in French territory and is very active in religious propaganda ….
POPE FRANCIS APPOINTS 13 NEW CHRISLAM-FRIENDLY CARDINALS WHO WILL HELP GUIDE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH INTO ADDING BOTH THE LGBTQ+ AND ISLAM. Among his picks, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Miguel Guixot, the President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Guixot has a long history of working with Muslim leaders on religious cooperation, having spearheaded talks with Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb of Cairo’s Al-Azhar mosque, and represents Pope Francis’ push for interreligious dialogue between Catholics and Muslims. FROM CNN: The Pontiff’s new cardinals have defended the commitment to fighting populism, supported the inclusion of gay Catholics, sought to improve inter-religious dialogue with Muslim communities, and expressed concern with the environment and youth issues, according to their biographies.

We can see in these articles this week that the west is weak and appeases radical Islam. China, Russia, and the EU support Iran and her aspirations against the USA, Israel, and freedom loving democracies. One article that talked about this called it a world war:
“World War III has already begun” by Ken Abramowitz. “As the aggressor, Iran relatively successfully uses all six forms of modern warfare: physical, cultural, economic, legal, demographic, and cyber. It has created three worldwide terror arms, specializing in physical terrorism, narco-terrorism, and cultural terrorism, with an estimated 450,000 terrorist/operatives in over 30 countries. Reacting defensively, the United States is fighting back primarily with economic warfare, some cyber warfare and very limited physical warfare, the latter mostly through passive shows of force.” This is how we are opposing Turkey and Iran—it is not working! Iran’s goal is to take over the world and convert everyone to Islam, particularly its Shiite version, using all forms of warfare. America’s goal, in contrast, is to live in peace and prosperity, while encouraging all democracies (50% of the global population) and dictatorships (the other 50%) to join in worldwide economic growth. Iran and Turkey could care less about what the US wants! “There is no compatibility between these two national objectives. Either one or the other can prevail, but not both. Therefore, we find ourselves in World War III, even though we don’t want to be, don’t think we are and don’t even want to consider the possibility we might be.”

We live in strange days for sure—as the US pulls out of Syria the Gog Magog scenario is building to a climax. It should cause all Americans to repent and pray for forgiveness. God honors righteous living in His people, obey the Lord today and seek after His kingdom and His righteousness! If you are radical in these small ways you will be radical when the bullets start to fly!! Proverbs 28:1, “The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, But the righteous are bold as a lion.” Be bold for Jesus this week!

Prophecy Updates

Gog Magog War Advancements

Prophecy Update: Gog Magog War Advancement 10/3/19

In Ezekiel 38-39 God alerts us to a future war that involves Russia, Iran, Turkey, and some other nations against Israel. What is important about the prophecy is that we live in a time when this prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled. The preconditions of this war are in place. In 38:23 God tells us that He will magnify Himself in that day. “I will magnify Myself, sanctify Myself, and make Myself known in the sight of many nations; and they will know that I am the LORD.” The Lord our God will magnify Himself by doing it Himself with no help from other nations. Today this war would bring in the United States. That will not happen when this war takes place. However, the news today is that Israel is surrounded by enemies and Iran specifically threatens Israel in very overt ways. The beginning of this war has begun through sorties conducted by Israel. These sorties in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon is increasing the hatred and threats of the Iranian regime.

Ezekiel 38-39 highlights that Israel will be safe but on their own. The enemies of Israel are increasing and advancing on the borders of Israel. Here are a few headlines from this week about this:

Revolutionary Guards commander: Iran has encircled Israel from all sides. “If Israel makes a strategic mistake, it has to collect bits and pieces of Tel Aviv from the lower depths of the Mediterranean Sea,” IRGC Deputy Commander for Operations Abbas Nilforoushan said in an interview with the IRGC’s Tasnim news agency. The commander also commented on the confrontation between Israel and Iran forces or proxies in Lebanon and Syria. Iran has been throwing out these threats for many years but this is different. Remember what Jesus said, when you see these things beginning to happen, we will see the fruition of all of these things! Key word is beginning. Iran went on to say:

“We will perceive any mistake in the region as involvement in a war in the whole region. Any action to start a war in the region will flare up a fire that will burn those who have started the war,” he said.

Nasrallah: We are prepared to enter ‘occupied Palestine’ “We have abundant information, unprecedented in fact, about all events and developments occurring on the enemy side, using both public and secretive measures,” head of terrorist group says. The leader of the Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, claimed over the weekend that his organization was in possession of a large amount of military intelligence on Israel and warned that his forces were prepared to enter “occupied Palestine” at any time. Hezbollah does whatever Iran tells them to do. They will launch the war at Israel before the Iranian forces engage. Their confidence is misplaced: God is the one calling them to the war so He can destroy them!

Iran Guards chief: Destroying Israel now not a dream but an ‘achievable goal’ In claim prominently reported in Iran, Major General Hossein Salami declares Tehran able to annihilate ‘the impostor Zionist regime’ “This sinister regime must be wiped off the map and this is no longer … a dream [but] it is an achievable goal,” Salami said.

Iran has been on edge, fearing an attack on the country over a drone-and-missile strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry earlier this month attributed to Tehran. Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have claimed the attack, but the US alleges Iran carried out the assault. This is all happening when God is sending a revival to Iran out of His love and desire to see people saved. It is like the goodness of God to send grace before the hammer comes down.

It is interesting to me that the west in general is passive to the aggression of Iran. In the United States the political climate is ripe to do Russia’s will. If President Trump is taken down, the political climate is such that Russia will be free to attack Israel. While Trump is president, it is unlikely that Russia will make this move. The hook in the jaw of Russia is most likely economic. Consider that under President Obama, Iran and Russia had a free hand to move into Syria setting up the fulfillment of the prophecy. Obama gave 150 billion dollars that they can spend on military hardware and people to attack Israel. Now that the bleeding has stopped under Trump, the over whelming sentiment of most nations is to get rid of Trump. Somehow, the fulfillment of this prophecy will be tied to the future of President Trump. This next article highlights the lengths Iran has gone to surround Israel to destroy her.

Iran creating more Hezbollahs across the Middle East. Escalating tensions with Iran should be a warning that Tehran’s strategy of training and arming proxy terror groups throughout the Middle East is not being countered aggressively enough. Thanks to massive Iranian investment, Hezbollah has now developed into a “hybrid organization,” a terror organization with strong military components. Significantly, this success has made the frightening model on which Iran is basing its promotion of new terrorist militias in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. No terror organization in history has had as powerful an armament as the one Hezbollah currently stockpiles. It is no wonder, then, that the Iranians are very happy with their success and are attempting to replicate this model in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. What remains a wonder is why these attempts by Iran are not being fought more aggressively. This was not supposed to happen. UN Security Council Resolution 1701 was passed at the end of the 2006 conflict to prevent precisely this situation.
Western countries reinforced UN forces in Lebanon with troops that had a clear mandate to monitor and report on Hezbollah’s activities. The resolution included a categorical statement banning the transfer of weaponry to Lebanon. These measures were supposed to ensure Lebanese sovereignty and prevent Hezbollah from growing stronger. But the reality has been completely different. Lebanon today is completely dominated politically and militarily by Hezbollah, not by the Lebanese government or army – so much so that Iran is moving to a new stage focused less on increasing the quantity of arms than on improving their quality. This failure of the UN was because they shared the goal of Iran and the Hezbollah terrorists who hate Israel. That is why it is even more amazing that Saudi Arabia looks to Israel and America for help against the Iranians.

Iran is running the war against Saudi Arabia from the south, Yemen is the battle ground for Iran’s war on the Saudis. Here is a report about a recent attack: “Yemeni rebels show off captives, wrecked armoured vehicles after attack on Saudi-backed forces.”Over 2,000 fighters were taken prisoner,” the Houthi spokesman added, saying most of them were Yemeni but there were also other prisoners, without elaborating. Many are claiming that Saudi Arabian soldiers are now POW’s of the Iranian group. It is becoming clear that Saudi Arabia is having a hard time defending themselves. Without American or Israeli help, I don’t think that the Saudi’s can defeat the Iranians. The EU also has to get into the act since this is where antichrist will come from:

“The EU is waging war on Israel! We have been shocked and appalled to discover just how duplicitous and destructive German and EU policy is toward Israel. As a Member of the EU Parliament on the Budget Committee for the Alternative for Germany party (AfD), First off, I must ask you to forget everything you have read about the AfD from mainstream media, which have often become anti-conservative and anti-Israel. Just as the left-wing media managed to somehow portray Donald Trump, perhaps the most pro-Israel President of the United States ever, as “anti-Semitic”, they have also falsely portrayed the AfD in the same way, the most pro-Israel party in the German Bundestag and the only party which actively seeks to defend Jews in Germany against imported Muslim anti-Semitism.” This is the hallmark of the left in Europe, Israel, and the USA; they lie like their father the devil. Exposing their lies to truth, the bright light of truth is the only way to counteract their evil intention. This is leading to the Gog Magog war—

Dr. David Jeremiah said this about the Gog Magog war:
“These are the nations that will form a coalition and march against Israel, setting the stage for this gigantic world war focused on the Holy Land. Though the northern armies of Russia and Turkey will lead the coalition, they will be joined by Iran from the east, Sudan and Libya from the south, and (possibly) Germany from the west in the form of a revived European coalition of nations. To darken the picture for Israel, Ezekiel added that Russia will have “many peoples” on its side (v. 9).” Notice that Jeremiah says that Germany is part of the coalition. This fits the nature of EU politics today—they sold out to the Iranians, back the Iranians against the Americans and Israelis, and they are actively seeking to destroy Israel (Netanyahu) and the USA (Trump).

I do not believe that the charges brought against Trump and Netanyahu are going to work to drive them out of office. The reason is that the conditions for the GOG Magog war are ripening under the Trump and Netanyahu administrations. More ripening needs to happen so I think it makes sense that they beat the charges and cause more anger from the global elite. It will cause them to lose their minds and the great tribulation will be brought in when these crazies actually fulfill the evil in their hearts! By that time we will be raptured out of here!! This week was the feast of Trumpets, the start of the new year on Gods calendar so Happy New Year. Ten days after the feast of Trumpets is Day of Atonement. Please be repenting of your sins in this period of time and remembering the Lords sacrifice for our sins! Jesus is our day of Atonement: Yeah God!