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Russia and Jerusalem

Prophecy Update: Russia and Jerusalem!                  2/23/2022

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, Until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, And her salvation like a torch that is burning. On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; All day and all night they will never keep silent.

You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves; And give Him no rest until He establishes

And makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

Isaiah 62:1, 6-7

The Bible is very clear that the city Jerusalem is going to be in Israeli hands, be the capital city of Israel, and it will be undivided in the last days. When those conditions exist, Russia will bring a coalition of nations to war against Israel. Russia will lose big time!! According to our verse, Jerusalem will be established before it becomes a praise in the earth. Russia will help the world try to destroy Israel so that Jerusalem will not rise.

This is significant given the conditions we now find ourselves with regard to Russia and Israel. Russia is fighting a war that started in 2014. Ukraine changed governments in 2014 and threatened all of the Russian citizens living in the country. Two republics in the eastern part of the country did not want to stay in Ukraine and became independent republics. Ukraine attacked and a civil war ensued. In the south, Crimea also voted to leave Ukraine and be part of Russia.

“The Minsk agreements are a series of international agreements which sought to end the war in the Donbas region of Ukraine. The first agreement, known as the Minsk Protocol, was drafted in 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, consisting of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).” 

All of the peace deals failed because of two reasons: first, Ukraine was not going to accept independent Russian states. Second, Russia and her citizens living in these two republics were not going back to being part of Ukraine. This has led to 8 years of fighting. The western press has ignored this fight until now.

“The Ukrainian government views the Minsk Agreements as a means to reunite Ukraine, but the Kremlin believes that the accords enshrine a process that would see a Russia-aligned administration in Luhansk and Donetsk and a special status granted to them before they are reunited with the rest of Ukraine. But Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of ending the agreements after recognising the independence of the self-proclaimed republics, with plans to send in Russian peacekeeping troops.” 

Since last summer, the West has pushed the narrative that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyy, has preached that they will use force to recapture Crimea, and the two republics. Ukraine moved over 100,000 troops to the border of Luhansk and Donetsk, and Putin moved troops in kind, thinking that they would invade. As soon as Russia moved troops, the West preached they are going to invade. Remember, these two armies have been shooting at each other for 8 years.

“Tensions kicked up a notch on Monday when Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two breakaway, pro-Russian regions in eastern Ukraine and ordered Russian soldiers to deploy into the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, ostensibly as peacekeepers. Mr. Putin argues that they are needed to fend off Ukrainian forces.” 

People are not listening to the Russians and the fact that they will go to war with any nation who tries to join Ukraine to NATO. Does God have a plan in this current struggle? Yes He does, He is strengthening Russia for the war with Israel according to Ezekiel 38-39. This next article is from the Atlantic Council and it points out the weakness of the West.

“Why Ukraine must join NATO: September 9, 2021. Every week or two, another opinion piece emerges to make the case for Ukraine’s supposed ineligibility for NATO membership. The most recent arrow came from Matthew Mai, now with Defense Priorities, an organization that embraces realism in foreign policy. Realism prizes the US national interest first and foremost. This article, though, seems to care more about Russia’s interests, as defined by the Kremlin, arguing that the US should acquiesce to Moscow in the region. The author is not all together wrong. When discussing Moscow’s motivation for invading Crimea and the Donbas, the author has it right. He thinks any westward move by Ukraine should be shunned as it would be “unacceptable to any Russian leader.” Moscow doesn’t get to veto Kyiv’s foreign policy, or any other country’s foreign policy.”    

The Atlantic Council editors are upset at anyone who believes that Ukraine should not be in NATO. First, the author of this article lied about Russia. He said that Russia invaded Crimea and Donbas, that is false. The Ukrainian government in 2014 passed a law that all Russian citizens were no longer allowed to speak Russian. The Russian parts of Ukraine all rebelled and they made it known that they would not give in to the new law. Crimea, which is 80% Russian, voted to stay in Russia. The two republics rebelled and a war ensued. The Atlantic Council believes that Russia does not have a right to protect their borders from the missiles, armies, and nukes of the United States and NATO. Russia will never agree with this. This is an example of what Jesus said, there will be wars, and people group will war with people group.

That leads to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was out of Jewish hands since 586 BC. In 1967, after nearly 2500 years, Israel recaptured her city. In those 2500 years, Jerusalem was under a foreign power. The list of nations includes Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantine, Muslim, Crusaders, Ottomans, British, and Jordanians. Everything changed in 1967.

Since 1967, the UN and many nations fought against the Jews living in Jerusalem and declaring it their capital. In 1980, Israel made it official that Jerusalem was the eternal undivided capital of Israel.  

“Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel. 1. Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel. 2. Jerusalem is the seat of the President of the State, the Knesset, the Government and the Supreme Court.”

After 1980, the fight was on to kick the Jews out of Jerusalem. The battle heated up in the USA. Muslim groups fought Christians and politicians who pushed the country to accept the reality that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. This is an example from the Arab news:

“The USA has maintained its embassy in Tel Aviv and has not recognized any part of Jerusalem as a part of the Israel. For example, Americans who are born anywhere in Jerusalem cannot register their country of birth as Israel. US Jewish groups and Christian sympathizers have lobbied the government to change this policy, resulting in two acts of congress that have had no practical effect. President Bush maintains that these acts are advisory only, inasmuch as the executive branch, and not congress, determines policy. The first act of Congress, enacted in 1995, called for removal of the Embassy in Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, an act that would be tantamount to US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The bill notes that every country designates its own capital, and that Israel has so designated Jerusalem, the spiritual center of Judaism. It states that since the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, religious freedom has been guaranteed to all. It recalls several previous Congressional resolutions calling for the city to remain united. In particular, this bill includes specific wording that seems to deny any Arab claims in Jerusalem, so that recognition of any part of Jerusalem as part of Israel or as the Israeli capital, would constitute recognition of Israeli annexation.” 

In 1995 Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Every president wimped out and did not move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Trump was different. He did not care about the criticism, he thought it was the right thing to do because Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

“For some, the US Embassy’s move to Jerusalem fulfills divine prophecy. For many evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews, the controversial relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is not only a smart political move, but the fulfillment of divine prophecy. President Trump’s December 2017 decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has spurred criticism from those who believe the decision will impede a broader peace settlement in the Middle East by denying Palestinian claims to the city.” 

God established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on May 14, 2018. Jerusalem is going to be the issue before the world in the end times. God promised that this would be the case in the prophet Zechariah.

“Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.”

Zechariah 12:2-3

As Russia gains in power, they will more and more threaten Israel. Russia is even now laughing at sanctions. Why? Because the sanctions don’t include oil from Russia that goes to America. If USA does sanctions that hurts Europe and not the USA, they just laugh. Here is an example of threats to Israel:

“Russia Wants Israel to Stop Bombing Syria: February 17, 2022, Moscow warns of “sharp escalation” if Israel continues to strike Iranian and Hezbollah targets in the war-torn country. Israel would like to maintain this status quo, as it views the buildup of Iranian forces in Syria as a direct threat to the Jewish state. And that’s why the recent grumblings from Moscow are indeed troubling to Jerusalem.”       

While war is in the air, the virus still is causing division in the world.

“One, on Feb. 5, 2022, a group of lawyers and judges met in Germany to discuss the human rights violations (crimes against humanity) that politicians and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have imposed upon the world. They concluded this: Covid is a long-planned pandemic that was created to gain control of the world. Covid can be treated with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, but the pandemic planners oppose these treatments because they want to force everyone to be vaccinated. The ultimate goal is a reduction in the population of the earth, a change in the DNA of those that are left, the replacement of sovereign nations with a world government, and the establishment of a single global currency that will allow the tracking and control of everyone.”    

Conflict is the name of the game before the antichrist rises. He will make the claim that he is the only one who can bring peace. War must exist when he rises.

“A king will arise, Insolent and skilled in intrigue. His power will be mighty, but not by his own power, And he will destroy to an extraordinary degree And prosper and perform his will; He will destroy mighty men and the holy people. And through his shrewdness He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; And he will magnify himself in his heart, And he will destroy many while they are at ease. He will even oppose the Prince of princes, But he will be broken without human agency.”

Daniel 8:23-25

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Prophecy Updates

World War 3

Prophecy Update: World War 3!       

With the current crises between the USA and Russia and China, many are talking about the start of WW3. Since 1945, the fear of another world war has been on the minds of many people. It should not shock you to hear that the first plans for WW3 were put together even before WW2 was over. Jesus told us it would be like this in the last days.

Did you know that Winston Churchill planned to conduct WW3? At the end of WW2, in March of 1945, Churchill saw the Soviets attacking Poland, enslaving her people, and that appalled him. Churchill questioned whether Stalin would enslave all of the people the Russian army was conquering, from Poland to Germany down to Greece. He asked his generals to draw up plans for another war, a war with Russia. The plans for WW3, called “Operation Unthinkable” were not revealed until 1998. Churchill never talked about it after the war.

Operation Unthinkable is the plan for WW3, put together by the British generals.

“Operation Unthinkable – Churchill’s plans to invade the Soviet Union: If you thought the Cold War between East and West reached its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, then think again. 1945 was the year when Europe was the crucible for a Third World War. So concerned was the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, that in the spring of that year he ordered his Chiefs of Staff to prepare a plan, ‘Operation Unthinkable’ to attack the Soviet Empire. The top secret plan was so sensitive that only Churchill’s immediate circle of military advisors were privy to the blueprint.” 

What unnerved Churchill was that the Russian troops were sending all of the people that they enslaved back to Russia to work in their mines in Siberia! Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and a few more countries saw their people taken as slaves to Russia. What if Russia decided to keep going all the way to France?

General Patton also was so unnerved by Russia that he wanted to take the German troops and add them to the American troops and attack Russia.

“As Stalin devoured Eastern Europe, Patton remarked, “I have no particular desire to understand them except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them… the Russian has no regard for human life and they are all out sons-of-bitches, barbarians, and chronic drunks. We promised the Europeans freedom. It would be worse than dishonorable not to see that they have it. This might mean war with the Russians, but what of it?” 

As many of you know, Eisenhower denied Patton’s request to attack the Russians and Eastern Europe ended up in slavery to the Russians until 1991. The very thing that both Patton and Churchill argued.

Today, Britain and the USA want a war with Russia. The tension between these countries has continued unabated since 1945. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the elites of Europe and America, people who want a one-world government, have desired to steal the resources of Russia. USA and European elitists with global aspirations view Russia, as Hitler did in 1941, as a vast arena for plundering their eight time zones.

“Why the US and NATO want war with Russia: 25 January 2022. The World Socialist Web Site condemns the escalating provocations by the United States and NATO against Russia. Their aim is to manufacture a pretext for war. These reckless actions threaten to trigger a global conflagration that would cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people. US Colonel Alexander Vindman, who is involved in top-level US talks with the Ukrainian regime, declared: “Why is this important to the American public? It’s important because we’re about to have the largest war in Europe since World War II.”   

This article is dripping with irony. The World Socialist are complaining about the socialist movement of the European elite and American leftists. Wars and rumors of wars among the globalists sounds like Satan’s deceptive ways.

“Does the Biden Administration Want War with Russia? Biden administration diplomats are wandering Europe warning about a potential invasion of Ukraine. It makes one wonder if the Biden crowd — it is unclear who, if anyone, is in charge of the administration these days — is hoping for a fight over Ukraine. Biden is being urged “to deploy a US military presence in the Black Sea to deter a Russian invasion.” As if that wasn’t reckless enough, they also recommended that the administration “immediately consider an appropriate US military presence and posture in the region and to initiate appropriate intelligence sharing activities between the US and Ukraine to prevent the situation from escalating further. Deploying American forces “to deter a Russian invasion” by definition involves threatening war.” 

There is one big reason that Russia will not invade Ukraine, it does not need to. They have already annexed Crimea and are in the process of annexing the eastern third of Ukraine. No one will stop them and no one will go to war over it. It is Wednesday, the day that Biden said Russia would invade. No invasion has occurred!

I will quote from the actual plans for “Operation Unthinkable” from the national archives in this update; it is enlightening considering the current conflict between the USA, Britain and Russia.

“The overall or political object is to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and British Empire. A quick success might induce the Russians to submit to our will at least for the time being; but it might not. That is for the Russians to decide. If they want total war, they are in a position to have it.”   

Can you see that the current situation is a lot like it was in 1945. Britain and America are upset that Russia will not accept their will regarding NATO, that NATO has the right to put its troops and missiles and nukes right on the Russian border. In 1945 it was a plan to stop Russian aggression moving west. Today it’s about NATO aggression moving east into Russia!

“Great Britain and the United States have full assistance from the Polish armed forces and can count upon the use of German manpower and what remains of German industrial capacity. No credit is taken for assistance from the forces of the other Western Powers, although any bases in their territory, or other facilities which may be required, are made available. The date for the opening of hostilities is 1st July, 1945.”   

Of course, Operation Unthinkable never took place but they put a time stamp on it.

“The War Cabinet files outlining the plan – and the recorded horror of military chiefs which ultimately killed it off – were declassified in 1998 and now sit in the National Archives. The blueprint acknowledged the horrendous odds – the Soviets had 170 military divisions, compared to Britain the US’s combined 47.” 

In 1945 Russia had seven million soldiers and the USA and its allies had 6.4 million soldiers. The fact of the matter is without nukes, Operation Unthinkable was not going to be successful. Today it is the same thing. The United States cannot field an army big enough to compete with the Russians. NATO is so weak, partly because they have no will for a fight, their weakness is known by the Russians and Chinese. When the USA left Afghanistan, Russia and China observed that they can do what they want. When America says all of the white people in the country are evil because they are white, the army is full of white people who the elite generals hate. Our generals are pushing sexual immorality among the troops. If you do not agree with their view of marriage and male female distinctions, you will be punished in this man’s army. The Pentagon wants to end white families, marriage, and push critical race theory.

At the same time the west is in conflict with Russia, China is on the move.

“China Has a Master Plan to Defeat America in a Hellish War. The PLA [People’s Liberation Army] is focused not merely on competing with the United States or other nations as a goal in and of itself, but instead on competing as a means to achieving the policy outcomes identified by the CCP [Communist Party of China] — deterring U.S. intervention and defeating the U.S. military if the United States and China do come into open conflict. The RAND study focused on the impressive growth in Chinese air and missile power over the last decade, an achievement fueled partly by relentless copying — or stealing — foreign technology, whether Russian carrier-based jets or the American F-35.”  

“China’s “Soft” War Against America: Feb 22nd, 2021. China is determined to again become the Middle Kingdom and to erase the humiliation of Western dominance of China over much of the last two centuries. The United Front Work Department (UFW) is exploiting America’s open democratic ways to advance its authoritarian aims and influence U.S. policy. Target #1 of China’s global offensive is the United States.”  

China and Russia have united in their desire to take America out. They have economic and military ties meant to defeat the United States. They want a war with the United States and are working together to attack through asymmetrical warfare. “Asymmetrical Warfare: “Warfare that is between opposing forces which differ greatly in military power and that typically involves the use of unconventional weapons and tactics (such as those associated with guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks.” Merriam Webster Dictionary

Since President Nixon, no president countered the asymmetrical warfare being waged against the United States. That changed with President Trump, he countered the Chinese for four years. Unfortunately, it was a little too late. President Biden embraces the evil of the communist warfare against us.

“With an annual budget of an estimated $2.6 billion, the Chinese United Front Work Department has influenced American universities, academic presses, think tanks, schools and school boards, corporations, movie companies, and political lobbying. The UFW is exploiting America’s open democratic ways to advance its authoritarian aims and influence U.S. policy. In the words of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Chinese government has “decided to exploit our freedoms to gain advantage over us at the federal level, the state level, and the local level.”

The amount of traitors in our country at the federal and state level will astonish you. Mike Pompeo called out governors, mayors, congressmen, etc. The business community is in bed with the Chinese, the very people who will destroy the United States. We sold them the rope that they will hang us with. The National Basketball Association is in bed with the communists and will not allow anyone to speak against the Chinese. It is sickening.  Even Nancy Pelosi bows to China!

“Pelosi warns U.S. athletes not to anger China’s government with protests. The House speaker said protests could prompt reprisals from a “ruthless” Chinese government.”

In Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, the prophecy of that war is shaping up before our eyes. All the nations mentioned there are making alliances against the United States, Israel and the alliances that will join them. As Russia puts pressure on the USA exposing their weaknesses, Russia commands Israel to stop attacking inside of Syria. That command is initiating conflict between Israel and Russia. This is new and will lead to more conflict because Israel cannot stop attacking in Syria. The Russians are being emboldened and strengthening themselves. God will drag Russia into Israel for a war that will destroy Russia and Iran. This is what will initiate the final Tribulation period. I believe that antichrist will rise after the war of Ezekiel 38-39. Many prophecy teachers put the war in the tribulation period, I understand why they do. It is my opinion that it will happen before. Pray that God will send a revival in our land. I am getting reports of revival breaking out in Canada!

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Prophecy Updates

America missing from Bible Prophecy

Prophecy Update: America missing from Bible Prophecy                  2/10/2022

Is America in Bible prophecy? The belief that the USA does not play a part in the end times is because the Bible teaches us that the revived Roman Empire is the world power in the end. Where is America? Many teachers the last 20 years have written about the decline of the USA.

God brings nations down because either He is done with them, meaning they have lived out their purpose, or the nation has sinned a sin bringing the final judgment. I believe that America is guilty on both counts. Almost 45 years ago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn had this experience at Harvard.

“Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel laureate famous for Russian literature and his description of life under communism giving a lecture at Harvard University and warned the students about America’s pursuit of pleasure, to the neglect of God and says that that the student body should should turn to God, and he was booed off the stage, we will not hear it, eyes and ears dull of hearing God in his providence.”     

The same Harvard that was started by Puritans (John Harvard 1636) who wanted to teach the Bible to a generation of Americans living for the truth of scripture. Harvard taught and it was their motto, truth Jesus and the church. You cannot have truth without Jesus and the church! Now you cannot say Jesus at Harvard without someone complaining that you are offending someone.

The Pilgrims left England to escape religious persecution. They went off course and landed in Massachusetts by Gods providential Hand. They met an Indian named Squanto who could speak English and he helped them get settled and survive. God established America for His own purposes!

“Squanto and the Providence of God: Squanto was key to the survival of the Pilgrim settlers in 1620. He was a Native American from the Patuxet tribe. He was abducted and brought to Europe in 1605. He was rescued from slavery by Spanish friars. They taught him the doctrines of the Christian faith. He finally returned to New England in 1619 only to be faced with terrible tragedy. His tribe had been annihilated by disease brought by the English. He taught the Pilgrims how to grow maize (corn) and survive in the harsh North American wilderness. He was also crucial in helping the Pilgrims establish relations with their Native American neighbors: the Wampanoag. Without Squanto the Plymouth Colony may not have survived through the year of 1621.”    

I have read book after book from Christian authors on the downfall of America. America has been warned over and over again to repent of her blatant sins and turning from the Lord. America has not repented, not even once from the sins that bring the downfall of nations. Two sins that are still federal law: threw the Bible and prayer out of public schools and abortion! God is not just judging our nation. He is using the nation to set up the end times prophetic characteristics required for the rise of antichrist.

America is helping establish a one world government.

America is helping nations oppose Israel.

America is helping Iran prepare to attack Israel.

America is helping Russia prepare for the war of Ezekiel 38-39.

America is attacking the church and destroying the constitution of the United States.

“Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, And are regarded as a speck of dust on the scales; Behold, He lifts up the islands like fine dust. All the nations are as nothing before Him,

They are regarded by Him as less than nothing and meaningless.”

Isaiah 40:15,17

The USA believes that they are untouchable and the strongest nation in the world. It is inconceivable that we could be conquered. God will use Russia and China to bring America to her knees. Add that to the rapture of the church and America will cease to exist.

Russia and China signed a military pact to counteract NATO and the USA. These two nations have the means and motive to take America out. The Russian and Chinese militaries have been preparing for the war with the USA for 30 years. Here are three recent articles about the uniting of Russia and China against America.  

“Russia, China sign roadmap for closer military cooperation. Nov 24, 2021. Russia’s defense chief on Tuesday signed a roadmap for closer military ties with China, pointing to increasingly frequent U.S. strategic bomber flights near both countries’ borders. During a video call, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe “expressed a shared interest in stepping up strategic military exercises and joint patrols by Russia and China,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.”  

“China and Russia Military Cooperation Raises Prospect of New Challenge to American Power. Jan. 2, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping oversaw an ambitious joint military exercise in China this summer, which along with reported collaborations in aviation, undersea and hypersonic-weapons technology point to a solidifying defense alignment, according to military analysts.”  

“Russia and China Unveil a Pact Against America and the West. February 7, 2022. In their matching mauve ties, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping last week declared a “new era” in the global order and, at least in the short term, endorsed their respective territorial ambitions in Ukraine and Taiwan. The world’s two most powerful autocrats unveiled a sweeping long-term agreement that also challenges the United States as a global power, nato as a cornerstone of international security, and liberal democracy as a model for the world. “Friendship between the two States has no limits,” they vowed in the communiqué, released after the two leaders met on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”     

The three states that are in league with taking down the USA are Iran, China, and Russia. Iran has been saying death to Israel and death to America since the 1979 revolution. China and Russia have joined the Iranians in their desire to destroy the USA. In the movie the “Hunt for Red October” Jack Ryan asks a weapons expert what the holes are on the submarine called the Red October? He explains that it is a caterpillar system and then asks if this is real. When Ryan says it launched that morning, the weapons expert said, this is a first strike weapon that could park a hundred nukes off the coast of New York.

Russia has both silent submarines that can deploy hypersonic nuclear missiles, they are first strike weapons which America has no defense! This is much more scary then the Cuban Missile crises of 1962! Putin threatened nuclear war with us two days ago.

“Putin issues dire threat of nuclear war in Europe if he doesn’t get his way. New footage appears to show the deployment of ‘unstoppable’ new Kinzhal nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad – a Russian exclave bordering Poland and Lithuania. While Putin claimed his talks in Moscow with French President Emmanuel Macron were constructive, he used a joint press conference to warn of nuclear conflict if Ukraine joins Nato and then tries to regain Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.” 

“Is America Under God’s Judgment? A number of facts would tend to make that more than a rhetorical or philosophical question. Consider: Homicide and incarceration highest of any industrialized nation. Ten times that of Japan, Sweden, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Crime increased by 371% since 1960, with Juvenile Crime up 920% since 1985, the highest in the world. Divorce quadrupled in the last 30 years, making the U.S. the world leader.”    

Since the fake virus scare, the murder rate is the highest ever in American history. That tells you that God has removed His protective hand from the nation. Our nation is going through some bad times. These bad times are revealing who are the true Christians and who are the fakes. The fakes quit going to church, quit reading the Bible, and criticize believers who stand up to the totalitarian decrees of the government.  

“We have kicked God out of schools; we have kicked God out of places of employment; we have kicked God out of government; and in some instances, God has even been kicked out of churches. Our nation, as a whole, has decided that we don’t want God to interfere in our lives and that He doesn’t have a place anywhere other than in the private places of people’s lives. And that’s where they want us to keep it, in private.” 

“Sin and evil – slowly destroying America. Feb 9, 2022: Our country was once a God-fearing nation. As Americans we have always wanted to see our country succeed. As Americans we have only two choices. We can continue to live with sin and evil in our lives or we do the right thing and bring God back and serve Him. We have lived long enough to know that sin and evil destroys everything and everyone it touches. However, everything and everyone that God touches, good things come to them. We have kept God out of our life and our decisions for too long.” 

God does not want nations to go their own way, He wants them to obey Him. America has walked away from God and attacked the Jewish Christian worldview built upon the Bible. God is a just God and His justice will not wait very much longer.

“Sometimes a country has to “hit bottom” before drastic changes are made. I know this: if righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 14:34), unrestrained sin will destroy it. What makes America labor under the illusion that she is an eternal empire? This country is on a collision course with oblivion. It likely will not come in our day, but the indications are painfully obvious that serious decay is underway. Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome—none of these superpowers lasted more than a few centuries. Decadence consumed them. And there are clear signals that the same weaknesses are eating away at America’s vitals.”    

The Christian community, at least the born again Christian churches, so much a minority today, are standing firm in the Lord like Jeremiah and Isaiah. We stand with the Lord in His judgment and we stand up for the Lord in all of His ways.

“Abortion and homosexuality, the twin sins that will destroy America. Apr 18, 2018: In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that unborn babies do not have the same rights as any other American. Under the guise of “women’s rights,” they legalized abortion and abortion on demand. In the first 45 years of legal abortion in the U.S. more than 60 million little unborn babies have been killed inside their mother’s womb. This is horrific! It is an ongoing tragedy. It is time to turn back to God and back to the Bible.” 

With Russia and China rising as military powers and the USA failing, we can pray to God to keep us in the midst of His work. We still have the responsibility to occupy until He comes. Pray for the nation!         

Prophecy Updates

Daniel and Revelation

Prophecy Update: Daniel and Revelation                   2/3/2022

The book of Revelation is full of quotes and allusions from the Old Testament. Over 500 references from the Old Testament fill the pages of Revelation. That is an astounding number when we take into account that there are only 404 verses in the book of Revelation.

The book of Daniel stands out as the most comprehensive and chronological treatment of end times prophecy, far surpassing any other book of the OT. It has strong ties to the book of Revelation.

The New World Order

Revelation 13 and 17 are based on Daniel 2 and 7. We will look at some of the parallels between the two books in this update, applying what we see in the scriptures with our current struggles in America. The USA at some point has to merge into the One World Government described for us in Daniel and Revelation.

“And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.”

Revelation 13:1

“And four great beasts were coming up from the sea, different from one another.”

Daniel 7:3

“After this I kept looking in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; and it had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns.”

Daniel 7:7

Notice that in the two passages both speak about the ten horns and the sea. The fourth beast is the Roman Empire. God reveals to us that the Roman Empire will be the fourth and final great kingdom on the earth. In Daniel 2 God reveals that this fourth kingdom will come in stages. The first stage we saw in the Roman Empire that existed at the time of Jesus first coming. Then the prophecy of Daniel 2 teaches us that the kingdom will have two legs.

“The fourth kingdom in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream represented by the legs and feet of the image is obviously the most important. Daniel gives more attention to this fourth kingdom than to the preceding kingdoms put together.”   

History teaches us that the Roman Empire split in two in the year 395A.D. Many books written about this split reveals the split extended its influence over a vast area. The Germanic tribes sacked Rome in 476 A.D. It is very important that you know that the influence of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome continues to this day. The four great empires of Daniel 2 continue to dominate the world through Satanic deceptions.

Here is where history takes a strange turn that impacts us today. Constantine the Caesar of Rome made Rome a Christian Empire that continued with the Roman Catholic Church in Rome and the Orthodox Church in Constantinople. The Byzantine Empire (Eastern Empire with Constantinople as its capital) was Christian. This kingdom lasted until 1453 when the Muslims sacked Constantinople and started the Ottoman Empire. The Western Catholic dominion of the Roman Empire continued through the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire started with Charlemagne in 800 A.D. This part of the Roman Empire exists today. The eastern part of the empire continued through the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches.

First strange turn of events was the Protestant Reformation. With the fall of Constantinople, the rise of Islam was going to impact the world. Satan had already influenced the Catholic and Orthodox churches with false teachings. God would preserve the truth with the rise of the protest, a protest centered on the truth of the gospel.  

To summarize this, it is important to note that the Christian Roman Catholic Empire of the West and the Christian Orthodox Empire of the east continue to this day! This next quote illustrates that the four kingdoms of Daniel 2 still have influence, but the final kingdom is dominating our own history.

“The dominion of the first three empires was over, but their lives were prolonged. Their lives perpetuated in that the previous empires left their influence on the Fourth Empire. From the Daniel 7 passage, it is clear that the leopard-like body represents the Hellenistic influence; the bear-like feet represent the Medo-Persian influence; and the lion-like mouth represents the Babylonian influence. Thus, while their dominion ended, their lives were prolonged.”  

Notice how Revelation brings up the influence of all four kingdoms in the final Roman antichrist government!

“And the beast which I saw was like a leopard (Greece), and his feet were like those of a bear (Persia), and his mouth like the mouth of a lion (Babylon). And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority.”

Revelation 13:2

The second strange twist in history is the rise of the third Rome in the city of Moscow! In 980 A.D. King Vladimir of Russia (based in Kiev) chose the Greek Orthodox Church as the route Russia would take. The story goes that Vlad invited a Catholic Priest to make the case to become a Catholic country and the priest said that their priests do not marry. Vlad said that would never work in Russia. He invited a Muslim to make the case for Islam and the Muslim said that they do not drink alcohol. Vlad said that the Russians would not survive a winter without vodka so he rejected Islam. He invited a Greek Orthodox priest who came with a bottle of wine and his wife so Vlad said we will join the Orthodox.  Moscow was declared the third Rome in the 1500’s; God was at work in the world!

The Eastern part of the Roman Empire has its power preserved in its capital Moscow. Does that shock you? The Russian Empire declared Moscow as the third Rome after the fall of Constantinople. “Within decades after the capture of Constantinople by Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire on 29 May 1453, some Eastern Orthodox people were nominating Moscow as the “Third Rome”, or the “New Rome”. 

“It was the Orthodox monk Philotheus (Filofei) who called Moscow the Third Rome for the first time. In 1523-1524 he wrote letters to the Grand Duke of Moscow urging him to fight against heresies. The Duchy of Moscow, in the monk’s view, remained the last bastion of the true faith. “All the Christian kingdoms have come to an end and have converged in the single kingdom of our sovereign,” Philotheus wrote in one of the epistles. “Two Romes fell, a third stands, and there will not be a fourth one.”    

Putin is all in with the vision of Moscow being the third Rome and a leader in the world. By 1914, the Russian Empire included all of the nations that are now in conflict over Ukraine and Russia. The Russian Empire included all of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, parts of Poland, and most of Finland. WW1 started in 1914 and everything was about to change.

World War 1 started the final process of the emerging ten toes of the final Roman Empire. The League of Nations, the first attempt of a  one world government. God was actively bringing Jews back to the land of Israel. The Balfour Declaration, announced, motivated, and prescribed by evangelical Christians in Britain spurred on the reestablishment of the state of Israel. World War 2 broke out with goal of killing all of the Jews in the world. WW2 lasted seven years, was led by two types of antichrist’s (Hitler and Mussolini), was supported by false Christianity, and mirrored what would happen in the Tribulation period. That brings us to today:

Putin fashions himself as a Roman Emperor, a Czar: “Apr 7, 2015 • A bronze bust of Vladimir Putin, depicting the Russian president as a Roman emperor, was in its final stage of creation in St. Petersburg.” 

“Third Rome Rising: The Ideologues Calling for a New Russian Empire. Russian society is actively discussing the recent visit of President Vladimir Putin to Greece, June 27, 2016, where he took part in the celebrations of the thousandth anniversary of Russian monks’ presence on Mount Athos. Putin’s symbolic visit sparked joy among those conservatives in Russia who see this as a sign of ideological revival, under the slogan, “Moscow is the Third Rome.” 

“Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces. In that you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, it will be a divided kingdom; but it will have in it the toughness of iron, inasmuch as you saw the iron mixed with common clay.”

Daniel 2:40-41

“And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns.”

Revelation 17:3

It is clear that the final Roman Kingdom is about to emerge with ten kings, the ten toes, ten horns, and the power they have to bring about a new government over the whole earth. Revelation 17:13 says that these ten kings will give their power to the antichrist. Russia and China have been working to destroy America for at least the last 30 years. Most of our intelligence community is blind to this fact. Who blinded them? Satan. Who is pushing them into war? Satan. Who will come out on top in the current conflict? Russia.

“September 14, 2021, Relations between Moscow and its Western neighbors have become increasingly conflictual, especially since the events in Ukraine that led to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. In particular, a renewed oppositional stance toward the EU and NATO has allowed some interesting reworking of ideas around the relationship between Moscow and the West.  Russia is attempting to market itself as a civilizational alternative centered on “traditional values,” especially among those in the West who are dissatisfied with current politics. An interesting way of both marketing Russia as an anti-Western civilization but still maintaining that active thread to Europe is by designating Russia as the “Third Rome.”   

Russia and China have attacked and defeated America’s internal strength through asymmetrical warfare. The battle will turn to active military conflict soon. I believe that the Russian troops in Belarus will attack Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia and not Ukraine. Those three countries are NATO and NATO has no strength to stop or defeat Russia. The last five years, the Pentagon conducted war games against Russia and China and we lose every time. Why? Russia developed a Space Force in 2001 and now have the ability to knock out our satellites. America did not start a Space Force until 2017 under Trump and he was widely laughed at. Too late! There are too many things we are too late on in the military and the Biden Administration is so anti-military he does not care.

Why does Russia have to rise? God promises to use Russia in an end times war described for us in Ezekiel 38-39. America is nowhere in Bible prophecy.  If you would like to donate: Make checks to Christs Provisions  and send to:

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