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I have been considering the Christian roots of our society. Since at least the 12th century, the terms ‘Higher law’ or ‘common law’ have been used in the West. These terms illustrated the Christian understanding of the relationship between the government and the citizen. They preserved the rights of Christians and the citizens. The English wrote the Magna Carta which states, “The King himself ought not to be under a man but under God and under law, because the law makes the king…for there is no king where will governs and not law.” The Continental Congress of the United States on October 14, 1774 issued its Declaration of Rights ‘stating that the colonists of the several states were entitled to the protections of the common law of England.’ Our legal tradition has been rooted in the Christian understanding that law is anchored in moral absolutes. Many of our leaders have pointed out that we are a ‘government of laws not men.’

The idea of ‘Higher law’ or ‘common law’ is rooted in the historical event of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. Samuel Adams wrote in 1772, “The right of freedom being a gift of God Almighty, the rights of the colonists as Christians, may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the Great Law Giver which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament.” (“The Rights of the Colonists” by Samuel Adams 1772) William Blackstone wrote in 1765, “Upon these two foundations the ‘law of nature’ and the ‘law of revelation’ depend all human laws.” James Madison wrote, “We have staked the whole future of the American civilization not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

As you honor and thank God this weekend, pray for our nation because we cannot sustain ourselves without the Ten Commandments and the personal application of those commandments in our lives. As citizens of the United States, it is our privilege, right, and duty to obey God above all earthly rulers, and pray for our rulers that they would put God first. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord–that is my prayer this Thanksgiving! Pray for revival–that God would bring us back to our senses!

Prophecy Updates

Civil War 2.0

Prophecy Update: November 17, 2017

There is a civil war in America between those who hate the Christian worldview and those who embrace it. The Christian worldview is based on the Bible, including the Ten Commandments. For many years, the enemies of the Christian worldview have tried to eradicate from the public square any mention of God or the Ten Commandments. One of the Ten Commandments that has been rejected by the enemies is ‘do not murder.’

President Trump has made a concerted effort to undermine the abortion industry. The latest attempt includes bringing up the abortion industry’s despicable practice of selling body parts of aborted babies.

The Free Canadian Press had this report November 15, 2017: “Criminal Charges Against Planned Parenthood? Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that Planned Parenthood and organ procurement companies could be criminally charged for the illegal sale of aborted baby body parts upon completion of an FBI investigation.”

Planned Parenthood reported last month: TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TAKES DIRECT AIM AT BIRTH CONTROL COVERAGE FOR 62 MILLION WOMEN. “New Rule Permits All Employers to Opt Out of Birth Control Coverage, Sweeping Step Toward Completely Dismantling the Birth Control Benefit. On Friday morning, they announced a sweeping new rule to eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all insurance plans must cover birth control without a co-pay or otherwise ensure access to birth control coverage for women whose employers or schools can legally opt out of providing coverage.” Planned Parenthood is upset that they are being attacked. The pro-abortion group NARAL listed what President Trump stands against:
“President Trump has already shown his anti-woman agenda in his actions. On the campaign trail, he also voiced support for a number of anti-choice policies that would have a devastating impact on women nationwide. Trump has chosen many nominees who are against reproductive freedom, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Trump wants to completely ban abortion, with exceptions only for rape, incest, or when the life of the woman is in danger. He’s backed this up by showing support for a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Trump says he’ll make it a priority to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has made it possible for millions of people to get health insurance that includes coverage for birth control at no additional cost and prenatal care. Trump would have preferred to shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides low-cost family-planning services, cancer screenings, and other health care to millions of people every year. Vice President Mike Pence said he wants to see Roe v. Wade on “the ash heap of history”, and has a long record of attacking reproductive freedom in his state.”

As you can see, the pro-abortion people are very upset. It gets even more upsetting to them when Trump goes global with his desire to stop abortion: “Trump Blocks International Support for Abortion Groups at G7 Meeting By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. November 9, 2017 — The Trump administration is blocking political and financial support for abortion groups in the highest echelons of international diplomacy, including the most recent G7 and G20 meetings.”

Satan has always used the death of children as a way to control and deceive people. In Exodus 1, Satan inspired the Egyptians to kill all of the Jewish male children. In Jerusalem, Herod ordered the death of all of the boys, 2 years old and younger, to be killed so he could kill Jesus. Leviticus 18 outlines for us that the murder of children, sacrificing them to false gods, was grounds for God destroying nations. Our nation has aborted more than 59 million children, this is a lot of innocent blood shed. Numbers 35:33 says, “Do not pollute the land in which you live, shed blood pollutes the land and no expiation will be made for the land because of the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it.” Our land has become unclean and God is preparing a disaster for the abortion industry. I think if God were to share with us what He is preparing for the abortion industry, I think we would be very surprised and afraid. Let us pray that God’s judgment will spare Americans who have worked hard and preached against this abomination in our land.

The article from the Free Canadian Press went on to say, “Based on its findings, the Judiciary Committee’s Majority Staff Report concluded that Planned Parenthood’s partners in the biomedical procurement industry paid the abortion chain’s affiliates for the body parts of aborted babies “and then sold the fetal tissue to their respective customers at substantially higher prices than their documented costs.” Can you imagine how God sees this abomination—He sees and He will act. Thank God that our government is acting against this industry. Our Attorney General, Jeff Sessions needs our prayers, he is under great spiritual attack because of his stand against abortion. Satan will not take this lying down.
The report states: “The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) initially had a policy in place to ensure its affiliates were complying with the law, but the affiliates failed to follow its fetal tissue reimbursement policy. When PPFA learned in 2011 of this situation, PPFA cancelled the policy rather than exercise oversight to bring the affiliates back into compliance. Thus, PPFA not only turned a blind eye to the affiliates’ violations of its fetal tissue policy, but also altered its own oversight procedures enabling those affiliates’ practices to continue unimpeded.” This was the murder of babies for the love of money!

The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000. No one has been prosecuted yet. I think that those advocating for abortion in Congress and the Supreme Court will stand in the way of Jeff Sessions and the freedom-loving Americans who still live by the Christian worldview. This is war and all of the news reports picture it as a war. What they do not understand is that it is a war on the truth of the Old Testament, God hates the murder of innocent babies! He will act, and America is almost out of time to repent.

The civil war in America now includes the Democratic Party against the Democratic Party. In one of the most bizarre twists in our history, Donna Brazile has written a book about her time with Hillary Clinton. Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House
Attorney Jack Burkman has filed a lawsuit: “New LAWSUIT Demands Donna Brazile Reveal Who Really Murdered Seth Rich. Donna Brazile, who recently has said that she “feared for her own life” after the death of Seth Rich, claims Hillary Clinton ‘erupted’ in anger after she told her she wanted to investigate his death. She also explains that she has frightened following the July 10, 2016, unsolved murder of Rich. In fact, she dedicated the book to Rich, whom she calls a “patriot.” The series of emails revealed that high-ranking DNC officials and the Clinton team sabotaged Sanders’ candidacy, used racist, anti-gay and sexist slurs when referring to constituents and were engaged in bizarre occult rituals. I have a question, why would Donna Brazile fear for her life?”

The article went on to say, “If this were a random murder like police have maintained, why did Ms. Brazile fear for her own life?” Burkman asked. “Brazile can clearly also offer critical information about what role the DNC [had in] Hillary Clinton’s primary win.” Brazile’s book has really stirred the pot. A civil war among the haters of the Christian worldview is just the way God works His judgment on evil people. He confuses them and makes them attack each other.

Burkman went on to say: “Burkman claims MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) officials are withholding key evidence from the public and obstructing the Rich investigation for political purposes. He’s separately filed a lawsuit in May against the MPD, demanding the release of Rich’s medical examiner’s report, autopsy documents and ballistics reports, documents that are typically made public during murder investigations.” Can you say cover-up? Burkman is offering $105,000 and WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer. One America News Network offered up $100,000, the Metropolitan Police Department $25,000 and businessman and investor Martin Shkreli $100,000. The DNC, however, has offered no reward to help find the killer of its staffer. Instead, the DNC honored its murdered employee by dedicating a bike rack outside its headquarters in Rich’s memory. Rich’s story has been largely ignored by establishment media. Those who have called attention to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the murder have been branded “conspiracy theorists,” including Fox News host Sean Hannity.”

Op-Ed: The Second American Civil War by Luke Ryan said, “Keyboard warriors that may or may not have once been real warriors are describing their (albeit fantastical) desires for a civil war; what they see as an inevitable conclusion to the widening divide through the heart of America, and they meet it with a “bring it on” attitude.” Unfortunately, many do not see the spiritual implications of the division that exists in America. They describe it as a cultural, racial, and economic divide when it is much deeper than that. The real divide is not economic or racial, it is a spiritual divide between those who hate God and those who love God. The political divide in America may lead to a civil war, but it will be nothing like the 1860 version. The nation was divided geographically in 1860 and today it is divided by truth versus non-truth! If we have another war it will be characterized by anarchy and lawlessness. Our nation cannot be healed by fighting, it will be healed by repentance. Repentance will change hearts!

Prophecy Updates

Compromise with the Nations

Prophecy Update: Nov.12, 2017

It has been a mystery to me how the United States could unite themselves to evil nations. Since I became a Christian in 1974, I kept growing in my understanding of what the Lord teaches about good and evil and how nations should conduct themselves. By the time I went to college (1977), I learned that the United States was compromising its own deepest held beliefs in order to open up economic ties with evil countries. In the late 70’s and early 80’s I began to notice how America united itself economically to Russia and China as communist nations. The philosophy was, if we can engage them economically they will fall as communist nations and join America. America has done most of the compromising.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was exiled from the USSR in 1974 and came to the United States in 1976. He made many speeches when he came to the USA and warned America, he said in 1978, “Let me remind you of a recent incident which some of you may have seen in the newspapers, although others might have missed it: Certain of your businessmen, on their own initiative, established an exhibition of criminological technology in Moscow. This was the most recent and elaborate technology, which here, in your country, is used to catch criminals, to bug them, to spy on them, to photograph them, to tail them, to identify criminals. This was taken to Moscow to an exhibition in order that the Soviet KGB agents could study it, as if not understanding what sort of criminals, who would be hunted by the KGB.”
I had known that the KGB was fanatical about wiping out the churches in Russia, they attacked Christians and showed them no mercy. I read report after report of the persecution of the Christians and the underground church in Russia and the Soviet empire. I knew that the KGB would use this technology to hunt down all enemies of communism. Solzhenitsyn went on to say, “The Soviet government was extremely interested in this technology, and decided to purchase it. And your businessmen were quite willing to sell it. Only when a few sober voices here raised an uproar against it was this deal blocked. Only for this reason it didn’t take place. But you have to realize how clever the KGB is. This technology didn’t have to stay two or three weeks in a Soviet building under Soviet guard. Two or three nights were enough for the KGB there to look through it and copy it. And if today, persons are being hunted down by the best and most advanced technology, for this, I can also thank your western capitalists.”
My heart is completely broken over the fact that America has compromised with evil nations and evil ideologies for the sake of making a buck. We have abandoned the Judeo Christian philosophy of government for a worthless socialist, atheistic view of government. Solzhenitsyn went on to say, “Through the decades of the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1950s, the whole Soviet press wrote: Western capitalism, your end is near.
But it was as if the capitalists had not heard, could not understand, could not believe this.
Nikita Khrushchev came here and said, “We will bury you!” They didn’t believe that, either. They took it as a joke.
Now, of course, they have become more clever in our country. Now they don’t say “we are going to bury you” anymore, now they say “detente.”
Nothing has changed in Communist ideology. The goals are the same as they were, but instead of the artless Khrushchev, who couldn’t hold his tongue, now they say “detente.”

Through all of these years, we have compromised truth for a lie in the relationships we have with China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. China still is a communist country who wants world domination for their atheistic worship of Mao. Russia has traded in her communist doctrine for dictatorship but still they want the same thing, dominate the world. Saudi Arabia wants to dominate the world for Sunni Islam willing to kill anyone in their way. To top it off, Iran wants to dominate the world for Shiite Islam and they are willing to kill anyone in their way. I believe that the compromise with these evil movements is worse now than they were in the 1970’s! Solzhenitsyn went on to say, “World democracy could have defeated one totalitarian regime after another, the German, then the Soviet. Instead, it strengthened Soviet totalitarianism, helped bring into existence a third totalitarianism, that of China, and all this finally precipitated the present world situation.” Remember that was 1978—it has only got worse. Our idea of liberty has fallen on hard times, the freedom which the Lord has blessed America with has become a curse.

Why do I write these Prophecy Updates? I write them to inform people of where we are in the progress of Gods work on the earth. The bright spot is that God is working His plan out according to His Word. That excites me!! The bad news is that the nations have rebelled against a holy God and His plan. America is in a dark place and I love my country. That brings me to the compromise America has made with the evil empire, Saudi Arabia.

For the sake of getting oil, the USA has crossed some lines ethically and morally that have put us in grave danger. Now, our relationship with Saudi Arabia is being tested and we are being drawn into another potential war. Saudi Arabia this week has declared that a state of war exists between them and Lebanon and Iran. This is happening at a time when the Saudi kingdom is undergoing a purge.

VOX reported on Nov.6th, “The purge in Saudi Arabia, explained, “It is the most volatile period in Saudi history in over a half-century.” Mohammed bin Salman, the ambitious 32-year-old crown prince of Saudi Arabia, is rounding up the opposition — specifically, the opposition inside his own royal family. Then the Independent from the UK reported two days ago: “The Saudi night of the long knives was followed by the sudden appearance of Saad Hariri in the Kingdom, announcing that he was resigning as prime minister of Lebanon. Then came the news that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had been summoned to Riyadh. The 32-year-old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is seeking to exert control both at home and abroad, in the process ratcheting up tension in an already volatile Middle East. The US President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, paid a secretive visit to Riyadh a few days ago. But this support is likely to have come at a price. Mr. Trump has tweeted that he wants the $2 trillion float of Saudi oil giant Aramco to take place in New York.” Once again, we have compromised our deepest held beliefs as Americans for the dollar.

“So the Crown Prince appears to have taken a firm grip on the four pillars of the Kingdom: the ruling family, the business sheikhs, the security apparatus and the theocracy. His path to supreme power and, with it, the ability to bring about the reforms he wants, is seemingly assured.” Be assured that the downfall of ISIS is part of the reason that Saudi Arabia is acting so aggressively. Saudi Arabia is Sunni and ISIS is a Sunni fighting group against the Shiite forces of Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Now that ISIS is defeated in Syria, Saudi Arabia does not have a fighting force against the Iranian Shiite forces. Those forces are surrounding Saudi Arabia; Houthis to the south, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to the east, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Russia to the north, and a weakened Egypt to her west. That is why Saudi Arabia decared that a state of war exists with Iran and Lebanon, the headquarters of the Shiite groups Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guard. Iran is very powerful now and that is a great threat to Saudi Arabia. As the Saudi’s try to coalesce a group of nations to fight Iran and her proxies, the US is in the middle of the mess. God help us!

Similarly, a Saudi-led Sunni alliance started a blockade of Qatar in response to long held grievances, including Doha not being sufficiently aggressive towards Iran. Qatar, it was expected, would capitulate quickly to demands made by Riyadh. Not only has that not happened, but Qatar has moved closer to Iran and the Turks, who have troops based there – Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenging the Saudis for the leadership of Sunni states, with possible reinforcements.

The civil war in the United States over the Saudi moves is from good Americans who won a court case against the Saudi’s over 9/11. “The risk is of Saudi assets in the US being seized as a result of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (Jasta) passed by Congress under which families of 9/11 victims can take legal action against the Saudi government and nationals. Mr Trump had himself supported the Jasta Bill and castigated Barack Obama for opposing it.” Once again our compromise with evil has complicated everything. As I write this, the Saudi government is urging citizens of the kingdom to leave Lebanon as tensions rise. War is on the doorstep of Saudi Arabia with Iran and Lebanon. How this plays out is anyone’s guess? The war of words has already led to shooting. How far is it going to go? Saudi Arabia intercepted a rocket fired by militia near the airport in its capital city, something they blamed Iran for. Remember that Iran and Iraq fought for 8 years in the eighties. This potential war will send oil prices skyrocketing. Who can benefit from that? Russia!

One way that our nation can be healed quickly is to turn to the Lord. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! We have not turned to God as a nation and yesterday, we continued our march to immorality when a transgender guy was elected. We as a nation have not repented of our many sins. Ask God to call the nation to repentance? Thank God for all of the ministries who are organizing the church to repent. Franklin Graham, Erwin Lutzer, Focus on the Family, Jonathan Cahn, John MacArthur, Moody Radio, etc. are just some of the great pastors and people calling us to repent. The nation is not listening! Read Jeremiah 25-29 and ask God to help us to repent!

Prophecy Updates

Gog Magog on the Verge

Prophecy Update: November 3, 2017

Each week we move closer and closer to the fulfillment of the prophecy given to us in Ezekiel 38-39. It is a fascinating study, to track the relationship between Russia and Iran over the last 37 years. I started tracking this relationship in 1979 after the fall of Iran. At that point there was no relationship between the two nations. Russia was communist and the Islamic regime hates communists. When the USSR fell in the early 1990’s, the relationship began to develop. During World War 2, the Soviet Union (and Britain) occupied Iran. “Joseph Stalin’s subsequent refusal to withdraw Soviet troops led to one of the first crises of the Cold War. Soviet support for the Tudeh, Iran’s Communist Party, angered both the monarchy and theocracy. And the Soviet Union armed and aided Iraq during its 1980-1988 war with Iran. Even now, the Iranian press routinely refers to these events as reasons why Tehran should not trust Moscow.” (Mark N. Katz, Institute of Peace) But the relationship developed anyway because Bible prophecy needs to be fulfilled!

From 1979 to 1989, Iran viewed Russia as hostile. From 1989 to 1999, Tehran viewed Russia as friendly because Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin pursued a relationship with Tehran. The Ayatollah Khomeini died in mid-1989 which opened some doors. Communism was collapsing and Russia was looking for new partners and friends. Bible prophecy was on the move. From 1999 to 2013, the relationship went up and down but economic ties kept growing. The biggest deal was nuclear and Russia used this to control Iran. “Russia repeatedly pushed to dilute or defer a series of U.N. sanctions resolutions against Iran since 2006. But Tehran was angry that Moscow voted to approve any sanctions against Iran when it could have vetoed them. Russian diplomacy appeared designed to convey to Tehran that Moscow could protect Iran from the West if Tehran cooperated with Russia—but also that Russia could side with the West against Iran, if Tehran did not. Tehran was especially upset when in 2010 then President Medvedev canceled the agreement to sell S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran.” From 2013 to today, Russia and Iran are joined at the hip against Israel and the USA. The reason for this is because Russian relations with the West have been deteriorating and Iran could serve as an alternative to Russia as a source of natural gas for Europe. Russia will make money off a deal with Iran. They will not if Israel goes through with her plans to ship natural gas to Europe, undercutting Russian business: Thus, the hook in the jaw.
The hook in the jaw is economic in nature. The Washington Post reported two weeks ago: “The Iranian deal has yielded millions of dollars to Europe. The lifting of sanctions under the deal prompted a rush of European corporations to do business in Iran. These are now lobbying their governments to prevent the dismantlement of the deal and are hoping that Iran may continue to adhere to its conditions if Europe refrained from reimposing sanctions. Iranian exports to the European Union increased by 375 percent from 2015 to 2016, and European companies have already invested a significant amount of money in the country, raising the stakes of any decision that could result in the deal’s collapse.”

This week the two nations have moved even closer and the hook is in the jaw of Russia. The Jerusalem Post reported on the current meetings between Russia and Iran. They said, “Russian President Vladimir Putin began a visit to Iran on Wednesday designed to underpin closer ties between two countries at loggerheads with the United States as President Donald Trump threatens to pull out of a 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.” The desire of the American administration to pull out of the Iranian deal has caused a lot of consternation with the nations. It is clearly evident that the American desire to pull out of the deal is being painted as pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. The nations are using this deal to gain greater power over Israel so they can destroy her. Israel is resisting to the point of threatening war right back at them. The article went on to say, Moscow is also an important ally for Iran in its confrontation with the Trump administration, which on October 13 refused to certify Tehran’s two-year-old nuclear deal with six major powers that include Russia and the United States. “Both Russia and Iran are under American pressure … Tehran has no other choice but to rely on Moscow to ease the US pressure,” said the official. Another Iranian official said Trump’s aggressive Iran policy had united Iran’s faction-ridden leadership in alignment with Russia.”

As you can see, the current political and military alignments are drawing Iran and Russia closer. The threats of war are also increasing. The Washington Free Beacon had this headline on Wednesday Oct.31st, ‘Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit ‘All U.S. Bases.’ “A top Iranian military commander has threatened to launch ballistic missile attacks on U.S. forces in the region amid a public effort by the Islamic Republic to show off its advanced missile capabilities, according to U.S. officials and regional reports.”

“Iranian leaders disclosed that their advanced ballistic missile technology, which could be used as part of a nuclear weapons program, is sophisticated enough to strike U.S. forces up to nearly 1,300 miles, or 2,000 kilometers, away, which encompasses all U.S. bases in the region.” As Vladimir Putin was meeting with the Iranians, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on all Muslims to ‘engage in different methods of fighting against Israel.’ Apparently he felt emboldened with his friends in town to encourage an all-out attack on Israel. “In a letter to the International Union of Resistance Scholars, a group that has convened anti-Israel gatherings in the past, Khamenei wrote that the “unforgettable responsibility” for removing Israel “rests upon the shoulders of the entire Muslim world.” These Muslim leaders advocate for an end to the Sunni-Shiite rift and a refocusing of Muslim attention on the Palestinian cause.
In the last few days, Israel has attacked Syria, blowing up a weapons depot in northern Syria. They blew up a Gaza attack tunnel killing 7 terrorists and wounding 12. Israel said they detected the tunnel being dug into Israeli territory. Iran called Israel bloodthirsty after blowing up the tunnel. Iran went on to say that Israel has had seven decades of crimes and bloodshed and child killing against Palestinians. (Times of Israel)

Another tension that is bringing rumors of war is the desire of Russia, Iran, and China to exit any economic system including the petrodollar. Trading oil in American currency has become anathema in several countries. One report said this: “A profound transformation of the global monetary system is underway. It is being driven by a perfect storm: the need for Russia and Iran to escape Western sanctions, the low interest rate policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep the American economy afloat and the increasing demand for Middle East oil by China. The implications of this transformation are immense for U.S. policy in the Middle East which, for 50 years, has been founded on a partnership with Saudi Arabia.” President Putin has said (in the context of reducing Russia’s economic vulnerabilities) that he views the dollar monopoly in energy trade as damaging to the Russian economy. Since hydrocarbon revenues form the most substantive part of Russia’s revenues, Putin’s desire to take action in this area is not surprising. This is why this conference in Iran was so important. Putin talked about the economic cooperation with the “North-South Transport Corridor” and the “Organization of Gas Producers” as being a way for these countries to carve out their own economic alliances. This is meant to undermine the power of the USA. CNBC reported on Oct.24th 2017, “China has grand ambitions to dethrone the dollar. It may make a powerful move this year.” The plan is to price oil in yuan using a gold-backed futures contract in Shanghai, but the road will be long and arduous. If there’s widespread adoption, as the Chinese hope, then that will mark a step toward challenging the greenback’s status as the world’s most powerful currency. China is telling the world that the USA is a debt driven system that hurts all countries and the countries are agreeing with China. Will America do anything to keep the petrodollar system going? Russia, China, and Iran are the ones resisting this system and pushing crypto dollars. Once the cat is out of the bag, the dollar will fall. China and Russia are saying that the USA will start a war to protect the petrodollar. Here is the kicker, Saudi Arabia is joining China in this endeavor! Dedollarizing oil will destroy our economy.
The UK newpaper the Express published this on Thursday Nov.2, 2017, “World on a KNIFE EDGE: Iran asks Vladimir Putin to ELIMINATE US dollar and isolate America.” The report said, IRAN’S supreme leader has urged Russian president Vladimir Putin to join forces with Tehran to beat the United States’ sanctions against them by ditching the dollar. The Russian president said the US wants to interfere in all matters of the world and the region and often ignores interests of its allies to do so.
Recent news reports inform us that Iran is setting up shop in Damascus and has been laying the groundwork for a highway from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea—in essence building a caliphate with clearly stated plans to destroy Israel. In the last year, Israel has attacked sites near Damascus and around Syria. The setting up of shop by Iran and Russia in Syria will cause Israel to destroy Damascus. This will lead to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 to be fulfilled. We are so close to this happening. As other prophecy teachers have pointed out, “I had always wondered about the logic behind the fact that Ezekiel 38 involved nations that were at least one country removed from Israel’s borders, yet they attack with ground forces from Israel’s north. In other words, the attack would have to come from Syria, but Syria is not listed as one of the attackers. If the stage is indeed being set for Isaiah 17 (Vs. 1, Vs. 14) and Ezekiel 38 (and I believe it is), then the Syrian Civil War has served to allow Russia and Iran to form their long-prophesied and unprecedented partnership and presence in the mountains north of Israel. Syria is not listed as an attacker because she is powerless and a puppet regime being held up only by Russia and Iran, who are calling all shots.”
It is time for us to pray that God will give grace to America and a spirit of repentance.