Prophecy Updates

Problems With the USA

America is in the midst of a fog. I have been working hard the last two weeks to establish our ministry with students. The beginning of the semester demands that I take time to meet freshman and renew relationships with our returning students. The fog of work clears when you have clear goals and intentional principles.
Too bad America does not have clear goals and lives in a fog of relativism.

Consider the Iranian deal which gives to our enemies and hurts our own people. Our government gave Iran 1.7 billion dollars for some supposed wrongs from the Iranian revolution in 1979. This same government prevents our own people from collecting the money they won after suing and going after the Iranian government for the wrongs that Iran did to our own people. Our government has a habit of helping our enemies and hurting our own people. In 2001 1,300 hundred people brought a lawsuit against the Iranian government for their terrorism and killing of Americans. They won the suit and Iran owes these people 1.7 billion dollars. The judgment could mean that Iran pays these people 2 billion dollars. They will never see the money.

A New York law firm is blocking the ruling against Iran and preventing our citizens from receiving justice. The 1.7 billion given to the Iranians should have been given to the victims of Iranian terror!

When a nation crosses the four “I” judgments, idolatry, immorality, killing innocents, and Israel, that nation becomes blind to right and wrong as America is today. We call right wrong and wrong right, we call good evil and evil good, to our shame and destruction. No wonder we have those calling for open anarchy and chaos in our streets. The solution is as old as Genesis 3, repentance and confession of sin.

Our government has done the same thing to those who were attacked by the Palestinian Authority, they have not allowed Americans to sue! The American government is there to protect her citizens, but in this case they have failed their obligation. Saudi Arabia has killed and maimed Americans for years through their terrorist groups whom they support, nothing is done. When will it end? Pray for revival today, ask God to wake America up to her sins and to repent.