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Opportunity for Revival

Prophecy Update:

After the civil war in Israel, that created two groups of Jews in two places, the kings of Israel were different than the kings of Judah. All of the kings of Israel were spiritually corrupt and not one of them followed after the Lord. The kings of Judah had several great kings who loved the Lord. One of the kings of Israel did something that is startling.

In II Kings 10 we have a historical accounting of how Jehu took over as king of Israel. First, he killed 70 sons of Ahab and gained the confidence of the people. Second, he fulfilled the word of the Lord to Elijah in II Kings 9:8 when it says, “For the whole house of Ahab shall perish and I will cut off from Ahab every male person both bond and free in Israel.” When Jehu came to Samaria he killed all of Ahab’s people as it says in II Kings 10:17. Third, he revealed who still followed Baal so that he could kill them. He faked devotion to Baal so that the priests of Baal would come with others and then he had them killed. What did God think about this killing?

Jehu wiped out the worshippers of Baal and God said in vs.30, “The Lord said to Jehu, because you have done well in executing what is right in My eyes and have done to the house of Ahab according to all that was in My heart, your sons of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.” It is possible that someone who does not follow the Lord can accomplish God’s will. This was true of Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus king of Persia, and of Jehu. In vs.31 it says of Jehu, “But Jehu was not careful to walk in the Law of the LORD the God of Israel with all his heart he did not depart from the sins of Jeroboam which he made Israel sin.”

In any election we need to be people of Daniel 4 when God tells us that He is responsible for giving us the leaders that we have. Today we have a man elected President who has divided Christians. Some see him as sent by God to accomplish something that God wants on the earth. Some see him as a disaster and against the will of God.

I see that Trump is going to be President because God wants Israel to rebuild the Temple. Trump is the only one who said that he would move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He is the only one who said that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. It is even in the Republican platform. I think prophetically that the time is right to rebuild the Temple of the Lord.

Do you not see that the forces of the coming Anti-Christ are meeting and planning horrible things for Americans because they have elected someone whom they hate? They hate him because he is against globalism. Globalism is the movement to have a one world government which the UN has advocated for many years. Many of our politicians are world citizens and do not see themselves as American because that is arrogant in their eyes. Imagine what they think of Trump and his deplorable supporters.

If you are for nationalism and a Godly nation then the globalists hate you and want you destroyed. It is as harsh as that. I am opposed to globalism because the Bible teaches us that each nation has a responsibility. God teaches us nationalism and that each nation will be judged before Him. Acts 17 teaches us in vs.26-27, “and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” This happened in Genesis 11 when God scattered the people at the tower of Babel.

Today, we are marked by those who are rebuilding the tower of Babel in the form of the New World Order. Unity based on humanistic anti-God philosophies, are driving the powers in the world. One day, this will result in the rise of Anti-Christ. With the rise of Donald Trump, we have the opportunity to bring in the truth of the Gospel to the world. Our hope is in Jesus and the nation turning away from her sins. Trump stands for those who are Christians for now—will it last? I hope so and I am praying that God will protect this opportunity so we can repent. Pray with me today for revival.

Prophecy Updates

Election Thoughts

My son Nathan wrote a nice piece on Steve Bannon and other issues. I am disturbed that the press is still trying to spread rumors, gossip, and lies that do not fit what the Trump people stand for. It didn’t work before the election and I do not think it will work now. Here are Nathans thoughts:
Hello Everyone,

It’s Donald Friday and I’m so excited. We are also making Opa Sausage tonight because Opa wants to go outside and shoot deer Saturday and Sunday in the freezing cold. You got to love it. The third article today is on Steve Bannon. I went long on that, but its worth the read. Next to Donald Trump Steve Bannon is now the most influential man in America. We need to get to know him.

New World Trade Order

All these countries that were giving Donald a hard time on trade are now caving. The governments of Mexico and Canada have already came out and said they were willing to renegotiate NAFTA. HAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA.

These world leaders are all talk, no action. Now there is news out there that Apple is thinking about producing iPhones in the states. The article cites a source that this would raise the cost of production 100%, but there is no justification for that number and its most likely an exaggeration. People would be willing to spend 20%-40% more on an iPhone if they actually have good jobs and a regular income. This is Donald’s whole point on trade. A little protectionism (self-interest) never hurts.

Donald’s Cabinet Drama

The media is absolutely crapping their pants over the people who are showing up at Trump Tower to talk with the President-Elect. The funniest freak outs are over people like Ted Cruz, who was allegedly there to talk about the Attorney General position, and Mitt Romney, who was supposed to be there to talk about Secretary of State.

Is Donald actually going to hire these people? I don’t know, but either way he is in a win-win situation thanks to the media. It calms the minds of indifferent Americans who thought Donald might be crazy. It also contrasts Donald as a magnanimous figure while the media is trying to paint him as “Hitler.” The gap between these two presented narratives is so large that people naturally make a perceptive choice between the two. Gallup just did a poll that said that 51% of Americans are now more confident in Donald. Wow. It must be said that Donald is more persuasive than the media.
The beauty of it is that he doesn’t even need to hire Cruz or Romney, its all about the optics.

Steve Bannon’s Worldview

Steve Bannon, Donald’s new chief strategist, has been widely of accused of being a Nazi, anti-Semitic, and a lot of other stuff. Frankly, none of that is true. Bannon is a conservative Catholic who sees the erosion of the Judeo-Christian ethic as the main cause for the decline of the West.

I mean, this is the guy that co-wrote and directed Torchbearer with Phil Robinson. Bannon’s message is that we are image bearers of God, and that when we take God out of the equation man oppresses man. This leads to injustice, war, genocide, etc…

In 2014 Bannon gave a talk to a Vatican conference on poverty and politics. This whole speech was amazing. the audio is at the bottom of the transcript. Listen to it. Bannon starts his speech out by pointing out that 200 million people were killed during the 20th century. Bannon supposes that the forces that fought this great war, really the Judeo-Christian West versus atheists, right? The underlying principle is an enlightened form of capitalism, that capitalism really gave us the wherewithal.
So then he discussed capitalism and said there are 3 different types. There is crony capitalists:

I see that every day. I’m a very practical, pragmatic capitalist. I was trained at Goldman Sachs…But there’s a strand of capitalism today — two strands of it, that are very disturbing. One is state-sponsored capitalism. And that’s the capitalism you see in China and Russia. I believe it’s what Holy Father [Pope Francis] has seen for most of his life in places like Argentina, where you have this kind of crony capitalism of people that are involved with these military powers-that-be in the government, and it forms a brutal form of capitalism that is really about creating wealth and creating value for a very small subset of people.

Then he went off on the libertarians:

The second form of capitalism that I feel is almost as disturbing, is what I call the Ayn Rand or the Objectivist School of libertarian capitalism…that form of capitalism is quite different when you really look at it to what I call the “enlightened capitalism” of the Judeo-Christian West. It is a capitalism that really looks to make people commodities, and to objectify people, and to use them almost — as many of the precepts of Marx — and that is a form of capitalism, particularly to a younger generation [that] they’re really finding quite attractive. And if they don’t see another alternative, it’s going to be an alternative that they gravitate to under this kind of rubric of “personal freedom.”

What an incredible insight. He goes on to talk about so many more fascinating things. He supposes that the tea party’s biggest enemy is the GOP Establishment:

The tea party in the United States’ biggest fight is with the the Republican establishment, which is really a collection of crony capitalists that feel that they have a different set of rules of how they’re going to comport themselves and how they’re going to run things. And, quite frankly, it’s the reason that the United States’ financial situation is so dire, particularly our balance sheet. We have virtually a hundred trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities. That is all because you’ve had this kind of crony capitalism in Washington, DC. The rise of Breitbart is directly tied to being the voice of that center-right opposition. And, quite frankly, we’re winning many, many victories.
And he doesn’t leave the social issues out:

On the social conservative side, we’re the voice of the anti-abortion movement, the voice of the traditional marriage movement, and I can tell you we’re winning victory after victory after victory. Things are turning around as people have a voice and have a platform of which they can use.

Bannon’s biggest message is ideas can beat cash. He points out the defeat of Eric Cantor as Exhibit 1A:

For everybody in your audience, this is one of the most monumental — first off, it’s the biggest election upset in the history of the American republic. Eric Cantor was the House majority leader and raised $10 million. He spent, between himself and outside groups, $8 million to hold a congressional district. He ran against a professor who was an evangelical Christian and a libertarian economist. He ran against a professor who raised in total $175,000. In fact, the bills from Eric Cantor’s campaign at a elite steak house in Washington, DC, was over $200,000. So they spent more than $200,000 over the course of the campaign wining and dining fat cats at a steak house in Washington than the entire opposition had to run.

Now, Eric Cantor, it was a landslide. He lost 57-43, and not one — outside of Breitbart, we covered this for six months, day in and day out — not one news site — not Fox News, not Politico, no sites picked this up. And the reason that this guy won is quite simple: Middle-class people and working-class people are tired of people like Eric Cantor who say they’re conservative selling out their interests every day to crony capitalists.

Bannon isn’t Rudolph Hess, I think he is William Wilberforce, and he is now the right hand man of the President of the United States.

Final Thoughts

To drive home the point about the rights of man, those rights come from God. When you deny God’s authority you get what the French got.

Quote of the Day

The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.

Article III, The Declaration of the Rights of Man

Prophecy Updates

Trump and the Coming Fight

I was reading an article about the Black Robe Regiment, which were the pastors in the mid-1700s that preached messages that fueled the American Revolution. I want to share with you some of the insights from that article and apply it to the situation we find ourselves today with the election of Donald Trump.

“The Black Robed Regiment was the name that the British placed on the courageous and patriotic American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore.” The British blamed Christians for the revolution and specifically their sermons. The claim is that the Declaration of Independence listed rights that “were nothing more than a listing of sermon topics that had been preached from the pulpit in the two decades leading up to the American Revolution, but such was the case.”

For over 100 years the ministers in the country drove a view of politics which followed biblical patterns and commandments. For instance, “The same year, the Rev. Thomas Hooker (along with the Revs. Samuel Stone, John Davenport, and Theophilus Eaton) founded Connecticut. [23] They not only established an elective form of government [24] but in a 1638 sermon based on Deuteronomy 1:13 and Exodus 18:21, the Rev. Hooker explained the three Biblical principles that had guided the plan of government in Connecticut:

I. [T]he choice of public magistrates belongs unto the people by God’s own allowance.

II. The privilege of election . . . belongs to the people . . .

III. They who have power to appoint officers and magistrates [i.e., the people], it is in their power also to set the bounds and limitations of the power and place. [25]
From the Rev. Hooker’s teachings and leadership sprang the “Fundamental Orders of Connecticut” – America’s first written constitution (and the direct antecedent of the federal Constitution). History professors have written things like this: [T]he Bible gave a healthy spur to the belief in a written constitution. The Mosaic Code, too, was a higher law that men could live by – and appeal to – against the decrees and whims of ordinary men.[27] (emphasis added) [27] Clinton Rossiter, Seedtime of the Republic (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1953), p. 32

This caused a fight with Britain and especially the Anglican Church, the church saw itself as the only legitimate Christian denomination in America. The freedom in America was an affront to pro-British citizens. “For example, when crown-appointed Governor Edmund Andros tried to seize the charters of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, revoke their representative governments, and force the establishment of the British Anglican Church upon them, opposition to Andros’ plan was led by the Revs. Samuel Willard, Increase Mather, and especially the Rev. John Wise. [34] The Rev. Wise was even imprisoned by Andros for his resistance but he remained an unflinching voice for freedom, penning in 1710 and 1717 two works forcefully asserting that democracy was God’s ordained government in both Church and State, [35] thus causing historians to title him “The Founder of American Democracy.” [36] This led to the revolution—here is another thing that happened:
“And because American preachers consistently opposed encroachments on civil and religious liberties, when the British imposed on Americans the 1765 Stamp Act (an early harbinger of the rupture between the two nations soon to follow), at the vanguard of the opposition to that act were the Revs. Andrew Eliot, Charles Chauncey, Samuel Cooper, Jonathan Mayhew, and George Whitefield [39]

(Whitefield even accompanied Benjamin Franklin to Parliament to protest the Act and assert colonial rights). [40]In fact, one of the reasons that American resistance to the Stamp Act became so widespread was because the “clergy fanned the fire of resistance to the Stamp Act into a strong flame.” [41] It was the prayers and preaching of ministers that caused the Revolutionary war! Likewise, the prayers of believers; to deliver us and lead us to repentance have been answered.

Imagine this, God in heaven took a man who was opposed by the media, the Republican party, the Democratic party, the rich in the Republican party, the Clinton machine, globalists, 90% of the college professors, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, all of the left wing organizations and their lies, half of the conservative organizations with their magazines, and international organizations, all lost and that man whom God chose won. Two weeks ago I believed that Donald Trump would be elected president because I believed that God was showing me that Trump would stand up against several sins which our country did not want to deal with.
In the spiritual world, it matters that abortion be opposed and Trump opposed abortion stronger than any politician since Ronald Reagan. Trump is the most unlikely person to take the stand he did, but he did it. Also, in the spiritual realm, Jerusalem is ground zero and Trump said he would move the American embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The opposition to this will be so great and satanic that it will bring America to her knees in prayer. Why? Because the Islamic movement to take over America has suffered a major setback with the election of a man who recognizes the lies of the press concerning Islam. The Democrats, half of Republicans, and most of the press suffer the Sergeant Shultz syndrome (Hogans Heroes), they see nothing and know nothing when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

In Os Guinness new book, Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization: says on pg.92, “The US State Department, for example, has long been known for its heavily secularist view of the world. But for his own personal reasons, President Obama led the blind and stubborn folly of his entire administration in refusing to name the plainly obvious role of radical Islam in Middle Eastern violence by insisting on calling it only “violent extremism.” The Muslim world is angry at the United States and wish to kill us—they cry out every Friday night in Mosques across the world, ‘Death to America, Death to Israel.’ With the election of Donald Trump, the Muslims will lash out. The New World Order has two months to move and cause a war. They wish to stop Trump at all costs.
With Trump we will get a conservative to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court—horror of horrors for the entire abortionist, globalist agenda. He will put more conservatives on the bench. He will expose corruption thru the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation—this is a fight with the elites of the world as much as with the Clintons! As Trump tries to drain the swamp, the globalists will react violently. In the debates, Trump said that he would only put pro-life judges on the court and he would put Hillary Clinton in jail.
Some of the commentators compared the election with the Brexit vote in Britain. The populist uprising against the new world order and globalist leanings has inspired people to vote for Trump. Trump spoke plainly about the borders and the infiltration of our shores of Islamic terrorists. This also made the global elites angry. Trump is serious about bringing some sanity into who comes into the country and who is left out. The amount of opposition to this view among the left has moved from words to killing. The leftist groups have moved to killing cops, citizens, and threatening politicians with death. Is it any wonder that after Trump was elected, there was an avalanche of death threats to him on twitter. The left is unhinged, driven by a spirit of hatred, they want to protect their gains in America and do not want the nation to turn back to the Lord!

I believe that Trump is being used by God to be the tip of the spear, he will drive the nation to repentance or to ruin. The left will attack, war will come in the form of anarchy, Islam will lash out, leftists will lash out, and the Christians of America will have a chance to stand in the gap. We must repent of the sins of idolatry, immorality, killing innocence, and of opposing Israel. With Trump, we already have a man who will bless Israel and promised to get rid of the Supreme Court decision regarding abortion. Will America repent before it is too late? I see this as last chance time! America needs a revival before the great and terrible day of judgment. If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray—are you praying? Seek My face—are you seeking His face? Turn from your wicked ways, are you turning? God will hear from heaven and will respond!!

We have forgotten God and the nation needs to turn back!!!! The only way I see that happening is if the Holy Spirit sweeps the nation as He did in the first Great Awakening before the first American Revolution. Pray with me that God will send revival.
After all of this, there is the color revolution. George Soros is famous for fomenting violence and color revolutions. To stop Trump and this movement, he is paying people to terrorize Americans and start riots in our streets. In 2003 it was the Orange revolution in Georgia, in 2005 it was the Tulip revolution in Kyrgyzstan, in 2009 it was the Green revolution in Iran. Today, some are calling this the Purple revolution. Soros funds the group and funnels money to people who desire to destroy the United States and make it in the image of their communist backers. Pray that God will protect America from those who wish to do us harm.

Prophecy Updates

Anti Israel and America

Prophecy Update:

The United Nations has been up to its old tricks once again. UNESCO made the decision that the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is in the middle of Jerusalem and near where the Temple of God was located, has no connection with Jews or Christians. The vote was 24 out of 58 member countries with many of those nations not voting. Although it was not a majority, it was still enough nations who did not stand up for the truth. When 26 nations abstain, that tells me that they are too cowardly to stand up to the Muslim fiction that there was never a Jewish presence in the land of Israel. UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, and I would like to know what educational or scientific reason that they have to deny history her say?

It was funny that in the same week that UNESCO made this despicable vote that Israel announced an archaeology find from Jerusalem of an ancient scroll dating back to the Temple in 700BC. The scroll mentioned a gift of wine to be delivered to the king in Jerusalem. As the Muslims try to deny history and remove any mention of Israel in the land, God continues to reveal more and more evidence. The United Nations itself has become the propaganda arm of the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which includes 56 Muslim nations and the Palestinian Authority, this includes 1.5 billion people. The OIC pressures and threatens the UN all of the time to get their way. This UNESCO decision is an example of this.

The silver lining to the vote is mentioned by Herb Keinon in the Jerusalem Post when he said, “But still, what is also clear from those votes is that the number of countries that can be counted on to reflexively raise their hands in votes against Israel is shrinking. Or as one diplomatic source said, “there is an important consensus of countries that don’t like this, and that is significant.” Strangely, two countries that stood clearly for Israel were Croatia and Tanzania. Keinon said, “But Tanzania? Who saw that coming? Since when does Jerusalem have such sterling ties with that east African country? Since, well, the election last October of a new president, John Magufuli. Since that time, he has made clear that he is keen on putting the country – which according to estimates is about 60% Christian and 30% Muslim – on a different track. As a staunchly believing Christian, he sees Israel as a natural ally and – since assuming office – has sent Israel strong signals of an interest in significantly upgrading ties.”
In several articles the past two weeks the question was asked: Is Obama ready to throw Israel under the bus after the election? Some believe that Pres. Obama will support a UN resolution to push Israel out of her land and go back to the 1948 borders. The Wall Street Journal asked, “Does Obama want to be remembered as the President who criminalized Israeli citizenship?” The reason they asked the question was because “the State Department prepared an options menu detailing potential diplomatic steps that could be taken as part of an end of term Israeli Palestinian peace push, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.”
Israel stated yesterday that they were going forward in building homes for Jews in Shiloh. The White House has reacted with anger. In an editorial titled “Obama’s Israel Surprise?” — the WSJ said a UN Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement construction or formally recognizes a Palestinian state would be “a boon to the bullies in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, while also subjecting Israeli citizens and supporters abroad to new and more aggressive forms of legal harassment…Does Mr. Obama want to be remembered as the President who criminalized Israeli citizenship?”

As we are facing an election, it is possible that the enemies of Israel are getting to pounce. Israel is getting ready for war and the people of the USA are experiencing the consequences of harming Israel. The Clinton’s and Obama’s spent millions of dollars to influence the Israeli elections to elect someone other than Netanyahu. I told everyone who would listen, do not listen to the American press who said that Netanyahu was behind in the polls and he would lose. I know that Israeli’s do not vote on economic issues only but take very seriously the security issues of the nation. The Americans interfering in the Israeli election were pushing negative stories of the economy to curse Netanyahu. To everyone’s amazement, Netanyahu won and the curse was turned into a blessing.
When you curse Israel you will be cursed, now Hillary Clinton is being attacked by outsiders who stole her emails. She interfered with Israel’s elections so God is cursing her election. As Jews build homes in ancient Shiloh, the world is seething in rage. Shiloh is mentioned in Joshua 18:1, “Then the whole congregation of the sons of Israel assembled themselves at Shiloh, and set up the tent of meeting there; and the land was subdued before them.” This is an important city: I Sam.3:21, “And the LORD appeared again at Shiloh, because the LORD revealed Himself to Samuel at Shiloh by the word of the LORD.” You can literally stand in the place where the Jews sacrificed to the Lord in the Tabernacle, where the ark of the Covenant resided! It is in this place where Pres. Obama says no Jews allowed! The Tabernacle stood in Shiloh for 350 years until the Temple was built in Jerusalem. If you go there today you can visit a museum and vistors center that explains how the Tabernacle worked, where it was, and what everyone did when they came there to celebrate the feasts. Remember that it was there that Hannah’s husband would go to sacrifice to the Lord and pray for his wife who was barren. God heard his prayer and Hannah had a son named Samuel. I Sam.1:3 says, “Now this man would go up from his city yearly to worship and to sacrifice to the LORD of hosts in Shiloh. And the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were priests to the LORD there.” It was here that God revealed Himself to Samuel, it was here that the Philistines stole the Ark of the Covenant.

How is it that people do not recognize that according to the UN, the Palestinian Authority, the OIC and 56 Muslim countries, the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, that all of the land of Israel, including Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem is occupied land. They will never stop the complaining, attacking, and UN resolutions until they drive every Jew from the land of Israel. The Republican platform this election cycle says, “We consider the Administration’s deal with Iran, to lift international sanctions and make hundreds of billions of dollars available to the Mullahs, a personal agreement between the President and his negotiating partners and non-binding on the next president.” It also says, “the defiant and emboldened regime in Tehran continues to sponsor terrorism across the region, develop a nuclear weapon, test-fire ballistic missiles inscribed with “Death to Israel,” and abuse the basic human rights of its citizens.” As you can see, Iran is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. How can America stand with that? The Republicans have stood up to this and stand for Israel, they say, “Like the United States of America, the modern state of Israel is a country born from the aspiration for freedom and stands out among the nations as a beacon of democracy and humanity. We reaffirm America’s commitment to Israel’s security and will ensure that Israel maintains a qualitative military edge over any and all adversaries. We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier and specifically recognize that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) is anti-Semitic in nature and seeks to destroy Israel. We recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and call for the American embassy to be moved there in fulfillment of U.S. law.” I only hope that the Republican platform will take hold in America and that we will repent of our anti-Semitism. The Democratic platform is anti-Semitic and anti-God. Pray that God will have mercy on us!