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Russia, Ukraine and the assassination of JFK!

Prophecy Update: Tie between Russian Ukraine war and the assassination of JFK!

The United States since WW2, has used under cover military assassination teams to protect the country. During WW2 the United States started the Office of Strategic Services which is the pre-CIA organization responsible for what they call “Tertia Optio.” This concept replaces war with guerilla warfare, a way that the United States can conduct covert warfare legally. The reasoning for target killing, assassination, and regime change is to prevent WW3.  Our country deems that self defense, the kind that says, we are going to take you out before you take us out, is the basis of Tertia Optio. It is the third option after diplomacy and outright war, instead of war we conduct undercover war. The problem: the CIA became so secret that it became the judge, jury, and executioner. This is the violation of God’s law against shedding innocent blood. 

The Bible makes very clear that war is to be conducted under certain circumstances. Leaders are required to search the scriptures and seek God before ever going to war. We do not have leaders that do this. America became the policeman of the world when we should have become the preacher…teaching the gospel to these nations. The CIA would have done so much better if they supported Christian missionaries going into communist nations rather than executioners. 

During WW2 the OSS was run by William Donovan, a retired General from WW1. Donovan observed how the British assassinated Reinhart Heydrich,(May 24, 1942) the NAZI leader who created the ‘Einsatzgruppen,’ extermination squads whose members shot and gassed and killed over 1 million people. The British program was called the SOE, Special Operations Executive. Donovan had pushed President Roosevelt for years to start a similar group, but Roosevelt resisted because war should not be fought that way. That is not how moral gentlemen conduct war.  Two weeks after Heydrich was killed, Donovan got his wish and the OSS began. The most daring goal of the OSS was the assassination of Hitler which they never got a chance to implement. 

When the war was over, Pres. Truman abolished the OSS and made it clear that soldiers of a democracy do not fight guerilla wars. By 1947, Truman changed his mind because of the rise of the Soviet Union. People were really afraid of the fast pace of countries falling to communism. It was like the rise of a new threat like Hitler and it was being done by communist dictators and the Soviet Union topped the list of enemies. The Soviets perfected using special action groups to assassinate those who stood in the way of the rise of communism! Problem: the creation of the CIA caused a division in America. The military was against the CIA because they were responsible for war not the CIA! This division has grown bigger because the USA has added many more intelligence agencies who do not work with the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. A country divided against itself cannot stand! Even the FBI hates the CIA and works against it. 

 The National Security Act of 1947 established the CIA and the National Security Council. The United States invented a legal precedent called Title 50 to make it legal for the United States to conduct covert military action anywhere in the world that the President deems necessary. The question that we should ask as Christians concerns the biblical conduct of nations, warfare, and morality. Our politicians frequently discussed the biblical conduct of nations in the 18th and 19th centuries. In my research, I cannot find one conversation or debate about the biblical worldview when it came to starting the CIA.  

During the Korean war, everything the CIA did was cursed. They trained asian teams to go into North Korea and fight and kill the leader, the problem was that they did not know who they were training. Some were fighting for the other side. In several cases, our guys were killed because we trained the enemy. That is true of the CIA in many other cases. They trained Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap who we eventually fought in the Vietnam War. There are hundreds of examples that lead to the horrible sin of shedding innocent blood. Add to that the abortion industry and America is in sad shape spiritually!

In the 1950’s the CIA determined that they needed to assassinate the leader of Guatemala and they began training rebel groups from Honduras, Nicaragua, and  El Salvadore to become the guerilla fighting force needed to take out President Carlos Armas. Sept.11, 1953 the CIA submitted its “General Plan for Action in Guatemala.” When the plan was implemented it did not take into account the inner conflict that happens when you murder someone. Was it a justified kill because the person has committed atrocities? Was it my job to be the executioner? Is it revenge? After the so-called successful overthrow of Armas, the USA created a monster of hatred towards the US. A revenge seeking monster rose up in the name of Che Guevera and Fidel Castro! The United States shed innocent blood in that attack by indiscriminately bombing civilians. If we can assassinate Guevera and Castro, then they can assassinate our leaders. We were successful in killing Guevera but not Castro.

It is this hatred that led to the assassination of President Kennedy. Whether it was the communist Lee Harvey Oswald or the CIA who employed him or the MAFIA who killed Kennedy, there is no doubt that the deep state’s immoral plans were launched on that day.(books are written on Alan Dulles, CIA director, being responsible for the assassination) It was that assassination that launched the term, ‘conspiracy theory.’ Since that day, most people distrust the government. In 1962-3 the United States made it illegal to pray or read the Bible in public schools and we were turned over to our sins. The history of the CIA is the story of that turning over to evil!

Fast forward to Ukraine 2014. The CIA has been in Ukraine doing special training for the eventual overturn of the Russian government. Regime change and assassination of Vladimir Putin is on the front burner for the CIA and American government. The US denies the charge but all of the evidence shows that poking the bear towards war and the downfall of Russia is creating hatred on a greater level then the destruction of Guatemala in 1954. (especially in the European Union) Here are some articles about that:

“The CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel, according to five former intelligence and national security officials familiar with the initiative. The program, which started in 2015, is based at an undisclosed facility in the Southern U.S., according to some of those officials.” Jan.13, 2022…  

As CIA trained commandos operate in Ukraine, the USA can say legally that they have no troops on the ground. That is a half truth. NATO and the USA have been training the army that will keep fighting Russia, apparently military trainers, even though Americans, does not mean that we are in the war? We also supply most of the weapons for Ukraine. Russia sees it differently. Russia is saying that the shadow war is now outright war with NATO and the USA. Any commandos from the US, Canada, France, Germany, or Britain caught in Ukraine are mercenaries. Thus, America prevents WW3. Not quite. 

“Op-Ed: The CIA has backed Ukrainian insurgents before. Let’s learn from those mistakes: Russia invaded Ukraine by land, air and sea on Thursday, but for years now the Central Intelligence Agency has been preparing for such a moment, not only with prescient intelligence gathering and analysis but also by preparing Ukrainians to mount an insurgency against a Russian occupation. Those optimists seem to be forgetting the lessons from past U.S. efforts, including the CIA’s first attempt to support a Ukrainian insurgency against the Soviets in 1949, which ended in failure and a judgment by the CIA decades later that the effort was “ill-fated and tragic.”  

Stalin claimed then as Putin claims now that the USA and Britain are teaming up on Russia to destroy her!

“America’s rage at a foreign demon has rarely been as intense as our current fixation on Vladimir Putin. He is this generation’s Mao or Castro, its Gadhafi or Saddam or Khomeini, the rampaging and perhaps deranged foreign tyrant who personifies everything we hate and fear. Many in Washington see last month’s invasion of Ukraine as entirely his doing. Some believe the world will never be at peace as long as he lives and rules. From there it’s a short step to wishing him “sawed off” — as Dwight Eisenhower put it when he ordered Fidel Castro’s assassination in 1960. Sen. Lindsey Graham mused recently. “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out.” When a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was struck by an attack of honesty and admitted that sanctions on Russia are intended “to bring down the Putin regime,” she was quickly corrected.”  

The USA cannot talk about its true intentions because of a thing called plausible deniability. The National Security Directive 10-2 from 1947 says that, “Covert Operations are understood to be activities which are conducted or sponsored by this government against hostile foreign states or groups, but are planned and executed that if uncovered, the US government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them.” (NSC 10/2 Document 292 6/8/1948)

“A more illuminating argument against killing foreign leaders is the poor record we have in past attempts. We’ve tried it repeatedly. Often we have failed, but even when we seem to have succeeded, the long-term consequences have been terrible. An order from the Oval Office to assassinate a foreign leader would not break a taboo. It would only be the latest in a series of self-defeating blunders.”  

There was an assassination already. Alexander Dugin’s daughter was blown up in her car. “On Saturday, Daria Dugina, daughter of Russian fascist ideologue Aleksandr Dugin, was assassinated by a car bomb that blew up her Toyota Land Cruiser on a highway west of Moscow, Russia. Russian news media stated that people close to Dugin believed that he had been the intended target of the bombing that killed his daughter. The BBC reported that he had planned to travel in the same car as his daughter and changed vehicles only at the last minute. The New York Times assured its readers that “there was no evidence that the attack was connected to the war in Ukraine.” What an absurd lie! The assassination carries the stench of the Ukrainian secret police and their CIA handlers. Both the evidence of history and the logic of contemporary developments lead to the inescapable conclusion that the assassination of Dugina was a political crime, bearing the fingerprints of Washington, calculated to provoke a wider war.”

This is the case of our involvement in the Ukrainian War. It is a bad war, nothing biblical about it. It is happening because of our sin in the USA, and Biblical prophecy. The attempt by the USA to establish a new global government which president Biden promised that the US would lead, necessitates the elimination of Putin and Russian power. This desire is both sinful and prophetic. It is prophetic of the rise of antichrist and the eventual war of Ezekiel 38-39. 

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Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

Prophecy Update: Why Russia invaded Ukraine 12/7/2022

The two most important prophetic scriptures that bear on what is happening today are the scriptures describing the return of Israel to her land, and the scriptures describing the wars that will ensue over that return. At the heart of the wars are Russia and the Islamic nations surrounding Israel. Here is a very important verse regarding the return of Israel:

“Behold, days are coming,” declares Yahweh, When the plowman will overtake the reaper And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; When the mountains will drip sweet wine And all the hills will melt. Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the desolated cities and live in them; They will also plant  vineyards and drink their wine And make gardens and eat their fruit. I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be uprooted from their land Which I have given them,” Says Yahweh your God.

Amos 9:13-15

Notice how God says Israel will never be uprooted from the land. The UN and a host of nations believe otherwise! Russia took center stage in American leftist circles when they were blamed for the election of Donald Trump. Since that time, Russia has increasingly seen the need to go to war with the USA and Israel. The USA has so much influence over Israel that the Russians see them as a vassal state of America. The socialist left in America is enamored with their power over Israel and many of her leaders. The election of Benjamin Netanyahu has changed everything. We must understand Putin as a Russian leader, understand what drives him so that we can see clearly why many believe he is the end times leader called Gog in Ezekiel 38. 

Two authors who have written important books regarding Putin are Garry Kasparov and Rebekah Koffler. Kasparov was the Soviet chess champion and youngest world  champion at the age of 22 (1985). In March 2005 he founded the United Civil Front in Russia, a group dedicated to free and fair elections in Russia. Kasparov wrote “Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the enemies of the free world must be stopped.” 

Rebekah Koffler wrote, “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s secret plan to defeat America.” Koffler is a Russian born US intelligence expert and worked for both the CIA and DIA. Her insight into the machinations of Russian military plans is awesome. Based on these two books, we can get a very clear picture of Russia’s goals and how they intend to destroy America and Israel. We will start in 2007 and I will be sharing thoughts from these two books throughout the update:

“2007 Munich Security Conference, the speech in which Putin told us who he was.  In February 2007, Putin stood in Munich’s Bayerischer Hof for 30 minutes and accused the United States of creating a unipolar world “in which there is one master, one sovereign.” He added, “at the end of the day this is pernicious.”

Even before 2007, Putin has accused NATO and the USA of waging illegitimate wars and desiring to destroy Russia. The fact that Russia believes that America wages illegitimate wars caused them to militarily enter Syria in 2015, at the request of Bashir Assad, dictator of Syria, to counter the desire of the USA to replace Bashir Assad. Under the leadership of President Barack Obama, the CIA planned the removal of Assad of Syria which Obama announced to the world at the UN on Sept.15, 2015. He said, “US President Barack Obama says the United States is willing to work with Russia and Iran to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.”

President Obama made the prediction that Assad would be gone and it never happened because Russia entered Syria to help Assad stay in power.  Obama’s people saw Russia as weak, a regional power, without military ability to enter either Crimea or Syria in 2015. Wrong on both accounts and Obama fired anyone who saw otherwise. They fired five Russian experts at the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) because they would not go along with the lies of Obama. So, blame Russia for the loss of Hilary Clinton. This is still part of the campaign to destroy Russia! DISINFORMATION!  

This may sound very familiar to you in 2022 what was being said about Putin in 2015. Obama said that Putin is irrational, delusional, and counters his long term interests by going into Syria. Condolezza Rice said that Putin was wholly irrational and that there was a five percent chance that he was delusional. America falsely believes that if they get rid of Putin, all of their problems with Russia will be gone. I say our leaders are delusional. 

Putin is shaped by his parents. His dad was a NKVD officer (internal security officer), a soldier in WW2, and his mom almost died in the siege of Leningrad by the Germans in 1941 to 1944. His older brother died in the siege of Leningrad. Putin was a street fighter and ended up a black belt in Judo, he was Judo champion of Leningrad in 1976. His playbook for war includes these instruments of war, and I might add, they are advanced beyond where America stands at this moment in history: space warfare, cyber-attacks, spy craft,  special activities known as “active measures’ meaning do whatever it takes to destroy your enemy, and nuclear warfare. The Russians do not believe in personal rights and they do not have a problem with killing civilians. Civilians are committed to their nation’s wars so kill them…that’s the Russian way!

Putin has seen and has made the calculation that the color revolutions in Ukraine Orange 2015, Georgia Rose 2003, and Kyrgyzstan Tulip 2005, are coming to Moscow. The one in Ukraine is the red line for Putin.  The minute that we made clear to Putin that Ukraine would be in NATO, that is when the fate of Ukraine was sealed. Putin needs to bring his troops into Ukraine because that is Biblically Magog territory. The army in Ukraine and western Russia will turn south and invade Israel. That is the Biblical war called Gog Magog! Being in Syria since 2015 puts Russia and Iran right on the northern border of Israel (Golan Heights). When Russia came into Syria, they had another reason to go, the Russian Orthodox Church. Barack Obama funded the systematic killing of Christians in Syria since 2011.

“In the summer of 2011, when President Obama announced his Syrian regime-change policy, roughly 3,000 people had died as a result of the “Arab Spring” uprising, according to the UN. Now, when President Trump finally has terminated the arms shipments, nearly half a million Syrians have died. Another 6.3 million have been internally displaced, while roughly the same number have been driven abroad, with millions still in their own homes reduced to utter destitution. Among the targeted victims are Christians and other religious minorities. While Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed in 2016 that the religious cleansing of Christians, Yezidis and Shiites and others in Iraq and Syria was “genocide,” his declaration was limited only to the atrocities committed by the Islamic State. It did not acknowledge the inconsistency of arming, directly or indirectly, anti-democratic Sunni jihadists as proxies among our U.S.-backed rebel forces in Syria.”  

When Russia came to Syria, the Christians were being massacred. Putin likes to boast that he saved the Christians, at least the Eastern Orthodox Christains. “Putin has played the religious card for geopolitical gain. In doing so, he has used Syria and the Orthodox angle to win influence over much of the Middle East. When Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Damascus to meet his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, in January 2020, it was viewed as a significant entrenchment of Russian support for Assad – more precisely Eastern Christians, but also the Greek Orthodox Church – saw the two leaders’ lighting of candles on Orthodox Christmas Day as a much-needed boost to Christianity. Putin himself had also crafted this portrayal, in conjunction with the Russian Orthodox Church, which openly blessed his war in Syria.”

  As Christians are wiped out in the Middle East by Jihadists and Fascists, Putin claims to be the protector of the Christians. Europe has heard that message over and over again the last few years. The message from Russia is that America is no longer Chrstian. Even the war in Ukraine is couched in Christian language, America is the antichrist and Russia is standing for true Christianity. It is true that America is antichristian but Russia is not exactly standing for true Christianity. Trump saw the problem and did this:

“President Donald Trump has ordered the C.I.A. to end its covert arming and training of anti-government rebels in Syria, according to anonymous “officials” cited by the Washington Post. Since 2011, when President Barack Obama declared in 2011 that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad must “step aside“ to make way for a “democratic transition,” weapons supplied by the United States poured into the hands of Syria’s anti-government rebels. One former U.S. official quoted by the New York Times described the flow as a “cataract of weaponry.” The better part of it reached the hands of Sunni jihadist-dominated armed groups that brutally imposed discriminatory sharia law and engaged in religious cleansing wherever they controlled territory.”   

Unfortunately, all that Trump did to protect Christains in the Middle East has been undone by President Biden. Biden has also had the audacity to undo the Trump plan to protect the national electric grid. A major emphasis of Russian and Chinese military doctrine to defeat the US! 

“If anything, the Biden Administration has put the electric grid at greater risk over the past two years. On his first day in office, Biden suspended Executive Order 13920 (securing the U.S. bulk-power system) which declared “a national emergency with respect to the threat to the United States bulk power system,” and warned “that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in the United States bulk-power system. President Trump issued E.O. 13920 in response to the discovery in 2019 of hardware back doors built into Chinese-made transformers that are critical to the grid’s operations.  According to Latham Saddler, the former Director of Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council in Trump Administration, “they found hardware that was put into that that had the ability for somebody in China to switch it off.”  

What happened yesterday Dec.5th is another of the hooks in the jaw of Russia to go to war with Israel. Israel is being blamed for the attack on a Russian airbase 1000 kilometers from Ukraine. Russia claims that Israel supplied the Ukrainians with the drones that attacked and killed 3 Russian soldiers in Russia. Ukraine said on Dec.5th that they had a drone that could go 1000 kilometers, nobody believed them. Now they do, but the dirty little secret is where they got the drones from? Russia is saying Israel! Another reason that Russia is in Ukraine, to speed up the Gog Magog prophecy!

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God is on the Move

Prophecy Update: God is on the Move! 11/30/2022

I hope all of you have had a great Thanksgiving. There are many reasons to give thanks. We are commanded to give thanks even when things are bad! Both Romans 5 and James 1 command us to boast in trials and to consider it joy when we go thru trials. Our nation is going thru a trial, it is a trial of supernatural proportions. 

But know this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 Tim.3:1

As the nation’s foundations are destroyed by the antichrist agenda, Christians still have the joy and responsibility to shine the light in the darkness. We do that by telling the truth and not flinching in the face of adversity. Here is one way we made a difference over the Thanksgiving weekend:

“Thanksgiving often serves up a feast of new blockbuster family movies at the box office, but the Walt Disney Co.’s controversial animated film “Strange World” proved to be a dud right out of the gate. The production, which carried a reported $180 million budget, grossed just $18.6 million in ticket sales in its first five days and $11.9 million over the weekend in North American theaters, according to studio estimates Sunday.”  

As Christians reject the pro immoral Disney and Hollywood crowd, the more they lose at the box office. Even the non Christian world in America knows that something is wrong with the pro immoral push on the country. But, something more sinister is happening in the world that has to do with Israel. 

There is a battle over the land of Israel that is heating up. As the Gog and Magog forces are forming in the battle over Ukraine, God is beginning to marshal a plan to cause Israel to possess Judea and Samaria as the Prophets have foretold. God raised up a new government in Israel that is going to apply sovereignty to areas in Judea and Samaria. Here is how it is happening. 

The rise of Benjamin Netanyahu and Itamar Ben Gvir is leading to the fulfillment of prophecy. From the wikipedia page, here is a description of Ben Gvir;

“Itamar Ben-Gvir (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר בֶּן גְּבִיר; born 6 May 1976) is an Israeli lawyer and politician. He is a leader in the Israeli far-right Otzma Yehudit party.[1] He is currently a member of the Knesset, his voter base mostly consisting of young Israelis.[2] Ben-Gvir is expected to be the first Minister of National Security.”

It is very important to note that Netanyahu has joined hands with parties that believe that all of Judea and Samaria are part of Israel and not part of the fictional Palestinian nation. These parties reject the two state solution and they are in place to take back their land. This is leading to two wars that the Bible tells us will happen, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39. What the last government in Israel did was down right evil. They rejected God’s revelation about the land of Israel by giving their enemies every reason to attack them. Projecting weakness, the enemies of Israel smell blood. Here is what they did:

“While the previous Israeli government collapsed a year after its formation due to internal differences, it managed to take several steps aimed at mending ties with the Palestinians. This included a $155 million loan to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the approval of construction for thousands of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, the provision of tens of thousands of work permits to Palestinians, plans to introduce 4G technology in the West Bank, and numerous measures aimed at easing the 14-year-old Egyptian-Israeli blockade on Gaza. The previous government also repeatedly expressed its support for a two-state solution, including Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defence Minister Benny Gantz.” 

The Lapid government acted against being Jewish, treating the land of Israel as if it was any other land in the world, and they gave their enemies the tools to kill them. He betrayed his own people. By approving construction of Palestinian homes on Jewish land, Lapid divided the land of Israel. For this sin, God removed him and is now judging him for his hatred of God and the Word of God. Ezekiel 36 describes for us that when God gives the land of Israel back to His people, a war will ensue and the Palestinians will lose the war. 

And I will cause men—My people Israel—to walk on you and possess you so that you will become their inheritance and never again bereave them of children.’ Ezekiel 36:12

God promises that Israel will possess His land, and the enemies of Israel will fail in their attempt to keep the land. Netanyahu is forming the government that may well see this prophecy fulfilled.

“By rejecting a two-state solution for peace, the Netanyahu government has essentially rejected the PA as a partner for peace, given that its, leader Mahmoud Abbas, is a supporter of the two-state formula. Netanyahu has further aggravated the situation by promising to expand settlements. Adding more fuel to the fire, Netanyahu has allied with ultra-conservative parties like Religious Zionism and is planning on giving key portfolios to extremist lawmakers like Bezazel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir. The United States, and even the United Arab Emirates, which recently normalised relations with Israel, have warned that including politicians like Ben Gvir in the cabinet would jeopardise ties.”

Israel is now experiencing civil war. Through the terrorist attacks of the Palestinians, the Iranian proxies are attacking little towns in Israel. One mayor of a small town said this:

“Whoever hasn’t understood it yet, we are on the brink of civil war in the State of Israel and not Haredim against secular Jews, but rather Arabs against Jews this is the next civil war. This will happen to us soon.” Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich also spoke on Sunday, warning that just like rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, “civilian terror” would spread to the rest of the country. “It has no boundaries and no one is waking up.”   

The nation of Israel did wake up to the threat. This is why Netanyahu is back, his coalition is working to possess Judea and Samaria. “Ben-Gvir has also called for annexing large parts of the West Bank and for deporting Arabs who are not loyal to Israel.” He is not the only person or party advocating for applying Israeli sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria. 

Satan has made it a fight over the ancient city of Shechem. Shechem is called Nablus by the Palestinains and they have set up the Palestinian Authortiy head quarters in this city. 

“Shechem was a place of promise. First mentioned in Genesis 12:6–7, Shechem was the location where Abram stopped at the tree of Moreh and received God’s promise of the land. The town was located between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim in central Israel, just southeast of Samaria.  Shechem became part of the Promised Land of Israel, was given to the Kohathites, and served as a Levitical city of refuge (Joshua 21:20–21). Shechem was the place where Joseph’s remains were buried (Joshua 24:32). During the time of the divided kingdom of Israel, Shechem was the capital of the northern kingdom for a while (1 Kings 12:1).”  

In the last 30 years, many great archaeological sites have been found around Shechem including Joshua’s altar. This proves the reliability of the Bible, Satan will do everything he can to hold on to this city and destroy Joseph tomb and Joshua altar. The IDF has been called in many times in the last 30 years to stop the destruction. Soon the IDF will be called in to fight to possess the land that God promised to Abraham. 

“In a message commemorating November 29th as the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that he was “deeply saddened by the growing number of Palestinian civilians who have lost their lives in the spiral of violence engulfing the occupied West Bank.” The Secretary General failed at the same time to acknowledge the growing number of Israeli civilians killed and injured by Palestinian terrorists. When it was Russia’s turn to address the Security Council, its First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy, demonstrated the Russian regime’s breathtaking hypocrisy. Polyanskiy shamelessly accused Israel of using disproportionate force. He said that Russia disapproves of Israel’s “method of defending national security.” Really?” 

The world is arrayed against Israel, against God’s plan for giving the land back to Israel, and against Israel applying sovereignty to its own cities. God promised to give the land back, it is happening. Here is the proof:

“Otzma Yehudit leader and the next national security minister, MK Itamar Ben-Gvir, plans to launch a new effort that could culminate with a boost to grant retroactive approval to unauthorized settlements in Judea and Samaria, Israel Hayom has learned. The government would also advance legislation to amend the law in a way that would allow those communities to connect to the national electricity grid and allot some 180 million shekels (some $65 million) per year for building and maintaining various infrastructure, including water and sewage systems, roads, electricity pylons, and roads. On top of that, the government will create a special budget to bolster security there, amounting to some 25 million shekels ($8 million) per year.”  

The contrast cannot be any greater: Lapid gave money to the Palestinians,  Netanyahu is giving money to Jews in Judea and Samaria. Lapid told Jews to leave the ancient cities, Netanyahu is saying Build! God is on the move to fulfill His word in  our day. A great day to be alive!

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