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The Peace Deal?

Prophecy Update: The Peace Deal: The Biblical View. 1/31/20

Many want to talk about the peace deal from the perspective of politics. I want to talk about the Bible! God told Abraham that the land of Israel would be given to his descendants and that is what happened. Gen.12:7 says, “The LORD appeared to Abram and said, “To your descendants I will give this land.” So he built an altar there to the LORD who had appeared to him.” Pay attention to what the Bible says, God is going to give the land to Israel! The world says that Israel took the land and it was taken by them illegitimately through war. Liberal interpreters try to convince everyone that when Joshua fought to conquer the land it was an illegitimate way of taking the land. Not so!!! God gave the land to Israel and Satan was convincing a people that they should resist Gods will and fight the Jews. The same pattern that happened the first time God gave the Jews the land is happening now, in our time!

In Joshua 24 God describes how He gave the land of Israel to its rightful owners. In Joshua 24:32 He says, “Now they buried the bones of Joseph, which the sons of Israel brought up from Egypt, at Shechem, in the piece of ground which Jacob had bought from the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for one hundred pieces of money; and they became the inheritance of Joseph’s sons.” Why did Joseph want to be buried in Israel and not Egypt where he was second in command behind Pharaoh? God tells us in Genesis 50. In that chapter, Joseph took the body of his father Jacob back to Israel to bury him in Hebron where Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, and Rebecca are buried. When Joshua the son of Nun invaded the land and conquered most of the land that God had promised, he buried Joseph bones in Shechem because that is where his father had purchased land. It was their homeland in other words. Hebron and Shechem are two cities, promised by God, purchased land by Abraham and Jacob, and the two cities that Muslims desecrate constantly!

For instance in OCTOBER 16, 2015, the Muslims attacked the tomb of Joseph in Shechem. The international community and the enemies of Israel call it Nablus. “A site in Israel that was the target of attacks by Palestinians on Thursday night has a name that sounds very clear: Joseph’s Tomb. Palestinian protesters set fire to a tomb revered by some Jews as the tomb of the biblical patriarch Joseph on Thursday. Joseph’s Tomb, which is a small stone structure located in the Palestinian occupied West Bank city of Nablus, was torched after the militant group Hamas called for a “day of rage” against Israel. Leading up to the attack on the Tomb, Jewish worshippers were permitted to visit the religious site once a month, though visits were coordinated with Palestinian authorities, according to the BBC.”

When Joshua was given Shechem, they went on top of the two mountains bordering Shechem, Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerazim to say the blessings and curses from the two mountains. Israel is being told to give up the land that God gave Israel thru Joshua, say it is Palestine—seriously!

Any peace deal that does not give Shechem and Hebron to Israel is not biblical. These two major historical sites are vital to the plan of God. God will in time give these cities to Israel and the world will hate it as they have hated Israel from the beginning. Satan’s plan is easy to see, make two of the most important cities of Israel Palestinian so that Jews are banned from living there! The Peace plan does call for Israel to annex the Jordan Valley and the settlements in Judea and Samaria. I see this as part of Israel starting to get all of her land back. It is short of the goal however and it leaves 15 Jewish settlements in what will be Palestinian territory. Now Mahmoud Abbas and the International community say that any Palestinian land must be devoid of all Jews. Israel must have Muslims living in it, and Palestine cannot have Jews. It is racism and the world accepts and advocates this racism. Abbas also said, “a thousand no’s to this plan.”

Just before the deal was announced, Netanyahu spoke about it:
“We are not going to pass it by,’ PM tells Trump ahead of peace plan rollout: Ariel Kahana, Associated Press , Israel Hayom Staff Published on 01-27-2020. President Trump said this, “We’re going to show a plan. It’s been worked on by everybody and we’ll see whether or not it catches hold. If it does that would be great and if it doesn’t, we can live with it too. But I think it might have a chance,” he said. The proposal is expected to be very favorable to Israel, and Netanyahu has hailed it as a chance to “make history” and define Israel’s final borders. It is amazing that the Trump team and President Trump himself do not believe that this is going to work. Why did he do it? He did it because he shifted the burden to the Palestinians to accept the plan and they will reject it. Israel is blamed for the lack of peace and now Trump pushed it onto the Palestinians, he outsmarted them by getting Muslim nations to endorse it.

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with two-state solution, tunnel connecting West Bank and Gaza: Let me summarize: The plan gives the Palestinians the power to govern themselves, but not to threaten Israel. They get the opportunity to internally handle their own affairs without interference from Israel in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Israel would handle protecting them from any outside threats. They get about as much land that they would have had before 1967 although in different parts of the land. That is a big problem! On the Israeli side, the plan says and I quote: “The nation state of the Jewish people that is recognized by all other countries. Any realistic peace proposal requires Israel to make a significant territorial compromise that will enable the Palestinians to have a viable state, respect their dignity, and address their legitimate national aspirations.”

This is horrible in my eyes but I recognize that God is moving to giving His land back to His people Israel, so it is a step in that process. The peace deal mentions this, “It must be recognized that the State of Israel has already withdrawn from 88% of the land it captured in the 1967 war. This vision provides for the transfer of a sizable territory by the state of Israel, territory that the State of Israel has asserted valuable legal and historical claims, which are part of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people which must be considered a significant concession.” That was a mouthful!
I am shocked that Israel always finds a way to give up more of her land to get the love of the nations when dividing the land of Israel always brings more conflict and war. I believe that the Palestinians are not accepting this peace deal because it conflicts with their goals to destroy the State of Israel. Everything from their side is negative and hateful. There are nine parts to the plan they call a vision for peace: 1. Meets the security needs of the state of Israel but it says that Hamas has to accept the nation state of Israel and disarm. That is not going to happen so point one has already failed. 2. Give significant land to the Palestinians. 3. Accept the legal and historical claims of Israel. I cannot see this one happening since the UN has already said that significant cities are not Jewish. Cities like Hebron and Jerusalem. 4. Avoid transfers of populations both Jewish and Arab. This is a positive of the plan because Israel has been the one to kick her people out of her land. The bad side is that the Israeli settlements are fixed and cannot expand. That is going to happen when God moves to give the land back to Israel! 5. Enhances mobility of both populations. There will be an incredible amount of money invested! 6. Provides pragmatic transportation solutions to address the needs of Israelis and Arabs. 7. Enhances the economic needs of both groups and especially the needs of the State of Palestine. 8. A significant expansion of Gaza, its development and success. 9. Facilitate the need for the state of Palestine into regional and global economies!

Why have the Palestinians rejected the deal, even before they read it? The Palestinian Liberation Organization was formed in 1964 with the expressed desire to kill all of the Jews and take all of the land to themselves. Even though they changed the name to Palestine Authority to deceive people, their desire is the same. They believe that Israel stole their land—plain and simple. It is Psalm 83:4-5, They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more. For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant:” The charter of the PLO is and still says, “armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine.” They want to liberate all of Israel but when it was written they already had the West Bank, the year was 1964. The PLO has been a failure becasuse Israel keeps getting more land. I wish they would stop giving back land they win in war! The deal constantly says that Hamas needs to disband, accept Israel, and cede authority to the PA—this is never going to happen. The charter of Hamas is very clear, they want to obliterate Israel. They cry peace, peace, and there is no peace!! This Peace Deal is a solution of the world and not God. It is like a final solution for the Arabs and many Muslims because they have not given up the goal of kicking all Jews out of Israel and killing them. The most ridiculous demand of the deal is that Hamas has to demilitarize— Really!!

What can come from this deal? The areas of the West Bank that are not part of the plan, Israel promises not to expand into those parts of the land of Israel. I think God will change this quickly. Netanyahu accepts the deal but I think he knows that it will fail and they will get all of their land through the war that will be started because of the hatred of the Muslim world. The IDF is preparing for this war as Israel is claiming sovereignty over the Jordan valley which the world already rejects. How can you make the Palestinians accept it when they were never included in the negotiations? This plan definitely exposes the corruption of the Palestinians, and Israel gets to take more of her land, that is the bottom line. God is in control and I will stand on the promise that God made, not the peace deal.

Here is a headline from today that should not shock us: In Wake of Trump Deal Muslims Warn of New reality on Temple Mount: “Muslims Only” — The Jordanian Ministry Of Awqaf And Islamic Affairs reacted negatively to President Trump’s proposal for peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians by saying that ‘Deal of the Century’ imposed a “new reality on the Temple Mount. “Non-Muslims have no right in the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Trump’s deal called to end the racist apartheid policy currently being held in place by Palestinian threats of terrorism.

The Peace deal says, “Unlike many previous powers that had ruled Jerusalem, and had destroyed the holy sites of other faiths, the State of Israel is to be commended for safeguarding the religious sites of all and maintaining a religious status quo. Given this commendable record for more than half a century, as well as the extreme sensitivity regarding some of Jerusalem’s holy sites, we believe that this practice should remain, and that all of Jerusalem’s holy sites should be subject to the same governance regimes that exist today. In particular the status quo at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif should continue uninterrupted. “Jerusalem’s holy sites should remain open and available for peaceful worshippers and tourists of all faiths. People of every faith should be permitted to pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, in a manner that is fully respectful to their religion, taking into account the times of each religion’s prayers and holidays, as well as other religious factors.” This would include Jews but of course like usual, the Muslims find a way to attack Israel.

The violence on the Temple Mount will end when Israel starts taking action and abandons their passive acceptance of Muslim hatred and violence. Jews have a right to pray anywhere in their land, including anywhere on the Temple Mount. The Muslims do not have the right to stop Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, their supreme court needs to rule that the Temple Mount is in Jerusalem that Israel owns!! One day soon Israel will take her land, this next few months will be filled with violence because the peace deal will not bring peace! There have been riots on the Temple Mount including today. The Peace Deal will also be rejected because it is from Trump. Look at this headline: Second Top Gantz Aide/Former Obama Adviser Compares Trump to Hitler; Says President is ‘Using’ Israel– Blue and White leader Benny Gantz’s campaign strategist Joel Benenson, who also served as chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in 2016, has made a number of inflammatory comments against U.S. President Donald Trump on social media, claims that the president is using Israel to cover for his “blatant racism” and drew comparisons between him and Adolf Hitler. As the nation is in the midst of impeachment proceedings, expect the Democrats to start throwing out the line that they have to reject the deal because Trump is anti-Semitic. This top aid is like many Democrats, they hate Trump so much, anything he does should be rejected. I cannot see any Democrat backing the Peace Deal. Here is one quote: “The Democrats running for president have hewed to the party line in criticizing the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan rolled out by President Donald Trump: Unilateral annexation of settlements is the wrong way to go.”

Not many people are talking about this, but I really think that Trump set up the Palestinians to lose all of their land to the Jews. It is in Gods plan, I think it will happen soon. God has a One State Solution to the whole world, not just for Israel and Palestinians. His One State Solution has a Jewish Messiah ruling the whole world from Jerusalem—we are fast heading to that day. Zechariah 14:9, ‘And the LORD will be king over all the earth; in that day the LORD will be the only one, and His name the only one.’ Pray for that day to come soon, Maranatha!

Prophecy Updates

Antisemitism and Gog Magog War

Prophecy Update: Gog Magog War is Antisemitism 1/24/2020

Last week I focused on some of the international developments surrounding the setting up of the Gog Magog prophecy. This week I would like to continue that focus. The countries involved with the prophecy are mostly Muslim and they have demonstrated extreme anti-Semitic behavior. One commentator last week wrote an article about Muslim antisemitism driving Europe to attack Jews. Europe has always had a problem with antisemitism. Whether it is old or new antisemitism, it is all the same, finding some pretext to attack and destroy Jews. Adding Islam to the European mixture of antisemitism makes things worse. Here are some recent articles describing this antisemitism:

Majority of Israelis fear for Jews living in France: Jan.21, 2020. “The majority of Israeli citizens are concerned for the safety of Jews living in France as fears over the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and the western world continue to grow, a new survey commissioned for i24NEWS and revealed on Monday finds.

Don’t Blame the Surge of European Anti-Semitism on the Populists: By JONATHAN S. TOBIN
May 29, 2019. “European Union survey of German Jews conducted last year showed that a plurality of Jews who say they experienced anti-Semitic harassment said the perpetrators were Muslim extremists.” With the rise of populist candidates in Europe, the press will only say that antisemitism comes from the right. ‘Right’ is used as a derogative term to lump everyone together who is against globalism. The meaning that the press in Europe and America want to convey is that anyone on the ‘right’ is anti-Semitic. Therefore, in America if you are a Republican you are anti-Semitic and if you’re a Democrat you are not anti-Semitic.

In Ezekiel 36-39 we have the prophetic teaching on the reestablishment of Israel in her land and the subsequent attack of the nations who comprise the Gog Magog invasion. What is interesting about the total prophecy is the emphases put on the ‘mountains of Israel.’ The term ‘mountains of Israel’ appears eleven times and it is clear that Israel needs to be in the land and occupying the ‘mountains of Israel.’ Currently that is not the case because the Arabs occupy more of the ‘mountains of Israel’ then Jews do. 2.1 million Arabs live in the West Bank and 450,000 Jews live in the West Bank. That is quite a difference but God says in Ezekiel 36:8, ‘But you, O mountains of Israel, you will put forth your branches and bear your fruit for My people Israel; for they will soon come.” God makes clear in the 11 occurrences of this phrase that Israel will have the land to herself, very few if any Arabs will be living there. 36:12 makes clear what God is going to do with the cities in the West Bank—“Yes, I will cause men—My people Israel—to walk on you and possess you, so that you will become their inheritance and never again bereave them of children.’

For the Gog Magog prophecy to happen the lands of Judea and Samaria need to be occupied by Jews and that is not the case today. The prophetic passages about the ‘mountains of Israel’ make clear that the war happens in the mountains, which Israel occupies. For instance, Ezekiel 38:8 agrees with chapters 36-37 when it says, “After many days you (Gog) will be summoned; in the latter years you will come into the land that is restored from the sword, whose inhabitants have been gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel which had been a continual waste; but its people were brought out from the nations, and they are living securely, all of them.” God will bring back the Jews from Europe and America to Judea and Samaria to live and prosper. This is called Aliyah, which means the return of Jews to the land of Israel. The only way I see that Israel will take the land back is through war. The reason is because the Arab states and the 57 Muslim countries of the world have made it clear that Israel is occupying their land. That is why what is happening in Israel today is so miraculous! Here is an article that is blowing me away because it concerns the Holocaust.

Massive Gathering of Kings in Jerusalem on Thursday: By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 20, 2020. “On Thursday, Jerusalem’s role as a gathering place for kings will appear. The event commemorates the Holocaust but one rabbi sees it as a decisive moment in which the nations will choose which side they will fight for in the final battle between Good and Evil. The Fifth World Holocaust Forum called “Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism,” organized by the World Holocaust Forum Foundation in cooperation with Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, will take place on 23 January 2020 at the museum’s Warsaw Ghetto Square in Jerusalem. The event marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” “Whenever world leaders gather in Jerusalem, its a sign the holy city is claiming its rightful, biblical place as the seat of global leadership,” said Rabbi Tuly Weisz, publisher of Breaking Israel News. This is good news because there are still people who want to live in peace and protect the Jews. On the other hand, there are many who want to kill all of the Jews. Look at this headline:

We will soon establish the caliphate, liberate Jerusalem and conquer Rome’: January 19, 2020 / MEMRI. Rome will be conquered by Islam in the near future, Palestinian preacher Nidhal Siam told an enthusiastic crowd last week at an event in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque marking the anniversary of the 1453 C.E. capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire. Siam can be seen telling a crowd that three prophecies will soon be fulfilled and expressing his hope that his audience will be the ones to fulfill them. The three prophecies, said Siam, are that a rightly guided caliphate will be established; that Jerusalem will be liberated and established as the capital of the caliphate; and that Islam “will throw its neighbors to the ground” and its reach will span the globe. Can you imagine that—Jerusalem has 49 nations coming together saying ‘never again’ while Muslims are saying ‘we will do it again.’ Here are a few more examples this week of this horrible antisemitism:

Apple goes Full BDS as Siri calls Israel ‘Zionist Occupation State’: By David Sidman January 19, 2020. “Apple customer Stephen Ackerman asked Apple’s voice-activated virtual search assistant ‘Siri’ a simple question: “Who is the president of Israel?” Siri’s response, however, came as quite a shock to Ackerman after she answered: “Reuven Rivlin is the President of the Zionist Occupation state”.

PA Calls to Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day by Killing Jews (Seriously): By Palestinian Media Watch January 19, 2020.

While that is going on in Jerusalem, Russia has moved another step closer to full dictatorship with Putin. He does not want to leave office and he is acting more and more like Gog.
The Rise Of Gog? Putin Positions Himself To Influence Russia For Life: The move is intended according to many for Putin to retain power after the end of his presidency in 2024. “It’s not clear what role he will play, what will his status be. The only thing which is clear is that he will keep his role as the No. 1 person,” Alexey Chesnakov, a political analyst who previously served as a Kremlin aide, told The Wall Street Journal. Putin called for 150,000 more troops in the last three months. He gave a state of the union speech that can be characterized as a call to war.

On Jan. 23, Putin will give an address at a ceremony in Israel commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Red Army’s liberation of Auschwitz, but Polish President Andrzej Duda has refused to go because he hasn’t been given a chance to speak. The antisemitism currently in the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia, and Poland will be a major incentive for the Gog Magog war to start. The reason is because all of those nation have declared that Israel is an occupying power. Imagine what they will say when Israel takes sovereignty over Judea and Samaria?

You don’t have to wonder anymore because Israel is currently in the process of declaring Judea and Samaria sovereign Israeli territory. This is in reaction to the Peace Deal from President Trump. Whatever is in that deal, it is inspiring Israel to declare the land theirs!! Here is an article about this:

Netanyahu seeks green light from White House to annex Jordan Valley: JERUSALEM POST STAFF, TOVAH LAZAROFF JANUARY 22, 2020. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his office appealed to the White House on Wednesday for a green light to apply Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and the northern region of the Dead Sea before the March 2 elections, Kan 11 News reported on Wednesday morning. Yisrael Beytenu partly head Avigdor Liberman also said his party supported the move, noting that it had attempt with no success to put forward a Knesset bill on sovereignty in Judea and Samaria already in December, noting that Netanyahu could use his bill. He urged Netanyahu to include in his initiative places in Area C of the West Bank such as Gush Etzion, Ma’aleh Adumim, Givat Ze’ev and Ariel. It’s presumed that should the matter come to a vote, Netanyahu would have the support of Beit Yehudi, the New Right, his Likud Party, Yisrael Beytenu, Shas and UTJ. That would give him at least 63 votes.“
This is an amazing article and one which I have been following closely because it is very specific to Bible Prophecy happening now. On Thursday, President Trump asked if they would wait to annex the Jordan Valley until after the Peace Deal was revealed. I am worried about this peace deal because all of them have asked Israel to give up her land. Hopefully this announcement of the White House means that they can annex the Jordan Valley. If Israel annexes the Jordan valley, the cry from the UN and the Muslim countries will be unlike you have ever heard. I have a caution for everyone though, right now Putin and Russia do not show the kind of animosity towards Israel that the prophecy foresees. God has to drag Russia into this by putting a hook in her jaw and pulling her into the war. Interesting article that sheds some light on this:

Why Russia’s Putin has a soft spot for Israel and Jews: Yochanan Visser, 19/01/20
“Putin’s attitude toward Israel could be best dubbed as ambivalent. On one hand, he’s allowing Israel to carry out airstrikes against Iran-related targets in Syria despite the deployment of the S-300 missile shield which is designed to shoot down incoming fighter jets except for Israel’s F-35 Adir stealth warplane. On the other hand, the Russian leader isn’t afraid to seek a confrontation with the Jewish state such as the crisis that erupted over the alleged Israeli downing of a Russian IL-20 reconnaissance plane over northwest Syria in September 2018.”

Putin is acting like Gog but hasn’t made a move against Israel yet. The Russian army is in the position to invade by being in Syria, but they are not ready to invade. Israel is moving into Judea and Samaria little by little, but they are not where the Bible says they will be when the prophecy happens. So there is much to watch and pray about. If the Gog Magog prophecy happens before the Rapture, then I expect this year that Israel will take the West Bank back fully, so there will be some kind of regional war. I can see that happening any day.

Pay attention to Aliyah, the return of Jews to the land. God has called the Jews to go back to the land but from some places, they are not coming. Jeremiah 16:14-16 says, “Therefore behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt,’ but, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel from the land of the north and from all the countries where He had banished them.’ For I will restore them to their own land which I gave to their fathers. “Behold, I am going to send for many fishermen,” declares the LORD, “and they will fish for them; and afterwards I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them from every mountain and every hill and from the clefts of the rocks.” Soon Jews will be leaving America for their homeland because God has willed it. I love the Jews and want them to stay because they are a great people and bring the blessing of God to the land.

It is Friday morning and the big news is that on next Tuesday the Trump Administration will reveal the Deal of the Century. Word is that the USA will back Israel claim to the Jordan Valley and will stand by them in that claim. This is setting up a conflict because the Palestinian Authority will oppose it completely. Sunday night we will talk about this at length and I will be doing a history lesson on why Israel owns all of the land. International law and the claims of the Muslim countries are subject to Gods claim to the land. Nothing trumps what God has declared that Jewish land extends from the river in Egypt to the Euphrates River and from Lebanon in the north to the Red sea in the south. Even the peace deal by the Trump Administration does not go far enough to give them all of the land. Every peace deal has fallen short of what God said would happen. Warning: do not divide the land of Israel because it will bring the wrath of God. One reason for the tribulation period is the peace deal from the antichrist who will also divide the land and then try to destroy Israel. Can’t wait to talk about this Sunday night. Maranatha everyone!

Prophecy Updates

Setting the Stage: Gog Magog

Prophecy Update: Gog Magog: Setting the Stage. 1/15/20

Ezekiel 38-39 details for us a future war. The last 30 years some of the design features of the war have come into view. Russia and Iran have been fostering a relationship, both militarily and economically for the past 25 years. That relationship is leading to more and more cooperation militarily in Syria. This is a very important development. Also, since 2000, Turkey has left the relationship it had with the United States and Israel to become an enemy. This nation also has joined Russia and Iran militarily in Syria. These are very important developments!

First, Russia leads a coalition of nations to attack Israel. The coalition is led by a person called ‘Gog’ from Russia. Ezek.38:2 says, “Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him.” Joel Rosenberg likes to say, ‘I do not know if Putin is Gog but he sure acts Gogian like.’

Second, Iran, Libya, Turkey, Ethiopia, and a few more nations will align themselves with Russia to come and attack Israel. Ezek.38 5-6, “Persia, Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops—many peoples with you.”

For the first time in October, Russia and Iran conducted joint military maneuvers in Syria. Here is the headline: In face of protests, Syria, Russia and Iran conduct joint military exercise in Deir az-Zour. “Syrian regime forces are conducting joint military exercises with both Russian and Iranian troops west of Deir az-Zour, a new development that may signal a significant change to recent unrest in the east of the country.” This is a huge development because it has never happened before. It complicates the situation for Israel because they bomb Iranian outposts frequently. More on this later.

Also, in November, Russia and Turkey started joint military maneuvers! Here is the headline: Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in northeast Syria. Another headline pulls this together, Turkey, Russia, Iran: Filling the Vacuum in the Middle East. Therefore, we can see that the last few months have increased the cooperation between the major players in the Gog Magog Prophecy. The fact that they are operating in Syria is also amazing.

Syria: when the civil war broke out in Syria, the United States decided under President Obama to disengage. When the US disengaged it gave Russia an open door to enter into a nation strategically placed next to Israel. This is very significant to the stage setting of the prophecy. The way that Obama treated the Syrian civil war is the way the west will treat the invasion of Israel in the Gog Magog War. How did Obama treat the civil war? He drew a red line over using chemical weapons. Bashir Assad and his Shiite armies were losing to the Sunni forces. In August 2013, in the middle of the night on August 21, the Syrian military had attacked rebel-controlled areas of the Damascus suburbs with chemical weapons, killing nearly 1,500 civilians, including more than 400 children. This brazen assault had clearly crossed the “red line” that President Barack Obama had enunciated a year earlier—that if Assad used chemical weapons, it would warrant U.S. military action. We never attacked because the Obama administration negotiated with Russia to remove chemical weapons from Syria. Obama brought Russia into the fray in 2013. When the USA refused to act, Russian forces entered Syria to support the Shiite militias and Syrian army under Assad in 2015. This in turn brought Iran into the fray because they are the natural Shia allies of Syria. Obama’s response—-nothing!

Fast forward from 2015 to today and you will see 8 Russian military outposts on the northern border of Israel on the Golan Heights. You used to see UN troops there as I did in 2014. The UN troops are gone and Russian and Iranian troops now are entrenched on the northern border of Israel. This is a huge step forwards for the prophecy. What happens when the forces of Iran and Russia unite?

The prophecy includes an important detail about the passivity of the rest of the nations. There is no super power to stand in the way of Russia and all of the nations with her. Ezek.38:13 describes the passive way the nations respond to this attack: “Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all its villages will say to you, ‘Have you come to capture spoil? Have you assembled your company to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to capture great spoil?’”’ No one comes to Israel aid because God wants to get the glory for rescuing His people. This does not fit the circumstances we see today. The reason is that the USA would fight for Israel under President Trump. We would not have fought for Israel under President Obama. What will cause the USA to be a passive observer like the prophecy reveals?

There is no doubt that Russia is the king maker in the Middle East right now. The US exercises power thru Israel but we are not currently at war and the US wants to pull out of the Middle East. We have beat ISIS and President Trump wants to get out. We do not need their oil anymore, why put up with the headache? Although we are pulling out, we would still fight for Israel. Here is an article about this.

Is Putin the New King of the Middle East? Patrick J. Buchanan | October 18, 2019 “Russia Assumes Mantle of Supreme Power Broker in the Middle East,” proclaimed Britain’s Telegraph.
The article began: “Russia’s status as the undisputed power-broker in the Middle East was cemented as Vladimir Putin continued a triumphant tour of capitals traditionally allied to the US.” He gets on with everyone. He is welcomed in Iran by the Ayatollah, meets regularly with Bibi Netanyahu, is a cherished ally of Syria’s Bashar Assad, and this week was being hosted by the King of Saudi Arabia and the royal rulers of the UAE. October 2019 has been a triumphal month.”
One day God says He will put a hook in the jaw of Gog and drag him down for war with Israel. Ezek.38 3-4, says this, “Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. “I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords.” Why is God doing this? God is going to punish all of these nations for their hatred of God and His people Israel. God has enough reason to do this now for how Christians have been treated in all of these places. What are the hooks in the jaws? The pieces of the puzzle are partially there but not all the way yet. The hooks are being set!

The conflict between Iran and the USA is part of the hook. Taking out Soliemani is pushing the anger of Iran to attack Israel. Iran cannot invade Israel alone and they need the power of Russia to help beat Israel. Iran knows that they need many others to accomplish their ultimate goal. It was Soliemani’s job to increase the proxy groups ability to attack Israel. Trump attacking Iran like he did causes more and more people to want to get rid of him. Iran put an 80 million dollar reward up for anyone who would kill Trump. The passivity of the USA will have to happen when Trump is out of office. Here is what others said of Trumps action against Iran:

Joe Biden said of Trump killing Soliemani—“President Trump just tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox.” Elizabeth Warren said, “this reckless move escalates the situation with Iran.” Bernie Sanders said, “Trumps dangerous escalation brings us closer to another disastrous war in the Middle East.” If these leaders understood Bible Prophecy they would never have said what they did. In Joe Biden’s world, the problem in the Middle East is Israel. He was part of the group that gave 150 billion dollars to Iran to attack Jews and kill Americans in the Middle East. Soliemani was using money that Biden gave him to attack our embassy in Baghdad. When Soliemani attacked the embassy, it was an act of war and killing him was part of the war. Biden, Warren, and Sanders all are complicit in giving the money to Iran. Iran wants to attack Israel alone but the prophecy says they will do it with Russia. If Iran does attack Israel alone—it is not the Gog Magog Prophecy!

One of the hooks in the jaw is economics as the prophecy states. Turkey did something very bold by making a treaty with Libya to dominate the Mediterranean Sea and keep Israel from shipping natural gas to Europe. On 14 December 2019, “Turkish ships said to force Israeli research vessel out of Cypriot waters. According to TV report, Turkish navy intercepts Israeli boat, orders it to leave; Turkey’s recent maritime deal with Libya has fueled regional tensions over drilling rights.” Think about this—if Israel attacks Turkish ships to prevent them from stopping Israeli shipping, what would Russia do? Russia does not want Israel to ship gas to Europe. It would be a devastating thing to the Russian economy. The Channel 13 report noted “that tensions could negatively affect Israel’s plans for a submarine pipeline to transfer gas from its offshore reserves to Europe, which is set to pass through Cyprus and Greece’s territorial waters.” Russia is happy about Turkey doing this to Israel. Israel will have to respond with force eventually, keep your eyes on this one.

That brings me to today—the dust up with Iran and America has caused the European Union to revisit the Iran deal. They never left the deal as America did. Here is an article about what the pacifists, enablers of Iran hegemony had to say: France, Britain, Germany trigger Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism. France, Britain and Germany formally triggered the dispute mechanism in Iran’s nuclear deal on Tuesday, the strongest step the Europeans have taken so far to enforce an agreement that requires Iran to curb its nuclear program. The European powers said they were acting to avoid a crisis over nuclear proliferation adding to an escalating confrontation in the Middle East. “In a statement, they said they still want the nuclear deal to succeed and were not joining a “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran by the United States, which abandoned the deal in 2018 and has reimposed crippling economic sanctions.” See this for the smoke screen that it is. The European Union has not shown a backbone when it comes to Iran. Where is the European Union on Iranian troops setting up shop on the border of Israel? That’s right, they are glad it is happening. Why does the European Union lodge complaint after complaint when Israel in an act of defense bombs those Iranian military outposts in Syria? That’s right, because they want Israel to be defeated. Here is an article about that:
SYRIAN ARMY SAYS ISRAEL CARRIED OUT AIRSTRIKES ON THEIR T-4 MILITARY BASE NEAR THE CITY OF HOMS IN WESTERN SYRIA. “Syria is claiming that Israel has been bombing their military installations and that is probably quite accurate. Israel has to routinely bomb these facilities in Syria because they house Iranian forces and equipment, which is how Iran wages war with Israel by proxy through Syria. Israel has been forced into the unenviable position of have to consistently not only defend themselves from Muslim aggression, but to be ever vigilant and do preemptive strikes as well. As long as there are Israelis who remember the Six Day War, they stand a pretty good chance of not being taken by surprise.”

Russia as of this moment has not supported outright Iranian aggression against Israel. They have not stopped the aggression nor have they stopped Israel defending herself when they bomb Iranian targets in Syria. When you see Russia start defending Iran in Syria, then that will be a sure marker that the Gog Magog Prophecy is in play. Russia is content right now that Bashir Assad is in office and that the Syrian army is winning back their land. There is one inconsistency in this though. Putin has allowed Iran to set up shop on Israel’s border. Why would he do that? He has not told the Iranians to get out nor has he stopped Israel from bombing them. This is another step forward in the Gog Magog Prophecy, Iranian forces are in Syria on the border of Israel and they will be there until the prophecy is complete. Until the day it happens, Israel will keep bombing and trying to stop Iran from getting a stronger foothold. Now the big problem as I see it. Russia and Iran are doing joint military maneuvers in northern Syria, what happens when Israel hits Russian forces by accident or intentionally when they are going after Iranian forces? What happens when Russia and Iran do joint maneuvers in southern Syria on Israel border? Do you see the problem today? This problem has not existed until now in Syria. Since October 2019, the Gog Magog Prophecy took a leap forward because Russian and Iranian forces are uniting in limited places. This is trouble! I am waiting to see Ezek.38:10 fulfilled: Thus says the Lord GOD, “It will come about on that day, that thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil plan” Putin will start talking about this plan if he is Gog and we will hear it. Pay attention to Putin the next few months, it is close and he may well already be planning to attack Israel!

God has given us a blueprint of the end times and it is important that pastors alert their people to what is happening. We live in the most exciting times ever. I cannot go a day without seeing something in the news that does not relate to Bible Prophecy. This was not true 10 years ago. The birth pangs are getting closer and closer and it means that Jesus is at the door ready to come and get us. I started writing the prophecy updates because God was pushing me to do so. I felt His pleasure over alerting people to the times in which we live—as a watchman on the wall, I pray that all of you are drawing close to your Savior. Maranatha!

Prophecy Updates

Musings About the World

Prophecy Update: Musings About the World! 1/10/20

I wanted to give an overview of what I see happening in the world today. This overview comes from specific prophecies predicted in the Bible. Jesus was very clear about certain things regarding the last days. Those specifics are right in front of us for all to see.

Jesus said that the last days would concern the city of Jerusalem. Luke 21:24 gives us some light about our day: “and they will fall by the edge of the sword, and will be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.”
Since 70AD, Jerusalem has been under the sovereignty of Gentile nations. Something great happened in 1967, Israel captured Jerusalem and since that time, Satan has been working overtime to prevent the Jews from gaining complete sovereignty over the city. Israel declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in 1981, undivided and Jewish. Then the nations of the world through the UN cursed Israel for saying this and declared Jerusalem an international city. Then God moved the ball forward with the truth, He raised up nations to declare that what He said was true. That happened for the United States in 2018 when the USA moved the embassy to Jerusalem. The nations of the world reacted just as the Bible predicted, they would reject what the US did. With this one act, the nations of the world have resorted to absolute hatred for anyone supporting the Jews and Jerusalem. Several nations followed the lead of the USA and moved their embassies.

Several prophecies in the Old Testament teach what will happen:
Zech.12:2, “Behold I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around”
Zech.14:2, “For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle”….vs.3 “Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations as when He fights on a day of battle.”

Jerusalem is the center of the world and the centerpiece of what God is doing today. God is giving a message to the world—just as I demanded that the nations come to Jerusalem for salvation before Jesus came, I am demanding once again that you receive Jerusalem as My capitol city for the world. The world has an answer for the Lord in Psalm 2; the nations reject all that God is doing today. Just as the nations are rejecting Jesus as Messiah, they reject Jerusalem as the capitol city of the world. Why?

God is coming back to dwell in Jerusalem because He is jealous for His capital city. Jesus will reign over the earth from Jerusalem and He will make everyone come there each year to worship Him. Here are some verses to let you know where we are going:
Zechariah 1:14 “So the angel who was speaking with me said to me, “Proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion.”
Zechariah 8:2-3, “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘I am exceedingly jealous for Zion, yes, with great wrath I am jealous for her.’ “Thus says the LORD, ‘I will return to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth, and the mountain of the LORD of hosts will be called the Holy Mountain.’
Zechariah 14:9, 11, “And the LORD will be king over all the earth; in that day the LORD will be the only one, and His name the only one. …People will live in it, and there will no longer be a curse, for Jerusalem will dwell in security.”

Learn from the Word of God, Jesus is jealous for His city because He is coming to the city to rule over all of the nations of the world. He is going to build the Temple and Isaiah 2 tells us what will happen when the nations come: vs.3-4 says, “And many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, To the house of the God of Jacob; That He may teach us concerning His ways And that we may walk in His paths.” For the law will go forth from Zion
And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. And He will judge between the nations, And will render decisions for many peoples; And they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, And never again will they learn war.”

What happened in the last few years in Jerusalem shows the spiritual fight going on in the supernatural realm. After Donald Trump declared what he was going to do with Israel and Jerusalem, the satanic realm went into overdrive. Satan raised up his evil ones to condemn and try to stop what President Trump did with Israel. They failed! So Satan raised up some of the most vile, evil, anti-Semitic people America has ever seen in our government. The four women Satan raised up (The Squad) are leading the Democratic Party to hate Israel and are moving the Democratic party to the left farther and farther. In March of 2019 was this article:
“The Fight Over Ilhan Omar Is a Fight Over the Identity of the Democratic Party”—Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley are called the squad. “The debate over Ilhan Omar reflects the radical shift happening in the Democratic base. The party’s young, multiethnic, definitively progressive wing has demonstrated its power to steer the country’s conversation on Israel and Palestine. Muslim political leaders have helped make this happen. Omar and her colleague from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib—along with activists such as Linda Sarsour, who helped lead the national Women’s March—have emerged as visible symbols of American progressivism.”

That leads to December 2019 when God moved the ball forward again prophetically! The Democratic Party is looking for favor with the Squad—consider this headline from Dec.14th,
Why 2020 Democrats Want Endorsements From ‘The Squad’—The move to the left is also a move to throw Israel under the bus. If Trump were not the President, Israel would have no America as an ally, only an enemy. This is what is at stake in 2020. Bernie Sanders and the other candidates for the Democratic ticket are falling over themselves to come out and hate on Israel.

Last week we killed the author of the final solution from Iran. General Quassam Solimani led the Quds force which is tasked with the murder of every Jew in the world and the conquering of Israel. He is now dead and the Democrats came out as pro Iran and anti American as I have ever seen them. The Wall Street Journal had this article about this:
The Democrats and Iran: Why can’t the party’s candidates simply admit Qasem Soleimani’s death makes Americans safer?

“President Trump’s order to take out Qasem Soleimani was morally, constitutionally and strategically correct. It deserves more bipartisan support than the begrudging or negative reactions it has received thus far from my fellow Democrats.” In fact, Democrats are claiming President Trump committed a war crime by killing the general!

Bernie Sanders made clear that he does not want the embassy in Jerusalem and does not want Israel to have all of her land. Two things that God is working towards. He said this: “Israeli settlements in occupied territory are illegal. This is clear from international law and multiple United Nations resolutions. Once again, Mr. Trump is isolating the United States and undermining diplomacy by pandering to his extremist base.” (Times of Israel, November 19, 2019) and this: Axios asked candidates if they would move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv, Sanders refused to comment despite having criticized Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, saying that the move would “dramatically undermine the prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, and severely, perhaps irreparably, damage the United States’ ability to broker that peace.” (Axios, July 14, 2019) Likewise, all of the Democratic candidates are against what God has done the last two years! This headline appeared Thursday, January 9, 2020–Ilhan Omar voted 2019’s antisemite of the year!

The Real Russian Collusion: The Democrats who are standing with Iran are the real Russian colluders. The reason is that the coming coalition of Iran and Russia attacking Israel will get their hearty approval. It is already happening— “CNN Gives Platform To Spokeswoman For The 1979 US Embassy Hostage-Takers To Push Iran Propaganda.” The interview was conducted to give the Iranian side, claiming the USA was a racist nation in 1979 and today because we killed Soliemani. Just as CNN only gives support to Democrats, they also push an anti-American agenda. All of the Democratic contenders for president share the Russian view that Israel does not have the right to the settlements and the Golan Heights. Once again, President Trump has moved the ball forward prophetically speaking by recognizing the Golan Heights as sovereign territory of Israel and the settlements as legal under international law. The Democrats have rejected both views. The Democrats will not have Israel’s back at the UN, this is not the case in the Trump administration.

The headline today makes clear that the land of Israel is at the center of Gods prophetic will!
Pompeo says U.S. support for Israeli settlements advances peace with Palestinians. This headline is interesting for many reasons. First, it is about advancing peace and when they say peace, peace, there will be no peace. Second, the settlements do not belong to Israel according to the UN and the Palestinians. God says otherwise. This is setting up a battle which Israel will win because it is the will of our heavenly Father to bring Jews back to the land of Israel and settle them there! Here is an important quote:
“In a reversal of four decades of U.S. policy, Pompeo in November announced that the United States no longer viewed Israel’s settlements on West Bank land it captured in the 1967 Middle East war as “inconsistent with international law”.
How do you think that Satan responded? He moved his minions to attack Israel. Here is a quote about the attack: But the move delighted Israel and provides important U.S. support amid a potential International Criminal Court (ICC) inquiry into alleged war crimes in Palestinian areas, including the West Bank. Last month, the ICC’s chief prosecutor said she would launch a full investigation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip as soon as the Hague-based body’s jurisdiction had been established.

If you can’t beat Israel thru war, boycotts, and terrorism, then take them to court. The international court will declare Israel guilty of war crimes because that is what anti-Semites do. The facts do not matter, but the Word of God matters. The Word of God declares that Israel will get this land back and they will live on their land in peace. But first, the rebellion against God among the nations has to take place. The rebellion will include the rise of antichrist and the tribulation period. That got me thinking about this year. It is an election year and a lot is at stake this year in America. What vision do you have of our country?

Something that would never have happened under any other administration happened this week. The Trump administration went above and beyond the call of duty to support Israel. In 1978, during President Carters administration, the State Department crafted a policy that stated the Jewish presence in the West Bank was illegal under international law. Here is the headline:
“Kohelet Policy Forum Applaud Trump Administration Announcement to “Disavow” Hansel Memo on Legality of Israeli Settlements. For decades, a brief and poorly-reasoned memo by a State Department official had been relied upon as evidence that Israeli settlements are illegal. Now, Secretary Pompeo makes clear that the U.S. not only does not adopt the conclusions of the Carter-era memo, but entirely repudiates it as a source of legal guidance. The announcement was made today by Secretary Mike Pompeo in video statement at the Kohelet Policy Forum Conference on the Pompeo Doctrine in Jerusalem.” Trump is destroying every law, legal opinion in the United States that has made the land of Israel illegal. No country will be able to stop God from accomplishing His plan to give His land back to His people Israel. I am glad for one that the USA has repudiated all the Obama administration did to hate on Israel. Today, we live in a land blessed of God because we blessed Israel.

Next week I am going to talk more about the Gog Magog Prophecy because so many parts of that prophecy are coming together. Here is a summary: President Trump said in his speech about the Soiamani attack, NATO needs to take more responsibility for the Middle East. Why? America does not need their oil anymore. This fits the prophecy because America is not in that war. Also, the passivity shown by the West in that war is currently residing in the hearts of the Democratic Party. It means that the wing of that party will be in power when that war takes place, or a Republican—not Trump—who is as passive as the Democrats. This passive view takes shape in the anti-Semitic attacks from Democrats. Bernie Sanders in an interview with NPR said that he would use diplomacy for the current situation with Iran. Really! I am glad for one that we have a President who is willing to protect Americans. Iran is not powerful enough to attack Israel on her own. This is why she needs Russia. There are many other things but you will have to wait until next week. As always, keep looking for the Lord to return—He loves it when we look for Him! Maranatha

Prophecy Updates

Battle for the Mediterranean

Prophecy Update: Battle for the Mediterranean 1/3/20

Revelation 13:1, “And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.” The Sea is the Mediterranean Sea and the importance of this sea for the end times cannot be overlooked. I am focusing on the tensions regarding the Mediterranean in this update because 2020 will be a year of reckoning. The many prognostications about this year are all over the map. Here are some from Israel that bear on prophecy:

“The fellows of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS) considered the trends in Israel’s strategic orbit – both sweetheart and nightmare scenarios – and this week published a “forecast” for the year ahead with recommendations for Israeli policy. JISS experts say that Israel must be ready to tackle Iran militarily on its own and fight a pre-emptive war with Hezbollah. JISS experts also assess that Turkey’s basic hostility toward Israel and its nefarious meddling in eastern Jerusalem will continue. Israel should push back by checking the flow of Turkish funds to eastern Jerusalem institutions and by strengthening its ties to Cyprus and Greece – without forcing full-scale confrontation with Turkey.” Good luck with that one—Bible Prophecy says otherwise. There will be a full on military conflict with Turkey and Iran—here are some of the developments.

Two countries that are part of the Gog Magog war have signed a treaty to compete for the riches from the Mediterranean Sea. The two countries are Turkey and Libya. Here is the headline:
Newly Aggressive Turkey Forges Alliance With Libya Erdogan’s latest bid to reshape the Mediterranean provides military support to Tripoli against Russian-backed rebels. DECEMBER 23, 2019, 2:00 PM. “Turkey is meshing together two Mediterranean crises in a desperate bid to reshape the region in its own favor, with potentially nasty implications both for the ongoing civil war in Libya and future energy development in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey sees a constellation of states such as Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt teaming up to exploit the region’s energy leaving Turkey in the cold.” ‘Turkey is laying claim to a huge chunk of the eastern Mediterranean—an area that includes large reservoirs of natural gas that Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, and even Lebanon are racing to exploit.’ As Turkey threatens Israel over its claims to natural gas, it is trying to prevent Israel from building a pipeline to Greece that will begin shipping gas to Europe. Turkey and Russia see that as a threat, Turkey thinks that the gas is theirs, and they are willing to provoke a fight over the issue.

‘Greece and Cyprus, which have long had maritime and territorial disputes with Turkey, say the accord is void and violates the international law of the sea. They see it as a cynical resource-grab designed to destroy the development of East Mediterranean gas and destabilize rivals. Greece has expelled Libya’s ambassador to Athens and filed a complaint with the United Nations. Cyprus, where the northern part of the island is held by Turkey, has raised its own objections. At a Dec. 12 summit, EU leaders issued a statement “unequivocally” siding with member states Greece and Cyprus.’ As this feud is brewing, the real problem is Israel. Israel is going to ship gas right through the so called zone that Turkey has created out of thin air.

“Turkey has thrown a wrench into the works of efforts by Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Egypt to develop East Mediterranean gas, putting a barrier across a proposed pipeline that would run from Israeli and Greek-Cypriot waters to the Greek island of Crete, on to the Greek mainland and into Europe’s gas network via Italy. The $7-9 billion pipeline would have to cross the planned Turkey-Libya economic zone.”
This is the problem, Turkey, much like China in the South China Sea, has declared international waters as their own and have defied anyone trying to stop them. Israel was smart from the beginning, after they found the gas, they made treaties with Cyprus, Greece, and Italy to ship the gas. One source said this: “The East Med basin is estimated to contain natural gas worth $700 billion, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.”

That is a lot of money and Turkey and Russia have been left out in the cold in these deals. Putin still thinks that he deserves a cut of the profits as they claim the process was unfair to them to help develop the gas fields. Contracts were not given to Russia and Russia is mad about it. Russia also wants to stop Israel from this action because it will cut into their profits selling energy to Europe. Turkey really offers nothing, they just want to steal the profits.

Dore Gold from Israel was interviewed regarding this problem. He pointed out that since 2002 Turkish leadership has been on a mission to undo what happened in World War One. That is when the Ottoman Empire lost most of its land outside of Turkey. They held land from Poland in the north to Saudi Arabia on its southern border. It also held land across northern Africa, including Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. He quoted the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Davutuglo, “Like in the 16th century, which saw the rise of the Ottoman Balkans as the center of world politics, we will make the Balkans, the Caucuses, and the Middle East, together with Turkey, the center of world politics in the future. This is the objective of Turkish Foreign Policy.” The foreign Minister and the current President, Erdogan, have been in power since 2002, their mission is to reclaim the Ottoman Empire and conquer the lands that they once possessed. This would include Israel!

Here is where it gets weird. Turkey signed this agreement with Libya and that nation is in a civil war. When Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, when he said that nation would rise against nation, Libya is proof positive of Jesus statement. The part of Libya that Turkey signed the deal with is at war in its own country against forces led by Russia. Do you see the problem? Israel claimed that the deal signed between Turkey and Libya was illegal. The struggle over Libya is important to the Gog Magog war in the future.

Guess where Prime Minister Netanyahu is today, Jan.2nd 2020? He is in Greece to respond to the Turkish threat. Netanyahu is traveling to Greece to participate in a trilateral meeting of Israeli, Greek, and Cypriot leaders. Today’s headlines say: Netanyahu in Athens to Ink Trilateral Gas Deal Amid Tensions With Turkey “The ambitious project to export Israeli and Cypriot gas to Europe has recently been challenged by the signing of a Turkey-Libya maritime deal. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Athens on Thursday in order to formally move ahead with the construction of the EastMed pipeline that will bring Israeli and Cypriot natural gas to the European market via Greece. The 2,000-kilometer (1,200-mile) pipeline will be able to transfer nine to 12 billion cubic meters a year from offshore gas reserves between Israel and Cyprus to Greece, and then on to Italy and other southeastern European countries.”
As these developments in the Mediterranean grow, the United States continues to support Israel. This strong support only fosters a hatred among the majority of nations. One thing that is completely ignored by these nations is the killing of Christians around the world. The nations hatred of Christianity is at an all-time high and is growing in the United States.

Here is an article from the Christian Post that describes some of the problems we face in the US.
What if America Continues to Ignore the Warning Signs? “While we are concerned with terrorism, and rightly so, there is a greater threat from within. We are witnessing the rapid deterioration of a nation before our eyes. We have become one nation “above” God, rather than under God.” Recently 200 pastors and Christian leaders wrote a response to Christianity Today for its condemnation of Christians who support President Trump. Christianity Today now supports removing Trump from office. I stopped reading Christianity Today over 20 years ago because it began supporting the social gospel and looked down on conservative Christians. The divisions in the church have come about because of our lack of love for the truth. Many believe a lie today—the gospel is equated with love and niceness, serving a God who does not hate evil and lacks holiness. It is with this church that God will begin His judgment!

The article went on to say that: “Roy Moore hits this head on when he wrote, “While truth and law were founded on the God of all creation, man now, through law, denies the truth and calls it ‘separation’. No longer does man see a need for God when he’s in full control, for the only truth self-evident is in the latest poll. But with man as his own master we fail to count the cost, our precious freedoms vanish and our liberty is lost. Children are told they can’t pray in school and they teach them evolution, when will they see the fear of God is the only true solution?” In other words, the USA is full of people in the churches who believe the lies of Satan and not the truth of the Bible. Pastors claim that defending the OT is a waste of time, they say that God as creator does not matter, that the gospel is only about the resurrection and love, not truth, ethics, morals, rules, and favor.

Favor, it is a very important word. I want the favor of God, I pray for Gods favor over our ministry, our church, our nation. Here is an article from a church that does not want Gods favor: PCUSA rationale: Social gospel trumps God’s gospel: “Looking ahead to this year’s 224th General Assembly in June, the Presbyterian Church (USA) will continue to embrace its rationale from last year’s “Big Tent” meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, which focused on forwarding a social gospel – not the gospel based in Scripture. This politically correct and LGBTQ-friendly doctrine is being used by PCUSA as it attempts to replace biblical morality with the term “institutional conventions” in order to justify undermining God’s standard for sexuality that condemns homosexual behavior as sin – something that should be abandoned … and never embraced.”

This problem in the PCUSA is a national problem. God is made to support every evil thing that He opposes in His Word. The liberal church turns truth on its head: instead of preaching against sin, embraces the sin. The Church is mandated by God to make disciples, disciples who deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Him. Jesus is a King, He does not let the servants dictate to Him what the king should do. The King is all powerful, all knowing, and is working out His plan. If people do not like our King, that is their problem, our King will deal with them and cast them into hell. Jesus said that if your not for Me your against Me, anyone against our King will be dealt with. We must warn the people that the King is coming and when He comes, He is not happy.

It is Thursday night and there is breaking news that the United States has killed the Iranian General over the Al Quds force. US assassinates Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s Khamenei warns of ‘harsh revenge’ Soleimani is the George Patton of the Iranian Generals. What is the Al Quds force? It literally means the Jerusalem force and the military wing of the Iranian army is tasked with taking back Jerusalem from the Jews! “The Quds unit in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) directed to carry out unconventional warfare and intelligence activities. Responsible for extraterritorial operations, the Quds Force supports non-state actors in many countries, including Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Yemeni Houthis, and Shia militias in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.” President Trump warned Iran earlier this week that if they did not stop the attack on our embassy in Baghdad, there would be harsh consequences. This strike takes out an evil, anti-Semitic, hater of Jesus and all Christians, a hater of America, and a murderer.
“General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more,” the Pentagon claimed, noting that the Iranian leader had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the last several months, “including the attack on December 27th, cculminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel.”
This event shows how there is a civil war in America—the response from the democrats was to support Iran. Omar-Dems-Media Side with Iran Against Trump’s War on Terror –“Ah, Those who call evil good And good evil; Who present darkness as light And light as darkness; Who present bitter as sweet And sweet as bitter!” Isaiah 5:20–Critics of President Trump lined up to decry his recent order that eliminated one of the greatest threats to the U.S.; an Iranian general with American and Israeli blood on his hands. The media was no better, choosing to support the Iranians rather than the president. The New York Times, a formerly prominent and reliable news source, posted a tweet describing the rioters that stormed the U.S. Embassy as “Iraqi mourners.”

2020 will bring more civil war in America, more war in the Middle East, and more tension over Israel getting her land back. It is Biblical Prophecy and you have been chosen by God to live in such a great day. Jesus said that this age would close after the gospel has gone to all of the nations of the earth. Are you praying for the gospel to go forth? Are you praying for your lost neighbors? Pray for us, we have a big evangelistic event planned for February 1st love to see God save a lot of people! Maranatha!